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12:35 AM
Anyone here like category theory?
@Tinkeringbell , oh i enjoyed it. Wound up catching up with friends and without a dollar. And with a fat lip surrounded by police. Ah, life.
@BananaCats , do tell! I love theory of categorization. Both personal and mathematical.
(Actually i resent personal categoriszation. But am fascinated by it.)
(Yes, blood everywhere. Had i been more than a block from home the police would've taken me in.)
(I just bowed my bloody head and said, "you know.")
Okay, too much is more than enough. See you in the unforeseeable future.
1:48 AM
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2:02 AM
Hi room
5 hours later…
6:48 AM
@bruglesco Hey!
Sorry, guess the rooms was asleep :P
7:26 AM
Morning everyone!
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@Tinkeringbell Hey you :D
7:49 AM
Shoot... I just got bad news
I called the Justice Minsitry to know how it was going with my case for changing last names
I was expecting a year-lasting procedure
The lady on the phone told me I won't hear from them until 3 years...
It takes that long to change a last name?!
@Tinkeringbell It's France. Legal procedures take ages ...
Can't you just get married or something? :P
And then divorce a week later, but keep the name :P
Interesting that that is something that belongs to Justice
I'd've expected internal affairs or something like that
I'm so sad right now. We're planning to get married and combine our last names but now I either get married, keep my name and hope my demand will be approved someday (but that means I'll never have both my partner's and my last name), or wait for at least 3 years to get married and hopefully my demand will be approved (but that means I'll also have to wait 3 years to have kids if I want them to have both our last names)
@JAD yeah, that's a weird thing. France, ladies and gentlemen
8:07 AM
@avazula Huh. So you can't get married, and then change your last name to both yours and your partner's?
@Tinkeringbell Sadly, I don't think you can change afterwards
That's strange...
France, I guess? :P
Yea, France.
That is sad/bad though :( I'm sorry for joking about getting married.
@Tinkeringbell oh no don't worry, you did nothing wrong :)
I feel a bit better simply by talking to you guys so thank you
I was sad now I'm enraged
Coworkers shouldn't mess with me today :p
8:18 AM
@avazula that doesn't sound like "better"
8:43 AM
@JAD Well at least I don't cry in the office so that sounds better to me
Anger I can manage. Sadness, however... that's a bit harder
9:25 AM
@Ælis ♥
Also, I agree with the fact that anger is better than sadness. Sadness is what is left when you have no energy to be angry anymore (at least, that's how it is for me)
I think anger is easier because it's easier to say 'this person/thing doesn't deserve me wasting my energy being mad at them'... you can't do that for sad as easily.
@Tinkeringbell yeah, sad is difficult to handle for others. Mad is way more understood for some reason :p
9:51 AM
Some coworker told me I'm always smiling. It was nice to have this feedback, it was definitively not how my coworkers at my previous job were seeing me (I believe I was seen as grumpy and complainer)
@Ælis Maybe you changed? Although, your previous coworkers seemed to have a biased vision of you too
@avazula I think it's more about the biased vision. I always loved to complain, but since it's my job now, people just find me smiling :p
10:05 AM
Also, it's possible that I'm smiling while reading you all. And since I wasn't reading you before, this would make me much more smiling ^^
@Ælis haha, that's possible indeed :p
10:46 AM
*rolls eyes at Facebook*
....not that I actually need a Facebook account for myself, I just need one to fulfill my responsibilities as "social media manager". :P
Just pick the one that will screw with the rest of their data collection the most :)
But yeah, that might need fixing.
@Mithrandir Wow, I thought they had fixed that long ago by proposition many different gender options. But maybe it depend of the country? :/
Me when I see a long post without (enough/any) line breaker:
@Ælis I'm simply a bit annoyed that I can't just leave that blank.
Q: How to deal with a colleage who tries to undermine my reputation for his benefit?

Dmytro O'HopeThe other day I began to work in a new gym as a personal trainer. And as I was explaining how to do a certain exercise to my client, a personal trainer, from that same jym, came up to my client and said to him that the way of he had been performing the excercise was wrong, and moreover, he did it...

10:59 AM
@Mithrandir Yeah, I get that :/ (if I wasn't clear, I was surprised they did not fix the issue already)
11:13 AM
Q: Is it common courtesy to leave a gift behind someones door?

Sam BMy owner always gives me a birthday gift. He is too kind I know, but he never delivers the gift by himself, instead he leaves it in the common kitchen. Sometimes he gives us also a piece of cake by putting it somewhere in our common room. Sometimes he leaves something that I don't really know if...

