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@user405 I am not sure why you are bringing this here. Trust me, SE is aware of all of the various facets of this, and bring it in here just feels like it has the potential to cause more misunderstandings and hurt feelings than it is worth.
1:47 AM
@user405 There is already a discussion going on, please refer to that for now. Thank you for your awareness and consideration, but we don't want to jump to conclusions here in chat and have a good, productive discussion on the meta. :)
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5:07 AM
@avazula Hey there, I have a list of autism reference for you, ping me when you are here :)
@Noon autism reference?
@Termatinator Website and books you can read to know more about the topic (most of it is in French though)
@Noon ah okay, I got autism myself so that’s
why i got interested
I’m gonna hate that return button on the phone
@Termatinator I know, it's funny how a lot of us here are on the spectrum
@Termatinator Ahah, that's why I don't like touch phones :P
@Noon i think because it’s easier to (dis)connect to people here
Coupled with the fact of acceptance and that you can ask questions yourself
5:17 AM
@Termatinator My theory was that people on the spectrum tend to need more help with interpersonal skills when interacting with neurotypical and so, we tend to stay here because there is some much we want to learn about this topic.
@Termatinator And I totally agree with this second point
@JAD meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317011/… someone somewhat did that
@Magisch What a beautiful trolling :P (not sure about the use of trolling here, feel free to correct me if you have a better word for it)
5:35 AM
not really trolling, they asked it as a genuine question
trolling is more deliberate incitement with malicious motives
5:55 AM
In any case, I think it's beautiful post :p
6:33 AM
@Magisch no self-answer though, so only half points
and yeah, trolling would be to post twitter as answer to that question as a self-answer
@Noon this, along with the fact that many are helped by specific rules. The SE format is a nice way to get those rules
Yeah, absolutely true (I was just watch a kitten video, too much cuteness :P )
7:15 AM
Good morning
I like that it's socially acceptable to ask questions here and you get nice, detailed answers without getting laughed at about stuff that's completely obvious to other people.
And little judgement usually. Usually.
we deal with unnecessarily judgy answers
eyes @Tinkeringbell with her big hammer labeled "DO NOT"
I like that. Outside of the site the judgement is tolerated. Here, it's not accepted.
For the judgement thing, I also like that it's not tolerated but, when you hit HNQ, you sometimes have to read them anyway because the community doesn't had the time to remove it :/
That's why being alove to say "I don't want my question on HNQ (anymore)" would be nice
@Magisch Just keep the morning good, thanks :D
@Noon Not an issue anymore... :P
7:23 AM
Quite true :P
btw @Magisch about civil disobedience. I read in the MSE thread that apparently at TWP, they had similar drama and ended up upvoting stuff in HNQ to forcibly keep random posts in the HNQ for much longer than intended
not like we can do anything atm can we
Do we have some kind of "abreviation dictionary" somewhere? I still don't know what the "O" and "P" in "OP" mean and site abreviation can be a bit tricky to figure out
Original Poster
Q: Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms

Adam DavisWhat are the common phrases, words, abbreviations that are used on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Meta Stack Overflow, and the other Stack Exchange sites? This is meant to be a very quick overview, not an in-depth tutorial. When considering whether a term ought to be included, please ...

7:27 AM
In this case, OP = Original Post/Poster and TWP = The Workplace.
in The Water Cooler, Sep 12 at 13:45, by gnat
@Lilienthal the point is not to have hot questions off of our site - that's impossible. The idea of our "work to rule" experiment back then was to use voting to make questions from other sites stick in the list for too long. Back then, changes were made not because something went wrong with Workplace questions but because some bland PHP question from SO stuck in hot list for about a week and that made people laugh at Atwood in twitter or wherever else he was active online
I've used acronym finder to look up abbreviations before.
Thank you all, I will be able to sleep in peace tonight :P
@JAD I don't think coordinatedly sabotaging HNQ is going to get us anything but a ban these days
7:48 AM
@Magisch oh yeah, wouldn't surprise me either
@Noon I won't
@Termatinator Why is that?
Damn that sounds like it could escalate pretty quickly tbh. Although I think in such a rural area as I live, there won't be such an event. Nonetheless thanks for the addition. — Suimon 1 min ago
#19439 Suimon | A: Friendly Cuddling, in a non-romantic way (score: 0) | posted 10 minutes ago by sleske (356 rep) | Toxicity 0.72060174 | High toxicity | tps/fps: 0/0
@Noon going to an amusement park tommorow with my crush, and I saw a gruesome video the other day
I'll spare the details of that
Why a so hight toxicity? Is it the "escalate pretty quickly"?
