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Q: Asking a previous manager to sign a form at a group dinner

HmletI organised a catch up with my ex-colleagues and I’ve also invited my former manager, and I wanted to ask her to sign a form for my professional certification. I’m concerned that she might think that I organised the catch up only to get her signature, which I think will undermine what is already...

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7:05 AM
@avazula Thank God I'm French? ;P
@AJ9 woop. Nope. Not that one xD
Thank God It's Free?
I'm always in for free food!
Not sure I can (nor want to) say God stuff here so let's idolize this fictional character instead and thank him for it's the weekend soon :D
7:34 AM
Hello people!
@avazula Now I'm thinking of all the possibility "G" could stand for ^^ "Thanks Girafe It's Friday!"
Three Giraffes irritate firemen
8:04 AM
TGIF! (here it comes the thank god it's christmas in my head)
"Thanks Ginny It's Friday!"
I may or may not have had a small crush on her when I was younger :p
> Harry Potter wakes up in a hospital.

Harry: Where am I? What am I doing in a muggle hospital?

Doctor: Relax. You've been in coma for eight years after you hit your head in that wall at train station.
@Ælis massive crush you mean. Ginny is everything!
I had a crush on Emma Watson.
8:13 AM
@AJ9 I'm tempted to ask "who hadn't?"
@JAD \o
By the time I got to watch/read Harry Potter I was too old for crushes.
@JAD I didn't. Ginny was everything to me ^^
But it shifted on Anne Hathaway and Eva Green later.
I never had crush on Disney princess.
@AJ9 lol :P
@JAD +1
8:21 AM
@avazula I mean, I may have invented several fanfictions where Ginny's daughter (who is just like Ginny) ended up being in couple with me ^^ (it was Ginny's daughter because I had to respect the history and the fact that Ginny end up with Harry)
@AJ9 oh dear, Eva ...
Never thought it'd be possible to be that beautiful
@Ælis I ... already knew about that :p
@avazula Do you like her?
@AJ9 You know I'm not a movie fan but yeah, I admire her and think she's great
8:37 AM
8:51 AM
@avazula Well, I'm ramblings like an old person then :p
1 hour later…
10:05 AM
AAGGH I hate company mandatory training. 30 minutes to answer 11 multiple choice questions because 'they gamified the training' :/
And I hate surprise (semi urgent) work :'(
(it's semi urgent, but since I will be on holiday next week, it just become urgent-urgent :'( )
Yeah that's never very good either :/
Especially when you were planning to procrastinate on this fine Friday... ><
Yeah well I knew I had to make the training ;)
Also, the fact that I have to fix someone else mistake doesn't make me very happy >< Especially since it isn't an easy fix
10:12 AM
Yeah, those aren't nice. I always try to fix my own mistakes, at least.
(Sorry, I'm hijacking your rant. I happen to needed to rant at the same time ^^')
No worries, ranting is always more fun with another person :)
But if it's someone else's mistake... just fix what you can today, then go on holiday and the person that made the mistake will probably be pressured into fixing it... or it's not as urgent as you think and will still be there after the holiday :P
@Tinkeringbell Well, it's the dev that made a regretting (small bug not really urgent to fix) which broke my tests. So I have to "fix" my test so that it won't fail (and will still be able to test all the other stuff). But I will (probably) have the time to fix it all today. It just that I wasn't planning on doing so
Ah... Yeah that's nasty. Why aren't the developers updating the tests though? Aren't they supposed to either a.) update the test if they change functionality or b.) fix their code if the functionality shouldn't have changed but the test now breaks?
That's... a good point. And yeah, things should be this way but they aren't (because bad practice). Plus, the tests are in Java and those aren't Java devs
10:22 AM
So, you're basically just always adapting the test, never the code? What do you have tests for then?!
@Tinkeringbell It's end-to-end tests (not unit tests). I'm automatizing what the Product Owner previously had to do by hand.
Hmm. I'm still finding it weird and terribad.
Well, it would be worst without me. And it's true that we have bad practice. But part of my job is to slowly make people move to good practice
I don't envy that job...
Yeah, moving people to good practice isn't the best part ^^ But I like the other aspect so that's (mostly) fine :)
10:28 AM
Like I said, I wasted half an hour this week, together with our scrum master, on a failed attempt to convince a team member that JIRA isn't just administrative overhead and if he took it more serious, it wouldn't feel as such.
@Ælis :)
that reminds me of a failing unit test near one of my parts of the code. It failed at the start on january. I traced back the bug but didn't really have time to fix it. It's a "bug" that only happens in January, so the test is back on again and works again till next year
@JAD x)
training module: "phishing mails often are recognizable by poor spelling" > That's basically every legitimate company e-mail too XD
I can so use this line XD
that's interesting
I'm currently also following a training. there's quite a few typos and weird idioms in here as well
Goes to Security SE to ask 'Why would my company warn against poor spelling as a way to recognize phishing attempts, when they can't write proper e-mails themselves?":P
