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10:00 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Look at a calendar, it's Tuesday (at least for me :P)
STOP: caird is spy
nice one xcoder
cc @Mr.Xcoder
er @Mithrandir
10:01 PM
Perhaps Mith... might be too
kk gg @cairdcoinheringaahing it was the cathedral
Nope, I was the priest
why would you answer tuesday O-o
10:01 PM
Xcoder was the spy
I thought mith was teh sinner and xcoder the tourist
Nope, I was the spy. Again.
@Riker Cause its Tuesday
10:02 PM
I'm outta here now though
I was nearly sure after the “+1” I gave
And I had absolutely no idea where we were :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing might have said saturday at least >_>
Last game?
Why? It's Tuesday today
10:03 PM
Come on... When do most people go to church ffs
@cairdcoinheringaahing because saturday wont' give away "church" as easily
but people still often go
I've been to quite a number of sat services
shrug I clearly missed the nuance of the question
@Mithrandir How long are you planning to waste your time here?
@Mr.Xcoder Mmmm, mmmm. MMMMM!
Um, I don't have a role
10:04 PM
@caird Mmm mmmm, mmmm?
Have we restarted?
Ugh, now there's are two cairds.
There are two Cairds ;-;
10:06 PM
Can someone send a new link? I think other caird is the spy
No he’s not :p
And sending a new link
... Now I am confused
I have that effect yeah
...okay, mission abort
How does this game work? There is nothing pinned
(still can't play)
10:08 PM
@HeebyJeebyMan See rules linked in the description.
@Mithrandir Ungoliant?
@Mr.Xcoder evil immortal-ish spider person
A giant IIRC?
@cairdcoinheringaahing is first ;-; kidding me
10:09 PM
The rules are linked in the room description, for all new players.
Ok Maybe I play next game. I have something to do rn.
kk hf
Who's 'john'?
John Dvorak perhaps?
10:10 PM
@Mithrandir How did you get here?
@cairdcoinheringaahing I followed the directions from those above me.
@Mr.Xcoder Why have you come here today?
Brb slow internet
@Mithrandir Well I am sure that this is the place where I belong
@cairdcoinheringaahing What exactly do you stare at?
Stop: Submarine?
Cathedral again.
10:14 PM
We won \o/
Ok I think I understand the rules
How often does the spy win?
Are you to play again?
i'm back
@cairdcoinheringaahing depends on how good the spy is :P
10:15 PM
Yeah I’m in
@HeebyJeebyMan you need the link? spyfall.crabhat.com/sbptxr
I'm good for another game
hmmmm how do i mash y'alls names together
who's wheat wizard?
Riker goes first
10:16 PM
Caird is
I'm the real Wheat Wizard :P
I am Heebs Jeebs
and avatar-changing-man is heeb jeebs
10:17 PM
Please... don't use usernames of other people.
Tell that to Riker
okay mithter Riker, you're up
Can't edit it now :/
@HeebyJeebyMan what do you think of my name mind setting up the target practice for today? my finger is itchin'
> uses his name but not anybody else's
@Riker I can't, I lack the Agency to do so
sorry for ping edits
10:18 PM
o_O k then
np don't worry
@Mr.Xcoder Why are you here?
@HeebyJeebyMan I had no choice, they took me
@Mithrandir What did you eat yesterday?
Are multiple people with the same role possible? follow up: How many roles are there?
@HeebyJeebyMan yes, 6 distinct
@Mr.Xcoder I'm not too sure - it might've been a rat?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Do you have any plans for after this?
10:22 PM
@Mithrandir I plan to help sinners back home
STOP: Heebs Jeebs is spy
-1 for now
Oh dammit I was about to stop
-1; bit more time
10:23 PM
I vote against that
@HeebyJeebyMan lol
your vote doens't count but thanks
ok, play resumes
@Riker These statues really are magnificent aren't they?
Oh I misread I thought your vote didn't count. That makes sense
@caird statues? I ain't seeing them. All I'm seeing is target practice.
oh shit tha'ts me sorry
@HeebyJeebyMan Hey, mind if I come in? it's hot out here.
@Riker You are welcome but its not very pleasant here either.
STOP: Mithrandir is spy
10:27 PM
STOP: heebs jeebs is spy
10:28 PM
Play resumes?
@Mithrandir What are you doing today?
Doing some practice and hoping that it won't be necessary for me to use my actual skills.
STOP: heebs jeebs is the spy
10:30 PM
@Riker What do you see to your immediate right?
Vote withheld, move on
@Mithrandir My buddy, standing in a line with me, ready to shoot.
Stop: I accuse Xcoder
10:32 PM
Can we hold off on the accuses for a minute and get some questions in? o_o
Clearly Mith is the spy and is getting freaked :P
Now I am very suspicious upon caird 😂
10:33 PM
@Riker It's your question
whoops sorry
@HeebyJeebyMan Is your superior in? I want to talk to him.
@Riker He is dead.
k thenn
Is there a way I can get potential roles for a place?
10:35 PM
O.o This got morbid
(not O_o out-of-game, just "dang")
@HeebyJeebyMan source code fro the game, 1 sec
@Mr.Xcoder Where are you from?
@HeebyJeebyMan Romania, why? I barely remeber that place anyway
@cairdcoinheringaahing What is the most common item you hold in your hands?
