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1:28 AM
@gparyani not every mod has to comment on every thing. And people insisting they do kinda defies the point of a moderator team, being able to share the load and all that.
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3:05 AM
@Ash No, I was not insisting. I asked once, and then clarified after(I thought) she thought I was asking her to take a moderator action. (Though after reading this, I realize it comes across as insistence. Gah, I have trouble thinking of tone at times. This isn't the first time; the first was a long time ago on SO Close Vote Reviewers.)
Basically, assume the mod team will see things and act on and respond to it in a way that addresses it in the ways it needs addressing. Sometimes that means you get an answer from a different moderator than you want or expect. That's part of sharing the job.
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4:17 AM
@D.Hutchinson Believe me. I know.
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6:17 AM
Q: Why don't visitors tell you why they didn't like an answer or question?

MelissaAI'm trying to figure this site out. So far, I understand that the negative number next to the questions is the number of times someone didn't like the question. Can someone tell me why this happens without any feedback from the person who didn't like the question? Sorry, I've never encountered...

6:53 AM
@IntrovertedMetaMan. Visitors? Gah! Residents, we are. Visitors merely upvote.
Where's moderator John anyway? Mysterious... :)
7:41 AM
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9:18 AM
Q: How to handle my girlfriend's parents attitude to ask her money?

A.DanziI'm asking this question on behalf of my girlfriend because she's asking me for help but I'm not sure on how to handle this situation. A little bit of background: My girlfriend's parents moved form south of the country and came here in the north for reasons of work. Her mom is a housewife (Let'...

9:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell is your girlfriend male or female? you really don't want to put your foot into it :)
@Cashbee Well, I thought I'd ask before editing on assumptions.
@Tinkeringbell looks up the word "girlfriend" in the Oxford dictionary to see if it means other than girl :P
@AJ I've been around online long enough to know that no gender is set anymore..
@Tinkeringbell Your comment reminded me this one. :P
@AJ See? I always thought it was witches and wizards..
9:43 AM
@Tinkeringbell The +5 comment shares a great spell. ;)
@Tinkeringbell I seriously couldn't recognize you. I blame the change of avatar. :P
9:55 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan I still think it might be a duplicate of the cash cow (if it were asked by the girlfriend itself), or we're never going to get enough detail on the girlfriends situation?
@Tinkeringbell I already asked him.
10:10 AM
Q: placement of rubbish bin in front of my postbox

sanyoohso, I live in Germany and just moved into a newly constructed apartment building with 21 renters. In the entrance are the postboxes and we got one right at the beginning at the bottom. So in germany it is normal to have on big postbox where the renters can throw away papers (advertisment, envelop...

10:50 AM
in this Q, it asks about "what can I do?" which is fine in my eyes. But it also asks "Should I write the landlord?" Which is obviously a 'should I ..' question. But it's not a usual should-I question because it doesn't ask what is better: X or Y? instead I think it's just an unfortunate usage of should-I when what he actually wants to ask is `"what are my options and how should I approach my landlord about this?".
OP even clarified in comments that "I decided what to do. I don't want that bin in front of my postbox"
Is this not a case where we could edit the Q ourselves into a good fit for IPS, since the situation is clear and the OP just unfortunately used a 'should-I' question where it wasn't even needed?
I gave up on that one, since I don't see how it is about Interpersonal Skills.
"I don't want that bin in front of my postbox" Great. Now decide if you want to contact the landlord or the neighbours. Decide how you want to contact them. Decide why you need help with that, and it will probably end up being a 'write my note for me'
11:19 AM
Q: Giving a solution when I am the least expected one

Sandy CThere is one certain thing that I have observed during official conversations with my colleagues, or sometimes casual conversations with my extended family members. It is usually something like this. A person talks about a certain problem, big or small, it doesn't matter. Sometimes, when I know...

