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6:36 AM
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7:38 AM
Hello !
Hallo Freunde! :D
Good morning!
I feel out-exclaimed.
@Alex Why?
7:43 AM
@dhein All three of you used exclamation points and I didn't.
How does it feel? Feeling "out-exclaimed"? Honestly being curious :P
It feels like falling in the mud.
Uh, thats something I would prefer to avoid for my self in the future!
Better being safe than sorry!
Falling in the mud actually feels good. The problem is just that you're then dirty.
@Alex wouldn't that be ex-exclaimed?
7:49 AM
@JAD XXclaimed.
@Alex Everyone as he prefers! xP
@Alex Unless you're the one doing the laundry that ain't really an issue
And if you are it is a question about cost/use :P
8:07 AM
@dhein hehe, have you heard of "wadlopen"?
Mudflat hiking (Danish: Vadehavsvandring, Dutch: Wadlopen, West Frisian: Waadrinnen, German: Wattwandern) is a recreation enjoyed by Dutch, Germans, Danes, and others in the Netherlands, northwest Germany and in Denmark. Mudflat hikers are people who, with the aid of a tide table, use a period of low water to walk and wade on the watershed of the mudflats, especially from the Frisian mainland coast to the Frisian islands.The Wadden Sea, a belt of the North Sea, is well suited to this traditional practice. Belts of this shallow sea lie off the mainland of the Netherlands, between Friesland and...
@JAD a Dutch hobby? It's quite popular here as well!
@avazula along the northern coast there is a stretch of sea thats pretty shallow. During lowtide you can hike to the islands
but it's really really muddy
You're pretty much advised to just wear throwaway shoes.
@JAD I'd like to do that there :) I'm usually going to the Mont Saint-Michel or to the northern french coast
It's the perfect activity for a rainy autumn day, only because you then have a good excuse to relax in a cafe afterwards with some hot Chocolate
and it's not like the rain matters, you're getting wet either way
@JAD Ofcause I do, being a "Küstenkind", having grown at the north sea ^^ But I really never liked it. The first times as a little child I had to do it, I was allways screaming and crying like hell. And having been forced a lot to do it when I was a little, as my parents hoped at some point I start liking it, didn't make it any better ^^
@JAD Better just no shoes at all xD
8:56 AM
@dhein Ehh. I can guess that can become a bit painful if there's sharp sea shells
9:11 AM
@Tinkeringbell Well, there where I lived, it was so muddy, even a sharp sea shell would just be squeezed away. :P So there was everyone doing it barefoot
9:29 AM
hmm, when I did it, the first stretch out to sea was just a regular beach, with vegetation and shells
wouldn't've been nice to walk there barefoot
pitopia.de/pictures/standard/e/edler/24/edler_885324.jpg This comes quite close to what it was like were I lifed ;P
You would most likely loose your shoes anyways if you were wearing them :P
Ho you embedd pictures? thin scretch
@dhein Have them onebox? Don't post anything else in the message
and if they don't end in a proper file extension, use a ! at the beginning
and make sure the url contains the extension
One is plenty ;)
Ah, kk :)
Having the extension makes sense.... ^^
Btw, while I was googling for pictures, best representing the conditions at the place I lived.... There was literally not a single picture where anyone was wearing boots. like 90% were barefoot on the pictures and 10% had rubber boots. I think thats proof enough of no need for shoes where I am from.
But you get my point how that was an unpleasant experience for me as a child? '^.^
@Mithrandir BTW does PSA here stand for "Pressure-sensitive adhesive"? xD
9:51 AM
rubber boots are probably the worst possible thing to wear
they'll fill up and get stuck
I was wearing throwaway sneakers. Others were using those rubber shoes you might wear in a pool
Basically the idea was to have a sole, that was their sole purpose.
10:14 AM
@JAD Still, you wouldn't do that at the area I lived at.
hmm, I'm not sure where it was exactly, so I can't find photos, but the part before it got real muddy really was a part where you didn't want to walk barefooted
@JAD I can just tell you that my mom was usually very safety concerned, and my parents were actually joking on people having this experience NOT bare food. To my disappointment, as I really would have preferred not doing it bare food ^^
Gragh... Sometimes I just hate people....
workplace.stackexchange.com/a/131865/26185 The comments to this post make me want to flip out...
