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6:53 AM
Thank you @Ælis. That’s a really good answer.
Q: Getting acquainted with acquaintance

nupjlshdOver the past couple weeks, I have been particularly moody: ranging from sad to depressed to lonely. It has always cheered me up when I am talking to someone in person or over text. Right now, I feel like I don't have any good friends (I am an introvert and so are most of my acquaintances). The...

@Tinkeringbell the question does mention they fell through the cracks. It might be that they were involved but couldn't help (enough). Sadly it's not a magical solution.
It's NLN anyways
@Belle I'm glad you like it. Sorry that I don't have a magically quick solution :/
@Ælis I don’t think there is one. The two following answers got me thinking, but I think yours gives enough reasons not to give up. I’m not a health professional, but I think he has PTSD, and there’s no way that’s gonna get better with hugs.
Well, Kevin's answer is really terrible IMO (rude and without back up). But I do like Arthur's one. It's very true that therapy won't help if he only goes there to please you. And, if he is really dead set on not wanting therapy, fixing problematic behavior is still something. I do believe you could try and apply both our answers
7:36 AM
Hey everyone. :)
whats NLN?
no longer needed
one of the comment-flag reasons
ahhhh :)
Hi @dhein
-notices @Ælis‘s comment- did it hit HNQ?
@Belle yup
@Belle In case you don't know, you can see here all the IPS questions who have hit HNQ at some point: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/94066/hnq-feed
7:48 AM
Ah, I’m on the app, so that link wasn’t there. Good to know.
7:59 AM
I just had an really weird situation at lunch yesterday.... Dunno, at least it appeared being weird to me.
@dhein What happened? :)
@Ælis Thank you and yes, I agree both our answers can complement
I am going for like over a year everyday with the same coworker to lunch. He introduced me to friends of him and for quite some time we are also playing regular PnP games with them. A few months ago, someone else joined our playgroup. Shes transsexual. Despite this was the first time I met someone transsexual, I just tried to treat them with respect to their preferred gender, and in regards that would be difficult for me I just avoided such situation.
Yesterday said coworker when we met for lunch just started the conversation with "Hey, did you know? Alice is having a date next weekend!". And for some reason it made me feel really awkward. We NEVER talked in the past year since having lunch break together a single time about who of our friends is having a date or that alike. So I felt like the only reason it was mentioned was due to Alice' transsexuality.
And joining that topic, was interfering with my intend of not treating Alice different from any other women. So I responded "Well, people having dates isn't that special, or is it?" What made my coworker then feel awkward, too... leading to a quite weird lunchbreak I had... v.v
8:14 AM
Well, I'm sure today's lunch break will have forgotten that ;)
It's a bit awkward and weird, yes... but I don't think it'll cause any long term problems
@dhein The only thing I can imagine is that in this case, the date is a bit special, but I don't know if it's very hard for transgender people to get dates or not ;) There's other people that probably know :)
Yeah certainly. :) Just wanted to tell about it, to maybe get some feedback, if me finding that situation awkward maybe just was some sort of overreaction for what ever reason :) What you just gave me :)
You're welcome ;)
@Tinkeringbell Yeah that's the same I was considering. Still, I found it strange, making a big deal of it. '^.^
@dhein Just FYI: from what I know people prefer the term "transgender" to "transsexual" as this latter has been used for years to dismiss nonbinary people and consider them sick
Thought you'd like to know :)
@dhein One other thing I can think of is that Alice may have been very, very excited about this. Enough so that your coworker thought you might also want to share in that feeling... But it's hard to say from this side of the internet cable ;)
People continuously make big deals out of a lot of things, so that's not so strange to me :P
8:29 AM
@avazula Hm... yeah well to know. Most contact I had so far was with Germans. And when they talked to me, they introduced themself as "transsexuel" I think that might be, cause I can't think of a German term, "transgender" would translate well into. So I just used the term, I felt correct to use from German language. Thanks for letting me know.
@Tinkeringbell Fair point. And yeah Alice being a very easily excited person herself, that might very well be. But given that my coworker hasn't just got that info from Alice herself but was being told this by their friends already being second hand info... Dunno. '^.^
one might call it gossip
yeah... Probably thats actually the core of what made me feel awkward. I actually have an aversion about gossiping. Always asking myself "And how does it relate to me?!" And now you say it... yeah that pretty much was also what I was thinking yesterday '^.^
8:51 AM
Yeah, gossip is never fun.
Oh @Ælis I was rereading the Farseer books yesterday. I had to laugh out loud when Fitz thought Molly would name her daughter after a flower, like Lilac or Rose or Marigold.
@Belle Ahah, yeah xD Though she could have named her "Rose" without changing the meaning too much "I love it, but it hurts"
@dhein "Transsexual" often refer to the medical transition (hormone and surgery). And, well, talking about what someone as between there legs is... well... mostly none of people business. That's why "transgender" is usually better as it does not refer to your genital. But yeah, if the person introduce themselves by saying "I'm transsexual" then it's fine to use the term.
@dhein Your answer can look a bit blunt although perfectly correct. Usually when people want to have a conversation about a topic I find uninteresting, I just respond with "uh, ok" and try to switch subject if I can (well I'm not very good at switching subjects but I try).
Maybe you made an unvolontary fixation to the fact she's trans. It's actually, as you said, irrelevant
@Ælis Now I was wondering why everyone I met in that regards introduced them self as transsexual then... So I just translated both terms into german... Wow... "transgender" literally translates into "der Transsexuelle | die Transsexuelle" What is nothing but "Transsexual person" ...
Hi @ArthurHavlicek. Thank you for your answer to my question, by the way. It is very helpful.
9:07 AM
@Belle I'm really glad it helped
@dhein transgender seems to be an appropriate German word (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender)
I'm not very familiar with German, but if it's anything like Dutch, the language tends to lag behind English in forming new words for concepts that didn't have suitable words before.
(I do kinda agree with dhein that if people introduce themselves as transsexual, it's not wrong to describe them as such in German ;) ) That said, this is an English chat, so maybe transgender is better here :)
9:22 AM