@JAD Oh, mine has a voice over. Very sweet, it does have CC for those that can't hear, but you have to wait until the voice is done talking (and boy, does it talk slowly) to be able to load the next screen.
"The content has ended. You may close this window". Yay. One module down, two and the annoying game to go.
10:42 AM
this has a video, that runs as a slideshow, where each slide has multiple links to separate pdf files for each paragraph.
I don't know. This voice makes annoying s/t sounds.
Almost like you're listening to someone eating with their mouth open.
hmm, it's quiet enough in the office for the automatic lights to go out. I'm the only one in the room
nice and quiet :D
Nice indeed!
I'm the only one working from my bedroom :D
Also... such photoshop, much wow.
hmm, moved too much, lights went on again
Hmm. This module says we're supposed to physically secure our laptops. I feel a complaint incoming.
Oh, this part of the game is precious... Apparently my coworkers have no idea how to classify their documents so I should do it... can I just report them to HR for mandatory security training instead? :P
And now the game broke... I can't see the document I'm supposed to label....
11:00 AM
@Tinkeringbell would the report be anonymous?
If yes please do it :D
@avazula Of course not. Name and all.
Ugh, they always manage to take all the fun away.
I had to restart the game :/
Ah. It seems the training is broken.
Most comments are reporting the thing hanging at the same point.
Well, at least now you don't have to do it anymore ^^
Wish that were true. Knowing this company, they'll likely reset all progress when fixing this, so I have to that part of the game AND EVERYTHING ELSE AGAIN TOO!
11:14 AM
Yeah, that doesn't sounds very good :/
And it's been broken for at least 2 hours, which is... too long for a training you're expecting thousands of people to take worldwide.
I'm going to get lunch XD
Have a nice lunch :)
11:37 AM
I'm confused on this comment, can someone guide me through it? :p
@CaldeiraG if you had a look on that question combined with your analysis then it might help this question if either the OP or you add the question to this very question and add the tag site-recommendation. Your comment can then be lifted to an answer. Let me know if that has been done, I'm happy to use my powerz to un-wield the hammer. — rene 4 mins ago
@CaldeiraG The word "question" is repeated too many time. My brain can't follow x)
@Tinkeringbell just mute the tab and have it run through it again in the background
12:04 PM
@JAD You have to click 'next' :(
same, but check in every 10 mins
Maybe. That would still be slower than just watching the screen :/
but you can do other stuff in the meantime?
I don't like doing fun stuff to have it interrupted every 10 minutes with nonsense.
IPS inspired me to make a presentation about non-violent communication to my colleagues
12:13 PM
Hopefully they were violently enthusiastic? :D
I think they are a bit skeptical because they can think I'm going to be authoritarian about how things should or shouldn't be expressed
i'm hoping they are going to have a good surprise :)
I hijacked our agile retrospective to implement this
@ArthurHavlicek Well, maybe they're convinced there's no problem with violent communication... I'm usually not that enthusiastic about trainings (scroll up XD), especially ones that teach me stuff I already know or try to address problems that aren't there.
@Tinkeringbell I can stand violence if you mind it as such. I see a problem with people behaving violently and being unaware of the violence they imply.
I'm now scrolling back through a 'community activity' feed, and seeing comments from a day ago pointing out the same problem with the training that I just reported... and I'm apalled. These things should a.) At least be communicated, b.) be fixed?! c.) or the training just taken down until it's fixed....
@ArthurHavlicek Well, fingers crossed it'll help then! :)
12:26 PM
It's not like I'm under witness protection... but well done?
Afternoon, @Tinkeringbell.
@Tinkeringbell just looking for you since I just saw some news. Not completelly good news, but I think you would want to know either way.
Animal Crossing related
@Derpy Oooh, bring it on :)
seem Nintendo broke their promise.
> If you own both Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile devices and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll receive special items in each game
Ah. That's too bad. But I'm not that easily bribed with 'special items'. I bet it'll still be enjoyable without :)
I hope it is a single one time item and not a way to push the gatcha items to the Switch version by trying to force people to buy them on the mobile one
12:30 PM
@Tinkeringbell He likes it... We had that cleared out and it was amicable. Also... it actually is a heart, not a ball. And that heart is literally (no pun intended) broken. This is kinda a fix, to not let the part thats torn apart inbetween the wings, get bigger. And.... its my way of using a stress relief thingy '^.^
@Derpy Yeah, that would be bad...
@Tinkeringbell yep, I know. It is just sad to see since they had kinda promised there would be no link between the games and now changed their mind.
@dhein Woah. That's actually quite a nice story! I saw another heart on the picture too, they look nice :)
I used stress relief balls to fill my crocheted F bombs. I'm looking for something shaped a bit like an American football now, that I can use to make nuclear options.

