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12:31 AM
@El'endiaStarman If you zone out enough it's an e
@ElizB More eloquent than me. I usually shake my head and go "Huh, what?".
Oddly enough, it's never happened to me
@El'endiaStarman Yeah, I can confirm that. hehe
I can pretend I'm listening while I'm not, but I've only ever seen this situation in movies
Q: We're testing advertisements across the network

Juan MFor several years we've had advertising solely on technology-related sites. But many of our sites aren't about technology at all, so we haven't sold ads for them. Traditionally, that hasn't been a hardship since Stack Exchange sites have required only a small investment from the company to set up...

Wait, actually it did happen once to my little brother
He went "huh what"
4 hours later…
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5:16 AM
5:54 AM
Morning everyone!
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6:17 AM
@Rainbacon So a different kind of cocktail.
7:03 AM
@Tinkeringbell good questions on why my answer wasn't working. Deleted it since I'm unable to solve the issues
Just for completeness sake: I have never heard of anyone here celebrating the end of WW2 though :p
(except historicaly ofcourse)
@Imus Ah ;) Well, I guessed you'd have something similar to the Dutch Bevrijdingsdag XD
Guess I guessed wrong ;)
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/22092/… < for those of you that are bored.
7:19 AM
...or, if you're really bored, I've got some queries I could share with you...
@Mithrandir shoot us!
(... not literally)
Well, there's this for one. This for another. This for a third.
@Mithrandir Ehh, it links to a question that's against current site policies but still open ;) I thought that was kinda important to avoid on a HNQ, but if you think queries are more important, by all means ;)
@Tinkeringbell More like "after you've looked at that, if you're still really bored"
Oh, duh. But not too much work please :P I still haven't had coffee
In fact, I'm going to get some now ;)
8:02 AM
@avazula I did :) We went to the paid coffeebar, instead of getting free coffee from a machine ;)
How's everyone else doing today?
@Tinkeringbell ooh, that sounds nice!
@avazula First time I had a Latte that didn't need a sweetener ;)
I hate sweeteners in drinks :(
tastes sour
@avazula they taste chemically to me.
I tend to say "If you're going to do it, do it wrong, right"
8:15 AM
@avazula Yes, for 'light' soft drinks and stuff. Having 1 instead of sugar in a coffee is fine.
(for me at least)
I think the bitterness of coffee kinda prevents things from turning too sour ;)
I can't stand sugar and/or sweeteners in drinks either way :p
@avazula I kinda need my sugar in coffee ._.
But I hate the taste of nearly every other artifical sweetener
But I'm not very fond of sweets, I'd rather eat salty food. Like, cakes aren't my cup of tea ... I'd just bake one sometimes to please my coworkers or friends
@JourneymanGeek stevia is kinda okay to me ...
@avazula tried that once. ewww.
I must admit I have a horrible sweet tooth
8:21 AM
fun fact artificial sweeteners cause your body to ask for móre sweet stuff because even though the taste promised sugar, it didn't deliver. (inb4 citation needed)
Seriously? Hmmm
I guess that means I might need to cut back on them a little :P
Or just get my body used to not getting anything but artificial sweetener ;)
I'm no expert in that matter, just sharing whatever I remember XD
Less fun fact: it's REALLY difficult to find foods that don't contain too much sugar
found out after docter told my then pregnant wife to cut back on sugar rich foods because our baby was rather big ...
Also kinda depends on what is 'too much' :P For a diabetic, even 'normal' levels are too much. Did your wife had to cut back below 'normal' levels?
it wasn't really a problem for normal food (like rice, potatoes, pasta) but any snack type like cookies are almost impossible
If I remember correctly we were asked to stay below 12g / 100
Yeah, cookies generally have a lot of sugar.
8:27 AM
true, but try to find any non-sugar free snack to eat between 2 meals
because as a pragnant woman she couldn't eat too much in 1 meal, and had trouble with not eating anything for over 4 hours at a time (except sleeping)
@Tinkeringbell Sorry for changing the subject but I wanted to rant :p Our test environment is broken (like it mostly always is) and we are supposed to push in production in one week (that definitively won't happen, IMO)... Also "testing environment broken" = "coding blind" for me (or not coding at all)...
Ugh! Coding blind is really not fun, I have had to do it a few times in the recent past too (Just because there wasn't any good data to test with yet, so code blind, then get the data)... That's hard :(
Fingers crossed stuff gets fixed soon.
We kinda have at least 3 different "testing" environments :)
@Tinkeringbell I hope it will too, I don't like not being able to work (properly) fo r "stupid" reasons
1 that we're allowed to break at any time (used most often during development).
1 that is a copy of production 1 day behind (for when you finished development but want to make sure it works).
1 that is a copy of production at most a week behind used to train users on "real" data where they can actually input stuff without messing with production
8:36 AM
@Imus I hope we will have that soon. It's planned (kinda), but it's also not in the "urgent" stuff, so... :/
And then there's some more copies of production database for other kinds of testing (like load comparison with a certain change in querries)
@Ælis Every time you can't test your code right away send a message to your teamlead that you probably broke something in your current new code but can't start looking until the test environment works again. Then ask if you should just wait until the test environment works again or try it out on the production database (not recommended)
doing so will make it an actual urgent issue so you might get another test environment
@Imus Well, I write tests for our web app. Other stuff has more priority (like making my tests run automatically after each push, which we doesn't have yet)
You either can set that up while waiting for the test environment to be set up. or you can't and should send a high prio mail (or whichever way you communicate) to your teamlead saying how important it is to get that environment fixed or you won't meet deadlines
Also, if I can't test my code, I don't break anything since 1) I only write tests and 2) I'm the only one currently writing and using them
@Imus Well, it's not like we can rollback the environment to a previous version that worked. This application never properly worked yet (it's still in development). So the only way to fix it is to keep moving forward. Also, we won't meet deadlines but it won't be because of me. If my work isn't done when it's time, we can still push in prod (after testing by hand) and I will be able to finish automating my test afterward
being in development is no reason not to have a "working environment"
8:47 AM
Yeah, well...
Otherwise, just write the tests blind indeed and set it up so they run (and fail) on the environment
once the code is fixed those tests should automatically turn green which can be really motivating
or if a dev reports that a certain thing is finished but your test still fails thats the point where you check what could be wrong with the test
And hopefully either find it or show the dev that his code is still incomplete
In any case, it's still annoying ^^
9:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell The OP you were waiting for just answer our questions :)
I'm waiting for a lot of answers to questions, which one? :P
Q: How can I stop my niece with developmental disorder from sitting behind my juice bar?