I am pretty confused now. Do Node or Python?
@AJ what to learn you mean?
Nah. I have two different projects in both languages. So, I am doing both.
Besides I am familiar with Node JS already. My top two answers on SO are about Node.
Ha. So you'd like to choose between those languages for going on with your project, am I right?
I misunderstood the question there.
I meant the position in the next company.
Go for Python or go for Node JS?
11:19 AM
Well you're the only who can choose :p
Yeah, and now I am confused over it.
Let me post a pun.
Why can't a motorbike stand on its own?
@AJ Why?
Because it is two tired. :P
@AJ Haha, I love that one! :D
I will post more puns after tea break.
11:46 AM
@AJ Whenever I mention something about being exhausted after bike practice, my brother makes this joke
Here is the next pun.
Why one should avoid the number 288?
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I need some help here to make the OP understand that they should edit there question to make it on-topic
@AJ Because there is too much hate ("eight")?
@Ælis I just did dear :)
@Ælis nice guess. :D :)
11:49 AM
@avazula Thanks ^^
There is one more answer, though.
I saw that. :P
@AJ Haha :p
@Ælis (We have history access :p)
@avazula Pff... You all are no fun ><
11:53 AM
@avazula <3
@AJ So, what is the "true" answer? This is one especially difficult form me since, every time I see "288", I read it in French :p
@Ælis Well, because it's two gross. ;P
Deux cent quatre-vingt huit
^ that ain't a pretty word
If you know what is a gross number, you will get the joke.
@AJ " multiple of exponents of twelve"
sounds weird
@AJ Oh, that a mathematical joke. I had to google what a "gross" number was ^^
11:58 AM
(I had some weird guessing before reading the wiki XD )
You know I have a trick to find out what is the favorite food of a person by just doing some math.
@AJ oh! I wanna play that!
good then.
@AJ I would love to hear about that, but it's time for me to go eating ^^ I'll make sure to read you after that, though
12:00 PM
Think of a number between 1 to 9. And don't tell me. Just do what I say.
Now add 9 to it and multiply the result with 2.
Subtract the result by 4 and then divide it by 2.
12:03 PM
Now subtract the number you thought in the beginning from the result.
Find your favorite dish here: 1. Seafood paella, 2. Som tam, 3. Burger, 4. Chicken fries, 5. Poutine, 6. Tacos, 7. Grass, 8. Stinky tofu, 9. Chicken parm. ;P
How do you eat it with? ketchup?
What's som tam?
(FWIW I got poutine)
12:05 PM
Nah. You didn't. :P
@avazula I picked a few random dishes and added the 7th one.
@AJ How do you know? I didn't have lunch with you IIRC :p
As a vegan I'm frustrated I didn't get to have grass
"Hardcore herbivore"
@avazula I am confident about the calculations I asked you to do.
The trick is whatever number you choose there, the answer will always be same.
@AJ I don't know how to compute? o_o
Try every number from 1 to 9 and do the calculations as I said.
9 + 9 = 18 → x 2 = 36 → - 4 = 32 → /2 = 16 → - 9 = 5
12:10 PM
Now, I have doubts on your mathematics skills. :P
16-9 = 5?
... 7 ...
Gosh I'm tired haha
That's going to always end up with 7
you're adding 9, removing 4 / 2
That's the trick. :P
12:47 PM
@Ælis You know I also googled "how to start a fire". I got 1,93,00,00,000 matches. :P
21 hours ago, by A J
> eBay is so useless. I tried to look up lighters and all they had was 13,749 matches.
You need to keep track of which joke you're making where :P
@Tinkeringbell I referenced to that one actually. :P
1:13 PM
@AJ You, googling those kinds of things, makes me happy that you live so far away. I find it safer when pyromaniac stay away from my home :p
@Ælis Well, if I did, I'd have come to your house and lit bonfire or stove or that fireplace. :P
@AJ "bonfire" is such an ugly word in English (making me think of "bone fire") but such a beautiful one in French. It literally translates to "fire of joy"
> late Middle English: from bone + fire. The term originally denoted a large open-air fire on which bones were burnt (sometimes as part of a celebration), also one for burning heretics or proscribed literature. Dr Johnson accepted the mistaken idea that the word came from French bon ‘good’.
But it's also called a 'vreugdevuur' (joy fire) in Dutch sometimes.
