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5:19 AM
Q: My girlfriend has been lying to me about dating someone else but now is angry after i checked her phone to confirm my suspicion

xj1qcli come with a problem that is currently really bothering me. Basically a while ago i have started rebounding with my ex girlfriend (we arw both 19 years old) whom i very much love but then it turned out that for about 3 months that we were rebounding she was with another guy and has never told me...

1 hour later…
6:19 AM
Goooooood morning!
It's over 30 degrees outside, and December is still months away... yet I woke up to yet another fight over Black Pete. People really have nothing better to do with their lives right now it seems.
6:50 AM
@Tinkeringbell oof, 19ºC now outside, max of 26ºc
@Tinkeringbell they're stuck home :P
It's predicted to go over 35 in places here again...
not even 30ºc here on the next 7 days
It's already a full degree hotter here than at the same time yesterday.
Luckily I can jump into the pool again at 3 :D
6:52 AM
well, today a train ride awaits for me
my parents are already in vacation in the south, i'm still working today until 1pm :P
7:19 AM
@CaldeiraG Nice!
indeed :)
8:05 AM
mornin all
Soooo... we are wednesday and the only tasks left in the sprint are tasks i have no idea how to do
our sprints are 2 weeks this is the first week
Pick one and start learning?
(make sure your scrum master/po knows you're learning)
Ill do that. I just wanted to point out how bad we estimate sometimes. We usually don't end sprints, but now we have 3 tasks to start
8:15 AM
I've been actively pushing so we throw away all estimates altogether. If stories are small enough then just count stories, i said. But people are so afraid of change
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9:21 AM
$Deity this training is cringy...
I just want to answer everything and get moving...
It seems rather curious to train the development staff on several days for agile methodologies. There isn't that much that change in the developer perspective when switching to agile management
It's all about just having the papers...
And the 'mindset'.
I see... the glorious world of certification
We spent 15 minutes just now, putting a feature into 'stories' of the type 'As an X I want Y so that Z'
(With Z being business value, but the other attendants kept putting in 'end results')
As a customer I want to search for books by title so that I can quickly find the book I want to buy.
Should have been one
Instead they put in 'As a customer I want to search for books by title so that I get books in the search results that have a specific sentence in the title'
amazingly enough, our stories look more like the second kind. Because it's tiresome to write and confusing to read "user stories" when your main preoccupation is understanding what to implement
9:33 AM
That last bit should have been in the acceptance criteria ;)
we work on a product that is quite complex and a lot of focus can be required on that. The end goal is often redundant, we want our clients satisfied.
some of our features are just client demands we can't exactly shape into business values. Sometimes we don't even have the details. It's just the flavour they want for their software.
10:10 AM
crap, delivery man just called me saying no one is home, he says to meet him at an location at 2pm, i still need to get a uber to the train station (20min) and my train leaves at 14:48
i'll see if i can anticipate the hour
by coincidence none of the 3 neighbors i know were home
2 hours later…
12:08 PM
@Tinkeringbell I did SAFe training about a year ago, and it was awful. As a process, I think that it compromises everything that agile preaches
12:21 PM
@Rainbacon It... also depends a bit on what you're used to. I started in a single scrum team, with no other teams we were depending on. I now work for a big network operator and there's so many teams that SAFe really allows to work more agile than just waterfalling, at least.
The safe training I did focused very heavily on process and tooling. We were told not to talk to other teams except through our scrum master, everything had to be in Jira and keeping Jira up to date so that the managers "knew exactly where we stood at all times". We did these huge workshops to plan out several months worth of work at a time and then everything had to be working to the plan.
All of these things are in complete contradiction with the agile manifesto
Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan
@Rainbacon Yeah that's not what they're teaching me!
Oh that's good
Here they're hammering on transparency, without it SAFe fails.
And each 'part' (scrum master, product owner, agile team) has their own role in that transparency, but they're not forbidding the agile team to talk to another agile team directly.
ah that's good
12:32 PM
We just need to know our scrum master is there should we need them to facilitate the transparency :D
And yeah, you do plan a Product Increment (which is typically 5 sprints of 2 weeks) in advance, and try to stick to that because otherwise other teams on the release train might end up missing functionality to build the whole product further....
But the Product Increment is at feature level, not story level.
So if we promise to deliver a search feature, there's a few requirements, and we get to determine the stories based on those requirements. We don't get to build a shopping cart though :P
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2:14 PM
Amazon prime video once again screwed me, currently in the train and no downloaded content :(
Apparently it went past 30 days
Bullcrap policies lol
Managed to download one episode on mobile data
Not bad
3:02 PM
+1 : I personnally use that counter-question myself with great effect, though the question itself doesn’t bother me as much as OP. If the person is right(-ish), I’d reply "Not too far from the truth", otherwise "Not quite there but it’s okay", and in both cases I can conclude with "That will do/that’s precise enough for now" if they insist. :-) — breversa 28 secs ago
#26007 breversa (1080 rep) | A: How to decline answering the question "what age are you" without making the conversation awkward (score: 2) | posted 4 hours ago by Scoots (509 rep) | Toxicity 0.07461149 | tps/fps: 0/0
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4:08 PM
Asked a question interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/26008/… didn't went on sandbox, will welcome editors that will improve language and clarity
@ArthurHavlicek I saw, it looks okay to me :)
Got a couple of quick questions: Have you ever discussed 'cheat days', are they part of the diet? And you don't have to answer this one but... will cutting calories and exercise be worth it while you're still on this medicine?
Oh, and is your partner having a say in the whole menu planning business already?
@Tinkeringbell I didnt come across with a plan like "we should eat healthy 6 days a week" i think it would be recieved a bit badly, and for second question sports and healthy foods are definitely recommended with medecine
@Tinkeringbell yes he does, I ask him what he likes often and what he'd like to eat, we tried so far to do that in mutual agreement, but this is kind of hard to reach these days
:) That clarifies, thanks!
You might want to put the last one in your question, just so people get a better feel of how much he is already involved in the whole idea/planning/execution :)
yes. Will do
Great, thanks!
(I don't have any easy answers for you, sadly... I'm still fighting my mom over this some days too.)
Hopefully things will get better once I live on my own, and can make my entire meal schedule myself :D
4:28 PM
Q: How to negotiate following a diet with a reluctant significant other?

