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7:57 AM
Good morning beloved awkward people!
8:16 AM
8:34 AM
hey, he's back
No I'm not.
@JourneymanGeek in that case, welcome not back
1 hour later…
9:48 AM
Good day, since it's way too quiet here (and because I'm waiting for my computer to finish installing something), I'm gonna post here some meta question who deserve attention (but don't worry, it's only gonna be one at a time)
Q: What to do about the speaking tag?

user288The speaking tag has six questions. Three of those questions only need the conversations tag: How can I get Americans to speak more slowly after I've already asked them once? How to respond to someone when they ask how much you earn? How can I politely ask someone to get off their phone? One...

@Noon You really deserve some kind of cleanup hat :D
@avazula I think it's called a broom in English, not a hat :P
@Noon what do you mean? I was thinking of gifting you a "chapeau" for the specific reason of your cautious and efficient cleanup :p
@avazula That was a joke, I understand what you meant but decided to play around because hats are not really useful to clean stuff but a broom is ^^
@Noon haaaaaa :D
I'm really bad at getting second degree ^^
that's a good joke!
9:54 AM
@avazula Well, it's harder when you only have text and no voice indication ^^
@AJ nice, pal!
@avazula Thanks!
I didn't expect it to get 9 votes anyway.
10:16 AM
@AJ I think it's worthing it :)
@avazula Thanks. :) Can you make it 10? ;)
@AJ I can :)
Thanks again.
@AJ How do you do it BTW? Is there a website with an API for easily knitting?
@avazula Just hit Start Knitting here. Login first.
10:22 AM
@AJ Ooh, right. I may try my hand on that. Thanks :)
That is so cool.
@avazula Have fun!
10:36 AM
meta.stackexchange.com/a/320007/369802 I'm going to spam this one here too ;)
Hi everyone, btw! :D
@Tinkeringbell already UPed too. I can't wait to see your actual knitting of it :D
@avazula I msut admit I wasn't thinking of knitting it ;) I can't knit. I'm likely to cheat a bit into crocheting
@Tinkeringbell Looks nice!
Looks like I have only 2 votes left for today when I voted all knittings.
11:36 AM
Ahhhh I got my first flag declined on IPS... and it was on a comment where OP was just mentioning why he accepted the answer he accepted oO Why that flag got declined? and the comment is removed now anyways :O
Could be a misclick
@Noon: Anything causing you trouble? I want more hats, and I usually can give good answers to your post. So feel free to ask one xP
@dhein No, sorry XD The only thing giving me trouble is my Jenkins in a docker being so slooooove!
@Noon Well... at least glad to hear thats all :D
@dhein Yeah ^^ But you might try to post your own question, you will still get some rep (and I might be able to answer :P )
It seems that I spoke too soon, I'm also having some technical issue with this docker+jenkins+github ><
11:42 AM
I usually struggle hitting our scope with my posts, so I just felt not comfortable with posting the recent weeks :x
@Noon Sounds like an interpersonal conflict you have with theese guys! Go Go GO! xD
@dhein Yeah, writing a question just to have it closed is no fun :/
yeeeeeh :x I allways feel like my problems are so insignificatn when that happens. Even despite I know, thats not it. but if you already feel lost about something, then getting that feeling on top of that is really sad. And I am bad in phrasing my questions clear enough, so thats what most of the time hapens... so neeeh :x
@dhein I understand and I'm sorry this site isn't suited for you :/
(when it comes to asking question, I mean)
Neither you need to be, nor I think that it not being suited for me is very fitting. It is more like, there being a language barrier ^^
or some other sort of barrier
12:00 PM
@dhein If you can't ask a question then there is a problem and I thought "suited" was a good word to say that this site doesn't correspond to your way of phrasing things. (and I definitively agree with that "language barrier" metaphor)
Dunno, probs you might be right
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Haaaaa (I love cleanup)
12:32 PM
In my office, you can here things like "where do we put the cow?"
This is a regular conversation between designers XD
@Noon what now? xD
"You don't click on the cow!"
You're now talking about things that I can't understand xD
@avazula There were discussing where they should put the image representing a cow and whether or not the cow should be clickable
@Noon haaaaaaaaaa
Now I get it haha
12:37 PM
Yeah, I like those kind of "out of context" conversation XD
@Noon I get that, it sounds funny n_n
@Mithrandir aaaaaw ♥
Now I need to remember to edit it credit to you
pictures incoming fame
1:02 PM
Added. ;)
@Mithrandir That is kind of you, thank you very much :*
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@avazula Sorry, you are right, this is just so frustrating ><
@Noon Yup.
If you feel like it's not going anywhere, step away.
@dhein have you tried using the sandbox to workshop your questions?
1:12 PM
I flagged for moderator intervention. Not that I think we could do much more about it, but at least we've done everything we could about it.
@avazula I really hope they will be able to do solve this one way or another. This situation is wasting everyone time and energy
@Noon That's part of SE life, I think. Some people struggle with the scope but do not want to let it go. I'm not sure there's much we can do about this.
Moving on, I'm curious: what's that hat you're wearing? Why did you get it for?
@avazula I answered a question and I got an upvote ^^
I know you could also have something is someone star your message in chat (please star me :P )
@Noon Really? That's it? I may have been mostly focusing on moderating lately :p
@Noon Your cow story was worth a star so, here you go gal :D
Haha, everyone, Mister Ava is offering you a joke:
@avazula I think the answer should have been posted after the beginning of the winter bash
1:20 PM
(it's a non-oppressive one)
@avazula Thank you dear :D
An englishman, a frenchman, a spanish guy and a german are watching a street performer do some juggling. The juggler notices that they have amiserable view to see him. So, he stands up on a wooden box and ask them :"Can you all see me now ?"
That was mister Ava, thank you avaryone
@avazula I'm probably missing something because I don't understand ><
@Noon "yes" "oui" "si" "ja" -> "Yes we see ya"
"yes" "we" "see" "ya"
1:23 PM
Oui is pronounced we and ja is pronounced yah
Haha, now everyone is explaining
Oh, thanks! That's a good one indeed ^^
@Noon That's only on Jan1
@Mithrandir Oh, I'm sad now, I wanted those cool glasses :(
It took me a second to get it, but then I almost laughed out loud on the train
1:28 PM
Q: How to start or keep up a conversation with a friend or crush

