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3:48 AM
Q: Why do so many people seem to take offense from me calling females "females"?

DeklanI often call females females, just as I call males males. Using "women" and "men" is problematic in the sense that it's very specific to a certain age group; you cannot call a little girl a "woman", but at which age does she stop being a "girl" and become a "woman"? Or is it "teenager"? Or "tween...

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6:32 AM
Q: Is this American waitress "talking down" to the Swedes at the table in this short video clip from a 2013 reality TV series?

BergenVideo URL: https://streamable.com/s/1bbjl/kdkfko I cut out and uploaded these 47 seconds from one part of an episode of a Swedish reality/travel TV series originally aired in 2013. I have removed the parts where they speak Swedish or just eat (nothing notable in the context is said). The importa...

7:24 AM
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/23720/… Can someone tell me if I extrapolate too much ? For some reason I have doubts about OP and OP friends behave appropriately with Alice
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8:33 AM
8:47 AM
Morning :)
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10:08 AM
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12:02 PM
Blegh, Mondays.
12:17 PM
Female coworker, just before lunch: I'll join you in a minute, I have to get my access badge from the car first.
Me: Huh? You opened the door when we got coffee this morning!

... I'm horribad at picking up subtle clues XD
@Tinkeringbell what was that a cue for?
also morning / noon
@Magisch She didn't want to tell the entire room she was having a period but forgot to bring menstrual pads/tampons... so she was getting some she keeps in the car XD
@Magisch Noon. Luckily. Just three more hours and I can go home, I'm barely keeping my eyes open :P
see I would have never got that cue
12:21 PM
I blame @brug and @ElizB for keeping me up last night ;)
@Magisch I should've :P
@Tinkeringbell this conjures images of party parrot tinkerbell partying
@Tinkeringbell There you go. Just tell her it was my fault.
@Magisch Nah, that was Saturday evening XD I had fancy dinner with friends, then drinks at a bar.
I met a really cute parrot that night, btw!
Really drunk, but cute.
@Magisch hahaha I don't keep people up partying. Not in over a decade. I am soooo boring.
@Tinkeringbell good luck!
12:27 PM
@Magisch Oh, nothing that serious XD Just a passerby XD
@brug you're probably wearing a party hat right now
@Magisch No seriously XD It was "carnaval" over here (Does that exist in English? It's basically people partying for a week before Lent starts, including dressing up like you would for Halloween but not scary?)... At some point I went outside with one of the girls (she smokes, I found the bar too hot) and we were joined by a group of dudes, one was dressed up as a parrot XD
I spent the weekend having fun (tm) with the aftermath of a bronchitis
@Tinkeringbell sounds like your type
That would make an incredible conversation starter
@Magisch Ehh, usually... if dudes are drunk, you don't need a conversation starter... you need one to shut things down XD
a conversation killer XD
can't say I have experience with either being drunk or trying to make conversation with drunk people
i'll take your word for it
12:36 PM
@Magisch It's usually fun for a few minutes, but after that it often reaches a level of 'someone get me out of here, please' XD
@Tinkeringbell "I gotta grab something from my car"
@JAD "what are you getting?" :P
We're a nosy bunch XD :P
Just some nonya
my level of "please get me out of here" is markedly below most people's
@Magisch I don't know you in real life, but I get the impression that level is about at the same level as 'please don't get me into this' XD
12:44 PM
@JAD Problem is, people over here also use 'I have to get something from my car' as a way to prompt others to offer 'help' (like lending a charger or paying for lunch)
you know me better then most of my colleagues, by way of accuracy of information
my colleagues only know me as reserved, professional and prone to puns
@Tinkeringbell huh?
I have found that I rarely find myself in situations that I need extricating from just by staying at home all the time and not interacting with anyone outside of the internet.
I just choose my social obligations carefully
visiting grandpa or the aunt - sure. They know me fairly well and appreciate it. Going to a carneval or random bar? Hell naw
not only am I not having a good time, nobody there is like "this party would be better with Magisch in it"
12:47 PM
@JAD "I'll be right there, I'm going to get my charger from the car" "It's raining, if you want to, you can borrow mine"... it's very indirect and I also don't know why they're doing it...
@brug I mean, that works for me too... but I have some friends and friendships need watering with alcohol from time to time :P
@Tinkeringbell :S
I thought the dutch were overly direct
I've declined enough invitations to thing that people have just stopped asking
I would expect something like "Can I borrow anyone's charger for I am too lazy to get it from my car"
12:52 PM
@Magisch Sometimes... sometimes not.
There's topics where everyone uses euphemisms and tiptoes around 'just saying it' here too.
But in case of the charger... yeah. It's weird
@Mithical Some people know that as long as they don't try every month, they have a good chance of me going along XD
Also, not everything I do with friends is dinner/out for drinks... we mostly just gather at each other's homes for those drinks. Which is a lot more bearable than bars :)
1:22 PM
@Tinkeringbell you get to control which drunk guys are able to talk to you, so that's nice
@Magisch towards others, yes. When it concerns yourself, not so much
1:34 PM
@JAD Yeah, none :P
A: BF (35M) wants to have a baby but I don't think he's ready. OP 35F - how do I communicate this?