Arthur HavlicekI'm 30 and due to being very sedentary, especially with COVID, due to being on a medicine that affects hunger, I'm slightly overweight. I'm taking this very seriously as I've never been overweight before and it affects me very negatively toward my personal self-image. I have projects to do sports...

3 hours later…
7:04 PM
@ArthurHavlicek If you get him to discuss it, tell him that the progress would be incremental. That you wouldn't have to suddenly quit the nice desserts, and start with 30-min walks five days a week (or whichever you both feel comfortable with), with rest days
When you tell uninitiated folks about cardio, they picture Usain Bolt. When you tell them about weightlifting, they picture Mr. Incredible. When you talk about swimming, Phelps in swimming around in their head.
What you can help with most of the time is the mental picture that living healthier would not have to mean professional diets or what other form of torture he's conjuring in his mind
2 hours later…
8:47 PM
Also, about the hints: would he understand them I would have no ice cream proposal. He knows very little about dieting and doesn't want to learn any, which might be why, but this is also why I believe there is something with denial there. — Arthur Havlicek 1 min ago
#26009 Arthur Havlicek (1744 rep) | A: How to negotiate following a diet with a reluctant significant other? (score: 3) | posted 1 hours ago by Meg (4599 rep) | Toxicity 0.12675057 | tps/fps: 0/0
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9:00 PM
@M.A.R. Don't really know how to play that. Someone suggested separate meals already, but being the only cook it really sucks.

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