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Don't go pursue someone already in a relationship. Even if you "win" and she dumps her current BF, you'll never get over the fact that "If dumped him for you, she can dump you for someone else." You're completely setting yourself up for failure. — Nelson 1 hour ago
#23455 Nelson (1200 rep) | Q: Would hanging out with a romantic interest and her friend group make me more appealing, or further compartmentalize me as a friend? (score: -3) | posted 41 hours ago by Austin Conlon (305 rep) | edited 41 hours ago by Austin Conlon (305 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 |
Reported with custom reason: "last test plz work" by scohe001
Woohoo!! We have a working bot again
(until TSM gets the server back up)
And an added benefit is that we get some features early (looking at you @El'endiaStarman)
@chump show him a dog
YASSS @chumpbot DOG!
4:13 AM
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This is a valuable question and all of us have had things like this happen. I hope the IPS community can help edit this suggestion so it would be accepted. I'm too low rep to know what that would be, so I'll be looking forward. — Jesse Steele 27 secs ago
Matched regex(es) ["ping_test(@scohe)"]
6:07 AM
@chumpbot 👀
Invalid feedback type. Valid feedback types are tp, fp, rude, and wrongo
How dare you
It is very valid
@El'endiaStarman It's more like a curtain
6:22 AM
yawns morning
throws a mug full of water Noon.
How is it going? I had to unfreeze my car for the time of the season this morning.
6:39 AM
Good. Bit busy at work. I have never seen snow.
Now I am planning to post a joke just to annoy @M.A.R. ;P
Friday joke! Yay! :D
> A patients visits to a doctor.
Patient: "Please don't prescribe bitter medicines."
Doctor looks at the patient and starts writing.
Patient: "Please doctor! Don't prescribe bitter medicines."
Doctor gives another look and starts writing.
Patient: "Please don't prescribe bitter medicines."
Doctor: (annoyingly) "Do you want me to write brownies with icecream?!"
7:03 AM
"A patients visits to a doctor" (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@M.A.R. Tables didn't furn for you? :P
Oh, cats must be back! <3 Right @chumpbot?
Ahah, if I edit it post another cat :D
7:13 AM
@Ælis There you go. :P
7:39 AM
Heya everyone.
Did anyone observe this weird behavior recently, too? I got like 20 yearling badges in the course of the last 5 days. And I am quite sure, I haven't made in such short period contributions on all that sites like a year ago.
@dhein The yearling badges are something like reputation you have on a site / 2, so if you've asked a question and with the reputation change went over 200, 400, 600, etc. rep, you'll get that many yearling badges.
ah that explains
no it doesnt
oh nevermind, it does
I thought I had had a yearling badge on MathSE before
but apparently not
7:55 AM
Morning :)
@chumpbot This makes me remember HIMYM xD
@AJ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@AJ Hehe :D
8:13 AM
I got 6 Yearling badges.
Crossing 400, 800 and 1000 on LL, SFF and LH respectively.
8:34 AM
@CaldeiraG me too! haha
@AJ noob
@M.A.R. Do you want a thing that rhymes with that? ;P
@Tinkeringbell Oh thats new to me, well to know. So I understand it no one had this behavior noticed, aswell. Anyways, thats really weird, cause for most of the pages neither my registration date doesn't overlap, nor had I got any significant amount of reputation on them the last weeks. So why out of a sudden all of them? :o
facepalm I apologize on behalf of AJ looks gentlemanly
@dhein Did you know they retroactively raised the reputation points you get for questions from 5 to 10 per upvote?
So for all your questions, last Wednesday you got extra points ;)
8:41 AM
Thats it then
WOW just gonna check my SO score then. I think on SO I got most of my scores for questions. So I am just very currious and excited now what it will be there then :D
uhhhhh having now 2.3k on IPS, too :D thats cool :)
@dhein stackoverflow.blog/2019/11/13/… < that's the blog post that announced the changes, there should also have been a banner linking to that :)
Apparently, here the weight of my answers is more then my questions tho. :D
5.5K on SO now instead of 4.2K :D uhlala. Apparently my few answers on SO have had more impact than my questions xD
@Tinkeringbell Thanks for letting me know :)
You're welcome. And that's a very nice reputation gain on SO!
A bit sad that they adjusted the graph now. would have been cool seeing the jump in the chronological rep gain. (But I see how that would have been a mess)
@dhein Oh. I got only 110. I earned around 3k on Movies & TV, making me cross 50k
8:57 AM
19 hours ago, by CaldeiraG
so I gained 30 rep on SU, 80 on IPS and something on Meta.SE
i'm quiet :p
@CaldeiraG A user on Movies & TV got 17k and outscored a 100k user with a little margin.