@Mr.Xcoder Prayer
htf does the spy not know where we are yet >.>
10:39 PM
STOP: caird coinheringaahing (in-game Wheat Wizard) is the spy?
STOP: Mith is spy
I feel like everybody else has given convincing answers
except mith
10:40 PM
k thenn @cairdcoinheringaahing's question
@Mithrandir Have you sinned?
end this pl0x I'm leaving in a moment
We are looping around Rn
@cairdcoinheringaahing Never! I am completely innocent! I take offense at your suggestion! ;)
10:42 PM
yeah I'm leaving now smh
Stop: Mith is the spy
I wasn't the spy so you guys can continue
Stop: I accuse caird.
10:42 PM
@Mithrandir + 1
So my accusation failed, now Mith is accusing me?
My -1 was on caird’s proposal
10:43 PM
Hang on, let's clear this up.
Man the only person I was sure was not the spy has left here
Who thinks I'm the spy?
Not me.
I do
Who thinks I'm the spy?
10:43 PM
I do.
@HeebyJeebyMan Your opinion?
>_< go on then
Oh well since I think Mith is the spy I can't think you are
10:44 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing he thinks mith is the spy
I get the feeling that Xcoder really thinks I'm the spy :P
I guess @Mithrandir has to ask
And @Mithrandir your question
Godammit he can’t ask caird
@Mr.Xcoder What's your favorite shape?
10:46 PM
Clearly plum is the spy :P
@Mithrandir The Circle.
@cairdcoinheringaahing How many of us are there?
Circles is more than one shape obviously the spy
I somehow get the feeling that none of us is the spy.
@Mr.Xcoder Three of us here for a noble purpose, one who aims to corrupt
ok I am convinced
10:48 PM
@HeebyJeebyMan then accuse
STOP: Wheat Wizaard is the spy
...aka caird?
Meta accusation :P
10:48 PM
Nope, sorry. I was the bishop
Yay, the spy wins again
Wait, what?
@Mithrandir are you the spy?
10:49 PM
How the heck
I TOLD YOU!!! I am always right!
why was caird talking about statues?
and why only four people?
20 mins ago, by Mithrandir
Doing some practice and hoping that it won't be necessary for me to use my actual skills.
That convinced me it wasn’t you
10:50 PM
I love statues... and I was trying to make the spy think it was the cathedral
Likely copying from riker
Riker was talking about practice before Mith
So where were we exactly?
@HeebyJeebyMan Only four players (us four)
@Mithrandir crusade
Mith is always the spy wth
10:51 PM
I do like being accused when I'm not the spy, just to see people going "WTH? How?" :P
ok @0' want to play?
I can play a short game (may have to leave halfway through)
@HeebyJeebyMan What is your favourite thing about this place?
0																												'
10:52 PM
Wait what?
Wait... let 0’ join too
Reset I guess?
Stop: I accuse Mith :P /s
what is the room?
@Mr.Xcoder Create a new game
spyfall.crabhat.com/juawck @cairdcoinheringaahing @0' @HeebyJeebyMan @Mithrandir
One last game for me
Please use your chat room
I don’t have a clue who is who!
10:55 PM
Better now
@Mithrandir you're up
Ok, the game has started, and mithrandir happens to ask first.
@Mr.Xcoder Hello, sir. May I help you?
If someone accuses Mith, no one argue, ok?
10:56 PM
Pfff. I'm not plum.
@Mithrandir Sure, I would benefit from your help, sir. Thank you! I could deal with it myself, but thanks for your kindness
Stop: I accuse Xcoder
0																												'
@cairdcoinheringaahing What is the color you see the most when you look around?
10:58 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Red
@0' Do you come here often?
0																												'
@cairdcoinheringaahing Nope, this is my first time
0																												'
@HeebyJeebyMan Is that plant over there real?
@0 ' Yes of course, all of our plants are real.
0																												'
Stop: I accuse Heeby Jeeby Man
11:03 PM
@Mithrandir Where are you staying?
Ma'am? I work here. I live about ten minutes away.
@Mr.Xcoder Can you get in?
@Mithrandir Yes of course, but I would appreciate if you could hold my bag for a second
@cairdcoinheringaahing What is your average velocity?
...(your turn to ask)
11:07 PM
Mobile at 1am is hard
You need to take his bags first
@Mr.Xcoder hey, same timezone then
:-) nice
@Mr.Xcoder I spend most of my time standing still
11:09 PM
STOP: MrXcoder is accused by me
0																												'
This accusation is +1'ed by me
And I love your passive voice
So @caird has to ask now
Well caird can't be the spy
0																												'
11:11 PM
Unless they are purposefully giving up a win to screw with us
... but Mith can :P
you can't ask him
You may not ask me, sorry
@Mithrandir What is your average velocity?
I've got no idea. I'm sorry. Please come right this way.
@HeebyJeebyMan Would you like a book?
11:16 PM
Stop: Passenger train?
@Mithrandir No I'm very busy right now.
nope hotel
Dang it I had hotel on my clipboard
Just as I was about to accuse Xcoder in French :/
I’m out, bye!
I'd better go as well. Toodles!
11:18 PM
0																												'
Hmm, yeah, I'mma finish up what I'm doing as well and head to sleep
0																												'
Alright goodnight
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