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Q: My girlfriend and mother hate each other. What can I do?

Celso JuniorTo make things clear, I really love my mother and my girlfriend. About my mother: she gave me everything in my life. She really loves me and do her beast to take care of me. But, I can not deny that she is a really difficult person to deal with and when she doesn't like someone, she is really u...

12:50 AM
Abnormal? Hmm... — apaul 21 secs ago
#16662 apaul (40550 rep) | A: How can I try to get my coworkers to stop their jokes on LGBTQ+ people (score: -1) | posted 3 hours ago by EldritchWarlord (99 rep) | Toxicity 0.32758895
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Q: On a date, if I give a woman flowers, what does she do with them?

D. RusinOn a date, maybe I'd like to give a woman flowers as a little present. Maybe flowers are not the best present, somebody has a better idea? But if it's flowers, what's the best thing for her to do with them? I mean, if I imagine to be a woman getting flowers, I'd feel real bad throwing them away b...

1:02 AM
A tiny suggestion: I would just say that you're a woman, or that you're female. Each implies the other, whether referring to a cis or trans person. Similar for your parent. — Cascabel 1 min ago
#16620 Cascabel (1387 rep) | Q: How can I try to get my coworkers to stop their jokes on LGBTQ+ people (score: 33) | posted 13 hours ago by avazula (5283 rep) | Toxicity 0.3832045 | edited 9 hours ago by avazula (5283 rep)
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I agree and obviously my suggestion is to fight fire with fire (not rude by french standards) - currently away from a computer but I’d be grateful if you want to soften some parts of the answer while retaining the meaning. Thanks! — MicroMachine 44 secs ago
#16672 MicroMachine (99 rep) | A: How can I try to get my coworkers to stop their jokes on LGBTQ+ people (score: -1) | posted 25 minutes ago by MicroMachine (99 rep) | Toxicity 0.143484
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Q: How to Approach Platonic Crush?

enlighten_meContext I have a platonic crush on a person I first met through a group interview for voluntary work at an organisation. In the interview, I found out their name and after knowing a little more about them through their answers to the panel's questions, I found them a very interesting character a...

Q: Moved in house to find out roommate has serious (possibly terminal) illness

refbobbyI moved into a shared house. The landlord is one of the roommates. I don't know how to put this but I latter found out that the landlord has cancer. His wife told me this (she is one of the roommates too). I am sorry for him. I had only briefly met him before moving in and did not know he was sic...


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