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12:04 AM
@apaul I grew up rural conservative, while people I know never thought like this, I can see how they could have.
So I get where they're coming from.
I don't love it, I agree that it's a little antiquated
I've known religious folks that acted like that, that's why I asked if it was cultural. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
Well... I mean... the VP of the US feels that way... :/
12:35 AM
@Catija See. Antiquated.
@apaul :P
1:05 AM
So, I'm allowed to start fires now, right?
1:20 AM
I'm going to go hide...
Q: For your consideration: "On Topic" help page contents

CatijaThis site really needs content for the help center's "On Topic" page and since it didn't seem to be happening, I did it myself but it needs your voice. We won't be able to make everyone happy with all of the rules here because... well... what the rules should be is something we're probably not al...

1:47 AM
@Catija I was just going to ask that when do we update our on-topic page.
Q: What are some examples of / what makes a good small talk question?

DarcyThomasSo you are at a social event and you meet some one*. You start with the usual questions: Hi my/your name is? What do you do? How do you know the host? Which are all good to get started. Then you might ask some other small talk questions. What makes a good question? What are some examples? S...

2:38 AM
Hi @CaptainBohemian :)
I'm having a nice, warm chai latte right now
it solves both my hunger and cold issues :)
it depends on what you want to know and what questions are meaningful to you and them. If you don't wonder anything, just keep silent. I hate people ask me irrelevant small questions just for talking ad hoc then making useless compliment or response.
@CaptainBohemian I think that question up there ^ will get closed anyway. Something about boating or whatever - SE doesn't welcome questions that ask for "lists" of things.
@D.Hutchinson It's raining again. I hate going hunting in rain. I am eating potato chips.
I see :(
Just make sure you get some exercise everyday :)
@D.Hutchinson There is eatery called Northern China Eatery which I often go to solve hunger trouble. Its female boss really likes to ask me irrelevant personal questions. I feel annoyed by her.
2:45 AM
Nice - I have a big bag of Doritos that I will munch on later ...
Yeah, I hear ya ...
Just tell "white lies" if you're uncomfortable; that's how I deal with it ...
questions like "how much rent do you pay?" feels really intrusive ...
one person even asked "how much money do you have in your bank account" and I'm pretty sure they weren't joking or teasing me -- you have to be careful
she likes to ask me whether I am still studying and where I am working many times. I know she doesn't understand my career issue but she keeps asking. One time I just replied her I am working on research and she's like she doesn't have idea what I am talking at all.
white lie
ˈˌ(h)wīt ˈlī/Submit
a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone's feelings.
yeah, I know what you mean
I actually even want to reply her:''I am always studying. What do you mean by ''still studying''? Is there a point when one should stop studying?"
that's kinda mean ...
don't say that :(
say ... you're a teacher or something
something where she likely won't ask follow-up questions ...
she indeed has asked me something about my accommodation because here renting a house is very costly. And I told her I live in family's house so don't pay and then she considers it's good bonus. She also has asked me how much money I earn each month. I feel she is really annoying.
she heard that I live family's house and followed up by asking ''doesn't your mother cook?" I replied her "nobody cooks at my home." I actually had words in mind "why don't you come to my home to cook as Mother? There is nobody glad to serve as Mother at my home."
3:01 AM
yeah ... just tell white lies ... she doesn't have to know anything about your personal life :)
she will only judge you anyway
"captain bohemian makes so much / so little money ... "
I would speak out those impolite words when I am irritable. But that time I am not by chance.
I have got tired of these jerks.
I have had a quarrel with some customer at the eatery one time because that day that customer blamed me for not putting some flavor dish back to a table, but I think that flavor dish can be put anywhere and customers move it from table to table.
that day I had been irritable by someone else, then that customer just brought me a chance to vent my anger.
Q: Can't post a new question - there's a 7 day wait?

D.HutchinsonI was going to post a question tonight but got this notice instead: You have reached your question limit It looks like you might need a break - take a breather and come back soon! You've asked 2 questions recently, some of which have not been received very well by the community. Ev...

maybe ask an IPS question here on the main page, to get some help, @CaptainBohemian?
you sound like you might have a good question to post
well, I feel nobody knows the answer to those questions.
I actually just have no interest with interacting with these irrelevant people.
but I can't avoid going to eateries.
I usually try to go to eateries whose managers tend not to ask me any irrelevant questions.
yeah :(
I won't even share any of my time with my roommates, @CaptainBohemian - I like to be alone with my thoughts, even doing unproductive things on Stack Exchange is better than communicating with people near me or who live with me.
3:16 AM
I feel the topics eatery manangers like to talk to are never concerns, so I don't really like to talk with.
So I definitely understand :)
some eatery managers like to talk about their children. One talked to me about the activity his child had in school.
I think he'd better to talk that to someone interested in child raising. I have heard one eatery manager talked to a customer about each other's children.
I saw they talked enjoyably. I am not their category.
they talked about what their children like to eat.
how boring!
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