@Tinkeringbell This is awful, I like the French version much better ^^'
But now I'm wondering if French people had burn heretics on "joy fire" in the past and I'm afraid the answer is "yes" :/
1:29 PM
@Ælis Joan of Arc ...
@avazula Yeah, but did we called it a "joy fire"? Or just a pyre?
@Ælis We don't use the word bonfire a lot... Only when talking about our modern July celebrations
@avazula But we also use it for carnivals, and when making a fire for marshmallow in the wood. At least, that's what we do in my family
@Ælis I thought bonfires were big fires? Would a pit for grilling marshmallows be a bonfire then?
good morning all :)
1:37 PM
@avazula Well, making a big fire in the woods is absolutely possible. Plus, the fire only need to be big in your mind (which there certainly were when I was little and easily impressed)
@ElizB Hello!
@Ælis that's poetic :D
@ElizB hi you! :D
Hello @Ælis and @avazula :)
I'm hoping to fight off this cold that might be coming on because the weather is getting warmer around here (finally!!!)
Good morning! I'll just hide from @Ælis and her people burning real fast! ;-)
@ElizB Colds suck! D:
@TheTinyMan i don't know if it's a cold or just spring allergens in the air....
but either way I vow to do my best to fight it off :P
@ElizB I accept this oath. :-P
1:47 PM
@ElizB when did it start?
@TheTinyMan Hi Tiny!
@avazula Hiya! bounces around
@TheTinyMan Yay, trampoline!
@avazula just last night. I felt more tired than usual earlier, so I decided that was a sign my body's fighting something
@ElizB Ugh. I had a cold last week! Lots of courage! ♥
@avazula bounce bounce
1:51 PM
@avazula if I can beat it with tea and lots of sleep I should be okay.
I just don't want to get sick until after April 1st. I'm so close
I wish I could sleep a lot
i slept 9 hours 42 minutes last night
This morning, I ask my manager for a meeting about technical stuff. I now just realize that, we he put the meeting, the subject was "One on One + technical stuff". Now I'm stressing about the "One on One" stuff ><
The good news is, the meeting is (suppose to be) in 5 five minute, so I won't stress for long I guess
@TheTinyMan bounces in sync with you there we go now we can understand each other
I'd bounce, but I'm afraid of hitting my head.
2:03 PM
@ElizB !! It's like we're on the same wavelength!
@Tinkeringbell I fI'm not hitting mine, you should be good!
@TheTinyMan haha yeah
@ElizB That sounds nice! Was that nice or did it wind up being too much sleep?
@TheTinyMan I think I'll start bouncing when home. :) That means I have no more work to do, and a new book in that has arrived in the mail today to read. Should be enough to make me bouncy ;)
@Ælis Hopefully it's good stuff!
@Tinkeringbell Video or it didn't happen! xD I have trouble imagining you as ever 'bouncing.' Surely your mom would tell you that was undignified! ;-)
@TheTinyMan Oh, true. But my parents aren't home this week :P
2:05 PM
@TheTinyMan i think my gut feeling is that i got a tiny bit much of sleep... but it helps fight off cold?
@Tinkeringbell Nice! Where are they? Time to get a Snuggie?
@ElizB You got a me bit much of sleep! :o
@TheTinyMan They rented a bungalow near the sea. I've given up on the idea of acquiring a Snuggie before moving out.
@TheTinyMan yeah, maybe.
@Tinkeringbell But this is the time, when they're not even home! Maybe you can even put it in with your mom's clothes!
I feel a little off
2:07 PM
So i made it out to spread lettuce among my streetcorner friends.
And almost made it back. Police everywhere. They were concerned but realized that i was less than a block from home. And let me go.
The mirror tells what they saw, though. Ugh! Scabs throughout the facade.
@TheTinyMan ehh hmmm i dont know if that's a good idea
@TheTinyMan I think I'll skip. Maybe I'll crochet a snuggy like blanket (or vest) some day.
Yuh, i am the most shy person in the world. To compensate, i become the most bold person. And trip over my feet.
Facial scars are a welcome sight. Once i was too good-looking.
@humn you're always welcome to drop in here, but perhaps not immediately change the topic to you?
People were actually talking about stuff and that came to a grinding halt now...
@Tinkeringbell , right.
2:13 PM
Sorry to hear about the scabs and stuff though...
I can weigh in on corporate troubles. Seen it from inside and outside. And have sympathy for all sides. We're all doing just the best we can.
The squeeze is more than deliberate.