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12:21 PM
What's with all the downvotes on meta without anyone providing a alternative answer?
@sphennings what else would show the irony of that question so well as unexplained downvotes?
@JAD It's something I've noticed across other meta questions as well.
tbh, it's easier to disagree with something than to eloquently put your own opinion in words.
so it doesn't really surprise me
There will be a couple answers with a similar thesis, but different writing styles, ideas on what to highlight and level of detail. Each answer will have basically the same number of downvotes. Yet there will be no answer with a contradicting thesis.
It's meta so it's more acceptable to express a dissenting opinion in the comments, provided that it doesn't turn into a argument.
@sphennings true, but downvoting is nice and anonymous.
btw, I'm not really defending it, but I can see why people do it
12:33 PM
It's frustrating to me because while downvotes express dissent they don't share the why of it with the rest of the site. There's no way to know if there are some legitimate concerns that aren't addressed in the answer or is it just some malcontents who don't actually want to participate in meta.
@JAD I agree that the solution isn't to force comments when voting.
It's just that if you find yourself downvoting every answer on a meta question perhaps you should add your own answer.
oh definitely. Meta is pointless if it's only a few people making posts
If you're so worried about your answer being poorly received that you don't want to post it you should really ask yourself why will such an answer garner such a response.
and even then... a poorly received meta answer isn't the end of the world
No arbitrary internet points are at risk.
1:37 PM
Eeeeek too many kids
I was not prepared to do background work for several thousand kids today
that's quite a lot of kids :o
A very large percentage of the 8th graders around the country
It's a country-wide event
mfw I write a test, expecting it to fail, and then it passes...
Only to uncover a logical bug that wasn't caught by any of the tests
2:14 PM
Q: How to tactfully ask a housemate to leave

LordHierosBackground: Me and my fiancée have been living together for three years, two in our actual residence. Half a year ago we invited a friend of mine, who was coming to the city we live in to study, to live with us. We didn't set a limit on how much time we would be living together. Said friend expec...

2:50 PM
Q: Point out gender assumption in stackoverflow answer?

HesterAutistic spectrum alert - this would probably either not bother some people or be easy to deal with for them. I've just successfully had a question answered at StackOverflow, for which I am extremely grateful. I would not have been able to think of the solution myself as the technology I am work...

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4:03 PM
4:34 PM
Q: How to convince friends to continue with a group activity given another friend's absence?

ArthasA group of my friends often play semi-long term strategy video games together online. These games often span several play sessions a couple of times a week over a few months. Recently, one of my friends, George, commonly involved in this game has taken on a new aspect of his life that makes it ve...

@Arthas Absolutely not my point. I'm saying you are taking kind of a shitty approach here. But if this is true, how is your first main aspect of the question even an issue? It kind of sounds resolved — Raditz_35 2 mins ago
#11700 Raditz_35 (193 rep) | Q: How to convince friends to continue with a group activity given another friend's absence? (score: 3) | posted 25 minutes ago by Arthas (1199 rep) | edited 10 minutes ago by Arthas (1199 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["offensive"]
4:52 PM
Q: How to politley request house mates keep quiter when there's multiple sources of noise

ChevasterI live in a large shared house. It has 11 people in total but considering it has 3 entrances and 3 bathrooms (not including master bedroom) I didn’t think this would be a problem. I find it very noisy at very strange hours. For example today I could hear someone’s alarm going off every 5-10 minut...

5:26 PM
Q: How to resolve an argument about to occur in the workplace?

Crafter0800One of my colleagues is quite a volatile person, and while never usually means harm can quickly end up in a heated argument with others over something very minor as a result. Typically such instances are rare, however I can usually notice these coming as their key "starting point" is when someone...