@Termatinator Thank you for that :P
7:53 AM
@Noon let's just say that it's difficult to sleep after I saw that
@Noon Probably the 'damn'
@Termatinator Well, good luck with your amusement park day anyway :)
@Tinkeringbell Interesting, I always thought that 'damn' was some sort of a "regular swear word", like "Good Lord" or something
@Noon thx, hope that'll balance it out, but it's also during a halloween event
@Noon Had an interesting discussion on that a few days back in another room... 'damn it' or 'damn you'... the second is way more offensive than the first (You're basically wishing damnation onto a person then)... but damn in general is considered cursing ;)
'Good Lord' would be using God's name in vain...
"a damning event" or "the project was damned by this action" is not cursing though
8:00 AM
There's plenty of people that don't see them as just 'regular swear words' :P
@Termatinator Well, unlease it's an amusement park where children aren't suppose to go, you can probably avoid the stuff that are too scary
@Tinkeringbell my guess would be that there is a significant overlap with members from a certain religion
@JAD Sure :)
Most Abrahamic religions most likely :)
@Tinkeringbell I will try to remember that. I must admit that the fact I don't believe in the religious rules may have played on have I perceive the "Damn" and "Good Lord" words
Also, we have an expression in French which is "Enfer et damnation!" ("Hell and damnation!") which is see as quite ridiculus, so that may have played too
@Noon Hel en verdoemenis!
8:07 AM
Exactely :P
@Noon That was actually a bit of a joke (probably failed on my part)
@JAD ooh, dutch
wouldn't hel be hell though?
oh I'm wrong, guess I read too much english then
@Termatinator Nope, in Dutch, only one l
@Tinkeringbell just looked it up haha, though I think most dutch would write 2 "l"s instead of one
@Termatinator Well, you might want to add a smiley next time so that I know you are writting this in a happy/funny way (I'm a bit to literal otherwise ^^ )
@Noon I like smilies :)
8:17 AM
@Termatinator I can't think of any example of a dutch word with double consonant at the end
surely there are exceptions
Woop, just voiced my concerns to another manager. He took it well. He's going to discuss some things he heard from an anonymous source with my manager :)
@JAD stresssituatie. sss
@Belle-Sophie Oh that's a nice one :D
To be honest, all the relevant words are loan-words
@Belle-Sophie end of the word, but I guess stress counts
Slechtstschrijvend is also a favourite word of mine. Can't pronounce it though.
8:21 AM
@JAD internetpoll
@Termatinator poll is a leenword though
true, but still. combined with a dutch word and accepted in our language
yeah, I admit it is moving the goalposts
Although imo internet is also a leenword
There's quite a few more. Jazz, Watt...
@JAD ovengrill then?
8:30 AM
Hi there!
@Termatinator sure
@avazula ola
Hey @Noon :) sorry I was in a meeting this morning.
@avazula Hey, no need to apologize, I'm the one with all the free time :P
Just let me put the document in google drive before I give all the reference to you
No problem :)
8:38 AM
@Noon Wow. You really put your heart in it. Thanks Noon, that's ... that's awesome.
@avazula Well, I'm not the one to thanks, I just ask someone in an autism association and she sent me that ^^
@Noon Ahah, ok. Still, you sent it to me :)
@avazula I was glade I could help :) Also, the information I found on Medium were (and still are) really interesting
@Noon I really like that media, indeed :) there's a lot of good stuff on it. I'm surprised it's not more famous in France.
@avazula I have a lot of not French source of informations and I didn't know this one before so I can confirm that it's not very famous here
8:46 AM
Medium has a bit of an issue with spam not getting removed... I sent them around 3k posts and they removed those but that's just the tip of the iceberg
@Mithrandir I see that your love for flagging stuff isn't just stack exchange related :P
Heh yeah. This was through email, though, I tired of using the internal system after about a hundred
what is pretty funny is that I am the only one in my classroom who didn't have a one-on-one talk with the main teacher. I'm also the only autistic person in my classroom
I noticed that my chat user doesn't have a parent user. What.
