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5:00 PM
in fact, whole chat rooms can have reduced visibility, but that is something that is trusted to our most trusted members, the mods
But that is you decreasing another person's visibility
(not removed)
@EriktheOutgolfer I'm on mobile, I'm not that fast XD
#11643 gparyani (165 rep) | Q: How can I properly ask a flight attendant what's going on if I know my plane has a problem? (score: 8) | posted 9 days ago by gparyani (165 rep) | edited 8 days ago by Crafter0800 (5044 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic", ""]
oh so that's how it works
5:01 PM
@IPSCommentBot Does it pick up 'respond here's?
Actually, I think it's a user setting. I can't invite John, neither can I invite SmokeDetector, but I can invite some other users.
also how is that an answer-in-comments?
@EriktheOutgolfer Probably those ' this question is protected so I'm gonna respond here's
@gparyani John Wick? Kidnap his dog, and he'll invite you to his room.
@EriktheOutgolfer my guess: "here: http"
5:02 PM
Those are aic, but the regex doesn't process language very well
@Tinkeringbell "respond" is the aic
Not sure what the other thing it tripped is
Using regex for NLP is a fools errand but it's good enough to catch some of the more obvious cases.
well, I think it needs a separate room though
@EriktheOutgolfer it has one
@EriktheOutgolfer It has, that's where all comments ever written go
5:04 PM
Just the regex hits gets posted here.

The Closet

Previously a testing chamber for @Smelly. Now a comment farm f...
then again, where I come from it's strictly forbidden for any bot to post anything in any case
I have no idea what the current discussion is about. Regexes, NLP? What?
All this chaos is just terrible, as I was not the cause.
I'm leaving. For-evaaa.. Byeeee..
Nah, kiddin.
5:05 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer We also have Smokedetector posting here, as well as Mith spoon-feeding things that need deleting.. and we had a pseudo human for a while...
And then there's the main and meta feeds
I miss Bradley's presence in chat.
@Tinkeringbell this?
@EriktheOutgolfer yep. That one. Was fun to play with, but was eventually requested to take the play to a sandbox after people were disturbing discussions about the site with randomness
@Tinkeringbell Happened on SU
An SE employee suspended a bot there.
@EriktheOutgolfer but now I'm curious, what room bans all bots?!
5:09 PM
The Nineteenth Byte
it's probably the strictest room of all of chat.SE
and rules there are not "rules", they're actually enforced every moment, and ROs act ASAP even for the slightest violation of the rules
😴💤 g'nite
@EriktheOutgolfer I've heard that about other rooms as well ;-)
@EriktheOutgolfer Sounds strict, but how much traffic does that room get?
@Tinkeringbell oh really (remember, these rules are enforced to the maximum extent)
oh, it's probably also the most overcrowded room
sometimes it has had more than 45-50 users joined at the same time
@EriktheOutgolfer one room I frequent often has 60+ users at a time... ;)
is it a private network-wide mod room? if so, maybe it should have ~550 users :P
(but how that's possible is beyond my comprehension)
5:13 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer That actually sounds like a very good policy. Any idea on how that was implemented ( was there a discussion for it's necessity first? Or was it just a RO/ mod decision?)
@EriktheOutgolfer That would be it, yes, but not every mod/staff member frequents there ;)
@Tinkeringbell the most brutal fights you could ever imagine to strive for that
@EriktheOutgolfer bummer, I'm not in the mood for fights right now. But I for one wouldn't mind such a policy, although it might need more room owners
not "fights" like two users fighting
@EriktheOutgolfer Nah, I got a 'meta aflame and chat flags everywhere' vibe :P
5:16 PM
I mean years of constant enduring of trash the room was being filled with...just look at the transcripts of 2015 or earlier and compare them with 2017's and later
Q: How to deal with rude interruptions in a seminar?

arrowturnipsThe following situation has occurred several times with B (the same person, in the audience), A (a speaker, different from time to time), and C (the audience, mostly the same). A is presenting some topic at a seminar A presents some background material X B interrupts, says something like "how m...