I know I am overreacting, cause that's how things are. But openly advising to tell generally friends they are above average in what ever the conversation is about and one having not many friends if not following that advice.... makes me.... dunno.... loose faith in society? makes me.... mad?!
10:33 AM
Isn't this something that's better taken to Workplace chat? I mean, the answer has a chatroom already.
you're phrasing it as if there are only two options
@dhein I definitively didn't read that the same way as you did ^^
either be truthful to the friend, or praise them to the skies
there must be some unexplored middle ground there
@JAD Maybe my wording is bad? Dunno. But what you say was exactly the point I tried to make.
@Tinkeringbell Nah I better don't join it, cause then I'd be too focused on that covnersation rather than on working. I just had to vent somewhere ^^
@dhein that's curious, because I read your comment as if it were implying that if the answer is wrong or bad, the only alternative is the praise
10:36 AM
@Ælis Help me by sharing how you did read it. '^.^
@Tinkeringbell you know how it is with comment chatrooms. It's where comments go to die. Better to post them on the post itself. At least there they will be read. /s
Also, it really bothers me that if you click the link to read the chatroom, it automatically adds you there.
@JAD Yes, it would be nice if such links went to transcripts instead.
@JAD How so? (legitimate curious) 0o I actually totally like the answer completely. My comments are addressed to the " I would never tell a friend that I don't consider them to be above average." Comment. Which I find not is nothing you could/should make as an absolute statement.
Q: Change auto generated link in moderator message "comments moved to chat"

Travis JWhen a moderator moves a set of comments to chat for moderator reasons this is displayed as the only comment in their place: Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. Which is fine, I have no issue with the text itself. What bothers me is that moved...

@dhein Ah. There is the confusion. Not saying someone is not something is not the same as saying someone is something.
Because it could also result in not saying anything at all.
10:42 AM
But still, the comment responding to my comment I think got me the way I meant it, didn't it?
and the comment mostly focuses on that "I consider you below average" is not only a harsh thing to say (might be justified though), but it is also a weird choice of words
I am not sure if I am now even more confused '^.^
@dhein I read it as "you need to be tactfull with your words and saying to someone 'you are belove average' isn't tactfull".
Anyways, I will meditate on that by having Lunch now.
So there's two things: the message and the way of presenting it
10:45 AM
@Ælis But who did propose saying that person is below average? I don't understand where that proposal came from? Cause I agree with you that wouldn't be tactfull '^.^
@dhein from the answer
> and tell him that I don't feel like recommending him as I would only recommend people that I consider to be above average, and sorry, he isn't in my eyes.
But just "Not being above average in my eyes" isn't the same as being below average, is it? I mean there is also the option that one can be average. What in my eyes is far away from an offense, as that just says you are what most are in what you do.
@dhein No one did. There is a difference between telling someone "you are not above awerage on this skill" and "you are belove average". I belive the comment you responded to kind of miss read the answer (as the answer might have not be 100% clear)
I think it's nitpicking on the details
the answer says "you're not good enough for me to recommend you" in some way or another. The comment says "that's maybe not something you say to friends like that"
I think they both have a point
And whether not above average means below average doesn't really make a difference
11:18 AM
Is it just me or is this a slow day?
1 hour later…
12:18 PM
> The last message was posted 1 hour ago.
definitely just you :P
12:45 PM
@Henri I'd interpret "I got it" as "I've got your (zipped up) bag". You don't have any reason to think he inventoried the bag to make sure it matched your list. — DaveG 38 secs ago
#13523 DaveG (4855 rep) | Q: How can I question someone without being offensive? (score: 0) | posted 331 days ago by Henri (14 rep) | edited 1 hours ago by Ælis (5741 rep) | Toxicity 0.35259798 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
1:18 PM
@JAD Okay, then lets agree to disagree. :D I didn't intend to transport this into here >.<
1:32 PM
Good morning all :)
hello !
gonna work on internship stuff
@ElizB Smart move then, to drop into IPS chat first ;)
@Tinkeringbell It's because I like the support y'all give!