Crocheting around such a heart seems fun too :)
@Derpy We'll see. I might buy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon first, now that I know that's coming too. Then I can wait and see what Animal Crossing turns out to be :)
@Ælis: You saw the latest edit already? scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/227560/revisions Buzz just now turned their answer from being rude by use of outdated knowledge into rude and wrong... I don't know why they deny letting it be phrased by people who know what they talk about...
Wondering if this might be worth a meta post. :o
@dhein I think scifi is pretty much 'if it's wrong, downvote' and not much else. I don't think a meta post would help :/
12:33 PM
@Tinkeringbell Didnt expect such response. Is it thaaaat nice of a story? :'D What is an f bomb, tho? Should I just check discord to figure that out? :D
@dhein They're on Discord too, yes ;) You know what an F-bomb means language wise, in English?
I do like the story about fixing a broken stress relief heart ;)
@Tinkeringbell Well, at least a moderator told them, to stop rolling it back. And they instead of rolling back, just decided to make it wrong over all and still remain rude. Otherwise I would agree with you, but an mod seems to be already supportive for our case.
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, it is like nuking a discussion with the f word :P
@dhein Hmm. Okay, in that case, I clearly don't have the full picture... I think flag or meta might work.
@dhein Now check discord ;)
yeah, would just like to have feedback of @Ælis or anyone else, who could confirm my impression of the last edit having had just made the answer worse, before I post a meta on that matter.
@Tinkeringbell as long as they don't hide most of the Japanese items behind a paywall like they do in the mobile game...
12:39 PM
@Derpy shrug... I doubt I'd miss them ;) I don't know that much about Animal Crossing, only that I liked playing it on 3DS and then trying to get villagers to camp in exactly the right spot, so they wouldn't mess up my city planning ;)
@Tinkeringbell well, you probably will be happy then since it is my understanding that you should be able to move the houses around in this new game.
@Tinkeringbell Just bought a switch recently, cause I am interacting with some onlinefriends who don't have a pc... So we can play nintendo switch together.... That primary reason for the switch no isn't existing anymore anyways.... just a few days after I bought it. But I am totally addicted to Zelda now anyways. So not even regreting the pruchase.
@Derpy Finally! No more people camping out on the middle of my optimized walking routes!
And I am also considering to buy the animal crossing when it gets released. Never played any animal crossing before, tho. And have no clue what it is about '^.^
@dhein You become the major of a small town of anthropomorphized animals, and you gather stuff to sell while making the town prettier :)
12:42 PM
Kinda, as I bought the a switch... and just realized when I already owned it, that it is much more than just a handheld :'D
@Tinkeringbell No spoilers please! :'D xD
Yeah, I like the Switch too, and I haven't even used it as a handheld. Just hooked up to a monitor or the TV, and playing games using a Pro Controller :)
I should buy such pro controller, too.... the shipped controller frame is horrible for comfort xD
@Tinkeringbell to be fair, they also mentioned the ability to build "walking routes".
I'm playing Breath of the Wild right now. Loving it
spent 2 weeks on it now
12:45 PM
I'm so bad at Zelda games!
@Derpy Great, I'll check that out after I finish this bit of work :)
BotW is very different in terms of playstyle
But I also love the idea, of taking the switch with me the next time I am visiting my mom. I am suspecting, it might make the visit way more bearable for me and hence might lead to me feeling comfortable enough for staying even longer at her place than I usually would be able to :)
much more RPG-like
@JAD hahahha same story for me. It is so amazing the atmosphere and how you are being motivated to just explore every damn corner of the world, cause actually every single corner has an secret to be discovered -