Amanda d'HalluinI own a small juice bar, with two seats behind the counter for me and my employees, and a piddling number of seats for customers that are usually occupied. My brother has genetic disorders and his 18 y.o. daughter genetic and developmental disorders. Every week she comes to the juice bar to vis...

Ahh! Thanks :)
Not sure my help was really needed since they pinged you too, but you are welcome anyway ^^
@Ælis Yeah, turns out I got the inbox notification :) Seems answers don't need to take into account anything extra, so that's good :)
9:31 AM
@Imus please backup your answer :p lol
I want the elections to be over. I have a question to ask but I'm overthinking it because of the election stuff and I'm afraid of what people will think if I ask it and I don't like overthinking ><
@Ælis Be brave my dear, it'll be over in a bit less than a week :)
9:46 AM
@avazula Well, nothing works at work anymore, I guess I will take the option "stop caring and post your question anyway" (I shouldn't have complained earlier, it was working compare to how it's working now...)
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10:22 AM
Q: How to ask someone to not try to fix your issues

ÆlisSometimes, you talk to someone about a problem you are facing and what you want them to say is something like: Oh yeah, that sucks. However, the person might not get the hint and well instead tell you things like: Here is how you can fix the issue. This happened to me recently in an o...

11:02 AM
Just learned the term "aphantasia"
And it looks like I have it ... or rather, I can't "see" anything with my minds eye.
@Imus So no pink elephants?
At least now I know why that memory trick of "visualising walking through your home and encountering all the items in order that you need to remember" never made sense to me
@Tinkeringbell Only if I dream about dumbo ... dreaming does work
@Imus ;)
11:44 AM
@Ælis just FYI, I'm not sure I found the best translation to what I offered in my answer to your question. I meant to say "Je vais bien finir par trouver" (which I translated into "I'll figure this out (eventually)".
@Ælis I sympathize with the coding blind thing. Right now I'm working on an application where we only have one test user that is for all of the non-production environments. That user has 2 factor authentication set up, but it's tied to one person's phone. He's on vacation the rest of the week so I can't log in and test my changes
Hey, America is waking up :)
Good morning!
@Imus think of it as an independence celebration rather than a celebration of the end of a war.
@Tinkeringbell more than just waking up. I'm on the bus to work already
Also, my morning routine has changed since the move. My fiancee gets up an hour earlier than me, so I end up getting up an hour earlier now that we live together
@Rainbacon Never heard of any independence celebration here either
12:00 PM
@Imus really? That's interesting. The US celebrates independence day on July 4th. Many other countries also celebrate the day that they gained independence from whatever European super power owned them in the 1500s
@Rainbacon We're European XD
We don't celebrate losing wars! :P
Closest thing to celebrating independence here would be the Liberation Day, which celebrates the end of WWII and our 'indepence' from Germany
@Tinkeringbell We won the war! both of them! Just don't care anymore since it's so long ago I guess ...
Also not too nice to hold a big celebration when your neighbor lost that war ...
@Imus It's why we let them win soccer ;)
@Rainbacon how's the whole "living together" thing going?
12:04 PM
@Ælis In case your latest question was triggered because of me: What you can do for me personally is explicitly say: "I'm just venting here, please don't try to solve my issue. Just show a bit of empathy and everything will be ok."
If you say that (or anything similar) I would be happy to listen without providing "useful" feedback :)
@Imus XD Now you're doing it again! Just let them vent on main, don't try to solve it in chat :P
@Tinkeringbell they explicitly asked how to communicate it. i'm answering specifically how to do it towards me. Can't say in general so I'm not posting it as an answer
@Imus Just teasing you ;)
I had hoped starting with a smiley would say as much