@ExtrovertedMainMan If you reply to a message from one of these system users, is their message removed?
no, we do it all the time over TNB :P
@ExtrovertedMainMan Why the repost? [just kidding]
Once I replied to such a message with "Why the repost?", and it deleted its message
@ExtrovertedMainMan seminar, you say? just kick him out ;)
5:18 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Well, since this is a much lower traffic room, it might be nice to just start early
@gparyani oh, that means a mod is hiding behind...
sometimes when I get into other rooms I feel like stop it with the noise anymore!! and then I remember that it's TNB which is strict
@EriktheOutgolfer Well, technically, if you go to MSE and look up what a site's chatroom is supposed to be used for, the rules aren't that weird
that place is also called "where you make a new room"
@EriktheOutgolfer Exactly, doesn't PPCG have a specific room for off topic, random chatter?
> I work to buy a car to go to work.
5:25 PM
how'd you remember that, it's, of course, deleted
The CMs are confused as to why I can't invite John here
Or invite people to join you off-site ;-) that's bmaybe even better than a new room, because that way there's more control over whatever private details you decide to share
(for those who can access deleted rooms, i.e. >=10K chat rep)
@EriktheOutgolfer I didn't remember, I asked :P
Is that Jan. 28th this year?
@Tinkeringbell some stuff is better on-site
5:26 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Sure, it requires discipline ;).
no, it's Jan 28, 2017
That's why I mentioned private details ;)
letting a discussion happen off-site is like letting somebody harass you without breaking site rules
@EriktheOutgolfer Oh, see.. so off topic chatter is no longer a problem there XD
most chatter is off-topic
5:28 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Well, if someone drops in here to ask about small talk.. XD
the chatiquette just says it shouldn't interrupt on-topic chatter, not that it shouldn't at all exist
@Tinkeringbell I mean, violating "be nice" and such
Also, we've been using weather reports in the past to get the room quiet again....
@Tinkeringbell I can stir the pot if you like
@EriktheOutgolfer Oh sure, make sure you pick a medium where you can also block people as easy as add them :P
5:30 PM
I expected that
@RichardU Sure, let's do a live example
I can always get a conversation going... just not in the direction many would like >:)
@RichardU Hah, you'd wish. All this time, we've secretly been having you exactly where we wanted
classic @RichardU...
@EriktheOutgolfer You'll have to decide when to cut in, just ask 'how is the weather over there's XD
5:31 PM
@Tinkeringbell it's nice to feel wanted
yep, we have you in the right place for sure :P
@RichardU Who said anything about wanted? I've been trying to have you create an image that would make you the most unwanted person ever...
@Tinkeringbell I did that once, then the FBI got into the act, and I was wanted all over again
@RichardU See, and that's where the whole thing derails into a conversation on crime and wild, unfounded accusations... so someone steps in, says ' this is going nowhere. We stop it now or we're going to put the room in timeout. How's the weather over there?' :P
@Tinkeringbell we are going to be celebrating the first day of spring with another snow storm, yay.
5:35 PM
ah, the classic timeout threat...well, there has actually been a 5-minute timeout over TNB
@EriktheOutgolfer see? You can even get Richard to calm down with that one XD
@EriktheOutgolfer I put this one on thirty minutes once... I wanted breakfast
@EriktheOutgolfer we've had a few in TWP that had absolutely nothing to do with an argument I was having with another user
btw you have my permission to kick Richard all you want :P
Things were getting out of hand. Put the thing in timeout, flagged in a mod to look at it and went to have breakfast. Oh, and five minutes are for toddlers, I'm of the opinion that adults need longer timeouts
@EriktheOutgolfer I have never kicked another user..
5:38 PM
@Tinkeringbell I've got two 30 minute ones to my name.
Only hovered over the button XD
@RichardU you mean suspensions, not kicks
@RichardU chat bans or entire rooms timed out?
@Tinkeringbell oh, I didn't count the room timeouts
@RichardU count again
5:39 PM
yeah for mods it's as simple as clicking on a user's picture to see the number of their chat suspensions
Yeah, there was a rough patch at TWP where we were getting a few per week.
@Loong if I had more than two chat bans, I don't recall them, but it's possible.
I tend to get them when I tell the truth, so I lie most of the time.
maybe you were sleeping
@EriktheOutgolfer I'm thinking any others may have occurred when I posted something then turned off the computer
when a message is deleted because it's 5 or more flags (measurement unit), you get an automatic 30-minute suspension
@EriktheOutgolfer ah, so it's easy to gangstalk on chat.
good to know.
5:43 PM
the whole network sees every one blue flag, so...
@EriktheOutgolfer I almost never act on them though, because most of the time there's no context
Or Russian
click the room's name to see the context :P
or use Google Translate