9:14 AM
@AJ Oh wow :D
And earned 30 rep on M&TV so I got the Yearling badge
9:35 AM
@dhein If you are curious about hight rep IPS user reputation change: interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/a/3908/21067
@AJ I hit one repcap on M&TV :)
@JAD Nice!
10:07 AM
@Ælis scohe said he will make a SEDE query too so everyone can see it very soon :) cc @dhein
@CaldeiraG SEDE?
@AJ Huh.. Makes me now wonder what I asked myself anyways: Daily Repcap, was also respected for Question upvotes on days you hit the 200, am I correct on that one?
in The Screening Room, yesterday, by A J
@NogShine Suppose you've earned 115 from 23 upvotes on that day. After change, you are supposed to get 230, but due to rep cap you will earn only 200.
I can't believe I just made a simple calculation mistake.
10:38 AM
@dhein Stack Exchange Data Explorer or data.stackexchange.com :D
Yes, repcap is taken into account
@AJ Oh, pretty cool :D
that's exactly my calculation i did by memory
It works very well :D
tried on all sites i earned rep
@AJ Ahhh I see x) I remember 1 or 2 of my SO questions generated me almost 200 rep the day I asked them. So no rep gain on those for me 🙈
On those I now should have gained the badge for reaching the cap, tho. Correct?
@dhein Yeah, I think so. See if your rep cap count is increased.
My rep cap count got increased by 7 on Movies & TV
11:16 AM
noice :D
@AJ I am glad for the rep cap. Otherwise, @Tink would have gain more rep than me with this question score update :p
(But also, I'm very impressed by how much she would have gained without it!)
11:33 AM
@scohe001 It's lacking a lot of details, IMO. Like this, the question seems incredibly broad and impossible to answer (but that's just my opinion)
Also, to the people in the room, would you mind taking a look at this question and do whatever action you think is needed?
@AJ Where can I find that?
11:50 AM
@dhein Click on the Settings icon under the badge counts in your activity tab. Search for Epic or Legendary there.
12:20 PM
Q: Reputation recalculation didn't retroactively award Mortarboard

JADWith the recalculation of reputation due to the update to rep gained from questions, there are a few stacks where I hit the daily reputation cap, where I didn't before. Take for example this profile. In the progress bar for the Epic badge, this is shown: Mortarboard, however, has not been awa...

apparently that's incoming
12:36 PM
@AJ Hm weird, apparently still not a single cap reached for me, then :o
HAHA Jad, you seem to have beaten me to it :P
watched an laser pointer product on Amazon

Amazon be like: hey, check out laser pointers (insert 10 laser pointers) that I definitely don't need :p
1:04 PM
@dhein I want muh badges
Are they embezzling? :O Scandal!!!
1:29 PM
Ok, our weekly office survey asked if I ever feel overwhelmed at work, so I said yes. But now it's asking me why. Would it be wrong to say "questions like this are why"?
@Rainbacon Probably not, but it would probably also help them to get a more specific example ;)
Well, the surveys are supposed to be anonymous, so I'm trying to answer it in a way that won't reveal that I am the one who answered it
I think people on MSE are overthinking a bit here ^^
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 3 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
I know in times like these, when information isn't presented, it's very easy to make up your mind and theories... but again... it's helping no-one.
1:35 PM
@scohe001 every time I see this "^^^", I imagine the person posting it being some sort of alien with three eyes :p
LOL Fine, how's this then :p
@scohe001 Now it's a christmas tree!
I'm going back to bot maintenance
At least bots don't mistake my actions for aliens and trees :p
@scohe001 Have a cat then :D @chumpbot
1:40 PM
Oh dear xD
That's...kinda freaky actually O_O
Poor little dude
That's the most terrifying cat I've ever seen
@Rainbacon You want just to vent? Or you want them to take improvements on that matter? :P
@dhein Well, I'm not sure if I want to vent, but I don't expect that they will actually change anything
1:50 PM
@Ælis reminds of the typo -:- for the -.- smiley a person was occasionally making. I was always like (no racism intended, just to be clear) "Ok, why are you making this smiley being Indian in particular?" Until I realized '^.^
@Rainbacon If it is not for the sake of venting, and you expect nothing to change about it, why taking the time for it at all? :P
i'm pretty sure you never edited a comment 8 times :p
i did :)
@dhein Because there's a lot of pressure to answer the surveys. Like, if we have low participation rates, the managers will walk around and ask everyone if they've filled it out
@Ælis Normally i use ^^ to say I completely agree with the comment above :D
@CaldeiraG I use "^^" as a form of smiling ^^
That's why I use ^^^. I have a friend who considers "^^" to be like an anime smily too
2:03 PM
@CaldeiraG Wouldn't bet on that. But 8 is still a call :P
@scohe001 That's why I use "^". Or "^ that". But I guess you can see it as being a cyclope :p
@Rainbacon Oof, I see. Then I would go with your first approach, if I was you, too. ^^
I ended up saying that I have to spend too much energy being "on"
@Rainbacon What does "on" means?