1:35 PM
With procrastinating? :P
Is it worth editing an insult out of an answer that needs to be deleted, or should I just flag the answer and wait for the review and/or mod to remove it?
@Tinkeringbell lol maybe.
Oh, btw: I asked someone here to drop into chat. If they do show up and don't ping me, please call? :)
@Tinkeringbell I don't have your number, but I can hang out the window shouting to ask if anyone has seen a parrot flying around
@Tinkeringbell Sure, will do.
@Rainbacon bahaha that might or might not work. :P
1:42 PM
@Rainbacon Hahaha a ping will do ;)
@ElizB Well, I'll certainly have to be careful. My office is on the 23rd floor
I'm going to be spending my afternoon with only 1 extra screen, so I don't have much room to keep an eye on the sidebar and see who drops in :)
@Rainbacon eeeh yeah be careful :P
"only 1 extra screen" #firstworldproblems :P
@El'endiaStarman Yes, really. Because I'm working on a remote desktop server, so it really blocks out the entire screen.
Another thing about the remote server is that that too can't be split across two screens for easy working :/
1:52 PM
Ah, gotcha. I'm doing a speaker bio for an upcoming training thing I'm presenting at. My part is only 15 minutes but still I like doing this stuff
2:02 PM
@Rainbacon might as well flag r/a then
@Rainbacon I'd remove the insult and flag. Insults shouldn't remain.
@avazula that's what I ended up doing
@Anilla Here is my "love language" question: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/21357/…
2:20 PM
Q: How to determine which gesture of appreciation will be the most effective?

ÆlisRecently, I decided to learn more about Love languages. According to this website, here is a list of the various way people can show appreciation for someone: Physical touch Gift giving Words of affirmation Act of service Quality time I then asked myself what "love language" the people in m...

Hello, silence! :-)
@TheTinyMan hush!
You're loud :o
2:27 PM
@ElizB yeah that MAKES SENSE YOU PROBABLY GET it yourself
@Catija just demonstrating. My apologies for being loud ;)
2:28 PM
@Catija hi there :)
The one roommate I had for any length of time was deaf. It was a very interesting and eye-opening experience. Our moms were best friends since we were really little (2-3 years old).
@Catija Oh really?! That's cool!
"eye-opening" <- I see what you did there. ;)
2:29 PM
@TheTinyMan I graduated in signal processing, I may be able to modulate your tone haha
@Ælis I love this about you :)
She was pretty good at her speaking volume but she wasn't aware of other things, like how loud her vibrating alarm was or how loud she walked... which wasn't great for the guy who lived downstairs. But talking to her about it usually helped. :)... well... I say talking. We communicated through iMessage most of the time.
@Ælis IT BOTH ANNOYS ME and I appreciate it because that LETS ME WORK ON IT EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NEVER really a lot of progress BEING MADE
I wish I'd worked harder to learn to sign. It's always been on my aspirational bucket list but I never followed through on it.
Suddenely remembering the story I read from a deaf dude who found out only in high school that farts make noise.
@avazula You guys are the cutest!
2:31 PM
@TheTinyMan I don't suppose you sing at all?
@avazula Don't threaten me with a good time!
@Catija Only when I'm trying to clear a room ;-)
@doppelgreener I think I've read that story too!
@TheTinyMan Yeah, TAS really is a friendship maker :D I just wish I'd live closer to some of the people in here
@Catija ahh haha yep I can totally relate. My vibrating alarm is pretty loud when it hits the bed frame... heh. I know I walk pretty loud, but I try to copy my hubby who is quiet as a mouse...
@avazula Really? Thank you <3
2:32 PM
I'm pretty sure I'd be knocking at @ElizB's door almost every weekend with a freshly baked plate of scones and a guitar
@Ælis my rep is now 3303...think I need to go out and get 3 more answer upvotes...
@TheTinyMan HAHAHA. I used to be a voice major and I think learning to sing (listen to your own voice) helps a lot with volume control.
@Rainbacon :D
@doppelgreener yupppp i laughed so hard when i read that
@Rainbacon Yep, definitively sounds like you do! :p
2:33 PM
@avazula hehe i'd love that lol
Funnily enough, my volume difficulty is usually being too quiet...unless I can't hear myself at all, in which case I flip to being too loud.