8:53 AM
@Termatinator Why was that?
@Noon what, not having a talk or why it is funny?
@Belle-Sophie yeah, it returns a 404
@Belle-Sophie For me, it shows yours is on SO (but the link shows a 404 indeed)
@Belle-Sophie I always thought you did it on purpuse!
Did you delete a profile?
8:55 AM
@Termatinator Not having a talk (I'm guessing it's not really funny, is it?)
Get things merged? Anything done to your profile lately?
@Noon Just because I don't have any problems as of yet, He'll actually have a talk with me soon just for the sake of completion :P
I thought it was funny, seeing as I'm autistic and they're considered as "normal" (my classmates)
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I had strange things happening with a second profile a while back, so I got that one profile deleted.
@Termatinator Oh, then it's indeed "funny"! Nice done on your part :D
@Belle-Sophie You'll need to poke a dev then, to fix that.
8:57 AM
@Belle-Sophie Hmmm. Lemme look.
I already tried to fix it. No dice.
I just opened a ticket
@Mithrandir Ah... Beat me to it then
I was still looking up what people were suggesting we do in those cases XD
@Tinkeringbell I tried yesterday :P
@Belle-Sophie Just wait then :D 6-8 weeks
9:03 AM
it's funny seeing all those colourfull avatars and then I see mine :P
@Termatinator I'm green. Hulk Smash.
Seems we lost give or take 60% traffic
@Belle-Sophie I used to be green, lol
@Magisch damn, that's a lot
@Magisch This is actually a good thing.
We can finally keep a handle on things and clean up broken windows before opening up the floodgates again.
So, like, it's time to scour our answers with a vengeance.
Remove all the "try this" answers.
Clean up comments everywhere.
Close any remaining "what should I do" questions.
(Just... no flooding the mods with flags until at LEAST after the weekend please... We need some time to calm our heads too ;) )
9:12 AM
This is a reprieve from the usual flood of bad stuff. This is a great opportunity.
@Tinkeringbell heh, point taken :P
It also means our stream of new users is cut off
this site now has 0 discoverability
No, it has the same amount of discoverability that other sites do.
which is close to 0 (if speciality field that you can have external sources of discoverability) or actually 0 (other cases)
It no longer has an overwhelming flood of new users who don't know the rules, upvoting each other's posts and making enforcing things impossible.
@Magisch 11 new users in the past 2 days... :)
Which.. isn't all that different from the numbers when I look at the time IPS was still in HNQ. (You can go to users/newest too and see for yourself)
9:16 AM
Out of HNQ is the best time to go "4k+ers: this could use some attention: data.stackexchange.com/interpersonal/query/880455/…;
(I haven't looked at all of those yet. Always use your head when voting.)
@Mithrandir That's a good link but we might want to want to after the weekend to avoid flooding the mods ^^
well, 4k+ers can VTD directly - takes 3 of them (e.g. Magisch, avazula, Belle-Sophie, scohe001) to delete an answer
I like the delete votes :)
@Mithrandir (currently doing a bit of cleanup over there. Thanks!)
I'm usually pretty lenient with questions, but not with answers
I noticed that I have 4 gold badges because of the HNQ
9:25 AM
@Belle-Sophie All my questions went to HNQ ._.
10k+ views each
Yet lots of answers saying "you shouldn't do that!"
I just saw that Meta post
bout IPS being removed from the HNQ
I haven't been active on here but it almost seems like a ... penalty for success
9:35 AM
Any questions?
A penalty imposed for good questions
because of some Twitter complaints from non-community users
seems unfair to the community here
Hey @Noon, have you ever took the aspiequiz?
@avazula Be careful... online tests aren't the best way to get information about yourself :P
Imposing such a penalty trivializes the efforts of this community
@avazula Yes, I guess you did too?
9:37 AM
@Tinkeringbell I know, that's why I took nearly a dozen :p
@avazula And?
(Do you want to share the results/insights? If not, feel free to ignore :P)
@JalapenoNachos There's a meta thread with 5+ answers sharing your sentiment
@Noon @Tink yup. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your score with me? I got 156/200 to this one (on the dozen I took, only one said I'm not very likely to be an aspie)
@Mithrandir Done
@JalapenoNachos We all feel that way, pal. That's why we discussed it in fro and through the last days :p
9:40 AM
@avazula Link? I got a diagnosis, but these tests always tell me I'm not an aspie
@avazula Well, I will need to do the test again be give me some time and I will happy share this with you :)
@Belle-Sophie weird ._. Here it is
@Noon okay :)
It's asking for my ancestry ._. No idea?