@Belle I never heard anyone using "transgender" as a German term, tho.
@Tinkeringbell I am not arguing here. I just explained my confusion
Sorry if that appeared different
@CaldeiraG Do you (or are you planning to) live in Lisbon?
@dhein I can imagine. Tink's advice seems good though - it's usually safe to call people what they call themselves. And if you're in doubt, you can always ask.
@dhein Oh, I think people can agree with an explanation too? :D I didn't feel like you were arguing, just that your explanation made sense...
@Ælis No way x) you can't afford anything in Lisbon
I don't live too far away tho
I can take the train
9:30 AM
@Tinkeringbell Ofcause they can. Just wanted to be safe, to point out that I had no intends to argue :)
@dhein Ehh, you're too careful XD :P
Wasn't sure if I might have come over as such
No worries. You didn't :)
I am in regards of that topic, yeah. ^^
@dhein So kind, you are ^^
9:32 AM
@CaldeiraG So no need to be sad then. I am the one who should be sad since I'm living in Paris :p But I'm thinking about moving to Lyon. I don't know yet. Finding a new job is exhausting for me
@dhein Better to be too careful than not enough :)
@Ælis It is kinda because that only proves the tourism really had an effect on Lisbon
and AirBnB's
and retired foreigners living here because the taxes are lower
Oporto is the same situation
Moving to Brussels seems attractive. Been there for FOSDEM, look like a nice city to live in
I was expecting it to be nearing Paris affordability
I have done zero research, but I suspect the average wage in Brussels is higher rather than rent lower
The only problem is that they pay you in sprouts
Probably, but then that also affects your wage if you find a local job
9:37 AM
The reason I think that is because there are many high-paid government officials living in Brussels, which inflates average wages.
This is the source: https://www.numbeo.com/

