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12:18 AM
Q: Is the inside of the Tardis bigger than the Universe?

JamesMThe Doctor and some other people make references to the TARDIS being infinite so does that mean the inside of the TARDIS is bigger than the universe itself?

14 hours later…
1:51 PM
Q: YA novel ID: library monster, post-apocalyptic, ELECTRICITY sign

equin0x80I would like to identify a young-adult SF novel I read in the early-mid 1990s. My fragmentary memories are: I think the protags were children (probably two children, maybe boy and girl). They were in some kind of post-apocalyptic future. They were, I think, initially in a buried library or somet...

2:40 PM
Q: The holiday doors from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Bella_BlueIn The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington walks into a circle of trees to find the door to Christmas. But all of the doors correspond to holidays celebrated predominately in the United States. While most popular in the United States Halloween is celebrated in multiple countries worldwide...

2 hours later…
4:19 PM
Q: Why do the Harkonnen bathe in a dark liquid?

Kinzle BWhy do the Harkonnen bathe in a dark liquid? My guess is that the liquid can heal him after the attempt on his life.

5:09 PM
Q: Novel about organic and inorganic magic on flying islands

Q.ReindeersonI am trying to find a novel I read as a teenager around 2008. There were two books if I recall correctly. I think I read it in French but it was probably a translation. The untranslated version might have been in German or English. Settings There were two major settings I remember : The "exotic"...

Q: Evangelion Thrice Upon a Time do people still remember what happened? Is the world rebuilt upon the old ruins?

BattleP0000000000In the end the chocker still exists. That looks more like a bomb not a necklace. I want to know for sure if people who are back still remembers what has happened before aka Impacts and EVA. Or if the new world is built upon existing ruins of the old one. It seems Human Instrumentality Project onl...

5:59 PM
Q: In the ring what if you just went somewhere with no electronics

GailI mean if you watched the video and went somewhere with absolutely no electricity could you still get murderfied?

Q: How does the Reverse Flash / Eobard Thawne still exist?

MintvbzIn the finale episode, "Fast Enough", or Season 1 Episode 23 Eddie shoots himself in the heart in order to stop the Reverse Flash. But, later in season 2, we see the Reverse Flash gets trapped in the past again. How can he be back if Eddie is gone?

6:48 PM
Q: Episode of cover to cover- John Robbins. Book used?

BobbI'd like to know if anyone remembers an episode of the PBS series 'Cover to Cover' with John Robbins in which he illustrated a story where a rabbit sought to gain antlers like a deer; the rabbit attached some antlers he found by fixing them to his head with wax. I saw this when I was very young ...

7:13 PM
Q: How did Grindelwald lose if he was a Seer?

Kyle VJK Rowling replied to a Twitter post about what Percival Graves meant when he said "My vision showed only the child's immense power," back in 2016. She said that Grindelwald was a Seer and that he was lying, in reference to the vision above, which is about Credence Barebone. Here's the URL link t...

8:02 PM
Q: Voyager EMH and the mobile emitter

jimIn the Star Trek Voyager episodes "Future Ends", Voyager's EMH, the Doctor, was able to leave sickbay or the holodeck and roam freely with the help of a mobile emitter (the technology originating in the 29th century). Could this be used by any hologram created on the holodeck?

4 hours later…
11:44 PM
Q: Pushsquare article

Guilherme WoolleySource What really lets the package down is the work put in to claim this is a remaster. Comparing it to the Wii U original, effort appears to have been put into making the title a little brighter, but that's about as far as it goes. It honestly looks like an Instagram filter has been slapped on...


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