Eh. Seems the conversation about Eliz her cold and Tiny's bouncing and crochet and parents being not home seems done now anyway ...
@Tinkeringbell , reinvigorate it any time.
@TheTinyMan perhaps I'll some day crochet a blanket like this to go with that big dragon I showed you a while back :)
I'm wearing a crocheted cap from a friend who went out of control.
2:19 PM
Or a longer version of the campfire cardigan that I can wear in reverse :P
@Tinkeringbell Oh I got sidetracked anyways :-P
@TheTinyMan That's kinda dangerous when bouncing, ya know
@humn Nice! What colour?
@Tinkeringbell overdramatically I live for danger!
But of course I haven't even made any of the obvious jokes about your parents being away :-P
@TheTinyMan I lost the drinking games to my youngest brother.
No need to joke about that :P
2:21 PM
@Tinkeringbell Oof, yeah, that sounds too shameful to be any sort of joking matter! ;-)
This is so ironic. Shy persons whose fingers do the talking.
@TheTinyMan I'm just really bad at card games, and he's a cheater.
And here we go! Type type type type type stereotype type type type.
@humn Sounds like shy persons to me! :-)
Ouch, I walked right into that one! ;-)
@TheTinyMan , keep your feet under your torso.
2:24 PM
@humn Never! Feet are for ceilings.
@TheTinyMan , cling!
@humn I've been accused of worse traits!
@TheTinyMan , you'll be accused of even worse, soon as i get to it.
But, acknowledged, we gotta stay serious.
. . .
Feedback at work is difficult.
For both the recipient and, even more so, for the deliverer.
Oh yeah? What happened?
The first step is to say "I hear you."
On both sides.
The next step is to say "I'll try to do better."
On both sides.
Oh, i could regale examples. From internet fraud to fire hoses.
From sidewalk face-plants to 13-mile walks home (barefoot).
I am the phenotype of Awkward Silence.
2:34 PM
I'm guessing a lot of us don't really know how to join you in that conversation :)
@Tinkeringbell , you will.
Will I? Perhaps, but then I'll join in by saying I don't know how to...
Which isn't making for a very fun or comfortable conversation
This is Awkward.
Everyone else in my family plays by the rules.
I slink through the shadows, flouting every rule, hoping to be unnoticed, except here.
Truly, i can break into any home but choose to not nowadays.
Truly awkward.
@humn ... perhaps keep this to the Troll? This type of conversation has a tendency to weird people out when they're not used to it.
@Mithrandir , right you are. See you there.
2:43 PM
yup, that was indeed awkward nervous/awkward chuckle
@ElizB A bit. I want to discuss that communication style but am concerned that it would be rude of me to do so. :-p
Yeah, discussing specific users isn't a good idea, and that's what that may turn out to very quickly :)
thanks :)
Agreed. Class time for me! :) ttyl
We should all gossip about @Tinkeringbell instead! :-)
I hear she likes Snuggies.
3:00 PM
Sure do!
Feel free to gossip, you'll have a few minutes without me around starting now! I am going to pack and catch a train :)
Psst...I hear that @Tinkeringbell likes old dead things! :o
Like dinosaurs?
Probably! :o
3:21 PM
@TheTinyMan The old things I like were never alive in the first place :P
I like things that are living and grow out of the soil :)
@ElizB I wish I was better at helping those things live, but fortunately for me there are people in my life who are ^.^
@TheTinyMan I want a bonsai again. Most of them never made it for long, because the windowsill in my bedroom is too drafty.
Time to move out :P
@TheTinyMan lol i know. i don't have enough sun because my apartment doesn't have a spot that is south-facing :/
@ElizB there's plants that do well with just light, that don't need direct sun :)
In fact... From what I remember from working in the garden centre it's harder to find a plant that'll thrive in sunlight than one that'll do good in the shadow :)
3:45 PM
@TheTinyMan For my previous "One on One" meeting, the feedbacks always come with a negative side which always hide the positive ones (I suspect he only delivere positive feedback when he need to delivere a bad one). But thankfully, this time we only talked about technical stuff and, if he wanted to give feedback to me, he didn't had the time to do so
@Ælis That sounds mostly good? xD
@TheTinyMan Yep, I like talking about technical, concrete stuff ^^
@Ælis That also doesn't feel like you're under fire?