I'm starred? I'm starred!
I can see you put much effort into that message :^)
Cake is always welcome :)
Oh, hey, guys!
Especially Crafter. It's been months since we've had our last chats/interactions. I think you might've completely forgotten me.
Definitely not, I remember a good few of you guys from here :D It's also nice and noticeable to see a few new (weclome) faces here.
And yes peter, cake is always welcome
5:35 PM
The cake is a lie.
@ExtrovertedMainMan first one to answer that with sources to deescalation techniques gets a bonus from me!
(speaking of welcome new faces hello Tinkeringbell o/
Did you just call me a new face? XD
Yes - I mean I don't recall you being here when I last was so that counts as new to me xD
@Tinkeringbell I mean, you did change your profile picture last week (looks nice by the way)
5:39 PM
I got Tinkeringbell started, IIRC. Yes, she's new to Crafter. :)
@Rainbacon Yeah well... Snowy branches aren't a good fit for springtime XD
@Crafter0800 )
What is that, a giraffe? @Tinkeringbell
@Crafter0800 Really? I think I saw you posting stuff once or twice. Must be wrong then ;)
I hope you're right, but we keep getting winter storms
5:40 PM
@NVZ Nope, definitely a penguin
@Tinkeringbell LOL.
@Rainbacon it's already warm enough here that I'm thinking of switching coats
@Tinkeringbell I'm jealous. Tonight we are supposed to get our third winter storm in 10 days
"Winter. Is. Here"
@Rainbacon Those can have their perks too. Do you get to stay home?
5:42 PM
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I usually work from home when it storms
Things I Learned Today: 8th graders are loud, especially when numbered in the thousands.
@Mithrandir I could have told you that...
I may have posted to odd thing maybe once or twice but I doubt it - I'll go and have a look
Did you have fun at least?
@Rainbacon See? I almost never get to work from home :(
Not really a post, but definitely evidence we did meet before :P
More like "crossed paths"
5:47 PM
Ooooh - okay, so while I wasn't "gone" I certainly wasn't overly active - odds are I was just here to see how the place was doing :P Still though pleasure to meet you properly :)
@Crafter0800 If I may, where have you been?
is "Culture-shock" a valid interpersonal topic?
@Tinkeringbell I don't always like working from home. I often feel less productive there.
@Sid I guess it depends... Can I get more details?
@Sid Depends.
It currently sounds like a tag, not a topic.
5:50 PM
As in, "How to not freak out when you see lots of people consuming alcohol if for your whole life, you have only encountered teetotalers and have been warned not to take alcohol?"
@Sid That sounds more intrapersonal to me...
@Sid That's too loong a title. LOL
How to not freak out when... is a personal problem not an interpersonal problem.
@NVZ Places ;) When I joined the site I was actually on vacation, so coming home I had a loooooot of stuff to do and so the site wasn't as really important as the other things I needed to catch up on - plus spending pretty much every day for 2 weeks just here makes it stale for some time - certainly not something I'll be doing again xD
Okay, got it.
5:51 PM
On the plus side it taught me how to pace myself and not spend too much time doing the same thing ;P
@Crafter0800 "Site wasn't really important" - Ha! You have got your priorities all messed up, pal. :P
@Sid Not at all.. Site is never as important as managing real life things... unless you work for SE, that is. :P
School > Work > Hobbies :3 How I scale my stuff
@Sid You can of course always talk things through in the chatroom ;)
@NVZ I wasn't really serious, there.
5:53 PM
If I need more time for school I'll always try and spend less time working and doing hobbies :P
@Sid Dang it! I fail to read jokes.
@Tinkeringbell you don't earn Fake Imaginary Internet Points for talking in chatroom. :P
@Sid You will. I bestow upon thee NVZ points.. for being here in my presence.
NVZ points is very rare.
@Tinkeringbell Will, "How to ensure others don't freak out...." be a valid inter-personal question? Or will it be too broad?
@Sid "Why do you ask Tinkeringbell everything?" I'm jealous.
@Crafter0800 You teach at a school? (If I may)
5:56 PM
@Sid That sort of question requires a lot of tailored knowledge of the individuals involved.
Aw. @NVZ Will, "How to ensure others don't freak out ...." be a valid inter-personal question? Or will it be too broad? There you go! :P
I am a student at a school xD
@Sid Questions about getting other people to do something or act a certain way are typically closed as off topic
school = 6th form, or the equivalent of non-compulsory education
@Crafter0800 Junior College, you mean?
5:58 PM
@Crafter0800 Ah, but I have no idea what a 6th form school is. I'm 25, and an engineer.
uuuuuuh possibly? It's the equivelent of college here
the year before university
Americans call that High School, I think.
I don't know, though. British schooling System has always confused me.
@Sid It's very simple in India, I think. 12 years of school. Whatever then, is college.
@NVZ Yeah. No mind-bending "A-Levels", "O-levels" and whatnot.
I did 4 years of engineering, plus another 2 years to become a Jedi Master. Simple.
6:02 PM
"O-levels" :^) THey don't exist anymore xD
GCSE's now I think they are
@Rainbacon That has always confused me.
@MetaEd Secret eyes peeking in.
@NVZ The meta discussions seem to favor keeping them open and offering frame challenges, but I definitely feel like I've seen a lot of those questions closed recently
Q: Are questions about 'how to convince another person to change their behavior?' on topic

IHatePeopleHow do I convince someone else to change their behavior? This sort of question was and is a recurring problem on the Workplace. But we have defined this sort of question off topic. People are very different from one to another, a tactic with one person or one instance may not work on another p...

