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6:16 AM
@Ælis :p glad you like it. And if it's tears of joy I think I can handle the blame <3
Also, morning everyone!
6:57 AM
@avazula It's more the kind of "what are those feelings? I don't know what's happening to me!" :p
Also hello dear people :)
@Ælis :) Anyway. I hope I'm a safe space to you and that you feel valid and loved with me. You're a true friend and you're perfect to me. <3
@avazula See? Even more of those"what are those feelings?!?" :p I love you. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me <3
@Ælis The feeling is mutual <3
1 hour later…
8:27 AM
Q: conversation with a doctor

forkyI went to see my practitioner as I had a sorethroat. The doctor directly prescribed me antibiotics and excused me at work. So I bought the package of antibiotics, went home and started to relax. As I am not a huge fan of atibiotics, I waited wheter I wouldn't get better without taking them. I rec...

8:51 AM
Morning. How are we all on this lovely Monday?
Pretending to work :P
9:18 AM
@Belle I decided that I should do communication related stuff every Monday (instead of just not doing it because I don't like it and there is dev work to do anyway). I feel like I'm punishing myself ><
10:06 AM
So much silence today. Anything interesting going on?
> There is a queue outside a clinic where people are waiting to get medical advice. One chap keeps cutting the queue and goes to the front. The rest of the people keep forcing him back.
This goes on 5-6 times. The guy finally gets pissed and says,
"Keep standing in the line you morons, today I will not open the damn clinic!"
@AJ That sounds like very bad interpersonal communication skills :p
@Ælis Really? Then hear this one out. :P
> A motivational speaker has a crowd all riled up. "If you want sweets,", he says, "buy a sweets shop. If you want to lose weight, just lose weight! Whatever you want to do, just do it! Whatever you want, just take it!"

After wrapping up and getting ready to leave, he pauses at the parking lot. "Who the hell took my motorcycle?"
@AJ Ahah, I like this one better :p This motivational speaker really sounded like a moron
10:23 AM
@Ælis Perhaps Mondays are not the best day for that? Needs to be done though :\
I'm currently pretending to work while browsing drills. I decided I need one.
While browsing the internet for drills, I figured out I know nothing about drills.
@AJ xD
@Belle I don't think there are any good day to do things you dislike. Plus, Monday aren't that bad for me. I'm my best/smartest on Monday, so doing things I dislike on Monday is probably what's best for me
I always used to borrow one of my dad's drills which worked fine. He has a battery powered one, which I liked using for woodwork and such. But I also put up paintings on the wall with it. I got a battery powered one myself, which also works for woodwork, but I noticed I couldn't drill a hole in the wall with mine.
So the Drones and model aircraft proposal has currently 576 committers :o but because most of them don't hold more than 200 rep, it's only sitting at 52%
Speaking of drones, the government has enforced a new rule here. Now you have to let the government know that you got one otherwise you will be thrown into prison.
10:32 AM
@AJ That is insane! But I mean, if you don't register your drone and not have a insurance for it you could get in trouble in pretty much most of Europe
Then, in order to record cities and stuff you need permits for it
And not use them in restricted areas which seems obvious but these rules emerged because of dumb people
Well, you can always start your own airport
@Belle xD lmao, no wonder why it has 1/5 :p
Oh, I forgot to tell you @ava, but the subways are back in Paris \o/ Though it makes me sad that people are back to work because they need money (after 6 weeks of strike, that's totally understandable) and not because they are satisfy with how things are :/
6 weeks?!
10:40 AM
Either strikes there have turned completely meaningless because they're (apparently, according to the Dutch news) a 'French tradition'... or the politicians are getting worse ;)
@Tinkeringbell They have turn meaningless because the politicians are getting worse and absolutly don't care about what people thing. Here is a (incomplet) list of unhappy people: lawyers, firefighters, doctors, freelance journalist, everyone who is poor, everyone who doesn't have a stable job, everyone who had to stop working for a while because of whatever reason (child, sickness, etc..)
Here is a list of happy people: the richs, the cops
@Ælis I heard the 13th was still having trouble :/
@avazula Maybe, but it's still 100% better than a week ago. Now there are trains! (there weren't any before)
Yeah, over here lawyers are pretty unhappy with the money they earn, doctors/nurses are struggling to keep up with workloads, as are teachers (I just read a very upsetting article about a teacher that actually committed suicide because of the workload/too little money to teach well)... Farmers and builders recently had some strikes/protest marches here too, because of new climate rules making their jobs impossible.

