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1:41 AM
@user58 Ankit got 17k and became the top user on Movies & TV
@Rainbacon heh! Congrats! ;P
1 hour later…
2:51 AM
@AJ I got happy for a second. :(
3 hours later…
5:38 AM
Fun fact: we won't see the rep gained today before at least 3 other hours (source: meta.stackexchange.com/q/338196/400547 )
(We are still gaining it, but we just don't get notified about it)
Also, I'm a 14k IPS user "again" \o/
6:03 AM
In other news, my belly is currently hurting like hell and I have no idea why ><
1 hour later…
7:10 AM
Morning :)
@CaldeiraG Morning :)
7:22 AM
That's a nice article it might interest you @ava @Rain. Also, I think I do conversation shifting (instead of supporting) a lot. But maybe it's a regular things to do when you are just trying to have a conversation and not supporting someone? (like: "Hey, I too want to Japan!")
Maybe I should do an IPS question out of that. I probably should sandbox it first though because, right now, I can only come up with opinion-based questions like "is shifting conversation always bad?". Or, "is there a time where I should try to shift a conversation instead of supporting?"
Also, good morning Parrot and good morning bleu girl/woman/person/fellow human being :D
@Ælis ugh. This article is very judgmental. I didn't like it.
@avazula Oh, really? I didn't see it that way, what makes you say that?
Ok, maybe the "Conversational narcissism" is a little too much now that I think of it ^^
I'm not a narcissist, I just don't know how to properly support someone
@Ælis To me it read like "if you don't do this then you're not emotionally intelligent"
on other matters, did you get a message informing you about your rep gain? how did you find out how much you won?
@avazula Oh right, I completely forgot about the title (which is, indeed, rude IMO)
@avazula I asked Tink because mods can see how my rep has changed :p
I also took a screenshot of all my previous rep and compared it to my new one
I have your IPS rep before the change if you are interested?
7:37 AM
@Ælis that's fine, I'll use my mod tools on myself ;)
Sounds like a plan :p
Also, @Rainbacon I'm now ranked number 13 on all-time IPS \o/ Also, you are 2.800 IPS rep behind me for this year (sorry about saying that it was "just" 1.000 without taking the changes into account ^^')
Plus, I should probably try to use "Also" less, 'cause that's a lot of "also" in my previous message :p
In other news, I really like being a more than 20k user network-wide :D
All this rep is really nice and shiny :D
Ok, I was interested to know how much (network-wide rep) had the other regular of TAS but I probably shouldn't have looked at the one of @JourneymanGeek x)
Ten years or so will do that to you
Yeah, I had no idea this dog was so old (no offense Geek)
@Ælis x)
@Ælis nearly a decade and it's really easy to get rep on MSE as a mod
7:50 AM
it's easy getting rep on MSE in general :p
@JourneymanGeek So you are basically cheating :p But, in any case, it's just really easy to get rep on MSE compare to other SE sites (at least, that is what I observe by being active in both IPS and MSE)
@Ælis well slightly
@Ælis It is, I have 1.6k there in matter of 2 months or so
Also I kinda know a few strategies
Some users hunt bounties. I used to focus on posting an answer a day and chasing answers on my current projects on SU
7:52 AM
@JourneymanGeek "How to gain rep easily" by JourneymanGeek :p
@JourneymanGeek Whatever your reason is, I find it nice that you would post one (good) answer a day. If it's helping people, I don't see a problem with you doing it for the "bad reasons" (not that I think doing this for rep is bad)
8:22 AM
@Ælis oh and it was fun and I had the time to
Hey @Ælis your meta on repcapping was posted 35 seconds after another, so I marked it duplicate... sorry! But there's three already so it seems better to mark yours duplicate too...
8:39 AM
@Tinkeringbell On Meta.SE?
@NogShine yep :) Ælis knows what I'm talking about, don't worry ;)
I now have the privilege of close voting here \o/
@Tinkeringbell I was checking IPS meta. That's why I asked
@Tinkeringbell 35 seconds later >< But yeah, don't worry, the official answer in the other question is clearer anyway :)
8:54 AM
:) Thanks. Duplicates aren't bad, and I understand how frustrating a 35 second window could be. We usually look at official answers too, but since both have one... Yours 'lost' :P
9:15 AM
Fedora loves remote days :D
@avazula Oh, that nice! I love cats (and Fedora) pictures! :D
Hi there
ya'll doing good?