Throwaway TunnelbearI am currently studying in a high school, and I have several friends. Among them is a girl I like. We have several common interests e.g. gaming, and we're on very good terms and talk a bunch in real life and online. When I'm in a group, it's pretty easy to find topics to talk about; however, when...

1:42 PM
@Rainbacon I did
@avazula That's possibly my favorite multilinguistic joke.
@El'endiaStarman Heh, I'm glad then. I really like that it's not oppressive, it's quite rare for this category of jokes :)
Heh, I agree. Jokes involving multiple cultures usually invoke stereotypes all over the place.
@El'endiaStarman yup
@dhein and it didn't help?
2:01 PM
@avazula did you knit anything? You know you can download the image after knitting
@AJ Nope, I'm at work :)
@avazula ohh. Okay. Don't forget to show your art once you're done.
@AJ I won't! :)
(I mean, forget. I won't forget xD)
@avazula The Christmas hat fits you perfectly LOL
@JasperLoy I think it's quite fitting my anticapitalistic hippie state of mind
It just omits the fact that I'm an aircraft but hey, pobody's nerfect
2:14 PM
@avazula Wow, I only understood this joke after reading the explanation. The best I have heard in a long time.
@JasperLoy I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
2:49 PM
What I want to do doesn't work, I have no clue as to where I should look to solve the issue and so, I'm frustration-eating chocolate (but that's a very good chocolate)
@Noon At least that's a good thing you have chocolate ... lots of hugs and courage to you ♥
@avazula And lots of chocolate too :P <3
@avazula OMG, it was a space issue, I have been stuck on this for a hours and it was a space issue! I'm going to kill this jenkins!
@Noon Yeah, that's an issue I often encounter too ... darn it you lack of space!
@avazula The worst thing is, Jenkins was smart enough to auto-remove the space in order to show some stuff, but the auto-remove didn't happen later and it *** things up
hi y'all. :)
2:58 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body (97): Girlfriend become aggressive when we bump into other women by Anon on interpersonal.SE
Q: Girlfriend become aggressive when we bump into other women

AnonAbout the relationship Me and my girlfriend have been together for 5 years now and we live together by 2. We are both introvert, and we had some trust issue over two year ago, admittedly my fault (watching p*rn videos if useful to know). This is my first relationship, and it's her second (the fi...