@avazula Before I do that, we are talking about this one, right?
@Magisch @avazula ah, didn't know that - thanks
i'll read up on it
9:51 AM
@Noon yup
@Belle-Sophie ha right, the English version does that. I put caucasian in mine
@avazula I'm of very mixed ancestry, up to the point where I have no idea, except that I'm basically everything but "from here".
lol "You are very likely neurotypical"
@Belle-Sophie lol
53 out of 200. My diagnosis disagrees.
@Belle-Sophie If I may, at what age did you get diagnosed?
Well, I got a "probably autism spectrum but we're not sure" diagnosis when I was 5. I actually got an aspergers diagnosis at 15.
9:55 AM
@Belle-Sophie Did getting a diagnosis helped you?
@avazula Somewhat. Some things clicked in place and I got to meet other people "like me". I got to read resources and I'm no longer ashamed of "being me".
@avazula I got 166/200 :D
@Noon wow!!
@Belle-Sophie I'm glad :)
@avazula Well, you had a very nice score yourself :P
But please note that your score is likely to evolve depending on how you perceve yourself and how much introspection you have done
You need to be aware of what you're not good at to improve it. I've done a lot of improvement on my aspie traits.
Oh, if your diagnosis was somewhat recent: beware of companies that promise "help"
10:04 AM
@Belle-Sophie What do you mean?
I don't know how it is in other countries. In Netherlands, if you need help with anything, you can get a budget for help. Since I can technically not live on my own, when I moved out to study, I got one of those budgets. It allowed me to pay for full time supervision.
We're talking about quite a lot of money here. 35k a year. Rent comes on top of that. Thing is, you don't need any qualifications to start a company like that over here.
They employed students to help us. Most of the time it was okay. They tried. But sometimes they actively (not intentially, I assume) harmed. One time, I had a horrible day at college, came home, and found the living room rearranged.
Living room. Rearranged. In a house with 7 aspies... No prior communications.
Arf, I can clearly see the problem here :/
My boyfriend knows to not even put the scissors in a different drawer than the one they belong in, lest he get a rant from me.
Most of the time it wasn't harmful, though. But it was definitely not worth the money. It was government money, so I didn't suffer direct negative concequences, but it does feel very wasteful on taxpayer money.
@Belle-Sophie Well, how are you suppose to found anythink is things aren't in there place?
@Noon Exactly!
10:17 AM
Q: Balance being respectful with cutting off non-sense

M3RSThree of us at the table. A buddy is making a long-winded presentation about a business idea ha has. The idea is pretty unoriginal (import anything from China and sell it on Amazon). As he has no actual experience in the area, there is little insight he can offer. Why make the presentation so lon...

I live in my parent house right now and the cutlery basket in our washing vaissell can be put in two different ways (either the fork are on the right or on the left) and they keep changing the way they put it, it's driving me crazy ><
10:29 AM
@Noon :(
@Belle-Sophie they might as well have set a bomb off in it
I know if I came home to that someone would be flung out the window
10:51 AM
@avazula I could try one once I'm home :)
@Tinkeringbell That'd be interesting :)
11:02 AM
@Magisch I've been on anger management training. Before that, I would've done that too.
1 hour later…
12:29 PM
Also remember that we sort of do have a delete vote queue, for those with the reputation necessary - interpersonal.stackexchange.com/…
@Mithrandir I'm lacking any motivation to vote or review on IPS atm
@Magisch :/
We can be sore at SE and make the best of it at the same time..
@Mithrandir that means they'll keep getting away with it
they don't need to care as long as we just take it and maybe moan on meta
Alright. No pressure.
@Mithrandir It's hard to call that a "review queue", IMO... ^^
Anyway, is their rule for deleting closed questions?
12:34 PM
If they're not useful at all, they can go.
Well, that's a bit vague ^^ I know we aren't supposed to delete duplicate but do we delete closed questions with answer(s)? And what if an answer has a positive score?
12:54 PM
@Noon it's intentionally open to interpretation
Hum, not sure I like things that are "open to interpretation" but alright ^^
1:12 PM
@Magisch Hey, you're not the only one. I asked for not too many flags this weekend ;)
@Tinkeringbell woops. Sorry.