yes, it's not the best translator, but you can easily determine if a message is offensive
@EriktheOutgolfer Yeah, done that a few times, and once I've decided it's not bad the flag is gone ;)
(and by "best translator" I mean a human one)
I'll just let you know you've done the right thing
@EriktheOutgolfer I'm just too slow. Same with foreign language spam posts ;)
I like to form educated opinions, while some others act on intuition
Or a second nature they learned over time
5:52 PM
I almost never do that, except that I can't really claim I haven't done that by mistake (well, if anyone can truthfully claim that I'll admire them for the rest of my life)
6:06 PM
@Tinkeringbell @Tinkeringbell yes, I typically only respond if there is a Russian as well. Dang Russian hackers!
the common phenomenon of the double reply ping
@EriktheOutgolfer I just translated two massive insults, one in German, and the other in Japanese. The result I got was "Hey you"
@RichardU google.nl/amp/s/www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/maggyvaneijk/sorry-mam I bet you could get away with the literal translation of some of these XD
6:39 PM
unfortunately, people will search :/
@EriktheOutgolfer Meh, I eat pancakes for breakfast :P
search for what?
@Tinkeringbell exactly that, I know of somebody called pannenkoek2012 over youtube
oh, no, it's @Rory! quick, hide!
Awwww - that's harsh
6:44 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Creative :D
Is YouTube strict on their usernames though?
I heard of some profile pictures getting moderated here, but never heard of profile names getting changed?
I don't think it's meant in a bad way lol
IIRC, I recall one username had an abusive word in Hindi. Don't recall what happened to it.
how many languages do you know...
6 I suppose
5 is normal for most Indians.
Somebody starred that I'm leaving. Uh, so you really want me gone, eh? :P
I wish more American schools would start teaching languages other than English early on. I'd like to speak more languages, but it's a lot harder to learn new ones now that I'm an adult.
6:49 PM
It's very easy to quit IPS and get back to real life. Trust me. I have done it a thousand times.
@Rainbacon It's not like our schools teach 5 languages.
@NVZ I guess that's probably true, but you did learn some of them in school didn't you?
@Rainbacon I learned Dutch, French, German, English and Mixtec, and I only use Dutch and English
It's also easy to forget the rest when you never use it
As a native of India, I know Hindi. As a medium of Int'l communication, I know English. I know my native language Malayalam, and Tamil is my bordering state and we have so much in common, that I watch Tamil films a lot, and I can speak well enough. Arabic, is a language I took up during my Dubai life, which is like, my whole life. Urdu is like a sort of Arabic and Hindi mixed, So there's that as well. Am I missing any?
So that's effort on three languages basically wasted
So, overall, it's not like I'm taught these languages. I just get adapted to these, by life situations.
6:53 PM
I only learned English and German, but I didn't start learning German until I was 15.
Oh, and Hindi was a second language in my school. So that's a plus.
Very few people around me spoke languages other than English, so I didn't have any way to pick them up naturally while growing up
I see now that I have collected a 1500 rep in the last 6 months or so without contributing much.
Hah, I wish I could get up to 20k just sitting idle. LOL
I wanna be an idle rich user. #goals.
@NVZ That bothering you?
@Tinkeringbell if a user has an abusive username, flag one of their posts for mod attention and explain the problem
7:06 PM
@Mithrandir So it does happen.. okay.
7:16 PM
Should I eat a leftover turkey hero or throw it out? 🤔
@D.Hutchinson Depends on how old it is and if it was stored properly
7:42 PM
@Rainbacon true true - I just ate it
it was decent :)
@Tinkeringbell So, just to confirm, you are able to invite this user to this chat room?
Because an employee needs to know for investigation.
@gparyani No, like I said, I was mistaken. There is an invite user button but I can't select this room. Only Charcoal
@Tinkeringbell Ah, sorry, I didn't see that message.
@gparyani You pinged the moderator, just wait
harassing them won't help your case
7:58 PM
Who said I'm harassing them?
@gparyani I warned you not to go do that, not that you're already doing it.
I guess you're lacking context. They responded to my much earlier ping
@gparyani Then why are you still nagging about it?
I overlooked your message saying that you were mistaken. Another user in the chat room in which I was talking to employees asked for confirmation, so I came here and asked.
(Also, it's one strange behavior I exhibit: even after a discussion is over, I like to clear up things for the record; quite a few people mistake that as still arguing or questioning.)
@gparyani It's good that you realize that. What do you do to combat that assumption?
8:06 PM
Well, if you'd had provided the context in the first place, that would have helped... 'an employee needs to know for investigation' sounds awfully like you're still trying to get a hold of a moderator...
So sorry for misunderstanding, I get it now.
What are you investigating though?

 Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-...
@Tinkeringbell I'm "Ano" on MSE only, just to make it clear.
@gparyani I figured as much
"Just to make it clear"
Q: Wife does not work but wants “own” money/allowance

MCP_infiltratorThis is a cross-post from Personal-Finance as it was suggested I might get better response herer: Original Post My wife and I have been married 4 years. We had a baby 6 months ago and 8 months ago my wife quit working, it started to be to much on her phsyically and now we both like that our chi...

8:33 PM
@Tinkeringbell There is a great amount of peace of mind to be gained by embracing your shadow, then not indulging it. It is enough to know what chaos you can cause without resorting to actually creating it.
@RichardU What shadow? I'm made of flowers and sunshine...
@Tinkeringbell even flowers cast a shadow from the sunshine ;)
@RichardU Meh... more likely the sunshine will wither them all
I prefer not to make enemies for 2 reasons. 1)They might harm me 2) I might harm them.
@RichardU Well, there's of course always the masochist that will make you their enemy...
8:37 PM
@Tinkeringbell one would have to be quite the masochist then.
Time to ping @TheTinyMan I think..
But anyways, bedtime :) See ya later
@Tinkeringbell I hear he's so much so that he flies united
Sleep well
@RichardU Yeah, it seems he travels planes or something in his free time :P
Yet not such a masochist that I pay too much attention to this these days ;-)
Or maybe that's work stopping me from doing that...
@TheTinyMan I'm such a sadist, I once told a masochist "no"
8:39 PM
@RichardU Is he a small dog?
@Catija I think he's an Asian doctor
Well, they just beat those up... so that's less bad?
@Catija they were great until they bought continental. It worked about as well as the Sears-Kmart merger
They've always been my go-to airline. I'm not a fan of what I've heard recently but I've not had any recent negative experiences.
I've maybe flown 2 times in my life
both times to turkey
8:42 PM
@Catija I stopped flying them before the recent spate of nonsense. I never got good service.
I have some reward miles I need to use... I don't get to travel much anymore.
@Magisch count yourself lucky. Doubly so that you don't have to go through the Kabuki theatre that we call the "TSA", or as I like to call them the t-SA. Brown shirts optional.
@RichardU I've also only had poor experiences with them. Plus they have the worst snacks
@Rainbacon They put their snacks in foil and cardboard boxes because it increases the nutritional value
@RichardU I heard stories
8:44 PM
but only if you eat the foil and cardboard
When my ex-wife would drag me to Florida to go to Disney World, we'd always cram into the smallest crop dusters that Delta had to offer, and the pain from trying to fit in those seats - I'm 6'7 and have patellofemoral pain syndrome in my knees - was always excruciating. :-P
unimpressive tbh
@Magisch I swear, next time, I'm taking Viagra before my flight. If I'm going to get felt up, I may as well enjoy it.
The t-SA is so bad that LE is arresting more agents than anyone with ill intent getting on planes
Anyone else find it odd that you get felt up but patted down?
@Rainbacon not once I felt where their hands went.
though, I might ask that one guy for his number if I see him again.
skilled hands on that one
8:55 PM
@Rainbacon English is full of things like that, a house burns down when it goes up in flames.
@sphennings Yes, and we park in driveways and drive on parkways
@Rainbacon and pay on freeways
@sphennings "James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher" is grammatically correct
Grammar is important in English.
Forget the capital letter, and the phrase "I helped my uncle Jack off a horse." Takes on an entirely different meaning.
@RichardU I think my favorite sentence is still "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"
@Rainbacon I love double entendre. "The possibility of hiring more people like Mr Smith should be discussed immediately"
@Rainbacon I'm a fan of "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."
9:12 PM
@Rainbacon blue chips on Jetblue mmm :)
Has anyone ever seen the video "The Expert",?

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