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2:19 AM
Q: Title of Mark Twain science fction story with a teleivision

M. A. GoldingWhen I was a child I read a science fiction short story by Mark Twain (died 1910) in which a television was important to the plot, solving a murder, I think. And if my memory serves me correctly it was a sort of telivision phone. As I remember, when I read it I was young enough to be confused a...

3:10 AM
Q: Short story of an alien "anthropologist" observing a far-future but primitive human tribe

ViergachtI read this in a paperback sci-fi anthology in the early nineties, as far as I can recall. It was probably originally published in a magazine. The story is told in the form of extracts from a book, or excerpts of field notes describing a ceremonial dance put on by a specific tribe of humans that ...

Q: What is the precise nature of the resurrection plant plague?

AdamantDespite the fact that it produces a state that likely defies the laws of physics, the zombie-like plague in Kingdom obeys some fairly scientific rules based on its vector, the worms that lay their eggs on the resurrection plant: the worms and their victims flee from water and heat, which are leth...

4:01 AM
Q: Does anyone know this where manga this from?

リッカThis is the last page of chapter 25 it seems:

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6:33 AM
Q: What does "this moment" refer to?

Ashley LongHermoine explains to Harry Potter about Time Turner: Hermoine: This is a Time-Turner, Harry. McGonagall gave it to me first term. This is how I've been getting to my lessons all year. Harry Potter: You mean we've gone back in time? Hermoine: Yes. Dumbledore obviously wanted us to return to this ...

7:24 AM
Q: I need help finding this animation

Knackles The EnchiladaI dont remember much from this animation but I remeber it being around maybe 17 min and being made maybe in 2012 and featuring some kind of apocalyptic wasteland setting with a scrap metal robot that takes over another light bulb looking robot that's drinking some kind of dark liquid. And near th...

7:49 AM
Q: Who is this fifth turtle?

Nu'DaqIn an advertisement for a TMNT comic titled From the Ashes, there is a picture of the four turtles I'm familiar with, plus a fifth one wearing a yellow mask and armed with a gauntlet from which four blades emerge- does anyone recognize this new character?

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10:21 AM
Q: Uniqueness of invisibility cloaks

FalconI am currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and a question occurred to me. According to the story of the Deathly Hallows, the invisibility cloak is the third one. But in the previous books, we saw that many wizards own an invisibility cloak (like Mundungus, for example). How is ...

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2:09 PM
Q: Does Starfleet still rate personnel on ESP?

Robert ColumbiaIn the Star Trek TOS episode Where No Man Has Gone Before (the second episode made), we find out that Starfleet personnel files include a section on extrasensory perception (ESP) that apparently consists of both a quantitative ("esper rating") and narrative summary of the crew member's achievemen...

3:00 PM
Q: What is the Federation representative smoking?

Robert ColumbiaIn Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the Federation representative on Nimbus III, St. John Talbot, appears to be smoking something. The Memory Alpha article I linked above seems to indicate that this character was intended to be portrayed sort of as a loser, so it makes sense that he has some bad...

3:25 PM
Q: What children's show from the 90s had an android that said 'Frosty!' based in a hotel?

AncientSwordRageAll I can remember is: The protagonist is a small child (between 12 and 15 perhaps?) The android is a cleaning robot that became sentient The Boy's parents have lost ownership of the hotel (?) The hotel is now run by a woman who reminds me of Delores Umbridge The android says 'Frosty!' instead o...

Q: Time travel show from the 90's featuring kids visiting a diner to go on time travel adventures with the owner

AeronorThe details are from my childhood, so they may be vague, but any help would be appreciated on remembering what show this is. It was live-action, aired in the US, late 80's early 90's, on maybe the PBS channel but I could be wrong. The premise was a man (and I think a male assistant) were scientis...

3:51 PM
Q: Are there any suggestions for books\movies in the Hunter-Pray genre that are in the style of Predator?

ziraI want suggestions for books \ movies with a plot similar to "Predator" that are not in the Predator\Alien universe. Basically, the plot includes a hunter or group of hunters, that hunts a group or single prey, and the prey is escaping \ killing the hunters.

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6:49 PM
Q: Etymology of exclamation marks to denote different versions of characters in online fandom communities

MuzerIn online fandom communities, I've noticed a not-uncommon convention (though I'm not sure it's the prevailing convention; more common seems to be a simple space or a hyphen) of using an exclamation mark to refer to different versions of a character between different adaptations of a work. For ins...

7:14 PM
Q: Trying to identify a movie from an image

frostyPintsRob Hi, I'm trying to identify the following movie from a picture.

8:05 PM
Q: Third Rock from the Sun: S2 E22 (Will work for Dick): What music is Nina listening to?

Missy SticeIn Third Rock from the Sun: S2 E22 (Will work for Dick), at around the 18min mark, when Dick barges into her home, Nina is relaxing listening to some kind of Jazzy music. We only hear about 30 seconds. What is the piece? Thanks!


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