If you click on a city it will show interesting stats
@Ælis Finding a new job. gosh yeah thats a mess. What happened to your old one? :x
@ArthurHavlicek Really? I've been there too for a FOSDEM, but didn't like the city much... too crowded/busy
Traffic was hell
@dhein Nothing, but it's in Paris. So, if I really want to live in Lyon (because it's closer to my family) then I will have to quit
I was wrong
Rent is a lot more expensive in Paris
9:41 AM
@Belle "Rent Prices in Brussels are 35.82% lower than in Paris" :''(
@Tinkeringbell We took public transport. It looked like there is a nice offer in transportation. Architecture is also nice. The center is crowded but that's the price of living in a big city. It sure feels better than Paris.
@Belle Any idea on how to use this to compare cost between France Paris and France Lyon?
interesting. It lists some differences I would have expected to be constant across france, like costs for mobile data and such
@JAD "Rent Prices in Paris are 90.10% higher than in Lyon" OMG, I want to move to Lyon now! Oo
Also, thanks JAD!
9:48 AM
@JAD And McDonalds O.o
@Ælis Anything happened, that you are looking for being geographically closer to your family? Thought being not too close to them actually serves well for your mental well being :x
@Belle or interest rates. Honestly McD doesn't surprise me as much compared to those
@dhein I was very very sick last week (I was very near to needed to go to the hospital) and absolutely unable to take care of myself and I had no one near to help take care of me. I really don't want to live something like that alone anymore
Also, Lyon is closer to my family but still at a "safe enough" distance (it's not like I want to move to the city they are living in)
@Belle McDonals has just a price guidance (I think thats what one would call it), so there are minimum and some sort of maximum prices the franchise gives you. But the idnividual pricess each restaurant can decide themself. My favorite example is, my old place where I lived, a McCHicken Menu was like 5.59€ (that was 10 years ago, tho). While when I visited Sylt where ther is a lot of tourism and wealthy people having vacations there. That same menu at that time was 8,79€ ^^
@Ælis I understand.
@Ælis Ahhhh ok. Was a bit confused. But thats now more understandable :P
@dhein I spend a week without eating and three of those crying none stop (probably because I was exhausted). You don't want to cry none stop alone. You want your loved one around when those kind of things happen
9:57 AM
@Ælis Yeah...
Another question to help clarify the OP: He said he went to therapy but it didn't help. Do you not believe this? If you do believe this, then why do you think that him going to therapy again will help this time, where it didn't before? — Aaron F 9 mins ago
I'm not sure how to respond to that properly. I hope therapists help heal mental things.
@Belle It takes time to find a therapist that works for you. I tried several ones before I found one that was truly able to help me
Some of the comments are making me doubt things
@Ælis :o
> your wish to not lose someone does not trump their right to self-determination
I believe that when he asked for my hand in marriage, he made a promise to try and be there for me. He can't be there for me if he's, well, not there. I can't allow him to slowly destroy himself.
10:09 AM
@Belle Yeah, comment to tend to have this kind of effect. My advice is: don't listen to them. If they have no backup, if they have never been in a similar situation before then there words are meaning less. You should listen to the people who have experience with this. Not the ones who only have opinions
@Belle this only works if you see a relationship as a rational transaction
it's not
I believe relationships are about being attached to the other and wanting the best for them, so "helping" them taking care of themselves can be perfectly valid, but different type of relationships include different type of perspectives to that situation
true, there's different levels of commitment
you can't compare a married couple to two people that went on two dates
I added a little paragraph, since some people seem to think I want to force him :)
By reddit user u/polikokosh
10:27 AM
@Belle Did you made this? I want to know if I should say that it's cute or not :p
@Belle So no, now I can say that I found it a bit creepy ^^
@Ælis It is a little, isn't it?
They do a lot of slightly weird kitties
Here's a link to their profile if you want to look at more weird kitties: reddit.com/user/polikokosh
@Belle Well, this one look funny but cute. I like it :D
I like this one
I have now the (almost) perfect score of 15400 rep on IPS!
@Ælis 🤩
10:35 AM
@Belle Thanks :D
@AJ9 Pff, show off! :p
@Ælis Like you are not. :P
I don't know why you are saying that :p
Help, I didn't understand this comment ^^' interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/24153/…
@Ælis Well, you have 15400. So remove 1 from beginning and put 0 in the end and it will be equal to the rep in that image. :P
10:43 AM
@AJ9 Oh, that nice. I like your way of seeing things! :D
@AJ9 Yay :)
10:59 AM
It's annoying. My manager is a ghost (because too much work) but I really need to talk to him :/
11:16 AM
Seems like I can't stand still today and my break is only in 45 minutes ><
Walk to the toilet, detour through the kitchen for a glass of water on the way back :P
Then just wiggle in your chair until lunch time?
@Tinkeringbell I can't go to the kitchen, someone is having a meeting in there (we really need more meeting rooms) :'(
Ugh... that sucks, sorry!
Kitchen meetings should be outlawed
Well, I rather have them talk loudly in the kitchen than on the open space. But yeah, it's not great either way :/
11:23 AM
@Belle I have vowed to never attend a company organised 'lunch meeting'
Lunch is me-time
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, lunch meeting are the worst. But in this case, it's not a lunch meeting. It's just a regular meeting who happen to take place in the kitchen
That's reasonably okay, depending on the kind of kitchen ;)
Though it is a problem if that means other people can't go in there and get a drink or their lunch.
Though, having a meeting with food available is nice. Just don't put it on my break time
@Tinkeringbell Yeah :/ Hopefully, it will be over by the time I take my break
11:38 AM
@Tink Do you know any relevant meta post has to why we don't take "general question"? It's for this one
Hey, @Loong time no see! (sorry, bad joke :p )
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/227560/44517 Anyone besides me read that answer? ... I feel like commenting on it, but can't really find a way to get it on point.... '^.^
Q: Dealing with a "Rebel Child" (term from transactional analysis)

