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12:06 AM
why do you call it an insect?
12:16 AM
@stapmoshun Because the old lady next door once told me that they have recently installed wiretaps on the Internet cables and there is a surveillance about the insect, if you use the proper name of the insect-19 then it triggers an alarm bell and you are considered a priority because they want to make sure your thoughts about the insect are in alignment with the official narration.
@stapmoshun Oh and welcome to Awkward Silence, we don't get to meet new people there. And about the covid surveillance I was just kidding, I hope that didn't scare you :D
1:16 AM
Good night see you all tomorrow.
1:44 AM
2:11 AM
Q: Asking my coworker on a (semi) date during Covid times

LearnToImproveThere is a girl I work with who I really like. I have been an excellent coworker but have always been hesitant to speak with her about anything non work related throughout the two years. I am looking for a way to initiate speaking with her and tell her how I feel about her eventually, but it's be...

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6:03 AM
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6:51 AM
@lila XD
@lila :o
7:14 AM
Morning people :)
8:00 AM
@Ael that issue with selenium is fixed now :)
i needed to recreate the driver instance
Q: Max retries exceeded with URL Selenium

Andrew YoungSo i'm looking to traverse a URL array and open different URL's for web scraping with Selenium. The problem is, as soon as I hit the second browser.get(url), I get a 'Max retries exceeded with URL' and 'No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it'. EDIT: Added the...

@CaldeiraG I'm glad to hear you solved the issue :) How much time did you spend on it?
@Ael 10 min XD
just fixed it now
haven't been working on the script for a while now
but i'm using it daily :)
@CaldeiraG Well, good for you! x)
yep :P
1 hour later…
9:16 AM
Succesfully using one of your coworker as rubber duck is very nice :D (it still took me 45 minutes to solve the issue though)
9:45 AM
Call me weird, but I find that there is nothing more satisfaying than closing your 20+ tabs because you just finished solving a bug and everythings finally work :D
9:58 AM
That sounds very nice indeed :)
10:43 AM
@Ael great :D
2 hours later…
12:19 PM
can't get anything done with the noise level in my apartment right now... some works happening in the facade the wall just behind my desk
Is this night there? ;P
Hey folks, would appreciate an advice. Has anybody seen a question or know how to properly make a search request to find on, regarding "How to be just friends with woman?"
Background: was hurt after getting friendzoned and now I literally can not have any female friends
Literally can't maintain a friendship with a woman if I am not interested in her romantically, it's just romantically or nothing
So should I just write a full sent question?
@CaldeiraG :D
Good aphternoon.
12:36 PM
heyo :)
@DeutcheKnabe Hey there, welcome in the chat :) I think you should write your question in our sandbox first: interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/q/3129/21067
@DeutcheKnabe Hi welcome to Awkward Silence chat, we don't get to meet new people here ^.^ but I can't help you in this, I'm not an user of IPS, my site of origin is Pets.
@DeutcheKnabe i'm afraid that issue is about your inner self and we can't really help much but what i'll say is that you gotta move on
i too suffered from the same issue but now that i'm not a "teen" and moved past that, I'm pretty good with that, having a couple of female friends
tbf I can count my true friends on my hand
@Ael had the same thought, but the place looked dead and silent to me, so I moved here. Can I expect feedback there soon?
@lila hi)
@CaldeiraG Yeah, the question may come deep inside of me. You know, this is like a self protection mechanism and I understand that this is not completely normal. Ideally I would like to proceed to a relationship from friendship, to know person better, but how can I even do it if I can't maintain platonic friendship with females.
Meanwhile I have a couple of great male friends and consider myself a decent friend
Thanks for advice, I will consider sending a draft to the sandbox
1:03 PM
@DeutcheKnabe It's not dead. It's just that we delete posts once they are posted. And yeah, you usually get feedback on it in less than a day (unless if it's the weekend, then it takes more time)
1:13 PM
@DeutcheKnabe I agree yeah
"how can I even do it if I can't maintain platonic friendship with females" - your fear of being hurt again is acting here too, again, i managed to overcome these but it took a long way to get there; the anxiety whether you're going too fast or slow is very real and I get it
1:26 PM
@Ael understood, thanks
No problem :)
@CaldeiraG I am not alone, ahaha. Glad you did it, gj
@DeutcheKnabe thanks :)
1:51 PM
Q: How to get a well-deserved apology from girlfriend?

WizaMy girlfriend and I have been together for a bit more than 2 years now. At this point, our relationship is stable and we feel good about each other's accompany. However, there's one thing that really upsets me: she hardly ever apologize. For example, last week we stayed in a hotel. She washed her...

@ExtrovertedMainMan I don't know what to do with this one. It's partly a real issue partly trying to get support in a dispute
@ArthurHv Leave a comment or edit so that the question will focus on the real issue
I would do it but I am seriously lacking sugar right now and I have to go
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8:20 PM
Hey Eeps how's it going?
Thought to check on you folks
Hi what's Eeps?
@lila IPS
Aha okay, I'm not exactly bright :D I guess it's okay, I was worried for the 6 hour silence but you have broken the silence and it's good.
Brightness is overrated
Turns on purple light filter
Everything looks green
Haha maybe it overrated, but if I was brighter then I would understand the joke about purple light filter - but I don't ;_;
I only get that purple and green are subtractive reverse colors so it's impossible too see green with purple filter :D
3 hours later…
11:05 PM
I'm mentally drained because of how all the face-to-face contact nowadays is reduced and limited as a result of this insect floating around, and they say that in the autumn there is going to be a second wave of the insect.

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