BotW can be quite odd at times. It has a lot of untold mechanics that aren't simply mentioned anywhere.
12:47 PM
@dhein Then try! (Maybe let your mom know you'll be gaming though, set an expectation? ;) )
@Tinkeringbell Well... maybe. I just don't like her having expectations at all. As that was a major part of the trouble we had in the past... that she came up with expectations. Currently it is just like... I come over and shes happy about me being there, and I stay as long as I feel comfortable.
And she accepted that.
So bringing in expectations again, rather than having me around for times, I would otherwise have left already... even despite I would be around just in front of a screen.... Dunno, I fear that might possibly backfire :x
@dhein I randomly ran into a mystical monster yesterday. It was a pretty surprise.
@JAD yeah!!!
@dhein Ah. Well, then maybe not ;)
happens so often stuff like that :)
12:51 PM
yeah, it was part of a quest, but I'm not sure how I should've solved it other than just stumbling across it by accident.
@JAD if that mystical creature was what I think, I hope at least you didn't try to find a way to climb on it like I did. Was it green and very big? :P
@Derpy red and very big
(I don't think I've found the green one yet)
(but I suspected I was still missing one, and logic dictated its colour be green, so no spoilers there :P )
ok I am better leaving now to avoid spoilers. '^.^ But thanks for watching out on it ^^
Anyways, I have one last task to finish and that task is all holding me back from starting to continue playing zelda right now xD
So have a nice weekend you all :)
@dhein Good luck with the task, and enjoy gaming and your weekend!
@Tinkeringbell And thanks for the proposal, now I thought a few minutes about it, I think I might find a way to manage this and have her being aware of it :) So your heads up was helpfull
12:55 PM
@dhein Same to you!
@JAD well.... how to say that....
Traditional fans of the series probably assume that for reasons :P
well, not really that way, but rather Power/Wisdom/???
that said... the red one. Sadly, a very convenient one to try to climb on.
I would advise against trying :P
I think I noticed from blue that touching them is a bad idea
yep, this is no Shadow of the Colossus apparently.
@dhein just a warning: while Animal Crossing at its core is a relaxing "life" simulation, compared to other games like Harvest Moon / Stardew Valley etc it has a big difference.
The game flows on real time clock.
So the time in the game is the current time in the real world. That can become somehow annoying depending on how much you can play.
the game kinda expect you to be able to "log in" at specific times to be able to take part in specific events. Keep that in mind if you can't do that.
1:24 PM
@dhein Well, Buzz is indeed being annoying and kind of rude. But the "autism spectrum disorder" is technically correct so I don't think we can do anything for this. But the last sentence don't really make sense. It could seriously use some quote mark around the "classically-defined". Long story short: I'm tired and won't make a meta post, but I would be happy to upvote yours if you do
No work on Saturday. \o/
@Derpy Or just set the time on your console differently? I believe that worked on the 3DS
@Tinkeringbell Oh, that also worked on the classical DS when I was playing Nintendogs x)
(and Pokemon)
Yeah, I've used it a lot
@Tinkeringbell yep.... becomes a little tedious after a while :P
1:37 PM
Oh, true. A game that doesn't need such tricks is much more pleasant :)
I wonder how it works if you suspend the game to go back to the menu
or if it needs a restart
At least I don't think that any game after the original Gamecube one had 5 mushrooms spawning at 6.30 AM and then one mushroom would disappear every 1 minute
oof that's rough
@JAD If I had to bet on that.... the second you reasume the game will notice it and schedule you a lecture from Mr. Resetti.
that'd be funny
kicked out of hte village and outlawed for fraud
1:41 PM
@JAD Basically what happened when I started using a shop crawler on Neopets ;)
btw, checked. I was wrong. One mushroom disappear every 15 minutes, not every minute
still, pretty small and can spawn anywhere.
Q: Coping with girlfriends superior previous sexual experience