DaveGWhen your boyfriend says we would likely break up in a few years if we did not have a baby he's saying that you need to have a baby to preserve your relationship. That is a really, really, really bad reason for bringing another human being into the world. It's generally accepted that havi...

> we would likely break up in a few years if we did not have a baby

1:51 PM
@CaldeiraG Yes... but I'm not sure how that answers 'how do I communicate this' (And the question could do with a lot more information on how OP tried to communicate that... as there's basically none now!)
@Tinkeringbell I think you are right. And since I don't drink, I can safely blame that for the reason I don't have any friends.
@brug XD You don't have to drink yourself! :P
@Tinkeringbell yea I agree
I dont drink and I have friends
well, friends that I hang out with rarely but talk to often
I don't have many friends... but the ones that I have, I do hang out with a few times a year, at least their birthdays :)
2:05 PM
I have a wife and kids. I feel like they count...
Sure they do!
@brug I'll allow you to count your wife, because that means I can count mine :)
@Rainbacon ;)
@CaldeiraG do 'yall see all these red flags ere
I don't have many friends and I rarely hangout with them anyways but I do drink some beer while on it
2:11 PM
@Magisch If you know where to look, they're everywhere ;)
like spiders
like spiders :)
I might do a green cute spider as next avatar
but I'm not changing my appearance during the election, that might confuse people
where are you running?
2:24 PM
Yeah, I would do it right after you're elected, so that people don't know they voted for you XD
Well, good luck. I can't vote for you. I don't have an account there
@Tinkeringbell there's a saying in germany, it's roughly called don't praise the day before the evening
I'm not sure about my chances, but I think I have a realistic chance, but I won't go in expecting anything because that just sets you up for disappointment
How many spots are open?
2:28 PM
really? But they lost 3 mods
still one
@Magisch Don't sell the bear's hide before you've shot it ;)
@brug There was a comment that they're doing one first, and based on whether the load is still big, they might add another. But I think there's mostly been only three active anyways XD
@brug the current mod team gets to advise on how many spots they open, and they think they need only one, with an option to call someone up later
2:41 PM
Voting starts tonight, doesn't it?
in like 6 hours
good luck :)
I think I'll be fast asleep then, but remember me I should vote ;)
luck will have little to do with it. People either want me as mod or don't
I don't intend to campaign heavily or distort myself to get more votes, if someone else wins, then so be it :)
@Magisch FWIW, I've voted for you in ever election I've seen you in. I think you'd make an excellent mod
2:44 PM
@Magisch well then no good luck :)
I know it's just a gesture I was being difficult for no reason, sorry
If you don't mind @Magisch, I wonder what you think of the other two candidates? I'm currently reading their answer to the mod questionnary, but I would value your input.
(I understand if you would rather not answer that)
@Ælis They have a room dedicated to TWP 2020 elections, that might be interesting to talk about it in here so that the other voters will see it :)
2:56 PM
@avazula True. Thanks :)
yw ;)
3:43 PM
[NSFW] link
it's sad seeing these stories :(
4 hours later…
7:53 PM
so quiet in here today :'(
hush, napping
<Cricket noises intensify>
@Mithical sleep-chatting? :p
I do it often enough
7:56 PM
I need distractions from my impending doom self-assessment
that aren't other deadlines. already have enough of those x_x
8:08 PM
@EmC Someone asked me to crochet them one of my parrots, with cdn.hobbydoos.nl/images/bestellen/45699.jpg?width=400 and gruendl-wolle.de/sites/default/files/styles/variantenbild/…, I need to pick two other colours myself :/
Halp? :D
@Tinkeringbell hmmm... aqua and yellow?
that way it has both CYM and RGB :D
Ohh, yes! Aqua's a good idea! :D
Well that went quicker than expected..
haha. how long does it take to make one of those?
1 very lazy Sunday, but usually a weekend ;)
Lazy Sunday == productivity?? Impossibru
8:20 PM
Hahaha yeah if you look it at that way... :/

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