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5:58 AM
6:18 AM
Morning :)
Hey, long time no see! How are you doing?
Overall... I am doing quite fine. Finally back in the office today. I was really drowing in the lack of routine and structure I had over the last months (Thats also why I was sorta MIA ^^). Just was on a trip this weekend to the netherlands which was sorta stressy.
I'm... having more routine/structure now I'm not dealing with delayed trains every other day ;) Still working from home, predictions are that will likely last until September.

Had a week of vacation last week, and yeah... that's kinda stressy ;)
Just catching up with e-mail now, it seems my out of office didn't work :/
Ouh... thats a real bummer :x
Hope you enjoyed it despite it was stressy, too.
Yeah, I did manage to catch a few days of rest at the end of the week :)
6:35 AM
Glad to hear :)
:D I'm curious, what were you doing in the netherlands? ;)
6:52 AM
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@Tinkeringbell I was with a friend visiting efteling and the day before that... We were visiting Tilburg. What a wonderful city... :'D
Ah, efteling. At least with corona measures the queues shouldn't have been too long? ;)
I should visit Tilburg some day, never came further than the train station
7:13 AM
@Tinkeringbell I don't know what they usually are like. But yeah, they were shorter than I am used to from german parks, but still at least 30 mins for like every attraction. Also literally any meassure that was announced on the website as meassures against corona wasn't present as we were in the park.
And about Tilburg... To be fair, it was quite snobbish :P
Its just.... having a lot of coffeshops without restrictions for foreingers :P :D
Oh, the efteling can easy have 90 minute waits on rides on busy days.
That's why we used to go as kids when we had a day off from school (teacher's get study-days here). They're not national, so it's often a single school that has a day off. Which means that we'd be there while all other kids are supposed to be in school ;)
Yeah, same for germany. Last time before this I went to a theme park when there was the football WC hosted in Germany in 2014. I went there with my girlfriend back then... Germany was in the finals in our own country... It was like we had the park all for us alone :D :P
:D I know there's this park over here (Walibi) that has mostly big rollercoasters. When we went there as kids, my youngest brother was like 5 or something... and we went on one of those days off. So there's this kids part, and he had an employee that just walked him from one ride to another, started up the rides, let him ride until he didn't want anymore, then took him to the next one.

He was the only little kid in the park that day XD
At the end of the day, he and the employee were 'best friends' XD
7:30 AM
At the age of 5 having a employee of the park just powering any ride for me I wanted...
Ofcause at the end of the day, thats my "best friend" :'D
Hahaha yeah, it's understandable :)
8:21 AM
By the way, was it getting genreally more silent here the last months? Or is this just a bad day? :P
It's been pretty quiet here lately. Part of it is probably due to corona, though it was getting a bit quieter here before that too...
When I was getting into home office back in mid march, I felt like everything was buisness as usual here on TAS :o But yeah, thought so.
Hmm. Maybe it was. It was such a long time back! ;)
8:43 AM
True. Its barely legends that survived from that time, right? :P
Hahaha yeah!
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11:59 AM
@dhein Oh yeah 😎
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5:25 PM
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