3:17 PM
@avazula ^
@Mithrandir I'm sorry to say this but... you look kind of scary :x (but that quite resemblant otherwise, so congrat for that)
There's a bit of a limited color choice :P
@Mithrandir That's true indeed, it's just those white eyes... But you did a good job with the flowers
@ElizB Hey there! Long time no see :) How are you dear?
@Mithrandir Nice!
@ElizB Oh, sorry I ignored you! It's been awhile :)
3:33 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan hmm why do we have a "platonic crush" tag :|
@SmokeDetector fp
(no idea if that works)
@EmC I don't think so ...
@avazula it has been a while, my final few weeks of the semester really kicked my ass... i'm finishing this friday but i have a paper to do today and due tomorrow...
What the heck is a secret hat? You won it too @scohe, do you have an idea?
@Noon yes indeed. :)
@ElizB Erf. I hope you're doing good anyways :)
3:37 PM
Q: Winter Bash 2018 Hat list

DavidHere we go again the Winter Bash is here and the hats are listed below. The list has the same format as always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Only edit the secret hat answer with definitiv...

@avazula definitely feeling burnout. I have the paper to do and panic monster is trying to come out but i'm so tired inside...
@ElizB Oh no! :'( Lots of courage and hugs to you <3
thanks. If someone can do the paper for me that would be great! (kidding) haha
@scohe001 wooh, neat. Thanks pal.
3:41 PM
This is one of Mister Ava's gifts for me for Christmas:
I think it may be the perfect gift
hehehe yep i can totally relate
3:52 PM
@avazula Ahah, I love it!
@Noon I'm a huge fan of Stitch so, me too :D
@Noon Here, better?
user image
@avazula I should watch that at some point
@avazula I don't really know Stitch, but I do really like the message
@Noon Haha
@Mithrandir Haha yeah, I like this "big eyes" version, much less scary :P
3:56 PM
@EmC You are getting more and more badass with those glasses :P I really like the way your avatar wear hats and other stuff, it really breaks the seriousness of the picture XD
Mister Ava is so happy because he found out I bought him a nerf gun for Xmas xD
Ha! That's perfect
@Noon hehe, thanks :D I think the glasses are very fitting
@avazula nice!! are you exchanging gifts early? or are you both just too excited to keep secrets xD
@EmC Well, I don't really like surprises (and I'm terrible at them) so he told me what he got me for Xmas and after that he invited me to tell him what I got him so I told him ^^
4:04 PM
When I was reading this chat, my N+1 sent me "Well done Noon" (in English, not in French) and I was really surprise that he used my real name instead of "Noon". Then, I realize it was because this wasn't a TAS message XD
:) I'm pretty sure I know what SO is getting me too, but that's because he's terrible at hints lol
@Noon hahah
@EmC haha. What do you think he got you?
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@avazula That's almost what every adult feels...
Less than 2 years into adulthood, I already get that feeling. :P
@avazula slippers (which I definitely could use!).. because I asked him what his shoe size was and he went "wait, are you going to get me what I'm going to get you??" :P
and I know he doesn't knit socks, lol
@EmC hahaha
He is gonna knit you slippers?? That'd be so cool!!
4:18 PM
haha, it would be! sadly he's not a crafty-type person, except when it comes to board games :P
right now, me and hubby don't have much money to spare and we're not really that materialistic.
@ElizB Hanging out with your loved ones is the greatest gift of all IMO :)
@avazula yup that's what I'm looking forward to.
we probably will go over to my mom's christmas eve and christmas morning to do the gifts and such
@EmC ooh, that's nice too!
I know over break i'm gonna catch up on my internship hours, try and get a DOS emulator working so I can play old games, and just chill and clean up
4:27 PM
@ElizB that sounds like a good time! :)
@EmC yep! Right now i'm just not motivated and need to complete a pretty complicated risk assessment for PFOA paper
Q: Let's remove the socializing tag

user288The socializing tag seems to be used for any question involving interpersonal skills, and doesn't seem to have any sort of specific meaning. Questions with the tag range from questions about the link between self-esteem and spending time on the internet, to questions about how to tell friends tha...