@avazula Everyone here is really cool people. I'd throw the quietest parties for this crowd! xD
@El'endiaStarman hehehe yeah. I have to bug you to speak up
@Catija Maybe. I blame my ADHD. ;-)
@Ælis Man I wish I had a good answer for this one but "hey which of these six things sounds more affection to you" is the best I've got :-\
@Catija I recently started being a singer in a coworkers' rock band ... I'm so scared to listen to our rehearsals, I hate to hear my own voice (what a pity ._.)
2:36 PM
@avazula I wanna heeeeear!
@ElizB :) Yeah. I think the important thing that I learned was that there was no reason to get mad because of these things. It's a matter of learning to recognize that everyone has limitations... some of them are based on things that are generally accepted as disabilities (apologies if that term isn't the best) and some aren't as readily defined. The important thing is to work through them, regardless and don't waste time being angry about it.
@TheTinyMan I'm currently voiceless because of a cold :) but we do have a live concert on May 18th :p
@TheTinyMan Ahah, I have thought of doing that too, but I can't even figure out the answer for me ><
@Ælis Me neither! That's so hard!
@Catija That's such a great mindset and I really appreciate that you have that because of your experiences. I wanted to know how you and the kids were doing?
2:38 PM
@Ælis Well there doesn't have to be one answer.
^tru dat
@avazula Hearing your own voice is always a weird experience like: "This recorder is wrong, my voice doesn't sounds like that at all!"
Like, for me, it goes like this (for receiving expressions of love):
1&2 (tied): Quality Time, Physical Touch
3 - Words of Affirmation
4 - Acts of Service
5 - Receiving Gifts

And the "I don't care about this" point is right near "Receiving Gifts" there
@Catija I'm learning there's no need to get mad over stuff too. For example you can look back at my history recently and see that my interpreting agency is being an ass about interpreter services...
@Ælis If I had to guess I think yours may be either physical touch or words
2:40 PM
The reason I'm not mad now is that I found my own interpreter :P HAH.
@ElizB Nice! Go you! :-D
I mean, the one you're most receptive to, not the one you're using to express affection
@ElizB Thanks! The boys are doing great! (see new avatar) ;) Bennett loves being a big brother and August is ... very welcoming of his brother's... attentions. Ben's often quite rough... but Gus just smiles through it most of the time.
@Ælis Oh, this is about love languages? Another thing to look at is what hurts more than others. E.g. refusing physical contact, withholding gifts, criticizing/denigrating statements, never helping with anything, spending all of one's time in games, etc.
@El'endiaStarman ooh, great way to think about it!
2:41 PM
@El'endiaStarman Oh, that's a great point, I never thought about that!
@TheTinyMan Thanks! :)
Yeah. That helped me realize and understand that physical touch is one of my main love languages. I wanted a lot of physical contact with ElizB but for historical reasons (i.e. her ex), she didn't like it that much. Fortunately, she's fine with it now after we talked about it. :)
@Catija Aww yeah. Youngsters can be rough, heh. I have a 9 month old niece and I let her climb all over me and when I video chat with her and my sister she usually is pulling my sister's hair, kicking her, touching her face, swinging those hands around perilously close to the eyes or nose haha
@avazula Oh, I never thought about the fact that I might be more receptive to something I don't use. You might be right about words then. It's hard for me to express my affection to someone by using words but I think they really affect me
@El'endiaStarman Lots of time to heal my past wounds as well, yeah
2:43 PM
Also, for what it's worth, I didn't come up with this idea of looking at what hurts to determine one's love languages; I got that from the book.
@Ælis That can happen- you may not express the same love language you prefer to recieve
@ElizB My niece used to do that to me all the time. As my sister put it, "her love is a bit rough"
@ElizB Oh no! That must be frustrating! I think I caught a bit of that yesterday, maybe. My internet died at home, so I've been ... somewhat out of things for a bit. :P
@Rainbacon haha yeah, but when she looks at me it's so worth it lol
@El'endiaStarman So you actually gasp read the book?! :o :o And you're downplaying your role here! ;-)
2:45 PM
@ElizB HAHAHA. Yeah. Bennett does all of that and more. When he started grabbing things, he started pulling off our glasses all the time. Gus is just starting to pull my hair (not intentionally, he's just touching things and holding on) ... and he has quite the grip. I'm going to get contacts to hopefully avoid the glasses issue with him.