virolinoI am usually able to interact OK with regular people. However, I am at a complete loss when the other person just refuses to cooperate. It can be either that I get the feedback "I do not want", or I get complete silence (and eventually a very expressive face). I do not have a specific example ri...

@Ælis Hmm. Right now, I think 'too broad' fits.
I'll try to work with them and get it in shape, I feel it might be an interesting academic-research type question though I'm not sure because of the last sentence :/
@dhein That last sentence... :(
@Belle Yep... Thats what bugging me. And I would like to explain them whats the problem with their phrasing, if they actually are speaking about this. But I don't know how to approach it within just a single comment '^.^
11:48 AM
@dhein I made an edit (it's in the review queue right now) to remove the "suffer from autism". But I did nothing (yet) for the last sentence
@dhein Maybe this link could help? instagram.com/p/B4qAV3ThNSX/?igshid=1qbts6fir7s5i
@Ælis Problem here is, I just checked after quite some time the wiki entry for autism again and am a bit shocked.... Wikipeida in its current state presents the description in that very way as the answer presents it...
@ExtrovertedMainMan Given it two comments... @Ælis I don't think we have a specific meta about broad questions, but I hope the comments will eventually help shaping it into something more manageable.
@dhein Well, French Wikipedia misgender every none binary people there is instead of using the pronouns "iel" ("them") because "it's not proper French". So, really, Wikipedia isn't always all that great...
You can't speak about the severity of autism, just like you can't say being blind is objectively worse than being deaf. Apples and oranges. Even if you could speak about it, it is not dependent on the type of autism, but of the issues the autistic has. We also speak of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) only, not of classical autism or Asperger's Syndrome anymore, because it is so difficult to categorize. — Belle 29 secs ago
I hope I put to words what you wanted to say
12:04 PM
I posted a comment too. Let's hope it will do the trick
Oh.... xD
I just finished mine '^.^
Thank you <3
Government sent me an email saying that I need to do taxes for 2019, so I go to the website to find "You can't do taxes yet!"
@ExtrovertedMainMan mkay, the edits here aren't helping at all, eyes please? I feel it best if we handle things a bit quicker :D
@Belle well, the letter I had said "Do taxes! (after 1 march)"
@JAD Mine doesn't mention a date :P I heard it's 1 march for everyone, so I'll do it then :)
12:10 PM
- Call general practitioner's office to make appointment
- Get diagnosis from assistant over the phone
- Have medicine from apothecary within an hour later
That went better than expected
@Belle xD
@JAD Yay for good healthcare!
1:05 PM
Q: How to decline attending a funeral