@dhein x)
@Ælis Not sleeping?
2:12 PM
@dhein -.^
raised eyebrow
@Ælis Yeah, some people do that
sleep deprived
@JAD -.^ Looks like someone who had an eye accident x) (like a "black eye")
-.- to me looks annoyed, almost frowning
from there, -.^ is kinda questioning annoyed: one raised eyebrow
and =.= is -.- with huge sags under the eyes :P
@Ælis probably like socially active with little time to be "off" or recharge. (that's how I read it at least)
2:22 PM
@scohe001 I interpreted it as "looking like a 'regular' human", but it could also mean "having to socialize a lot" or something else
@Ælis both of those things
There's a lot of pressure on me at work to appear neurotypical
@Rainbacon :/
I had the same issue during my formation (or anytime I meet new people, I guess), it wasn't nice
I actually had a coworker tell me once that I shouldn't talk about my autism at work because people might be biased about it
@Rainbacon I think you already mentionned it, but yeah, it sucks :/
I'm mostly not "out" as autistic at work, so I don't have this issue. People just know that I am weird (with tiredness issues) and they let me be me
@JAD I actually love that one :D Its like ô.Ô :D
2:29 PM
@dhein Why the eyebrows? Oo
@Ælis Oh.... cause ^^ is for me an eyebrow raising smiley xD
Well... no
Ignore that.
@JAD the ô.Ô was a refference to that one :P
so to -.^ that one.
darn, I should just call it a day. Am confusing myself xD
So thats what I am doing now. Wishing you all a nice weekend :)
2:34 PM
@dhein Have a nice weekend too :)
1 hour later…
3:44 PM
Hey, it's not over just yet. For some of us it's just starting :(
@scohe001 oh don't worry I'm not even close from heading home :p
You're about 7hrs closer than me :p
there's this VM of 100GB storage where our gitlab runners ... run... and its partition is full, so we can run any CI job anymore. I've been trying to clean this partition but my two leads equally suck
either it's /var/log and it'd mean I have to clean the content of all files in it (but not delete them otherwise some apps will just stop working)
either it's Docker that's just too thirsty for space and in that case idk whattodo
Oof :/
Time to run df -h * on the root directory?
3:52 PM
@avazula Probably docker. You could run docker images ls to see if there are any unused images. If there are you can remove them directly with docker images rm <IMAGE_ID> or you could run docker images prune and it should remove any that are unused
I used to run into issues on my local machine where old docker images would fill up my disk space because docker isn't good at cleaning up after itself
or just remove all images and have docker redownload them as needed :P
(probably want to leave the gitlab images themselves in place)
You could do that too, though the redownload could be hefty
:shrug: easier cleanup now :P
Alternately, you could increase the size of your VM
even easier
slap 1tb harddrive on it and call it a week
4:00 PM
@Rainbacon oh, I did all that already (looking for dangling images & volumes and removing them as well as all exited containers)
it's my /var/log that was 106G big whereas my VM is like 147G big in total
@avazula In that case your only option is to find that VM's voodoo doll and stick some magnets to it
@Rainbacon haha. I ended up cping /dev/null in all the log files #hackerwoman
@scohe001 Actually it's more like 4h30, 5h closer :p
@Rainbacon Where are my manners... thank you for trying to help me! @JAD and @scohe001 too :)
@Rainbacon "docker isn't good at cleaning up after itself" - sounds like docker and I have a lot in common
Oh I just said things. And it was the wrong thing too lol I meant du -hcs *
ha... I was wondering why you'd put a star after a df -h (that's what I usually do with the path to the interesting folder following up) :p
Yea I always mix up df and du lol they both give me important sizes and start with d!
4:14 PM
@avazula That seems like a good thing to do. And better than my next suggestion which was going to be sudo rm -rf /*
Fun story, in one of my classes in college we had a project to make a "safe delete" for the terminal. So I made a directory called .trash and mved files to it when people deleted. My command to clear the trash was rm -rf *
I think the star there is redundant
Oh yeah, I think you're right
But I like stars, so I approve
anyway, continuing the story, you might notice that I didn't specify the trash directory, so when I tested my code out, it ran rm -rf on my current directory and promptly nuked my project 3 hours before it was due
4:20 PM
So I had to skip lunch and my next class so that I could re-write it
Hopefully you were using github? Or SOME kind of external version control?