@OldPadawan Very nicely and you?
Also, how much rep did you gained on IPS?
Cold & rain :/
@OldPadawan you're still living in France?
9:22 AM
(It's sunny out there rn :D)
@avazula: on the border Belgium/France yes
@OldPadawan Oh, that's not that very nice :/ I hope your cold get better soon (unless you are just talking about the weather, in which case it probably just will get worse ^^)
just weather ;)
@OldPadawan That's not too bad for only two questions!
9:24 AM
and it'll get worse soon, can't improve fro months anyway...
@OldPadawan oh, okay. I don't know this region very well, I used to live in the north of the country, that's as close as I got from Alsace Lorraine. Sounds lovely though :)
I lived in Strasbourg decades ago (long before European Parliament), was nice then
I'm like 300+ miles north of Alsace, really close to "the tunnel"
...where fries, beers and chocolate are the best !!!! (and of course the 3 things my doctor wants me to dodge...)
@OldPadawan Oh, this "tunnel" sounds scary when you say it like that :p
@OldPadawan Don't worry, we have cheese in the Alpes and doctors aren't really happy with that either :p
@OldPadawan ugh, now I want all of those D:
It's scary!!!! imagine all of those English folks crossing the channel and invading us :D
they even put vinegar on our fries... :(((
9:30 AM
@OldPadawan Thankfully, they might never take an actual decision about invading us or not :p (#Brexit)
@Ælis : cheese isn't really my cup o'tea so... ;)
@avazula : grab that Faro, cheers! ;)
@OldPadawan not my favorite but all beers are great :D
worth also trying the cherry or raspberry flavoured ones
@OldPadawan Do you know about the Picon?
yep! too sour for me, but a really favourite in my area (for older folks though, youngsters forgot about it mostly)
9:36 AM
@OldPadawan I think I might have lived in your area before then ... it's a specialty from where I spent my teenagehood :p
I was like 50 to 60 minutes away from Belgium
In the north of France and south of Belgium, it's called "amer biere"
and that's definately too sour for me
@avazula : where (if I can ask)
@OldPadawan I lived in a small city in the Somme, at the border of the Pas de Calais for a few years, then I moved to Amiens for high school
wow! from President's area :) never been there, just roughly know from school
@OldPadawan I actually went to the same high school he did. His wife is from a family of famous chocolate makers in Amiens. She used to teach French in my high school too.
hope you don't turn bad too then :D (just kidding)
[ side note ] was ping'd by Tinkeringbell couple of days ago (about flags) but I didn't 1. understand the Q 2. have time to drop by -> if anyone knows... or let her know, thanks
I'll have to go back to work, just time for a coffee because next course
before* (not because)
9:46 AM
@OldPadawan Well, I see you flag a lot of posts without backup as Very Low Quality... And VLQ flags are marked 'valid' once a post is edited, and the post is taken out of the review queue then. So I was wondering if you do this on purpose, or if you'd want to use Not An Answer for those posts, as those will have to be reviewed (and on IPS, not every edit adds backup).
Hi Tinkeringbell. I use VLQ when I think the OP missed part of the point (but not all of it), writes an incomplete answer, lacks back-up... and so on. Well, eveything that makes a low quality stuff IMO. There's no hidden meaning behind it. Sometimes, on the app, I have no choice but one flag-type, that I may use or not, depending on the "quality"
but I can change my way of handling, no problem ;)
Note: I wasn't trying to say it was wrong, but I was wondering if you were aware of the difference, and if being made aware would change your choices ;)
I didn't know about the edit/flag/queue in this particular case. I'll have to think about that, I dunno if it'll change the way I handle things (unless it makes a mess for you guys)
But it's food for thoughts ;)
Good. Don't let it distract you from your classes though ;)
no problem :D
9:56 AM
GTG CU. [ merry melodies tune ] that's all folks [ / merry melodies tune ]
' See you :)
It's also cold and rain around here but in my office we have A/C so i'm fine :D
10:19 AM
@Tinkeringbell "I'm going to park this question" -> Is this really something that is said in English or is it a Netherland thing? x)
what's the rest of the sentence?
it could make sense
but it depends on the context
"On that note, I'm going to park this question as 'on-hold' until this is clarified. "
> park something (business, informal) to decide to leave an idea or issue to be dealt with or considered at a later meeting
That.... doesn't seem familiar to me in that context. But I could have just never heard of it.