GhastlyCodeTo set the scene my family are very strict on the idea of family and respect. However, I do not wish to attend the funeral for a few reasons. I did not visit this relative for at the very least five years prior to their passing I experience heavy anxiety in large crowds I have never attended a...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Commented, but feel free to add more
@Tinkeringbell I made the edit to change psychology tricks to ways. Other than that, I agree with your comment. The question can be on-topic here with a focus on the interaction between the two parties. There's nothing we can do at this point
@CaldeiraG flag or close-vote while we wait on details ;)
@ExtrovertedMainMan I like that this is asked by a ghost.
@Tinkeringbell will flag! (need close-vote privileges to close something :p)
@CaldeiraG Don't forget to flag. It'll put things in a queue for the people that do have the privileges needed ;)
1:11 PM
I did now
People often think close vote flags are kinda worthless, or forget about them... but they're just as important as close votes :)
@CaldeiraG \o/
\o/, I actually realizes i just need 500 rep :o
compared to 3k in a graduated site
@CaldeiraG Yeah, the close vote privilege is really easy to get on beta site
@Tinkeringbell I do a lot of these on SU
@Ælis I realized now
@ExtrovertedMainMan Scary how people sometimes forget the most valuable piece of information :<
1:14 PM
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/24165/1599 < Thoughts now? I hope it's more academic research like, and will fit better? @Ælis what do you think? :)
(If people could tell me they like the question now... I'd like to upvote it in its current state but it's a bit like upvoting your own post XD)
@Tinkeringbell Thank god you made problems understandable to a labrador like me
I think I also found the answers already... Just because I researched the question.... XD
@Tinkeringbell It's way better. But it also look like you wrote the whole question yourself x)
@Tinkeringbell Well, now you can do an almost self-answer :p
What's the correct way to suggest someone to add his comment into the question? Commenting him to do so, or suggesting the edit directly?
@Ælis It's a bit of both. I understand the problem the OP is running into .. (btw @virolino Do you know we're here? :) )... but academic research/ interpersonal theory type questions often work best focused on the theory, instead of the 'examples' and 'what have you tried' that we require of 'regular' questions.
Both are an option... You could make the edit, then leave a comment saying thanks for responding and that you've added it to the question, would they be so kind to do the same for future clarifications...

Or you could ask them to edit (I usually use [edit] in a comment as that magic links to the edit page) themselves... both are fine, I usually pick one based on how much spare time I have :)
1:23 PM
@ArthurHavlicek Usually both is acceptable. I do tend to ask them in comment to edit their post because, this way, I hope they will directly edit next time. But honestly, it probably doesn't change much
Ok, good
2:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell Question about this one, if the questions gets closed as off-topic it will also reject the migration?
I accidentally used my colleague as a rubber duck 😅 Ah well, it's fixed now
@CaldeiraG Yes, but we can clear the migration history so OP can edit, so don't worry too much about that :)
@Belle uh? scratching head to this
@Tinkeringbell Ah I see :)
@dhein @Belle I made an edit to slightly improve the last sentence. What do you think about it? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/227560/106273
@Ælis Nice one :)
2:12 PM
@Belle I use other people as rubber ducks all the time
Buy tastier balloons, of course — mgarciaisaia 19 hours ago
If things keep going this way, I'll probably rep cap today! :D
@Belle XD
> If ducks are so smart, why don’t we just let the ducks do all the work? It would be wonderful if this were true, but the fact is that most ducks prefer to take a mentoring role. There are a few ducks however that do choose to code, but these are the ducks that nobody hears about because they are selected for secret government projects that are highly classified in nature.
@Ælis Me too! I'm on 137.
2:17 PM
@Belle I'm at 159 :D
@Ælis It is better :) Still sadly missing the point. But its also hard to get that answer representing it correctly without totally throwing over that answer. And since presenting autism correctly isn't the main focus on scifi se, I think it is as good as it could get without falsifying the intend. :x
@Ælis and @Belle i'm at 2 :P
@CaldeiraG Well, go make some edit then :p
@Ælis Interesting :o
@CaldeiraG I can't say I'm surprised. I heard similar stories before
2:19 PM
@CaldeiraG Strawberry flavour
@Rainbacon ?
probably more easily readable
interesting story about a dumb bug
@dhein grumble, chat is stupid, grumble
I must have accidentally grabbed the image and pasted it into the chat box, which auto posts it for some reason
3:08 PM
Caller: Hey there, i'm from company X and your number was randomly selected for a survey about insurances, do you have time?
Me: No thanks, I'm working atm
Caller: Alright, can we call later today?
Me: Sure thing
instantly block number :p
What's wrong with just a 'no thanks' ? :)
3:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell It's my work number anyways so I would not answer after hours xD
And I thought my number was brand new
apparently someone has a gym membership associated with this number and they keep texting me every 2 days about promotions
and probably gave the number away to third-parties
When I just had my new phone number, someone texted me that they'd pick me up in 5 minutes. Queue confusion on my part.
I did away with my phone number before that. It was 0631232341. I got SO MANY random calls on that.
(Quick question - does anyone mind occasional English corrections for using the wrong etc.? I want to be helpful, especially for people who speak English as a second language but not offend someone by correcting someone if they don't want to be corrected)
@Belle that's a cool number though
@Mithical I don't mind but some people do
and there are people that consider that everyone who tries to correct them are 'grammar nazis'
3:34 PM
Indeed... hence me asking first
@Mithical I don't mind. Educate my ignorant mind :D
Heh. :D In that case, I think you meant "cue" instead of "queue" above
"cue" is to give a signal for something; "queue" is a waiting line
@Mithical Heh, I made an auditory mistake. That's new.
Thanks, didn't know that :)
@Mithical "cue" or "clue"? i'm confused :)
@CaldeiraG "cue". See the list of examples around the web on the page you linked
3:44 PM
@Mithical Ah, I understand now :) wasn't associating a signal with an indication
Are we still encouraging people to give more time to possible answerers before accepting a answer? Question I'm referring
Really up to the OP. It can take me a couple years to accept an answer, but it's totally the OP's decision.
Summoning a line of godlike Star Trek beings: cue Q queue.
4:14 PM
Cowboy entrance on every western movie ^^
Q: The company’s commitment to rebuilding the relationship with you, our community