@Catija awww that stinks. Yeah, it was plenty frustrating but I know now where my priorities lie, and the matter is settled and I did not get into a pissy fight just because they don't get what I'm saying
@TheTinyMan Yeah, we have the book. :) Though I think it's currently on loan to...someone... Don't remember whom at the moment.
@Catija Glasses was an issue with my little niece too hahaha she stars swinging her hands at my eyes i move my head away from her, i love her little puzzled expression like "why can't I grab that, that was right here a moment ago"
@Catija I have been told by multiple people now that babies have a surprisingly powerful grip.
Object permanence, yup. lol
2:47 PM
@avazula Now I'm mad at myself for not being able to guess what love language you are the most affected by ><
@ElizB I'm glad it's resolved!
@Ælis don't worry, I don't know it myself...
@doppelgreener they do. especially if the nails are slightly unclipped. >.< ow.
@doppelgreener Yeah, I've mentally decided it's because baby apes used to have to grip onto their moms when they were moving around... we just lost the hair for them to do that.
@Catija Me too. I'm pretty proud of myself and I'm actually glad I went around the whole crazy matter
2:48 PM
Well... baby apes still do... but humans don't.
@avazula Well, I guess I would just have to express my love for you in many different ways :D <3
@Ælis Like, I truly don't know. Things have changed so much for me these last months, I don't really know who I am anymore on some things
@ElizB Yep! Good for you! Doing the hard things is one of the best ways to grow and get better. I'm having to do that sort of thing a lot and it's hard and sometimes hurts and it's a struggle but every time I do it, I feel like it's a little easier to do it the next time.
@ElizB yay! congrats :)
@avazula I hope that's not too much of a scary feeling? In any case, lots of love to you my wonderful <3
2:50 PM
@Catija i think the same
@Catija I'm glad to forget all the people involved, just hire the interpreter myself and embarrass them. They were insisting that there was absolutely no interpreter available but once I asked it was pretty fast to find another one.
makes a lot of sense. that and holding onto trees.
@Ælis I feel good so that's okay :)
@avazula thanks. Learned a bit more about advocacy and hiring my own interpreter
I've never hired my own interpreter and paid them for a formal work event.
@avazula I'm glad to hear. You just have to get over that cold now :)
2:52 PM
@Ælis shouldn't last long :)
@ElizB That seems like a really problematic issue to run into. :( And they're providing a service that you need. Not being able to meet your needs seems like a failing for the service.
this will be the first time doing it and this interpreter is a good friend- known her for a long time, since I was a kid
@ElizB That sounds exciting!
Awww, sweet! What's the interpreting for? A presentation of some sort?
@Catija was that the right message to reply to there?
2:53 PM
@TheTinyMan yup! it'll be good to see her again.
@doppelgreener Y'all talk too much.
@Catija My presentation! basically the interpreter will be interpreting the audience questions after I speak for about 50 minutes about reducing the health disparity in people with disabilities through public health research
Wow, that sounds like a really interesting talk!
I'm working on it now lol
it's super exciting but it covers quite a lot
@Catija in some parts, I'm still making sense of what I should say...
3:13 PM
I see Fire by Peter Hollens... so good...
@ElizB yup
I have a playlist on my phone I'm playing on the new speakers me and hubby got from his brother :D it's huge and it's got a decent sized subwoofer as well :D
@ElizB yay :D
I worked remotely yesterday and my unemployed partner told his guild teammates "oh Dear, my partner is listening to death metal..."
He couldn't believe me when I said it calms me down at work ^^
@avazula Death Metal? I would probably react the same as your partner.... I don't understand how it calms down....
@avazula It's so cathartic!
