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7:23 AM
Morning people :)
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9:06 AM
There are two environments where I can usually test stuff. None of them are currently working >< I guess I'll just have to code blindly until I can finally test stuff
1 hour later…
10:07 AM
@Ael Good luck! These are painful situations
@avazula Thanks :) Also, fancy seeing you here! How are you?
It's been a while indeed! Life has been a bit crazy lately. I'm good overall though. What about you?
@avazula I'm doing mostly very well :) I now have prepared lunch delivered to me at the beginning of each week. So I eat more healthy stuff and it's very nice. Though it's only vegetarian and not vegan
@avazula Want to talk about the "crazy" part of your life?
That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! It's sad for the vegan part but your health is what matters most right now, maybe that'll come back later
@Ael It's ... very dark, I'd rather not mention it here. It's getting a bit better slowly though (hence me dropping by here and not only moderating behind the curtains hehe)
@avazula I'm sorry you had to face those dark things. I imagine it has to do with family matters? Anyway, I'm here (on messager) if you want to talk about it. And I'm also here if you don't want to talk about it <3
@ips cat please?
10:18 AM
@Ael Thank you <3 It's not that much family related, more about the intersection between covid and work. I was on holiday for the first two weeks of September and am now back on full WFH with a fine-tuned routine that helps me feel grounded, so that helps.
How did you find out about the meal-prep services?
@avazula Glad to hear you are back on full working from home. That must make you happy? And I bet Fedora must like it too :p
Ooooh, I haven't told you? I have a new cat!
OMG, I want pictures!!! And a name!
When I moved in this new house there was a stray cat wandering around the house, looking for food. A couple of days after that he was already eating from Fedora's bowl. It took us some time to get acquainted but we adopted him eventually and he's now living his best life. His name is Kali (are you really surprised?) and he's of a beautiful beige :)
And the WFH part is ... I mean, it's so much better for my efficiency, but the reasons why we got back to it make it a bit sad and stressful
10:28 AM
gonna remember kali when starting my linux VM :P
@avazula cases are rising again? :\
@avazula I had know about it for a while but I didn't like the idea of not eating vegan. However, with the working from home situation, I was no longer eating vegetable at lunch like I used to (from restaurant around work). Instead I was eating instent noodle everyday. It was not great. So I decided things couldn't keep going like that and now I am "only" vegetarian
@avazula Nope, the name doesn't surprise me at all x)
@CaldeiraG we're in a red zone, masks mandatory everywhere, cases rising indeed.
@CaldeiraG They aren't in your country? Because they definitively are in France. We even have to wear the mask outside in "big" cities and at the office all day
@Ael definitely rising here too
@Ael I understand. I'm glad you get to eat healthier, hope you're feeling better <3
Above is lil Kali btw. He's not even a year old?
10:33 AM
@avazula Oh, he look cute!
What seems to be his father is living in the neighbourhood too
There's like 2 other stray cats and 4 kittens and no one seems to care about them :(
I can't feed everyone though haha
My mom is already calling me a crazy cat lady
@avazula I'm definitively feeling better but it as more to do with being able to work will laying in bed. Apparently, even sitting is tireing for me
Darn ... Wish I could come and visit you :(
@Cal how have you been?
@avazula been good overall, work is going great, vacations were pretty neat and yeah
That's amazing!
10:36 AM
@avazula IMO, nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady :D (Also, my grandma use to feed every cats in the neigboorhood. It's how she adopted most of them)
@avazula <3 But don't worry, just being able to talk with you and other people over the internet is enough for me <3
@avazula yep :)
I mean my cats get more expensive food than I do, an engineer is well paid but still xD
@Ael <3 God bless giant wires under the sea
@avazula Amen!
@avazula So, I take it you are spoiling them a little? :p
10:41 AM
You mean way too much! They have all kinds of toys and get all the cuddles they ask for
Fedora is living her best life as well being in the countryside, surrounded by cows and horses
oh my
@avazula So do they like to play more with the toys or with the box it came in to? :p
@avazula Oh, maybe she could become friends with them! I know that some cats tend to do that
uh, data is one day off too
@Ael the box, of course
10:45 AM
yesterday there was more 552
probably us times
@Ael That'd be funny! They're really intrigued by the neighbours' chickens as well
@avazula Ah, I wouldn't have expected less of them :D
So you're at your place or you stayed with your family @Ael?
aww that's cute
10:48 AM
@avazula I'm at my place. I have been here since I got back from my vacation in July (though I did spend a week working from my parents' place in August). But I find I like being at my place better. You don't have to deal with other people expectation when you are alone ^^
It's true. Living on your own has some undeniable perks
last month new cases
the labels are wrong
quite the difference
11:09 AM
13.5k new cases yesterday over here
we're currently in a three-week semi-lockdown
What's a semi lockdown?
You're not supposed to leave the house... unless you have a reason to do so. The exceptions are very loose.
12:08 PM
oh okay. Same here
Except that no one is actually checking whether you have a good reason like they would do a few months ago
not here but it's predicted by many sources a second full-quarentine here in november
nothing confirmed yet
some people at the office are going remote 3 days/week
except me i guess DX
can't complain about my desktop computer though
it's been rock solid for about 1 1/2 years
Mine is a good ol 7 year old captain, i just replaced some parts
i5-4590 with 8gb of ram, not the most modern or powerful but i've seen people complain about their laptops quite a lot
12:12 PM
aha i have roughly the same specs :)
even though they're also i5 on either 8th gen or 9th gen
@ArthurHv :)
i would like at some point to replace the HDD for a ssd
I work on a MacBook ;-;
@avazula it is good or nah?
I put some water in my wine though, I used to be very anti-Mac
And then I got to love the Unix-ness of it haha
Linux ftw still though
ah nice
12:15 PM
My favorite OS CentOS <3
my friend has a 2017 13" MacBook Pro and he hated it, not because of macOS but it overheats for apparently not much workload and it's slow
music production
I don't like laptops by principle. Too much electronic waste in the end
@ArthurHv +1
you get to use their "nomad" feature once a year
12:18 PM
never got a laptop myself
I had some nice times with remains of hand sanitizer and using unlock ID on my MacBook
Power socket go brr
and the one laptop that we had lasted about 7/8 years, until it eventually didn't boot anymore
i opened it up, didn't look like there were any troubles
7/8 years is already a good score, id expect the average to be close to 5
it looks like the GPU overheats so it doesn't boot anymore
you can see the warranties being at most 2 years on those
12:19 PM
i still have it around
but i'm lazy to open it up again and put some new thermal paste
even then i'm not sure if it will boot
i've did that maintenance on my ol captain. He needed it. I was a bit shocked it actually worked lol
And I was wondering, hm, if after 6 years I have to replace thermal, and since nobody does that ever, does that mean...
my laptop is not that model specifically (but it's on the same series) but attaching an external monitor does not show anything either
12:56 PM
@lila Hey there :)
1:42 PM
thought you would like it :P
true :D
@CaldeiraG Oh, is it your pet?
@CaldeiraG Oh nice, I didn't see this photo before! [wink wink]
2:07 PM
@Ael one of them :), all of my pets are on the litter box if you wanna check them out :)
2:23 PM
2:50 PM
Hi good evening ^.^
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4:50 PM
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9:08 PM
Hi, what do you call a person that turns into a house at the full moon? Werehouse (ask me if you want me to explain it).
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11:06 PM
I want to tell you a joke about time travel, but you didn't like it.
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.
11:39 PM
@CaldeiraG It's been really bad with the insect where I live, on 20th September there were 1002 new cases of people infected with the insect, it's all-time the highest.

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