@Tinkeringbell So that's indeed an English think, then, I guess. I like this expression, it's fun x)
10:22 AM
@user58 I'll keep it out next time then.
I am now imagining @Tink's garage full of parked questions x)
I don't have a garage ;)
@Tinkeringbell Yet, right?
Nope, my apartment will have a parking spot, but not a garage :)
Pff, you are killing my fun >< Maybe you store them all in your room then! :p
10:24 AM
That's what I do with my bicycles... on the second floor...
I'm guessing "with no elevator"? Otherwise, it wouldn't be fun, wouldn't it? :p
It's a private home, no elevators ;)
Just have to wheel it through the house and up the stairs
See, now you are doing two sports instead of one when you go biking! :p
@Tinkeringbell How's that proceeding?
Slowly. The bank approved everything for the loan, so I'm now waiting for the legal bits: I have to get an invite to sign some papers that'll transfer the 'apartment rights' to me.
I'm guessing they're not going to start building this year.
10:28 AM
"legal bits" are always fun.
@Tinkeringbell May I ask for how many years you will be on debt with? I know that, in France, people are (nowaday) buying house with a 20~25 years of debt (it was much less when my parent did that, but time have changed)
Here, it can be up to 30. I'm planning on trying to be quicker than that though.
Arf, 25 already feel ugly enough, but 30! That really sounds scary, I hate the idea of debt
@Ælis Chances are I'll get at least 25 xD
I need to see how much money I can set aside once living on my own, each month. But as savings don't really get you much anymore, if I'm over a certain 'minimal savings amount' that you need for e.g. broken car, washer and fridge in the same month, I'm planning on putting it towards the loan as that means I have to pay less rent.
@Ælis Yes and no. I don't like 'regular' debts... but you can't really buy a home without some loaning so I'm okay with that. Also, a home loan comes with a bit of insurance here, so that I'll always have at least some part of the amount I'm loaning covered by that, should I ever end up in a position where I need that.
10:35 AM
@avazula I'm not surprised. I just hope I will be able to have less when I will decide to buy myself a place to live
@Ælis you'll definitely have to move out of Paris then :p
@avazula Why? I think buying a 2m² Paris apartment would be in my means :p
@Tinkeringbell Having insurance is nice, but I still don't like the idea of debt ^^
A little help here?
Also, my question is now HNQ. It might be a good time to post the "hello network visitor" comment (interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/23454/21067)
@Ælis on it
@Ælis Are either of those answers actually interpersonal solutions? Is the question asking for interpersonal solutions?
@user58 IMO, writing a letter is indeed an interpersonal skill. As it would be to express your emotions/feelings without using words. So, I think the question (and first answer) are fine
11:17 AM
So, I have had 6 hours of sleep tonight when I usually need 9. It's 12:16 now and I'm ready to go to bed. Too bad I still have three hours of work to do ^^
11:50 AM
big announcement: I have now officially been around the sun 20 times :D
@AlexRobinson Oh, congrats!
happy birthday!
thank you :D
@AlexRobinson Happy birthday :)
My birthday is only next year but it's getting close :)
12:06 PM
thanks again! and i hope yours goes well when it rolls around :)
@AlexRobinson Ohhh! Happy birthday. And get off my lawn too :P
12:50 PM
@Ælis I agree with @Ava about the article. While I agree that saying "I know how you feel" is a poor choice, I think the phrase "conversational narcissism" is, at best an inaccurate portrayal of what's happening and, at worst fairly rude
1:05 PM

to celebrate my birthday, SO has decided to give me more reputation ;)
yay :)
1:50 PM
yeaa :D
i don't make questions, making questions are very hard.
@CaldeiraG I didn't gain that much rep either
so I gained 30 rep on SU, 80 on IPS and something on Meta.SE
@Rainbacon I noticed it 30sec ago, was waiting for @Extroverted to say something :p
@IPSCommentBot do you have any cats today?
The bot is still down
1:52 PM
i can see
@Cal if you don't see the bot in the users list for the room, then it's not here with us, so no cats :(
@Rainbacon comments are caught in the closet, just not put in here
@Rainbacon Poof it's gone
@avazula ur caught in the closet
@scohe001 :'(
1:53 PM
@avazula I forget to ask, how much did you gain?