@avazula (mainly for old stuff though, if there's new content requiring attention, flag away ;) )
@Tinkeringbell woops......
Good thing is now I know haha
It'll probably be pending for a while then, unless the community manages themselves! :D
They're in the queue. And we can always summon people like @scohe001 to help... :P
1:20 PM
@Tinkeringbell do we have a word to say in comments? I mean, it's not like we could VTD them (you mods can). Community'd manage themselves only if we ask people to flag them as well so we get enough flags for they get automatically deleted. Right?
@avazula Yep!
@Tinkeringbell Ugh. Here we go again, flagging raids ... :p
So either all of you flag them... or, if it's old posts and not r/a, please just wait until after the weekend on the massive clean-up ;)
@Tinkeringbell well, at least you have no HNQ to mess with every single post
@Tinkeringbell Should I had a free weekend, I would have organized such a raid, but I'm gonna help sisters #2 and #4 to put the heating wood in the garage :p
1:22 PM
@JAD There's other messes now ;) Including one in my own head. I've been running around like a headless chicken these past few days ;)
@Tinkeringbell oh no! because of our current troubles or other stuff?
@avazula Nah, mostly because of the online stuff indeed ;)
@Tinkeringbell :(
But I'm also wrapping up this project, Monday I'll be starting in a new team
Huh! Still Magik stuff?
1:26 PM
@avazula Yep. Budget reasons. This team is out of budget, so they're going to park me in another team until the end of year, and then I am supposed to go back to this one.
@Tinkeringbell ugh :( not cool. I got privated of my old cool projects because of lack of budget.
@Tinkeringbell you're too expensive :O
@avazula Oh, this is okay.
I'm working on a specific part of a new codebase, and am now moving to the team that works on the same part, in the old codebase
So lot of learning
@Tinkeringbell Cool! :)
Yeah, especially because I do get to go back to the current team ;)
And it's quite the compliment that a manager doesn't want to lose you, so they do a lot to find you a spot until the end of the year ;)
1:31 PM
true that.
@Mithrandir you called?
Sir, yes sir.
Well now I know what you look like
@Mithrandir This is a good base for his drawing
1:43 PM
@avazula I must say, I like the ava's you made for users here :)
Lol I'm quite a bit harrier fuzzier :p
@Tinkeringbell I was planning to do yours soon :p
@scohe001 isn't that the rock music teacher in that funny movie?
@avazula Go for it ;)
My avatar in several places was updated :P
1:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell But I'm biased by your Twitter account D:
@Mithrandir Good Lorde, I didn't see you mentioned me in your bio!
blushes to dark red
@avazula haha I like that School of Rock is what you think of when you see Jack Black. You have good taste
@avazula you also got a mention on Science Fiction & Fantasy Meta
@scohe001 My SO has. He made me watch that movie :p
Lol your SO is giving you culture :p
@Mithrandir ^
1:49 PM
@scohe001 Yup :p
(In the meantime, Ava's computing arctangent stuff for work)
(One should notice how passionate about it she is)
@avazula @Mithrandir That is actually a good idea, I just did the same ^^
@Noon :o :$
Dear Lorde I'm gonna be famou$$
@avazula Ahah, everyone will be jalous of us for having an avatar made by you!
@Noon Erh, I'll start feeling bad if I draw one for someone who then doesn't use it as profile pic haha
1:56 PM
@avazula Hmmm. People are pretty used to seeing the parrot though, and as a mod I tend to not lightly change my profile picture. No pressure! :P
@scohe001 Did you just litterally do what @Mith suggested? I just got a review queue filled with 2017 answers to delete haha
@Tinkeringbell My idea for you was to draw you with that parrot on your arm
@avazula There were a bunch that needed to be flagged!! I can't turn a blind eye to NAA's!
@scohe001 :p I was already out of delete flags so I could only recommend deletion ^^
@Tinkeringbell but you could print it and color it :D
(it'd be pretty boring to have a room filled with alike avatars anyway)
I'll just wait patiently! Don't tell me too much (yet :) )
@Tinkeringbell hehe :D
2:10 PM
@avazula ahh same here! Mith's list ate all of mine up reeeeaaaal quick
2:21 PM
@scohe001 You're welcome.

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