Oops, originally posted the wrong meta question
6:42 PM
@NVZ Because I take stuff serious, unlike some other people?
@Sid What are you afraid will make them freak out?
@Tinkeringbell Drinking when they have been raised by a culture of teetotaling
@spiralsucculent Yeah but I thought the original was 'I don't drink'?
yeah he's asking about different framing of the question to pull out an interpersonal approach
i think
Oh sure, and I'm willing to help... but if you don't drink and the rest does, preventing others from 'freaking-out' doesn't make much sense ;)
6:48 PM
So now its, "Somebody I know doesn't drink, how to make them at ease around people drinking?"
I think I could have some good points for an answer to a question like that
@spiralsucculent That sounds like an very personal question.
since I've managed to have some of my friends who don't drink enjoy a few social gatherings where others were drinking
man, it's not even my question
Hahaha ;) Let's figure out what the real problem is here ;-)
its @Sid's
When I was younger and not drinking having people who I respected affirm my choice was what I needed to feel comfortable. Now I just need something tasty and non alcoholic to feel comfortable when I'm not drinking.
6:51 PM
I think it's about acting natural, not showing discomfort. That can be done, but isn't always good because it makes it that much harder to eventually be taken seriously if the level of discomfort gets too high
I'm just involved because I backread chat
From a hosting a mix of non-drinkers and drinkers standpoint, I have input. From a non-drinker's standpoint, I don't.
Sometimes I feel that I have good advice to give on this site and then realize that just because my approach to life hasn't blown up in my face yet, doesn't mean its perfect and effective
@spiralsucculent I've found that I've learned far more from analyzing my mistakes than my successes.
I agree, failures give more learning than success
but how is success defined?
unless the person you are interacting with comes back and is like "Wow, you really interacted well with me yesterday"
its kind of a grey area whether an interaction was positive or just tolerable
I think that's part of the problem of this site is that success is so ill defined and nebulous.
@spiralsucculent I've had similar issues with defining success in interpersonal interactions
7:03 PM
Most people think of it in terms of outcomes.
especially since a common interpersonal tactic is putting up a polite shield to avoid uncomfortable conflict
There are a lot of IPS situations where sometimes you will get lucky and get away with things you shouldn't
@Mithrandir why do you have two accounts?
@spiralsucculent What are you considering to be my other account here?
@spiralsucculent I think avoiding uncomfortable conflict is a shortcomming on the part of the question askers. Sometimes you need to have an uncomfortable conflict.
7:05 PM
@sphennings forget lucky, its possible in many cases to exploit people's conflict aversion to achieve a desired outcome that shouldn't have
@spiralsucculent I used to complain to a friend of mine because I was having a lot of conversations with people on dating apps, but wasn't getting many dates. She pointed out to me that just because I didn't get the result I wanted it didn't mean I was failing. In fact I was actually being quite successful by the fact that people were even talking with me at all. Sometimes the "success" of an interpersonal interaction is just the practice you get in using your skills
@spiralsucculent That's also true.
@Mithrandir lol the account @Mithrandir24601 that joined the room simultaneously with you
Oh, that's not me :D
@spiralsucculent o/ That's me! (I've actually got nothing whatsoever to do with @Mithrandir )
Except, perhaps a shared fondness for LoTR :P
7:08 PM
@Mithrandir24601 And interpersonal skills! :o
@TheTinyMan Heh. Well, maybe... Someday :P
@Rainbacon Amen to that, I definitely seek out some interactions just for practice
okay, it stretches my belief that two accounts with similar names would get online at the same time