I'm not sure about the poor, but I do know that I worry about my pension... All my money is going into a fund, but that fund is used to pay for the retirements of currently reti
Even our cops are unhappy with workloads, money, and violence against them.
I don't speak many rich people, but I think they are unhappy with our current tax system? :P
@Tinkeringbell Here people are unhappy because cops are violent against... well, anyone who isn't them (so video are pretty terrifing). But rich people are happy because the tax system is getting way better for them. And yeah, teacher here are also unhappy (and commiting suicide) and the students are over-stressed (like it's way worse than 2 years ago)
11:06 AM
Well, apparently, I don't want to work >< I'm more in a "social justice warrior" mood, so talking about process and quality seems kind of boring right now
The sad thing with public transport strikes is that it affects people who have little power to change much more than people who do have power to change.
@Belle Yep. 100% that
@Belle I saw something about how in Japan the bus drivers striked by running their routes but refusing to take payment from the passengers, therefore only hurting their employers. That's the way to do it.
11:22 AM
@Mithical The customs officers did something "similar". But isn't of not controling anyone (which is how one usually do a strick) or isn't of randomly controling people (which is the way they usually do their job), they decide to control absolutly everyone (thus, blocking the roads)
11:32 AM
@ankii are the earpods with the lightning connector useless for other devices but iPhones?
1 hour later…
12:59 PM
Uh oh
My coworkers started using Stack Overflow blog articles to dispute good practice internal policies .-.
1:13 PM
I use tabs. Makes it easier to read the code.
Do they code in Python?
I use tabs too. I really dislike it when people us space
I'm currently playing with paperclips instead of working >< (paperclips are really great to play with, though :p )
@Ælis when i'm bored I browse reddit :p
@avazula Am I the only one who doesn't see this as a link?
@Rainbacon Nope, me too ^^
@CaldeiraG I'm not bored, my mind just doesn't want to work :p But it's okay since I have a meeting in less than 10 minutes
It's missing the https:// so it didn't get linkified.
1:26 PM
I use an IDE that doesn't care whether you put in spaces or tabs :) I personally use tabs.
@Rainbacon @Mithical corrected :) I couldn't understand why it wouldn't work
I actually finished a ticket today. I fixed a bug in the UI, in a part of the app I'm not familiar with and in a framework I'm not familiar with. I'm outperforming my usual Monday-self.
@Belle o/
@Belle Well done, congrats!
By the way, I found a Discord server with people who are in the same uni program as me.
They're now discussing what years they graduated high school. They managed to make me feel young and old at the same time.
It's nice to have the Discord server. It makes the distance learning a little less like a mountain I'm climbing alone.
1:39 PM
What are everyone's thoughts on referencing movies/tv in answers on IPS? I know we've had discussions before about whether or not they are valid forms of backup (though I couldn't manage to find one) and I feel pretty strongly that they are not good backup, but what about a case like this one where the author has provided backup in the form of an external article (though they still need to quote the relevant parts)
In the answer they've simply mentioned the film as something the OP should watch (presumably as an example of how they should approach their problem)
I believe it needs to add at least why the film is relevant. I'm not seeing that in that answer right now.
Even if a film is relevant because it displays a similar situation, I'm not sure that is enough. Most films are fictional, and even films that tell true stories often edit details to some degree. Characters in films often get away with having rather poor interpersonal skills (I've noticed that the main conflict in most movies I watch is a failure of communication)
Do we really want to hold up fiction as an example of how to act?
I suppose we are often taught moral behavior through fiction (fairy tales) as children
Though that seems different than a film that someone designed to sell movie tickets