(Tag is my new hobby, I just want to bring some attention to this tag request)
@Rainbacon Well, having had 2 times a post in there for roughly a week and it got no feedback at all; No votes no comments. And both times after posting it on main it was stomped within minutes. So I dont hold too much of the sandbox. ^^
4:47 PM
I'm hungry and the chocolate that I brought to work, well, I would like to have some for tomorow too ><
If you have some nice picture of vegan food, feel free to torture me :P
@dhein that's unfortunate
@Noon A little masochistic, aren‘t you? 😂
@dhein Sometimes maybe :P
But I will be out of work soon so, I will then be able to eat other stuff :D
@Noon goo.gl/images/Mg5yHE hahaha okay, then enjoy not being able to have this xP
@dhein That does looks like a very nice cake! And we might eat a similar one with @ava this week-end \o/
4:57 PM
I was first considering sharing this: goo.gl/images/2QdzWn But despite it looks quite tasty, it looks at the same time somewhat.... disgusting >.<
@Noon Uhhh thats gonna be pleasant for sure :)
@dhein I understand what this makes you think about XD
@dhein Yep, especially because I rarely eat some well prepare vegan stuff (and plus, I will be with @avazula!!!! :D )
@Noon And then the label speaking of a secret ingredient.... No thanks, I don‘t want to try that 🤣
@dhein Ahah XD
Finaly time to go for me! See you later people!
But that wouldn‘t be vegan tho 🤔
but I should stop thinking about that xD
@Noon have a nice day :)
@Noon probs more the latter than the former ;) I am happy for the 2 of you :)
@Rainbacon well, somewhat it is. But wouldnt really have had an impact. As usually people downvoted closed, helped me improving reopened and at least one of the two came through^^
1 hour later…
6:21 PM
Q: Someone criticized my "casual player game", how to make them think?

NoonBackground I love candy crush and candy crush like games. I love grouping things by color and I'm very good at it. I play it in my free time, especially when I need to relax my mind. I know such games are targeted to a broader audience but it doesn't mean that they can't be harder in there very...

6:46 PM
yaaaay :D
Yay what? :P
ohhhh darn I wrote my answer and wasnt logged in i copy pasted my answer but it saved something weong so I had to write it again and in that time someone else posted an answer -.-
@Tinkeringbell hey 👋🏻
Noon asked a question :P
@dhein I much admit, I didn't expected you to answer that XD
yay noon has asked a question :)
@Noon why? :D
6:47 PM
@dhein I do have a lot of question :P
@dhein Well, it was less "autistic oriented" ^^
@dhein Hi :)
@Noon I think its more autistic related then you think. As I think the source of that question is overthinking stuff whats quite typical for us again ;P
@IPSCommentBot tp
As I can here again relate to your situation. But yeh in itself it isnt. Does my answer at least help? 🙈
@dhein I honestly don't think I'm overthinking this but I can see why you would think that
@dhein Both answers are fine so far but I don't like the idea that there is nothing I can do (or nothing much at least), so no upvote for you!
6:56 PM
@dhein awww well you should still answer!
@Noon Well there is nothing you can do yet anymore anyways, can you? The point is, you can‘t know what their intention was. Even if it was 100% meant to be condescending it’s disguised. And if you want to make something clear, you need to know their point first.
@dhein Well, I could do something next time someone say this to me
So for your wuestion the way it is, its hard to answer what you should do, without knowing what that person would have revealed about their intention
@Noon „something“ is quite unclear. you should then add to your question what you want to achieve with that „something“ you are asking for.
If it is, you dont want them to talk to you in the future that way to you. Or you want them to not think something specific of you or what ever
that changes a lot what such an answer would be like
I tried to kind of touch on a few different scenarios with my edit, I am not sure if that helps you more, @Noon.
@Ash, I already liked your answer but your idea made me upvote, thanks for that :)
7:02 PM
(Also I am super curious, what game is it? I love mobile games, and am always looking for new ones to try!)
@Ash The mobile version of it is called "Rockfaller" (but "Motion Twin") but I was playing a similar but still different version on my computer: arkadeo.com/game/play/9/Rock%20Faller
@dhein I don't want them to think that people who play those kind of games are "inferior"
@Noon Oh, that looks really fun. I will have to check it out.
@Noon I see
@Ash If you are also interested in computer games, I also play this: kadokado.com/game/49/play
7:18 PM
@Noon oh, neat! I will have to check that out too. I love a lot of what people call "casual" games.
(I also play a lot of other video games, but this sort of thing is something I really love.)
@Ash Happy to be of help :) Also, if you are into puzzles, this site is very good: thejigsawpuzzles.com And, since we are talking about it, I recommend you to check all those games: twinoid.com/en/games there aren't all "casual" but since you also like other stuff... (They are all from the "Motion Twin", I really like their games. Plus, they are French :p ).
@Noon Awesome, I will check all of those links!
1 hour later…
8:38 PM
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10:12 PM
Q: How to acknowledge an apology without saying thanks

Mr GigglesSomeone has recognised that their behaviour toward me was unacceptable. What can I say that acknowledge the have apologised without thanking them for it? I'm stuck with : "Thanks, I appreciate your apology...."


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