3:20 PM
It clears my head :D
I'm listening to a mix of Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling and PianoGuys
Like, at least for me, yeah, at the moment I'm engaging in the same energy levels as the music, but that means that all the pent-up energy has a place to go
Mirage by LS on now :)
@avazula hmm, similarly, my gf doesn't understand that Dream Theater doesn't make me miserable
I need a love language expert, is that true? (the fact that love language change depending on the mood?). My understanding of it is that it might change over a long period of time but not from one day to the other
3:33 PM
@Ælis Sounds like an unsupported assertion to me. :) That said, I find it plausible/likely that the preferred and/or most-appreciated love language can change from moment to moment, but should be fairly stable over long periods of time.
I've found in my experience that if I have, in the medium-term, been not getting my second-or-third-most-important love language met, then it will increase in priority
@TheTinyMan Oh, that's interesting
@Ælis I agree, but if they can back it up then it'd be useful information. We'll see if they heed my comment
I was getting ready to go home and they I realized I have still an hour to go ><
3:47 PM
@Ælis noooooo!
Only just read the first paragraph of the link you posted and there was something pretty interesting: According to Chapman, if you want to show loveto someone you should show love in the same language that person shows love. I would argue, that this is your answer — XtremeBaumer 1 min ago
#21357 XtremeBaumer (1830 rep) | Q: How to determine which gesture of appreciation will be the most effective? (score: 5) | posted 1 hours ago by Ælis (5767 rep) | edited 15 minutes ago by Ælis (5767 rep) | Toxicity 0.08427801 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic(@Noon)"]
@TheTinyMan Yeah. Plus I have to go to the grocery store otherwise I won't have anything to eat tomorow morning ><'
@IPSCommentBot ftp
Invalid feedback type. Valid feedback types are tp, fp, rude, and wrongo
@IPSCommentBot tp
3:48 PM
Marked this comment as caught correctly (tp). Currently marked 1tps/0fps. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
@avazula Why would you say fp?
@Ælis I didn't. I said ftp.
Cause I don't understand their point ^^
@avazula Gonna transfer some files?
@TheTinyMan Always. FTP's my jam :D
@Ælis It's just that giving feedback seems to encourage others to give fb as well, so even if I dunno what to do with it, I comment, so hopefully someone will know better :D
@avazula The sheer joy of watching the bits move from one place to another! :o
3:51 PM
@TheTinyMan It takes centuries ...
@avazula Haha x)
@IPSCommentBot tp
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@avazula I like your new avatar. :)
(Even though it might not be very new at this point)
I said I tried to stick to one for now on :)
4:12 PM
That reminds me, I should really come up with an avatar at some point
4:26 PM
I can think of one that would fit your name very well.
If it has anything to do with precipitation, then it's no good
@El'endiaStarman rainbow?
@Rainbacon Awww. Even if the precipitation is bacon?
@El'endiaStarman Correct, the Rain in my name has nothing to do with weather patterns
4:40 PM
My rain is more of the Dustin Hoffman variety
Ahhh, Rainman?
Freshman year of college I picked up the nickname "Rainman", so my screenname is a nod to that
On a scale from auto-suspended SE account to anything Mr. Rodgers ever said, how rude would it be for me to ask my coworkers "Why do you sadists have the windows open"?
I approve of this scale.
Good scale
@Rainbacon It's at least above the "Mr Rogers would politely ask you to leave" point
I ask because it's like 40F outside, and my coworkers have the windows open. I'm very cold now
I ask because it's like 40F outside, and my coworkers have the windows open. I'm very cold now
4:54 PM
@Rainbacon If you have the right tone, I don't think it will be seen as rude
But you can always take the safe option and ask them to just close the window ^^
Really? You think calling someone a sadist can be done in a not rude way?
It didn't seem rude at all on my first read of it, just funny
@Rainbacon If it's done in a joking maner, I don't see a problem with it
"Hey, I ain't a masochist! Do y'all mind closing the windows please?"
@TheTinyMan i agree
Speaking of Mr Rogers, earlier this month we found out he was bisexual, although may not have identified with that exact term. That was awesome news that spread like wildfire through the LGBT communities I'm in.
5:03 PM
@doppelgreener This is a thing that has brought me MUCH joy.
@doppelgreener I've seen that information going around, that's really cool!
(also that whole book was VERY good, I read it recently)
Have you ever found code and been like "How did this ever get through a code review?"