Ouch. Pretty sure I'd cry
Fortunately it was a pretty small project
Just a couple of bash scripts
4:22 PM
haha. I'm sorry for you. I once deleted my /usr/bin because of a unfortunate removal of a symbolic link.
Needless to say I lost my whole system :p
Ouch, that sounds much more painful than my mistake
1 hour later…
5:38 PM
It's okay. I didn't lose much in the end :)
2 hours later…
7:29 PM
Dang. Slow Friday
i have to agree
Is that a smile? Or an agreement? I feel like now I have to ask lol
Very slow
7:55 PM
@scohe001 Ahah xD
While walking to get a cup of coffee I managed to accidentally knock over the recycling bin. Safe to say I needed the coffee
I wonder why we call it recycling actually. Would just "cycling" be enough? Isn't "re-cycling" like a double positive? (I swear there's a word for this that I'm too Friday'ed to remember)
Redundant ?
8:03 PM
@scohe001 Because a product/material has a life cycle > made into a product, used, discarded... So recycling is giving that a second cycle
Yea that works. I was thinking something fancier so I didn't even think about that. I should really just go home
So, I'm too Friday to walk, and Scohe is too Friday to talk, @Tink what are you too Friday to do?
@scohe001 Same, I'm going to try to cut out a tad early today since I came in really early
@Rainbacon to Friday to stay awake?
Yet here you are
Or are you sleep moderating?
@Tinkeringbell ahhh that actually makes a whole lot of sense
Also work had a bunch of extra bbq downstairs from an event, so now that I'm eating second lunch, productivity is going to dip even further as I slip into a food coma :p
8:10 PM
I just had my afternoon snack, which has to be accompanied by my afternoon coffee to keep me from knocking things over
Lol probably smart. I've been debating picking up coffee for awhile now
The overwhelming response I get from my friends tho is that if I've stayed clean this long, I should probably try to keep it
Oh, you don't drink it at all?
Yeah, staying away might not be a bad idea
I'm an abnormal software engineer :p
8:12 PM
You aren't alone though
I know a few others
Hmm maybe we should start some support groups if there are enough of us
There are dozens of us! DOZENS!
You could be more abnormal, because you could be a consultant who doesn't drink
@Rainbacon Nope ;) I'm about to go downstairs and get a drink, and then sleep ;)
@El'endiaStarman Seems about right, there are what like 25 of y'all in the world
Night @Tink!
We have a set of tests that run when we create a PR, and there's a hook to let you trigger the tests by commenting "retest this" on your PR, and everytime I get an email that someone has commented that on a PR I've reviewed I have a tremendous urge to reply with "no u"
8:18 PM
I believe outlook autoreplies can be configured to depend on a search of message bodies... ;)
We actually use gmail... which probably has a better version of that functionality
Oh true. You have even less excuse not to set it up then lol
Seems maybe a tad unprofessional
so folks, google assistant is out for european portuguese and my parents love it :D
i can't get voice match to activate though :(
I'm not a huge fan of google assistant, but then again I don't use it often
8:27 PM
@Rainbacon okay maybe, but it'll put you in more situations to give you fodder for IPS questions, so it sounds like a win to me :p
With the extra rep from questions that could probably help me catch @Ælis
Idk, I'm hearing a bunch of good reasons and only one tiny bad one... :p
How do you feel about Ruby dev? I had a company reach out to me on AngelList and I think it's for a rails position
As a tiny thing that I can build and upkeep myself that's maybe a few hundred lines altogether? It's a lot of fun
If I had to actually work on a company-sized production app in it? I'm not sure how that'd look...but I'd be scared
I feel like it's too easy to do terrible things
I'd say get a look at their codebase if you can...
That falls in line with my understand of "rails is great for rapid prototyping but doesn't scale well"
8:37 PM
LOL That sounds about right. But that's just my gut feeling. I haven't actually seen any Ruby production code
My company used/uses Rails for one of our apps. Recent efforts have been based on Vue though.
@scohe001 I don't drink coffee either (nor tea, most of the time)
Hey! So we've already got 3 for our support group :p
My understanding of this company from reading their profile on angel list is that they have some Java and some rails and maybe also some Angular
@CaldeiraG do you mean you can't get into the setup flow? or it isn't triggering on your voice when it should? (just got an update for my 3a today :D so I've been poking around settings)
8:51 PM
@EmC What's "3a"?