@scohe001 don't make fun of people who aren't out :p
@Ælis ... 1600 ^^ that might sound big but tbh I wouldn't have noticed haven't I had checked the starboard this morning
yesterday, by user58
I'm running a replacement bot in the Closet temporarily, but it doesn't do cats.
Lol is that why ppl don't come out? Because they get caught in there?
@avazula Yes, that's big! (it's not as much as I gain, though :p )
good morning
1:55 PM
@user58 I'm sad not to see a nice username next to your pfp... any chance you could adopt a new one? :)
Morafternoon! :D
More like that ^^
Very cold out. 27 F now
it's almost 2pm GMT
-2.7ºC for europe :p
1:56 PM
Brrrr :P
woah that's cold
6°C in here
@CaldeiraG Oo It's not as cold in France/Paris!
glad I live in Portugal, pretty uncommon going under 10ºC
its suppoesd to go down to -9 in bits of the UK at the moment
1:57 PM
It's 2C here
-2.7 C
14ºC here :D
@ElizB Didn't you said it was 27°F? Isn't the 0°F suppose to equal the 0°C?
@Ælis -40 = -40
0F is like -21C
@Ælis Nope, 0ºC is 32ºF
2:00 PM
@AlexRobinson Hum, okay. US way of measuring stuff is really confusing ><
0ºF is -21c like Alex said
farenheight is really good for day to day temps - 0F is really cold and 100F is really hot. everything else should be done in celsius or kelvin
don't get me started on temperature in degrees R whatever its called
I also don't understand month/day/year instead of day/month/year
that's how it is x)
@AlexRobinson What is supposed to be "degrees R"???
you know how Kelvin starts at absolute zero? its the same thing... but with the farenheit scale and it was used to record most US nuclear launch data
2:04 PM
@Ælis farenheight is the narcisistic scale. It was based on arbitrary temperatures, one of which being the average human body temperature
@Ælis I have a feeling you'll enjoy this ;)
which makes it the worst unit of temperature
@scohe001 Oh, I was planning to do that tonight, but I'm glad you beat me to it. Less work for me :p
@scohe001 Also, I do enjoy this really much :D
Lol you got screenshots yesterday too?
I should've known :p
@scohe001 Yep. I basically screenshotted everything I could x)
2:08 PM
Oops. Maybe you should post an answer there then. Yours may look better than mine if you got more :p
oh dear. I just pushed on our work repo with my personal GitHub account ...
"who the fork is avazula?"
@scohe001 Oh no, I just screenshotted the stuff that was about me. So I don't have more data than you concerning other users ^^
Ahh gotcha
@avazula Awkward indeed x)
Q: Please undelete my Answer

nick012000So, I posted an answer that relied on a basic cultural understanding that you send flowers to people at funerals and it got deleted for "not citing an external source". I've since edited it to explicitly state that it's an ubiquitous understanding in Western Culture for my external source, so can...

Q: How has the reputation changed for top users on IPS?

scohe001There was a huge change to reputation that took place yesterday. How has this affected the top users on IPS? How has this affected the reputation league?

2:10 PM
@IntrovertedMetaMan Seems like @Tink as now more rep than Astralbee and baldPrussian. Congrats!
Also, seems like peufeu drop 3 places
And ava beat Spatgirl
Also, Belle must have gained quite some rep. They weren't on the first page before!
@avazula haha, I've done that before
1 message moved to Trash
@Rainbacon hopefully they won't search for my URL identity OwO
Funny enough, I have a unique name and username, which makes it way too easy to Google me ._.
dear personal assistant, please remind me to google avazula later, k thnx bai
Why wait? *Googles "avazula" now*
2:18 PM
I googled it and it shows avazula profiles XD
You're likely to find rants like the good Frenchy I am
@avazula Judging by the pictures, it looks like you own a very nice boat :p
wtf someone used two of my usernames to create a Pinterest account
and it's full of wedding boards o_o
@Ælis haha yea, there's a yacht called after me with a very nice name
@avazula How dare you insinuate that I can pass for a human
2:26 PM
Great comment btw, @Rain. Wish I could upvote that one more than once
Good call, Cal :P
pronounced the same ahah
I wasn't sold on it. I was afraid it would come off too harsh
@Rainbacon I saw it as harsh too. I upvoted it anyway (they are the one who were rude in the first place, it tends to take my guild away)
I wish I could upvote edit messages, because @Tink's is very nice
2:40 PM
you could reverse your downvote on the q if it was made because of the frustration there ;)
@Rainbacon I often wish I could upvote edit/edit message too
I think it's a bit of a shame to have general questions about answer deletions scoring -5.. it's a new user that could use our help understanding the site, not someone that's been around for years asking the same questions...