@Rainbacon Yep. Bonus points if it's your own!
arr.forEach(function (e) {
const img = new Image();
img.src = (AppSettings.AWSImgRepo + e.imageFilename);
I just found that code. It was logged under a commit titled "better image loading"
5:07 PM
So I'm no JavaScript expert, but that is loading a bunch of images and then never displaying them, right?
(or doing anything else with them)
Noice :-P
That code was committed 2 years ago and is still in production
@Rainbacon I have a gem for you... gimme a sec.
At my company, a few months ago, we were experiencing an unusual amount of traffic load on our servers and hunted down the issue. Turned out to be a bug in our loadbalancing code that was causing it to do unnecessary operations (which, thankfully, didn't actually do anything). The fix was simple: change < to >.
5:13 PM
Okay, found it.
This was in code that I and a senior engineer worked on together.
>> _if x _isnt _unset _andif
(y << x.method_call(:z)) _isnt _unset
>> y[:gis_rwo]
>> is a return
<< is a variable assignment
What language is this???
magik :)
*leans back with disgust*
5:17 PM
Yeah, understandable :)
I have no clue what this code is doing.
Could you say it again in c++?
if x != null
y = x.method(:parameter)
if y != null
return y[:parameter]
else return null
Does that make more sense?
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But....how? I read it as:
5:22 PM
Wow I'm pretty proud that I managed to puzzle that out
@El'endiaStarman Yeah, I read it that way too, the first return as something boolean and the second as some kind of object ;)
return {
  if x != null && (y = x.method(z)) != null):
    return y[param]
@El'endiaStarman Yep. That's how it's reads in 'normal' code :P
scratch that, it's not that.
there's not brackets.
it really reads
return if x != null && (y = x.method(z)) != null)
    return y[param]
If you mean the braces {} I put those in only for grouping purposes since I was thinking it was returning a boolean and not returning if a condition is true.
It's not returning a boolean.
It's returning whatever object y[param] turns up
or unset
magik is untyped. Very fun.
5:27 PM
I dislike untyped languages
So...is the first return necessary at all?
and constructions like this should be forbidden. I thought it was returning a boolean false if the 'if' part wasn't true, and an object if it managed to get into the if-statement
Afterall, hand writing code takes forever
@El'endiaStarman apparently, because otherwise you miss a return and your compiler will complain
it doesn't automatically return unset if you reach the end of your if and haven't returned anything yet.
5:28 PM
I'm also not a fan of untyped, or even weakly typed, languages
Just wait until you are using Haskell, where return isn't used to exit a function
Need to go Ender Wiggins all up in this language. Destroy it with the Little Doctor.
Seems like the kind of situation where even PHP would be an improvement.
@El'endiaStarman +1 for the Ender's Game reference
I think we need a crusade. It's like a mutiny but with more righteous fury. To obliterate awful languages like all of these.
Actually... I like the language.
Just not how some people have used it in the past
5:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell She's a witch! :o
brandishes a torch
If y'all want something more fruitful to discuss... best way to get the taste of sweet potato out of your mouth? I already brushed, but it's sticking :/
@Tinkeringbell What do you like about it?
@Tinkeringbell Potatos are roots, not fruits! This is a rootful conversation! (I like gum. :-P )
@El'endiaStarman Mainly how it is really useful when working with geo-gis stuff. Manipulating topology or geometry, or how it stores things in databases (you can get references to old records to some extent). Although that's not necessary language but more the method library ;)
@TheTinyMan I don't think I have gum. I'll dig through my backpack ;)
@Tinkeringbell Maybe some tea or coffee?
@Tinkeringbell I don't know nearly as much as I should about languages that aren't my specific stack of choice :-p
5:40 PM
Hmmm. It's a bit too early for tea, actually.
I guess I'll just try to ignore it.
@Tinkeringbell I also find that the blood of the innocent helps to wash other tastes out of your mouth. :-)
@Tinkeringbell It's never too early for tea
@TheTinyMan No innocents around either.
@Rainbacon It is over here :P If I wait another hour, my parents will be gone ;)
@Rainbacon seems pretty innocent to me ;-)
@Rainbacon Right, it's just too late for the previous day.
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