@TheTinyMan No, because it's me asking the questions :p (and I'm also showing what I have done so far)
4:08 PM
@Ælis That's fair xD
4:37 PM
I posted the 700th meta question \o/
4:50 PM
@Ælis Go you! :-D
5:04 PM
Sorry to interrupt. But it just ain't fair. The same police who let me go for being blank white are the same police who arrest my melatonin-blessed friends.
Enough said? Too much? Back to the troll.
Q: Tag "work-environment" and "job"

ÆlisThe tag work-environment (currently 288 questions) is defined as: Use this tag if the question is related to the work environment, such as an issue with your boss, your coworkers, or someone you have authority over. The tag job (currently 11 questions) has no definition. Can we agree to s...

5:44 PM
Ugh, I hate it when work gets in the way of actually doing work: A rant against meetings by Rainbacon
@Rainbacon I can relate when that happens with me... i like actually doing work rather than sitting around talking about it
Yeah, today is the last day of our sprint cycle. So we've had a ton of meetings. First was our daily scrum, then we had a sprint planning for the next sprint, then an agile team assessment, and next we have our sprint retrospective.
wow so many meetings
@Rainbacon Yep, those days are fun (not).
I have a PI planning tomorrow. Never been too one, but I can already tell that meetings for a whole day is going to be bad for me.
As part of our team assessment, we had to judge where we were at on like 50 different criteria. Some of them I strongly disagree with what is good and bad. For example, pair programming. According to the scoring rubric, the highest grades are for when all developers do pair programming at all times. I'd sooner jump out the window than spend 100% of my dev time pair programming with someone
5:56 PM
@Rainbacon Absolutely. That sounds like that horrible coworker I had!
I have very low patience for trying to explain code to someone
@Ælis New round numbers are always fun.
@Rainbacon well, I can muster that because I expect the favour in return ;) but just sitting next to someone working on the same thing is so annoying. I don't know if this is a programmer thing, but I'm always wanting to grab the keyboard and mouse (and my coworkers definitely have the same tendency)
My problem is that I usually end up having to tell them character by character what to write. Like, if I was going to tell someone to log a value in javascript I would have to say "console dot log parenthesis x close parenthesis semicolon" It's kind of awful
@Rainbacon Srsly? That's what my coworker did to me and it was hugely annoying... Then again you'd expect someone to understand another programmer asking to add a log statement
6:08 PM
Yep, srsly
I wouldn't like pair programming then too.
I tolerate it to a degree, but it shouldn't be 100% of the time
@Tinkeringbell How is the progress in knitting the dragon you showed that day? =)
@Kaspar Queued, not started yet ;)
1 hour later…
7:20 PM
Phone interview success level: Rescheduling because an app on my phone rejected the hiring manager's call twice in a row. :-P
2 hours later…
9:02 PM
@TheTinyMan that sounds better than the interview I just had. The interviewer gave me 20 minutes worth of background in 30 seconds and then asked me how windows knows how to run an executable
@Rainbacon That's kind of awkward. O.o Seems like there's some context missing there.
@TheTinyMan yea, like what version of Windows? :P
I mean, it wasn't a direct leap. There were a few other questions that led up to it. Namely "What's the difference between .exe and .dll"
From there it was "how does windows know that it can run the exe but not the dll"
Basically, I've never had so much need to fancily say that I don't know in my life
@Rainbacon is there some metadata in the header of the binary?
That'd be my guess...
That's where Linux stores its file information
TBH, I"m still not sure
That's probably it. @TheTinyMan might know better
9:14 PM
@Rainbacon looks like Windows has a tool to analyze the binary signature
Though it's not readily apparent to me what it's actually doing
Either way, sounds like a tough interview :/
@scohe001 Interesting, but I don't think that would have helped me. When I told him I didn't know he asked me how I'd implement it if I was building windows. I said I'd make a tool to check, and he asked me how the tool would know
And yeah, it was crazy hard particularly for being a first round interview
@Rainbacon Do you really need to know that for your job? I mean, I don't know either but I definitively don't need to know that in order to do my job
I doubt that I do
The company makes a payroll system for small businesses
Well first and foremost Windows looks at the file type
@TheTinyMan you mean the extension on the file name?
9:26 PM
@scohe001 Yep
Well then, hopefull the fact that you didn't know won't be "old against you". I know I had some questions I couldn't answer during my interview, but I still got the job. So, fingers crossed ^^
Yeah, but it won't bother me too much if I don't get this job
Anyway, my company is doing a happy hour tonight so I'm going to go drink
And I'm going to go sleep, have a good drinking! ^^

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