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12:44 AM
Q: How hard would it be to resist the urge to kill and/or rape and/or torture and/or cannibalize when you get turned into a Crossed?

Conan HighwoodsI know this is horror, but seeing as their is no horror stack exchange, this is the best place to ask. Anyway, Crossed is a comic about a virus that makes people become murderers, rapists, cannibals, and other vile things. You get infected when the afflicted called Crossed bite/rape/somehow get a...

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2:23 AM
Q: In Death's End by Cixin Liu, is there a fundamental issue with the "sheet of paper" mechanics/physics?

JasonThe issue is with the "sheet of paper" concept. Spoiler's ahead. In the story, a two dimensional plane is shot into the solar system and as it interacts with three dimensional matter, it converts the three dimensional matter into two dimensions. The author describes that the shapes of the three d...

6 hours later…
8:32 AM
Q: Is it known why Tolkien extended the pre-First Age timeline so much in later revisions?

cometaryorbitThe later timeline material given in The Nature of Middle-earth has a much longer timeline for the Years of the Trees era events than what's published in History of Middle-earth (and implied or stated in the published Silmarillion). I know it is stated in material in Morgoth's Ring that the origi...

5 hours later…
1:02 PM
Q: How come more pokemon haven't wanted to become a trainer?

VillanIn the first Pokemon movie, MewTwo is created to be the strongest, most intelligent Pokemon. He doesn't want a trainer, he wants to become one. Other Pokemon have shown a real high level of intelligece, example Meowth learning to speak human just to impress a female Meowth. And they have also bee...

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2:41 PM
Q: What's the track when Burnham goes into the future?

QueenSvetlanaIn this scene from Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 finale. It starts 17 seconds in, when she signals the Discovery to follow her. I attempted to search for it myself and came across Time Traveller, but that's not it. That's when she has to close the loop before going into the future.

3:30 PM
Q: Is Koval is operative mentioned in The Pegasus?

QueenSvetlanaFrom TNG The Pegasus: PRESSMAN: However, all that changed three days ago. Starfleet Intelligence has an operative in Romulan High Command. He sent us a message that a Romulan warbird had located a piece of debris in the Devolin system which was positively identified as being from the Pegasus. Th...

4:19 PM
Q: Does Starfleet have their own SEAL Team Six?

QueenSvetlanaDoes Starfleet have a special unit to carry out black ops missions, counter terrorism, hostage rescue, and special reconnaissance? I don't see Section 31 doing missions like this, S31 seems more like Jason Bourne or Sam Fisher. Usually S31 is a single operative gathering information or carrying o...

5:08 PM
Q: Are there any mercenaries that were former Starfleet personnel?

QueenSvetlanaPerhaps after the Dominion War? Would Seven of Nine, by Star Trek: Picard time, be a mercenary?

1 hour later…
6:23 PM
Q: Are the events shown as Ten Rings influencing history meant to map to historical events?

FuzzyBootsIn Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, at the beginning of the film, when the Ten Rings organization is being described, it is indicated that they have shaped history throughout the ages, and two scenes are shown with seeming terrorist or assassination tactics, first a building explosion (...

7:12 PM
Q: What happened to the Detapa council after Dukat's coup?

Nu'DaqIn the DS9 episode Way of the Warrior part 1 Gul Dukat "saw which way the wind was blowing" and sided with the civilian uprising against Central Command, as a result he answered to the new government called the Detapa Council. Later in season five's By Inferno's Light, Dukat has seized control of...

8:01 PM
Q: Isekai where a reincarnated(?) young boy has a maid and a wolf girl who he does business with

pom_jamI can't remember if this is actually a reincarnation/isekai story, but I do remember it being set in a fantasy world. I remember the young boy has a maid who competes with the wolf girl (lycanthrope?) for the boy's love or attention. I distinctly remember the wolf girl has drooped ears and her sp...

8:50 PM
Q: Isekai manga where male protagonist gives other-world sweets as offerings to goddesses

pom_jamIt's an isekai manga, and is likely to be a light novel adaptation. I read this sometime last year before MangaDex's maintenance break. The goddess who originally transported the male protagonist to the other world demanded he give her offerings. I believe he has a power to somehow get sweets fro...

9:39 PM
Q: Does gaming still exist in Star Trek?

QueenSvetlanaI don't remember, other than the TNG episode The Game, of any other types of video games in Star Trek. Obviously, you can go into the holodeck, load up a simulation, and have fun, but consider the following: A holodeck might not be available to everyone, especially people outside of Starfleet. I...

Q: Sidescrolling puzzle video game on Steam where you can be dismembered and bring yourself back to normal, required to solve puzzles

FuzzyBootsTip of my tongue thing, but somewhere in 2020, I ran into a Steam game where you played a girl on an island (at a camp?) who I think is looking for her missing friend. I downloaded the demo to try it out, and ran into my usual issue with puzzle games, that I have a low level of frustration and fo...

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10:53 PM
Q: Do the Enterprise computers need to be reconfigured to run Doom?

QueenSvetlanaI was reading about all the different ways people managed to configure hardware to run Doom, for example, a chip from a lamp or a pregnancy test. Can the computers on the Enterprise (not holodeck) run Doom? Put it another way, can the computers on the Enterprise run software from this century wit...


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