On the other hand, there's no reason I could think of why a mod would be blatantly running a sock puppet
so, sorry for the misunderstanding y'all
@spiralsucculent oh people do that..
Well, if no-one does it: I wrote an answer... I used sources! interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/11706/1599
I will gladly admit that I am blatantly running 4 or 5 other accounts. I use them for testing things.
7:13 PM
haha, fair
More like, how in olden times, kings used to travel through their kingdom in disguise.
I also use them for running bots.
@Tinkeringbell well, what if it's only once a year thing?
We're talking about you being the person not drinking, right?
@Tinkeringbell ..No.
7:15 PM
@Sid You’ll stay confused if you think the UK just has one system. I’m Scottish, I’ve never understood the English set-up.
@Sid Thats what your original question was
@Sid So, you'll be drinking, but another person won't be?
@Tinkeringbell I will neither confirm not deny whether I indulge in consuming alcohol but yeah, another person, say "X" won't be.
Just trying to get a good background here :)
I have experience!
7:16 PM
(It might be better if this is about you, to make it about you because hypothetical persons are really difficult to write :P )
How do I ensure they don't freak out when they are lots of people consuming alcohol?
@spiralsucculent I'm sure you do :P
I think it is important for the question to define how drunk people get, if everyone just takes 1 beer and then it stops (like a family birthday part) or that people drink more, since the confortable level is different
What makes you think they will freak out?
Have they showed such behavior before?
Are you just curious what you can do to make them comfortable, in case they do show discomfort?
@Tinkeringbell these are new friends. I don't know how they will react. But, taking worst-case scenario..
7:17 PM
also there are interpersonal solutions here, but the question wording will determine how many bad answers you'll get
Okay. So we're going with worst case scenario, meaning we're already expecting a certain level of discomfort/signs of discomfort..
@Tinkeringbell I am over the age of 21 ma'am, what are you trying to imply, hm?
@Peter um... Imagine a late-night Party
@Tinkeringbell yes..
is this an event that you're hosting/responsible for inviting Mr. Teetotal to?
@Sid Okay, then make sure to mention that ;)
7:19 PM
are to required to come
To reframe it another way if your adult friends respond poorly to you choosing not to drink, then they're not the sort of people that you should be friends with .
Because if you don't, you'll likely also get a lot of crap answers stating that you're overthinking it ;)
Most people are quite surprised if I tell them I never drink and never had a drink
@sphennings agreed, part of a good answer will be making sure there isn't some jackass trying to bully your friend into drinking the whole night
However I always end that with "medical reasons", which is quite easy :)
7:22 PM
@Peter It's certainly a remarkable revelation past a certain age.
I'm 22 now and first year master degree, so yea
@spiralsucculent coordinator of the said event.
okay, I have literally been in your shoes in the past 8 months
@Peter I met someone in their mid 30s who had never drunk or taken a drug that wasn't prescribed by a doctor.
@sphennings that will probably be me in 8 years, I don't plan to have a drink
7:23 PM
@sphennings No, that's not the issue. I am wondering whether X can hold it together if they see multiple people drinking together.
@Peter I'm never that surprised. I was raised under a rock by very conservative parents. I know a lot of other people are the same ways
You don't miss what you never tried :)
It is a personal choise and it makes it easier if I suddenly need to use medicines
(uh, im bad at using chat today)
7:24 PM
@spiralsucculent I think that that's something that you can't preempt.
@spiralsucculent lol, you could have just edited your last post
My parents aren't conservative and drink themself, I'm pritty sure everyone of my family does :)
(I am not the only coordinator, mind you. There are a few others too)
thats usually how things go
@Sid If you're wondering if your friend can remain committed to not drinking under peer pressure that's a personal question for your friend.
7:26 PM
If you want to make that person more comfortable, taking a coke and not only beer could help a bit :)
@sphennings I am sure they can. The point is, how can I make sure they don't experience a "culture-shock " so as to speak?
@Peter Hmm, that would obviously help..
The approach I took (which seemed to work, as these sort events have repeated) was to make it clear to the non-drinkers I was inviting how I expected the event to go and that I and others would be drinking, but that I didn't expect them to consume alcohol if they were uninterested
@Sid only partially not-serious Pre-game it with a small group with them around?