I considered it. Decided to take you seriously instead :p
Ugh. I have had a very bad success rate with that lately :P
12:08 PM
@avazula our bed is too small. I can't wait to get a bigger one. Also her cat seems to manage to always be in the way. Is that normal? She's been a little bit crazy due to the stress of moving. I'm looking forward to when we are settled and she's less on edge
Also I haven't had any free time since the move. We're always either working, unpacking, or sleeping.
Cats will always be in the way. Always.
@Tinkeringbell you should start scowling at people instead
@Rainbacon have you tried putting an empty box in some place that is close enough to make it curious but not in the way?
@Rainbacon :( is it going to be replaced soon?
@Imus Yes, oddly she's not been very interested in the boxes
12:14 PM
@Rainbacon Wait, what? How? Are you sure it's a cat and not some other creature in disguise? :O
@avazula it's the first big purchase we plan on
@Rainbacon Make sure you both try it out in the store! A good bed is one of the most important things to do right!
@Rainbacon yay :)
@Imus I'm not. Mostly just operating on assumptions at this point.
FWIW having two separate blankets helps a lot of autistic people. I manage to do with only a big one but I don't have much trouble with that. I'd rather make sure I sleep by the wall, that's all that matters to me
12:17 PM
@avazula I miss sleeping by the wall :( Now we only have our head piece of the bed against the wall so we each can get out of bed on our own side
@Tinkeringbell We do celebrate the revolution in French, so it's really close to the independence day for the US. But we also do celebrate the end of both World War (but we were arguably more affected by it than the US) (cc @Rainbacon)
@avazula it's not that there isn't enough blanket coverage. We have a full size bed and it's just too cramped. There's no space for me to to stretch out
@Ælis Am I allowed to joke about that celebration by saying you do it waving white flags around? Or is that too personal :)
@Imus It was triggered by it, yes ^^ But I thought it was an interesting question to ask (since it's not the first time this happened to me) and I thought it wasn't serious enough for you to take offense (sorry if that wasn't the case)
None taken
And you're right that it makes an interesting question
12:21 PM
@Imus Not sure I understand the joke ^^' We don't wave white flags for those celebrations (maybe the French flag, but that's it)
@Rainbacon I got it right when you said it, I just wanted to give some advice in case you haven't heard of it yet (but surely you already had! Sorry if that's the case)
@Ælis The joke would be that "the french are quick to surrender" (surrendering is depicted as waving a white flag)
My feet hang off the end and if I roll the wrong direction I'll fall off the bed.
@avazula Ah, I see. Haven't heard of that
@Rainbacon That sounds like most beds I sleep in other than my own XD
Also: *Flags own failed joke as offensive towards the french. Not funny Imus!
*Get's kicked out of chat room
@Imus kinda makes me miss the time when I was traveling for work and got my own king size bed in the hotel every night
12:26 PM
@Rainbacon Visit the Netherlands. The one thing they do right is dealing with tall people
@Rainbacon Also you ruined my latest joke. I was just about to leave the chatroom for a short while :p
@Imus It's not really offensive just hard to understand and hard to understand why it would be funny ^^' (but it's interesting to know that other countries see France as a country that surrenders fast ^^)
@Imus wanna get banned? I can help with that :p
@Imus idk, @Tinkeringbell seems to be one of their finer points
Who is banning who? O.o
@AJ I'm getting myself banned for making offensive jokes :p
12:28 PM
And if you want to grace is with your absence, don't let me stop you ;)
@Imus They can't. :P Else I'd have been banned for bad jokes already. ;)
@Rainbacon Tink isn't representative for the Dutch as a whole! It's the exception confirming the rule.
@AJ nah, that's because you're a mod xD
AJ is a mod? Uh oh, run away!
@avazula I know. :P
12:29 PM
They actually ran away haha
I'm sure it was an excuse for leaving
@Ælis it's a pretty common joke in the US
this is what you get when WW2 is the main reference for historic jokes lol