I agree @Rainbacon. Although maybe there's a particular film that has done the research for a particular social situation very well? But I suppose there would be a source that explains how it shows the situation well. The film could then be suggested as "further reading (uh watching)".
Basically, my opinion is that a film (or scene from a film) could be an example, not a source.
1:54 PM
That'd make an interesting meta question although I think we'd all agree.
I'll work on a meta post
Hopefully that will spark a bit more discussion than we are able to have in chat (since there appear to only be 3 of us here)
Don't feel obliged if you don't have time/don't want to do it!
Oh no, I have the time
Also, I like meta questions
I just generally ask them in chat first
2:02 PM
@Rainbacon Careful, you're treading into dangerous territory there... soon you'll be trapped with no escape.
@Mithical Oh, I know
OT: I keep getting an ad for Philips Hue, those IoT lights with colours. This particular ad has a guy holding it and he's so happy with his light. I get happy just looking at him.
But if I end up becoming you is that really such a bad thing?
Yes. I'm me, you can't be me also.
Yes you can
2:17 PM
@Belle :) Philips Hue are very expensive though
Yeelight, does pretty much the same as the Philips hue but cheaper :p
ugh, I have to pair program all day with the person who's taking over my work :(
3:05 PM
Because I have to pay back my student grant (prestatiebeurs), I can use it as a tax deductible for 2020. So I did my taxes for 2020 while putting the 14k deductible on it.
Saturday I received a letter saying I need to provide proof of 14k worth of study costs over 2010-2015. I never saved those receipts :(
I don't think I even ever received receipts for my tuition, because I paid it in terms. I can send them a screenshot of my banking app? XD
3:44 PM
@CaldeiraG my quick Bing-Fu couldn't give me lightning female to 3.5 male adapter. discussions.apple.com/thread/7661700
Or some Bluetooth device which can make those EarPods practically wireless ?
@Belle no screenshot is safe..
Check with accounts section? they could arrange something ?
Or get your account statements, get them stamped from the account section?
transfer id would make searching easier at least
@ankii Yeah, but I could make a fake invoice just as easily. One of my colleagues just told me he used the same deductible and was asked for proof too. He wrote them a letter saying he was a student in year X and the standard deductable for year X was Y. He got it. I should probably do the same.
@ankii "reverse" adapters are so difficult to Google/Bing. I tried searching for a usb-c to 'normal' usb-female adapter a while ago. Couldn't find a reasonably priced one. Now I suddenly can XD
@Belle but people at various places comment that it's impossible to change power to digital signal or something like that..
Plus it's not in the company's best interests and other guessworks..
Power to digital is possible. It's what powerline adapters are based on.
3:58 PM
> or something like that..
Why would you want it though? You wouldn't buy lightning headphones unless you own an iPhone right?
Oh should I upload some of the new puppies' pics?
Ask @cal ?
The only scenario I could think of would be to use one pair of headphones for your iphone and for your laptop/other device. But then I'd just use 3.5mm jack with an adapter for your iPhone.
This is what I needed by the way: onlinekabelshop.nl/usb3-1-adapter-usb-c-m-usb-a-v-42257. All the way in the early days of usb c. A pain to find.
I ended up paying something like 20 euro for the little thing
@ankii and yes, puppy pics pls!
@ankii Yes!
yes, done.
4:03 PM
@ankii Oh, so many puppet! *-*
@Ælis two sets.. by two sisters.
One born a little early.. and when they bark, it's so cute.. They don't know how to bark
4:19 PM
I love it when they still need to grow into their skin and ears
4:42 PM
Ok, I've created the meta question, though I don't know if I'm entirely satisfied with how I've presented things, so I may take another pass at it
Ooh we started that conversation forever ago
@scohe001 You wouldn't happen to know where to find that would you? I'd love to put a link to it in my question
@Belle have you seen German Shepherds pups with Huge ears, lol?
@Rainbacon I think it started around here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/61165?m=52333722#52333722
@scohe001 Ooh, thank you. I'll add a link in my question
4:58 PM
Q: How to answer "What is about"?

