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6:41 AM
@Howdy_McGee, in case you really care about it, it does seem like wordpress.org removes security related issues raised in plugin support forums. It is just one more aspect of the indecision of to whom those forums belong and should serve, the plugin authors or wordpress.org
4 hours later…
10:37 AM
The main site is extremely slow for me during the last days. Anyone else?
1 hour later…
12:04 PM
@fuxia no, it's fine for me
1 hour later…
1:31 PM
@fuxia So you have it too. I thought it's my internet again
Sometimes it opens quickly, sometimes my connection even times out
1:44 PM
yes, sometimes it fast as usual. it's not my internet.
2:22 PM
@MarkKaplun It makes sense in regards to private disclosure though. It seems both now and in the past VP has been trying to publicize exploits for their own gain. Whether it's creating a clickbait forum title and backlinking to their website or publishing 0 day exploits without even trying to notify the author. That's my understanding of the situation at the moment anyway.
2:57 PM
oh, he is not an angle, but if I wanted to report a security issue to the plugin author it is not clear at all how to do it properly. Moderators, if just wanted, can probably make the message private.
3:19 PM
That's a good point, I suppose it's not obvious where and how to report a vulnerability. I would like to think that the moderation team has reached out to him and let him know the proper way to report such things though. Especially since it sounds like this has been an ongoing situation.
4:18 PM
@KrzysiekDróżdż nice to see you in moderation :)

Please take a look at this question: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/334525/need-mysql-query-or-wp-cli-command-to-updates-old-urls-in-shortcodes

I've edited it & now there is only one mention of **Divi** 😀

I think this is an on topic question, and the correct answer is: "shortcodes are generated, so links generated by shortcodes cannot always be altered by search & replace, either from a MySQL query or from WP-CLI".

Also, I'm not sure what's the practice here, but IMHO a border line off-topic question such as this should no
3 hours later…
7:06 PM
Hi @Fayaz

I remember it. For me it is plain SQL question. It doesn't have much to do with WP (if anything at all). And even more - both WP CLI and Divi are third-party, so... But that's only my point of view :)
7:17 PM
Hmm, yeah, I see your point @KrzysiekDróżdż.
However, I'll say it still is a WP question. The fact that a Shortcode generated content will not be found in the Database and hence can neither be solved by plain SQL, nor by WP-CLI makes it a WP question. Also, the divi part is auxiliary information at best, it's the same for any shortcode implementation.

And likewise, that's only my point of view :)
@Fayaz I'll leave it in "Reopen votes" queue - let others decide :)

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