Teresa DietrichMy name is Teresa Dietrich. About a month ago, I joined Stack Overflow as Head of Product and Community. During my years as an engineer and technology leader I saw the impact this community and site has on people across the world and I am very excited to be here. While I have personally gotten a ...

@Ælis Sounds like me except for the polyA part :p
4:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell x) (I haven't read the post yet, but this title! x) )
There's an Eric Lippert on my question :O
@CaldeiraG "Though our active user base continues to grow, our engagement has remained the same." -> That sounds concerning :/ But it's good to know that they are planning to do something about it
I'm recording myself practicing for my band. I only have my built-in phone sound recorder and it does ... let's call it ... strange sounds :p
@Belle 27 SO rep user of all time. Not bad!
@Ælis Or very bad, depending on how you look at it ;)
4:59 PM
@Ælis i don't see an issue here, if the userbase is bigger and you keep doing the same as before you eventually reach less people, bigger the userbase bigger the work
@Tinkeringbell it's certainly a positive message but we need actions because words we got enough xD
@CaldeiraG Oh right. I read it as "we have the same amount of community moderator but more things to moderate". I'm glad I read it wrong ^^'
@CaldeiraG They are planning to do a lot of things! I'm curious to see how it will turn out
@Ælis me too
@CaldeiraG Exactly. It's like you have a toy car on batteries, and don't want to let go because the previous 9 times you played with it used to spark joy and now a parent took out the batteries but you still won't let go, waiting for that 10th time to spark joy that never is going to come.
It can go in the trash.
It won't happen.
@Tinkeringbell yea, I understand your perspective, hopefully it will go forward
6:07 PM
Nice post @JourneymanGeek (for the curious: meta.stackexchange.com/a/343901/400547)
I hope they'll do this "grant gesture" you are talking about. Though it might be badly perceived.
Q: Are your parents notified if you go to a&e as a 16yr old?

Wolfe of the night skyI’ve been told numerous times that if I ever have another mental health crisis I should go to a&e but I’m never told what happens regarding whether or not they have to notify my parents. I’ve tried looking it up but no joy, hence why I’m here. Important things to note, I’m 16 and in the uk.

Q: Wrongly accused, do I deserve apology or not

Greg MarshallIn a common office space, a coworker came over to my desk and asked for help (verbally). As I was busy, I said 'I cannot help as I am busy'. The next day morning, she then sent an email with CC: to the line manager stating: Your response to my request on Monday was inappropriate and I deserve...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Good question but probably off-topic here
@Ælis well they made grand gestures that hurt the community 😁
6:37 PM
@Ælis Was there any specific thing mentioned as being a good grand gesture and are you just clickbaiting, or is the content of the grand gesture left to imagination?
6:53 PM
@Tinkeringbell Oh no, it's Geek who talked about a hypothetical grand gesture (that is left for the imagination). I didn't want to give you false hope about SE doing something concrete :/
It's okay, no hopes were raised ;) I understand it was Geek, but you posted the link so I thought I'd ask you so the thread made sense ;)
7:12 PM
No, the link is for people who aren't familiar with MSE
@Ælis +1 on that :D
8:05 PM
Can I get a flight to the US for that price? :p
From LIS to anywhere in the US is like 700€ with 1 layover xD

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