Morning everyone. Hey @Tinkeringbell
@MisterPositive <TimeOfTheDay> aloneone :D
12:35 PM
Do you know shovel was a ground-breaking invention? ;P
@MisterPositive Evening!
Ground breaking indeed. Hadn't heard that one!
@AJ For a second, I wonder why you told us that x) Jokes are easy to spot in your native tongue, IMO
@Imus True, I'm short :P
12:51 PM
@avazula I mean, our history isn't that long, and most of it is racist so we don't talk about it
@Rainbacon Better to joke about the neigbours, right? :p
yeah, I'm always surprised when an American says they're afraid of someone of whatever ethnic origin, as all Americans were once from another country
But I will stop there because it's really not better in France rn
1:07 PM
@Rainbacon ...which is a problem; if you don't talk about it, you can't learn from previous mistakes.
@Mithrandir Oh, I agree, but I just report on the facts
1:20 PM
A thought came to mind while watching Discovery channel yesterday.
> I think the Discovery Channel should be on a different channel every day. This will be a new joyful discovery.
@AJ Meh. I can't remember the last time the Discovery Channel actually broadcasted something joyful ;)
Then come to India. :P
@Tinkeringbell Mythbusters-era I guess :P
@JAD Yeah, probably!
I removed Discovery anyway and got Movies Now instead for more Hollywood stuff. ;)
1:27 PM
National Geographic and History Channel are the same though, and even TLC is going a bad way (It used to have some shows that satisfied the disaster tourist in me, about medical abnormalities and stuff that are all slowly dropping out of the programming too)
I like NG more than Discovery.
@AJ I see India, I am curious.
Evening btw !
Query of the week is the one rene just shared on the Tavern: Network-wide analysis of down-/upvote ratio
Is that the happy-site one?
1:37 PM
@Mithrandir No, it's one that shows the ratio of up vs. downvotes. No smileys involved ;)
IPS is 60th
It appears to be ranking different stacks on their ratio of downvotes to upvotes
@Tinkeringbell Do we want to be first or last?
SO is neatly 50th
Last, I think?
@Ælis Neither, but close to the first is probably the ideal SE site
Chemistry is the ideal SE site, heh
1:39 PM
No, doesn't really matter. We get enough posts that need downvotes, and we get some that deserve upvotes :)
Too many factors involved. TeXy dudes just upvote EVERYTHING, even things they admit are crap in the comments.
So you can't beat those weirdos. They live in one of those Disney universes.
@Tinkeringbell What we really want then, is just people to vote (up or down) according to our quality standard
Yep! :)
That's boring
And unquantifiable. Read ungossipable
I think that means that we want to have a higher ratio of down to up, because our site quality could use work
1:43 PM
@Rainbacon But doesn't it count deleted answers? Because, if it doesn't, then we don't want to have a lot of downvote
@Rainbacon Ayep
Those accusations of high-rep elitist jerks patting each other on the back could show themselves in these stats when people rarely downvote anything.
@avazula AJ still here? Need to know if it's safe now
@Imus no, he's drinking your milk
@Imus Eh, I wouldn't worry. He's mostly harmless. Think pigeons.
@JourneymanGeek Pigeons don't drink milk
That's a common misconception considering they poop ice cream.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Aug 26 '10 at 18:14, by Shog9
Mods can also come into your house at night and leave your milk out. Some mod abilities aren't talked about much.
Or leaving it out
1:48 PM
That sounds like a very pigeony thing to do
That's oddly specific
@Imus HIDE
I like the irony in the movies when they shout "HIDE"
It's like SOSing a T-rex
It's to become invisible, not inaudible
weird fact of the day: If you go to inaudible.com it shows links to hearing and hearing devices
Yet when you ARE hiding, usually your hastened breathing gives your location away
Not if you first shout loud enough to damage their ears
Think auditory version of flash-bang
1:55 PM
Not everyone is a mutant dood.
or self-sacrifice. I'm going to shout loud enough so they pay attention to me while you guys can hide
And while they're done with you, they can now search for others without any worry of resistance

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