I don't have that much experience with drinkers, the people that drink never really went drunk around me
only a bit funny sometimes
@Sid talk to them beforehand
7:30 PM
@TheTinyMan um, No. Not possible. This week is far too busy for us to organize something like that
@Sid Talk to them about the type of event it's going to be and let them make an informed decision.
also,if you want non-drinkers to enjoy your event, center it around some activity that isn't directly related to drinking
Make sure that the event is going to be rewarding to people who don't drink.
@spiralsucculent already have. Like, I said, I want to know how do I prepare for the worst case scenario.
@Sid Culture shock isn't a bad thing.
7:31 PM
If a round is given, make sure also coke is thrown around :)
@Sid What was that conversation like?
@Sid I suspected as much. Will you be able to have a space at the party that's low-intensity, where non-drinkers could go? That's a complex and tall order, because drunk people want to be in all the spaces, especially if they're in the late stages of consciousness.
@Peter Coke is a mandatory thing. :P
@TheTinyMan i am not sure. I haven't surveyed the area carefully to know that.
If your friend has made an informed decision and you've done your due diligence to make sure that the non drinking guests will have a good time and not feel like second class citizens, there's nothing else you can really do.
@spiralsucculent well, they said they didn't have problems with drinkers.
7:33 PM
@sphennings disagree, although thats like 70-90% of what you can do
@Sid Is the person someone who will do well with a non-drinking-buddy to stick to? I've known people that that would help, like myself in some circumstances.
@spiralsucculent Sure there's more but it's entirely tailored to the individual.
@TheTinyMan Probably. I mean, you can ask them to stick around with the non-drinking bunch but it sort of alienates people- one that I am not personally a fan of
@sphennings Checking in during the event, policing negative attention around being a non-drinker from other guests
@spiralsucculent True, I had that lumped in as be a good host which I was assuming was a given.
Nothing about that is specific to a friend who is not drinking/culture shock.
7:35 PM
since I've seen non-drinking friends' party experience be 50% explaining why they aren't drinking
@spiralsucculent oh, I don't think anyone would get negative attention for being a non-drinker.
At least, not here
Thats good
if youve already talked with them beforehand and they know what theyre getting into, then I think the "being a good host" stuff is really all thats left
@Sid there are far worse vices than being a non drinker, in fact, I was one before I met my ex wife. It was she that drove me to drink, and I am forever in her debt.
Thanks everyone for chipping in with your thoughts. It's great to hear so many opinions.
@RichardU That is not what I've said any time I've resorted to drinking to dealing with ragged emotions. :-p
7:40 PM
@TheTinyMan that's because I don't limit it to that.
And it's expensive!
@TheTinyMan nothing in life that is worth it is cheap.
@RichardU Yeah, I think my joke there was ill-formed and didn't deliver like I meant it to, sorry 'bout that. :-)
@TheTinyMan I've found that the best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid sobriety.
@RichardU I've managed to only once get hung over, and that was because I was such an inexperienced drinker that I was mistaken on how much I'd drunk by a factor of about...I think I decided 5?
7:42 PM
@TheTinyMan also, the said event is top-secret with only a handful of people knowing its location. We would prefer to keep it that way (for specific reasons) and it's hard to organize such a thing without it being leaked.
@Sid Oh, is it going to be a small event? (you probably already said as much when I was paying less attention, sorry if I missed it)
I won't ask why this is top-secret :)
@TheTinyMan small, yeah.
@Sid That's likely to help at least. :-)
@Peter @Sid why is it top secret?
7:44 PM
@Peter well, probably not anymore since I have already told about this to a dozen strangers over the internet. :P
@Sid Quick guys, we've gonna hack him to get his location and figure out the time and location of this party!
hahaha, its not that we know where so
@TheTinyMan I'm in
well, sure, we've tracked your IP, but hacking your facebook to get the deets is a lot of work
We can track his mobile phone
ohh smart
7:46 PM
@Sid don't worry, I won't trace your IP to get your location.
LOL looks like we've got a l33t crowd in here
@RichardU no worries, someone else will do it :)
lol, Im not sure I want to hop a 12+ hour flight to crash @Sid's party
hmm, I can't I have college tomorrow
@TheTinyMan I've only gotten hung over twice. Both times due to a partner helping me.
Still curious why it is top secret though
7:48 PM
@spiralsucculent Oh, it will take you far more than 12+ hours to get to where I am.