@Tinkeringbell You might want to edit the title too. It sounds a bit... presumptuous
@Ælis Eh... I'll leave that. After all, their update also states they want to ask for undeletion, not really about how to improve their answer. I'll write an answer later tonight if there's none yet ;)
i'm working on an answer
2:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell I didn't wait for your message and edited it myself ^^ But I think I protected the meaning of the post
Looks like your work was undone, @Tink :/
@scohe001 At least, they didn't put back the immigrant thing...
Oh, sorry, I speak too soon...
Oh wow, I didn't even notice that before. That's...not nice. And coupled with the assumption that the default for everyone on the site to be American...I don't think I'm going to touch this anymore
@scohe001 Yeah, it wasn't there when I first read the question too. They might have add it in the 5 minutes window after posting their question
@scohe001 Rainbacon rolled it back. Now, if avazula can get that answer posted, we can lock it for 'content dispute' for a week or so and let the thread cool :)
2:50 PM
@Tinkeringbell i posted it
I rolled back the edit (can you do a custom message with that?) and if the user puts it back in, I'll flag it as rude and walk away
@Rainbacon You can't. Moderators can edit edit summaries (mostly used if there's really, really rude stuff in there)
...and rude flag cast
Post rolled back again, and locked.
Tink, I think it would be helpful if you drop a comment on there to explain why you locked it
2:53 PM
I agree with Rain on this one^
Anywho, I should probably get some work done :p
and maybe have some coffee
Ah, will do! :)
3:04 PM
Good call :)
I'll wait a bit till after dinner, I guess. Just 30 more minutes or so and I'll start cooking.
I should go back to work now ...
Hmm, @Ava it looks like that thing you sent me is an archive of the stack overflow documentation project that happened a few years back
3:07 PM
@Rainbacon pfew. The title "RIPtutorial' scared me a little I shall admit :p nothing wrong then.
3:17 PM
Hi, I'm looking for the chatroom where we can talk about Meta decisions made at Stack Exchange. Can't find it, and I forgot the name.
@Cœur Tavern in the meta?
Hello, please unlock my question so that I can add relevant information back into it
@nick012000 No. The point of locking it was precisely to avoid that, as I stated in my comment :)
oh, I forgot the meta in the url, ah ah, that's why
@Cœur no worries :)
3:20 PM
I think you're working under a misconception regarding my goal. I was never intending to learn anything. I was simply intending to convince the moderators into taking a particular course of action. This can't be done if I can't post comments or edit my question
Unless you want me to do that here, instead?
@nick012000 No, not really. The answer is 'no' btw, with or without the 'relevant' information in your meta post.
If you're not interested in learning to improve your answers, we're not interested in undeleting them. Simple as that :)
can the OP of a question / answer that got deleted still edit them? i'm not entirely sure from the meta post
Yes, they can :)
@AlexRobinson Yes
ah ok, cool :)
3:22 PM
@AlexRobinson you can edit anything unless it's locked
Okay, then. What do I need to do to convince you to change your mind, then? I don't care about being downvoted, I just want my answer to be visible to help the OP of that Question
@nick012000 Take a good look at our citation expectations, and edit your answer accordingly. Then flag.
I'm trying to meet your ridiculous, arbitary rules
you need to edit your answer to have some backup as opposed to being colloquial
and I already have flagged
3:23 PM
@nick012000 You see, that's where you go wrong again. I think this conversation is over at this point, sorry!
I recommend not insulting the users of the stack and/or the policies we've put in place as a good starting point
they are a bit arbitrary but are not ridiculous. this SE is a few rules short of being enitrely opinion based
we need strict rules to allow this site to exist
Okay, added even more links to meet citation requirements. Please undelete my answer.