KabalI (male) am in my early twenties and so is my current girlfriend, we have been together for close to a year. Up until recently, our relationship has been mostly problem free. However, some days ago, she has mentioned to me (while we were talking about sex but without me asking her about this dir...

it's a gimmick in the latest Zelda that was remastered (I forgot its name). There's a store you can grab an item from and run for the exit before the npc can react. Consequence is that the entire village changes your ingame name to "Thief".
Zelda, Link's Awakening
that's the name
@JAD that was also possible in the original.
it also had a bad feature attached.
I know, but lacking a name, mentioning the remaster was most accurate :P
1:44 PM
In the original there was a photo album.
and... Link escaping the shop was one of the possible photos.
so, unless you permanently tainted your save slot, there was no way to have a full album
(worth mentioning is also that actually one of the photos had TWO different versions and you could get only one, so a "full" save game was impossible anyway)
@JAD Also, you forgot a detail. If you ever re-entered the shop.... instant kill.
oh, I didn't know that
(Which, btw would mean that the "real ending" is lost forever since it was tied to never dying in the game)
(Never played the game myself, just saw a streamer trying the steal when the remaster came out)
@ExtrovertedMainMan I respect his feelings but living in the past is not good either. She was honest about it.
1:53 PM
this would happen if you enter the shop again anytime after stealing something
So, you had three choices if I am remembering correctly.
a) never steal anything, never get the related picture in the photo book
b) steal something, never enter the shop again. You won't ever be able to buy anything from the shop. Your name get changed to "THIEF".
love that picture though
c) enter the shop, get killed. Congrats, you can now use the shop again but you are forever locked out from the real ending.
or do A, and just before the end do B
2:07 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan If someone could help them? :
My original post contained two more questions that were edited out for being primarily opinion-based. Because these points are important to me I would appreciate it if someone could point out how I could reformulate them or ask related questions that do meet the criteria listed in the help center. — Kabal 19 mins ago
@JAD and the save game slot will still taunt you every time you play the game since the player name - now "THIEF"- will be listed there too.
@Derpy Just reverse psychology them, start the game with the name THIEF.
@JAD Well, to be fair, if you use "Zelda" as your name, the game will play a secret music.
Once. A single time, you have to re-input the name every time you want to listen to the tune.
Still works on switch.
odd choice if you ask me.
That said, the switch version is full of odd choices....
from removing the photo album, to changing the Peach photo, to create lyrics for the Wind Fish ballad and never use them in the game :P
2 hours later…
3:49 PM
A: Can a Stack Exchange employee please connect these accounts to their network profiles?

CaldeiraGWith the inactivity of moderators in Area 51, I would highly suggest for those users to use the Contact Us form (it's also on every site footer). After choosing the "I need to merge user profiles" option it will show something like this: Click Continue, proceed to fill the form and send. Most...

Uh,not sure why the downvote xD it's technically correct
@CaldeiraG It's probably something everyone knows that's just not documented anywhere... I have a question on MSE about getting an auto comment (close vote) on an example question, while the vote was on another question... It's at -8 or something because I a.) tagged it bug instead of support and b.) 'Area 51 doesn't have autocomments everyone knows that'.
@CaldeiraG OP probably didn't like it
4:03 PM
@Tinkeringbell :\
@Ælis I don't mind, I was trying to help and those accounts would probably be already merged by this date
4 hours later…
8:07 PM
Q: Where can I learn more about this speaking method

Osprey259There is a certain tactic in public speaking, where the speaker will repeat a short phrase, and change just one or two words. Each time, the energy of each phrase builds on another. An example of this may be "If you want to get where you're happy in life, change yourself. If you want to be where ...

8:49 PM
This comment might have ruined my frame challenge :(
I think I agree with your answer to the second question, I will not ask her to stop seeing him. But I am still unsure about the first question. My distress does not solely stem from my own insecurity, I feel more upset about the fact that she is not really helping me understand what it is that makes me a worse lover. In her words the other guy behaviour in bed was "very similar" to mine and she is not able to formulate any sort of advice for what I can do to improve her experience. This is very frustrating to me, especially since I do have (or so I thought) a lot of experience myself. — Kabal 4 hours ago
9:00 PM
@CaldeiraG oof.. yeah that is a bit more concerning. might be useful to add that info into the question post ;)
well, the comment after that too
because my point was to be more open about sex and how to improve the experience, perhaps they were not as experienced. The exact same thing happened to me and my frame challenge worked :p
9:20 PM
Sexual pleasure can be a bit mysterious to the one that have it. I'm not sure I'd be able to explain why I had more pleasure with X or Y.

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