@RichardU hahaha, I've seen Hackers twice, I know what I'm doing
@Peter don't worry. Event is on Saturday. :P
@Sid cool :D
@spiralsucculent Yeah, back before Angelina Jolie mutilated herself with 50 round of plastic surgery.
@Sid we will just "force project" to where you are
and the Prodigy was cool
7:50 PM
@spiralsucculent most hacks are so simple it's not funny.
I brought down my college print server with three lines of code.
Oh I remember the security on high school, yea that was fun
@spiralsucculent that would require me to have a Facebook account..
@Peter I think security should have been in quotes.
@RichardU while(1) { fork(); }
I remember hacking through NT at a previous employer. Since I got a week's worth of work done in an afternoon, they weren't too upset.
@Rainbacon LOL! Well, I did it in BASIC, so.... not as efficient.\
7:53 PM
Rule number one is important, there will always be someone who can brake what you made
Windows NT was always fun, unless you were in security, then it was a nightmare.
@Peter Rule 2: It's impossible to make anything foolproof, as fools are so damn ingenious.
@RichardU yep :)
Anyway, goodbye all. It's almost half past 1 and I have college at 8 tomorrow
Have a nice day everyone
@RichardU actually I find it pretty funny, I did a really fun CTF event last summer where there were a bunch of different IoT and Network devices on a LAN that had known exploits, some of them you could get a shell on by loading a certain html page from their helper webserver
@Sid good night :)
7:54 PM
good luck with the party Sid
@spiralsucculent it's cool and at the same time really bad, security in IoT is just horrible sometimes
Happily my work atm is in the field of securing IoT
cool :)
but my company isn't going to stop cheap vulnerable consumer stuff being everywhere
I can imagine you see quite a mess somethimes, or do you build it from ground up?
7:58 PM
@spiralsucculent After my stroke, my first paying job was at a major box store known for it's "easy" button. No lie: I accidentally hacked their systems with a single keystroke. They had a web-based interface, and I hit the backspace key, and got into the system someone else had just used. They didn't do any housekeeping and I had all the data in front of me.
@RichardU o wow, that's bad
not security consulting for me, I'm working on development for a commercial IoT middle layer
we dont clear cookies, we just bring you back to the login page
@Peter yeah, I let management know and they.... did nothing. It's no surprise that they got hacked for all kinds of customer data later.
Oh man, the "That was easy" jokes after that hack...
@spiralsucculent I'm sure that's what the hackers were saying. I wouldn't be surprised if their password was "password"
8:02 PM
@RichardU ha
okay, there goes my lunch hour+, I need to get some work done
@NVZ the sad thing is I'm not a very good hacker at all, just curious, and I was able to figure out a hack by accident.
cya :)
@spiralsucculent good luck storming the castle.
@Peter the truly sad thing about that "easy" system, is that the average manager has to know over 30 passwords, but a simple backspace key gets you in.
@RichardU yea it sounds really sloppy
8:04 PM
That's the equivelant of locking your convertible but having the roof down and the windows open with the keys in the ignition!
yea XD
@Peter being a hacker is like being a cop in one regard. You rely more on the stupidity of others than your own intelligence.
@RichardU haha, yea, hackers always use an oversight in a system, it can be big or small :)
@Peter Win NT had such huge holes in security that you could drive a truck through them.
that sounds bad XD
uche someone is irritating me a bit XD
not here btw :)
8:12 PM
So @Sid, did you get enough info out of these chatterboxes for a decent question/answers to the questions you had?
@Peter Well, it made my job easy. I hacked NT so I was able to map drives for an entire department in an afternoon. It was supposed to take a few days. I was able to drag shortcuts on my PC to a floppy, then drag and drop the shortcuts to the end user's desktop. No verification of permissions required.
@Tinkeringbell HEY! I resemble that remark
@RichardU until you have to make sure nobody else can do it
( I didn't mean to shut the chatter down, just checking up on Sid :P)
@Tinkeringbell I think he left for the night
Ohhh. okay ;)
He'll see it tomorrow then. Please continue the chattering!
8:25 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'm actually doozing off a bit haha
@Peter Oh, I was very happy to have nothing at all to do with security during the NT days.
yea I can imagine :)
@Peter Security on NT was about as effective as a squirt gun on a forest fire.
I'm gonna call it a day, good day/night all :)
8:55 PM
@Catija is there a lot of police activity near you?
... I don't have a great sense of how big towns are, outside of New York ...
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