@nick012000 I'm sorry to say this... but when we say answers need backup either from personal XP or literature/external websites, we need the actual info to be in the answer's body (in case the links rot). Could you please extract the interesting info, put it in your answer and explain why it supports your point/suggestion?
I'm not sure why this person is being rude to me :(
Final trolling. Predictable... — DanAlexson90 26 mins ago
3:33 PM
Okay, added a quotation from one of the links. Please undelete my answer now.
@CaldeiraG wow imo they are slightly overreacting... deleting their account over a rejected 4 character edit
@AlexRobinson I know right, like no one has rejected suggested edits
i'm also curious as to their argument that the edit should be allowed because it doesn't harm the post...
When I was under 2k on SU
92.64% accepted edits :)
even on Physics SE - my highest rep site, i have rejected edits... it happens
3:39 PM
Also, for what it's worth, I'm not going to be going away until my answer is undeleted
thats ok! the more the merrier :)
@nick012000 I'm unsure what your goal is here, if it's to help OP or try to make a point
If you take the effort to improve it, it will be undeleted
I edited to add the info that the links you provided are from flowers delivery services. Now, since it was deleted by the community, I'll let the community vote to undelete
@avazula My goal is to get my answer undeleted.
3:43 PM
flower delivery services sounds like a biased source... big conflict of interest there
@AlexRobinson I think too. But again, I didn't cast a delete vote, so I'll let other people decide.
@AlexRobinson Literally the first two things you find on Google when you type in "sending flowers as condolences".
i haven't googled it. but a flower delivery service wants to sell you flowers so of course thats what they're gonna say
(for the record i do agree with you, but its about the standards we hold answers too :))
@AlexRobinson Maybe but they were the first thing I found to back up my point when I was looking for external sources to cite to meet the site's requirements
@nick012000 idk if using "literally the first two things you find on Google" is a good argument for the validity of citations...
3:48 PM
you're still going about this with the wrong headspace - if someone on academia asked a question, would you use backup as a google search? if not, why would you here?
you can't "annoy" the mods into un-deleting it
@AlexRobinson Yes, especially if it was a super-basic question. Google Scholar if I was looking for academic papers.
@CaldeiraG It might be rude, but your comment right before it sounds a little condescending imo
@AlexRobinson Annoy, convince, coerce, browbeat. Whatever works.
3:50 PM
you're missing the entire point nick. that won't work
But if this was a super-basic question that "common sense" should answer, the user wouldn't have asked it, right? I'm not sure why what you perceive the difficulty of the question to be determines the quality of your answer. That sounds unfair to the person asking the question
I don't know of any mods on the network who will do something just because someone pestered them enough
its certainly unlikely to aid one's case by pestering more
@Rainbacon I partly agree but the meaning here is that I do not wish to mind their actions, everyone is free to do whatever they want
I would say this in IRL either and I never got feedback of people that felt bad about my statement
it's not exactly negative but it isn't helpful imo
3:55 PM
"I'm removing my account" is not a helpful comment either
@scohe001 The thrust of the answer was about the existence of online flower delivery services. The idea that people send flowers to people after funerals is so basic it shouldn't need to be explained - the idea that you can go onto the internet and pay people to do that for you might be, though.
I stand by what I said. I didn't cast a delete vote, the community voted to delete. I won't single-handedly undelete it. Nick, you can stay as long as you want, you're welcome to nicely chat until the community reviews your edited answer.
5 mins ago, by scohe001
But if this was a super-basic question that "common sense" should answer, the user wouldn't have asked it, right? I'm not sure why what you perceive the difficulty of the question to be determines the quality of your answer. That sounds unfair to the person asking the question
@CaldeiraG Yes, that was the comment I was responding to
@avazula It only needs one more vote, I think.
Your answer is not gonna be undeleted until the community finds it's worth undeleting or not and that takes time
It's asynchronous
3:57 PM
nick, if i may ask, why do you think your answer has not been undeleted yet?
Then I'll just stay on here and poke them until it is.
@AlexRobinson Because only mods can see to vote to undelete it because it's been deleted.
@nick012000 that is simply not true
@nick012000 Poke who? Everyone that has the privilege to see deleted content can vote to undelete
taking that to be true, what do you stand to gain from poking the people who have already had the chance to vote?
3:59 PM
@CaldeiraG The "community", in the form of the people in this chatroom.
everyone with 4k or more
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