@Ælis Pixel 3a
I finally upgraded my phone :P
@EmC Oh, that's clearer! Nice for you if it makes you so happy!
@EmC How do you like the Pixel?
I jumped about 5 Android versions haha. and the camera is way better than what I had before too
Soooo what I'm hearing is more better cat pics? :D
8:54 PM
There must be balance. @chumpbot dog please.
Your comment reminded me to go check, my new phone is scheduled for delivery on Monday
@chumpbot What if I asked for a doge?
8:56 PM
Not a doge, but I'll take it
@Rainbacon what are you getting?
A Pixel 4
@chumpbot Their is no balance if there is no cat!
@Rainbacon oh nice!
8:57 PM
@chumpbot I first wondered why it was showing me a human leg and where was the cat x)
@chumpbot <3<3<3
^ that
@chumpbot That's cute, but I like dogs
9:04 PM
That looks like someone applied an aging algorithm to @JourneymanGeek's profile photo
bahahaha yeah
@Rainbacon But now there is more dogs than cat :(
I don't mind, I love all fluffy things equally
There are way way more cat pictures in the history of this room. :)
@El'endiaStarman True, but not on today visible part and I like cats better :p
9:06 PM
@El'endiaStarman Unless you count all of the profile photos from Journeyman
And also Ankii
There aren't people with cat profile pics?
Not that I'm aware of
(so probably no, or the person is really silent and is talking less than Journeyman anyway)
Certainly there aren't any regular users in this room with cats in their profile photos
Well, @ava was a demon who "looked like" a cat at some point
So what I'm hearing is we need more of man's best friend @chump?
9:12 PM
Oh we got man and friend in that one. How apt
@scohe001 What, no!!! This is too much, I need a cat @chump!
@chumpbot Oh, this one is cute <3 (the other one is... weird... x) )
9:14 PM
Y'know I thought for sure the first thing y'all would try when I added dogs was to ping the bot with a message with both dogs and cats in it. I expected better from our QA in this room :p
Uh, I, uh, let other people do the QA, of course...
@chumpbot Ooh, do you have catdog in there?
@chumpbot What about dogcat?
9:15 PM
@scohe001 Well, I already knew the result. So, why bother?
@Ælis Hehe true, I'll give you a pass :p
Clearly your priority rules are wrong @scohe001 - chumpbot looks for "cat" first.
@scohe001 It appears that it processes the cat regex first, so you always get a cat
FR, make it look for both
Or have it prioritize by which comes first
Hmm what would it do if it finds both?
That second one would be harder
It posts a picture of both, obviously
9:18 PM
@Rainbacon I think I like this one :D But I also do like having cat always winning. Or maybe we could randomize and aleatory post one or the other?
@scohe001 capture the match, then if indexOf(catMatch) < indexOf(dogMatch) show cat else show dog
@El'endiaStarman randomly
[squints] That doesn't look like an anagram. :P
How about if it matches both dog and cat, the bot yells at you to make up your mind and then shows you a pig instead?
9:21 PM
(I was tired, I didn't remember the correct English word, so I pick the French one, put a "y" at the end, saw that "Grammarly" was ok with it and posted it ^^)
@Rainbacon that relies on those two being the only mention actions though. I guess I could combine and call them one mention action and put that custom logic in there...right now we register mention actions and then run through and call them until one returns true (tells us it did something). So that it runs at most one.
@Rainbacon Ahah, love that one xD
@Rainbacon ooh. Time to see if pig.random is a thing lol
@scohe001 If it's not, we should build it and populate it with pictures of Finley
(That's agreement, not an alien)
9:23 PM
(That's an alien, not agreement)
Apparently Apache Pig is a thing, so googling for random pig API's gives me the Apache Pig Random docs :(
I did stumble on a random fox API though...
Looks like it only has 121 images tho :/
  /           \
 /_          _\
//  \       /  \\
|\__\    /__/|
  \      ||    /
   \          /
    \  __  /
      |  |
      |  |
Hmm, that's supposed to be an alien
@Rainbacon I like it, but this one has only two eyes :(
@EmC it doesn't do nothing when i say ok google outside of the app but I found out. Even though the assistant already replies in pt-pt, voice match isn't available for pt-pt so i'm giving it a couple of days and it should work then
@Rainbacon area 51 :p
After extensive searching, I've concluded there's no random pig image API :(
9:36 PM
@scohe001 :(
there is this
"Apache Pig is a platform for analyzing large data sets that consists of a high-level language for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs."
@CaldeiraG ohh I see
should work with english, let me try that insteaf
yeah, just fine
Lol so what you're telling me is I should use pig.apache to write a random pig API?
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