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7:11 AM
Q: How to communicate face-to-face with a person who never stops talking and listen?

Asker of maaany questionsI have a college who when speaking will keep talking without taking a breath AT ALL. I recorded our last call and checked the time he was talking vs. the time I was talking. He was talking 96% of the time. That does not matter. What matter is that he never stops and listen. In a normal conversat...

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8:49 AM
@Rainbacon That's lovely! :)
2 hours later…
10:21 AM
Q: should I tell my roommate to not to visit friends during pandemic?

programmerI have a roommate and She meets up with a friend during the pandemic. She goes to a friend's house twice a week. Given the present situation, people are supposed to be isolating themselves as much as possible. Should I ask her to stop doing so?

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3:33 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan isn't this POB?
3:48 PM
@M.A.R. but it isn't tough either..
@M.A.R. True. But it's a kind of POB we get so often we gave 'what should I do' it's own type of close reason.
4:00 PM
@Tinkeringbell OK, just checking. No SE site benefits from giving solace to people, "stay home, dammit"
Stay home is good advice. How're you doing?
Quite alright! You?
Still fine :)
Still fine is good
Although you'd probably prefer chaotic fine
I've always been fine...
chaotic fine?
2 hours later…
6:06 PM
@Tinkeringbell chaos parrot?
I am a bit chaotic, yes.
you seem to have your life together
compared to my friends and people I know
Oh, probably. It's more everyday chaos ;) Messy desk, forgetting certain chores/tasks/things...
sounds normal
It probably is... but that doesn't make it less chaotic? ;)
6:17 PM
adjectives always gain meaning in context...
True... It'd be more chaotic if I was also balancing three small kids and homeschooling
while working a full time minimum wage job right now, I guess.
Maybe in weeks to come it will get more chaotic... ;) How's your life so far?
6:45 PM
not great atm
Still struggling with the shifts, or did anything get worse?
still shifts
my irresponsible coworker has fully profitted from going on a ski trip after travel advisories and catching corona
That sucks. Did you have many moments of contact with him?
now he's considered immune and has to follow none of the restrictions anymore so the only thing that it resulted from his conduct has been 2 weeks paid vacation + getting to ignore all the rules
while the rest of us still have to work shifts
@Magisch Ehh, that's not how immunity works?! He can still carry the virus to/from people without getting sick again himself!
If none of you have had it yet, his immunity is meaningless...
6:55 PM
I dont know, not how our bosses see it
now none of the rules in our company apply to him
and he's so damn smug about it
O.o That is... completely ridiculous. And the smugness is just nauseating to think about.
I know I shouldnt be but I'm pissed that in the end when it comes down to it irresponsible & reckless conduct is rewarded and all of us who actually took it seriously and abided measures and didnt get it get to eat shit with a desert spoon stat
And rightfully so!
Why shouldn't you be pissed about that?
because it comes across as petty
Well maybe but ask yourself... why shouldn't you be? Some people get rich with irresponsible and reckless conduct and half of Twitter seems mad at them too... I haven't seen anyone call them petty though...
It's a little petty. Sure... but it's also totally understandable :)
6:59 PM
I try to reason myself out of petty anger usually
It's not worth the emotional labor. But its harder then usual this time
Well in this case I think there's plenty to be angry about, given that his behaviour might still put you in danger. If you can, please try to avoid him as much as possible and make sure to clean yourself as best as possible if you can't :/
@Magisch Then I'll stop trying to talk you into it :)
Got any fun stuff done this weekend?
late shift into early shift
got out at 23.00 yesterday and have to get up 4.30 monday
barely time to do anything
Blegh :(
so you're shifting shifts each week?
That's... also not very helpful for developing a rhythm :/
7:02 PM
rotating shifts
everyone in our department but my "Immune" coworker
If there's anything I can do to help makes things a little easier from here, lemme know :)

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