noobShe is an ex colleague of mine we never talked while on the same floor but we knew each other passively. On my last day in office I texted her if she wanted to go out for a coffee to which she replied that she can’t as she have some unfinished work. Forward few months... We recently started...

@ExtrovertedMainMan That looks like a phrasing request. I dropped a CV, but I have a lunch meeting with a coworker, so I don't have time to write out a comment, but someone should give the OP a bit of an explanation as to why we can't answer that question
I really miss seeing IPS on the HNQ. I look at the featured HNQ list on every stackexchange page that I visit, and it is so rare that IPS has an entry there. Even if IPS has a hot question, the chance of it being chosen for the rather small selection for display in the sidenav is so small that it shows up only 1 in 10 times. I can't speak for the moderation aspects of such a change, but I want more IPS in HNQ :) — kscherrer 53 mins ago
5:13 PM
Q: What role (if any) do references to films or television shows play in answers on IPS?

RainbaconI recently came across this answer which recommends that the OP watch a popular movie that focuses on a situation similar to the one that the question is asking about. We had a conversation in chat about whether or not films and tv shows were acceptable backup for a post. The conversation was b...

1 hour later…
6:19 PM
Q: When do you start talking to your companion when leaving a movie theater?

Augustin Louis CauchyI enjoy going to the movies with platonic friends, usually not in a group setting, but just as 2 people. We don't usually have issues holding a conversation, but I find most of the times I leave a movie theater in company, be it with friends or family, to be potentially super awkward. When the cr...

6:40 PM
@Rain @Mith @dhein @ava Do you hurt yourself too when you can't leave a conversation without being impolite? (cf: here). I know I will scratch myself very badly in order to feel pain which will help me maintain appearances
@Ælis Sometimes, but not always. I don't think it's a thing I do on purpose
@Rainbacon I wasn't doing it on purpose either before but then I noticed the behavior. Now that I did, I am doing it on purpose because 1) It really helps me and 2) I don't want to hurt myself badly, I just want the pain. So by doing it on purpose, I make sure to do it safely (it's not perfect but it's better than making myself blood)
I must say, my fingers look way better now that I do that (because I'm not "eating them to death" anymore ^^)
6:55 PM
@Ælis No, I just nod and mhhm and shift my weight and look at anywhere but their face
@Mithical Does it works when it's getting really long? I know I do that too, but sometimes it's just not enough
@Ælis I don't know, I've just realized that I don't actually have much social interaction so I don't actually have that much of a frame of reference
@Mithical Fair enough :p These days, it mainly happens to me when I'm stuck in a meeting ^^
7:26 PM
@Mithical are you on the spectrum?
@Ælis Mostly when extremely angry at a parent, but yeah... I have left conversations with impressions of my fingernails in my handpalms...
@Rainbacon I don't know. I don't think so.
ah, I didn't think I'd heard you ever mention being on the spectrum, but I know that everyone else that Ælis tagged is, so that made me unsure
@Rainbacon It might be possible that I confused Mith and Belle "background story" >< (I'm gonna go hide now, please don't look at me ><)
7:44 PM
@Ælis All good, also I can't see you
@Rainbacon You are not the one I confused with someone else. I'm feeling terrible right now, I'm really sorry @Mith :/ (but don't worry, I still know that you love biking, Tolkien stories, used to be a mod, love to chat on MSE and puzzling and lots of other things)
(don't worry I'm really not bothered by it)
I'm glad then, I know some people don't take it very well (which is completely understandable and valid, but I would rather not have hurt someone else feelings)
It takes more than an honest mistake to bother me. ;)
8:27 PM
@noob What's wrong with just "I'd like to have a nice conversation"? As in, what are you trying to not admit to? That part is confusing. You could just state that you want a friend date, which sounds like that's your goal. Are there actual ulterior motives or are you just wanted a new/closer friendship? — Lux Claridge 18 secs ago
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