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12:06 AM
Q: How to explain Susannah's oddly cold response to Maud's insights?

TARSDuring Stephen King's The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands, the Ka-tet visits the city of Lud where Eddie and Susannah get into a fight with the inhabiting faction of the pubes, ultimately having to gun down a few of them. But once that's over and Eddie and Susannah convince them to bring them to ...

12:19 AM
Q: Star Trek Episode Identification: "I was never really here"

user138815Years and years ago, I saw part of a Star Trek episode on tv. I remember almost nothing from the episode, except that near the end, an old man was lying on the ground. After speaking with someone who I think was the ship's captain, he ends (having been asked to explain his actions over the course...

12:38 AM
Q: Can you guys help me out with the name of a 80's/90's horror movie?

Sebastián GottretDoes anyone know the title of a movie about a group of youngsters in a Mansion with plenty of monsters. There are zombies, werewolves, creatures,... There's a part where the lord of the Manor gets stabbed in the forehead and in the end SPOILER ALERT that same guy gets out of a crypt.

12:52 AM
Q: Seeking story where a rocket crew is murdered in a fake craft

BuzzI'm trying to remember a story, which (given the content) was almost certainly written in the 1950s. It features a private manned rocketry program, which turns out to actually be a murderous scam. The people building the supposed spacecraft actually produce a dummy, which explodes right after t...

1:06 AM
Q: What was the first alien species on Earth in Doctor Who?

Donatello SwansinoMy question is relatively simple. I would like to know what the first alien species to make its way to Earth is in the recorded and unrecorded history of Doctor Who. I am not including the Racnoss from the episode "The Christmas Invasion," where that species literally becomes the center of the ea...

2:06 AM
Q: Live-Action TV Show or movie from 90s/00s?

tmontesI don't remember much of this show when it comes to story aspects, but I remember the characters. One was a boy with a purple or blue t-shirt who had a metal/cybernetic headpiece and a robotic arm, another was a fuzzy blue creature with an almost Greedo-like face, and there was a dark green fish-...

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3:53 AM
Q: What kind of sense is spider-sense?

RamSpiderman's spider sense is usually described as a tingling sensation he gets when in danger, non-specific about the nature of the danger but able to identify it's direction. Marvel.com states: His spider-sense provides an early warning detection system linked with his superhuman kinesthetic...

4:12 AM
Q: Trying to findthe title & author of a short story I read years ago . .

Shane LeonardI'm trying to find out the title & author of a short story I read years ago - it was featured in a collection that I think were all by the same author. It was written from the perspective of a fan of (American) Football who told how the games he watched got more & more violent until the teams sto...

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6:18 AM
Q: fantasy- looking for a zombie/supernatural book

Vicarious Readercollege age girl get hired at a supernatural bookstore as a editor for a city guide, involves zombies an other creatures. also involves citywalkers who hear the personality/voice of the city itself.

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7:31 AM
Q: Fantasy Man wakes on place people live uderground is guest at wedding

Suzanne JohnsonMan passes out in his home, wakes on place where people live uderground. is asked to be guest at wedding. Above ground is barren. Visits school where children lesrn by going off into space attached by some kind of hose. The end he is walking down road, surrounded by flowers veiwing people get...

8:02 AM
Q: What is "it" in "it was saying" really indicates?

user47137In sci-fi movie Existenz (1999), After both returning to home from video game world, Allegra found Ted's bio port is infected. Allegra: It's Kiri Vinokur. That bastard. Ted: Vinokur? Allegra: He gave you a new bio-port. He gave you an infected one so that my pod and my game system...

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9:33 AM
Q: Did Peter's mother know that Ego was not human?

DiscoveryIs there any evidence which shows that Peter's mother knew Ego was an alien?

9:47 AM
Q: Why did Ego kill Peter's mother?

DiscoveryFirst, Ego loved her. Second, if Ego needed to visit his brain to keep his human form in existence and if he didn't want her to feel bad alone, he could have simply brought her with him to Ego, the planet. BTW, she really felt bad when she was at her death bed and he wasn't there beside her (so ...

10:35 AM
Q: Why does Captain Lorca tell the Admiral that the Spore Drive is fully functional?

hawkeyeIn Star Trek Discovery S1:E6 Leethe - Captain Lorca tells the Admiral that the Spore Drive is fully functional. Now at this stage they've had a stressed out Tartigrade that they're in the process of releasing out of Prime Directive obligations, and their jumps have been unreliable. Lorca's stat...

10:49 AM
Q: What prevented Ego from saving himself?

DiscoveryThe initial plan of Guardians was to keep Ego distracted while bomb explodes. Groot? If you can hear me, hurry up! I'm not sure how long Quill can keep him distracted! But, they failed at keeping him distracted until the end. When Ego noticed the bomb, he ...

@Randal'Thor I am of the opinion that deleting it would be a good idea
11:24 AM
@Mithrandir then delete all the other ones, we seem to allow some level of joke answer, I've flagged about 5-6 in the last 2 weeks myself community keeps leaving them there, don't see why it should be deleted. It's an answer, albeit not a great one "nagini and the snake are not the same"
11:45 AM
@Edlothiad delete all the joke answers
Apart from the unrelated stuff, it's a one line comment with no backup or anything, stuck in after the irrelevant stuff.
And considering what happened with scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/310/… I don't think that you can say we leave old, highly voted joke answers
(10k link)
12:02 PM
Rand was afraid to delete that one so I flagged it
Was voted looks ok, and then he deleted x many days later
Wait that doesn't look right, maybe it was another answer :thinking_face: I thought it was this one, one second
I've solved the confusion, I had wanted to flag that one but opted against it because of the result of this one: scifi.stackexchange.com/review/low-quality-posts/115593
So much for deleting all the joke answers, Young Randir
Q: Why does Mrs Coulter’s hair change colour between La Belle Sauvage and His Dark Materials?

PJTraillMy daughter (credit where due) was struck by Mrs Coulter’s hair changing colour between La Belle Sauvage and His Dark Materials – do we know anything about why? In His Dark Materials, the third chapter of Northern Lights, Lyra’s Jordan ends with this sentence describing Mrs Coulter: Her sle...

@Edlothiad yeah, I made a bad review there
12:26 PM
Q: In-universe, how is it determined which species get magic in "Artemis Fowl"?

MithrandirThere are many different species that we come across in the Artemis Fowl universe. Let's take a few examples: elves, humans, and demons. Oh, and centaurs. We know that elves have magic, and, as far as we know, always have. Holly Short is our example of an elf. Now, for humans. Humans once had t...

@Oscar snorts at downvote
@Mithrandir Salty
@Oscar Heard there's a great first comment there.
@Edlothiad NaCl?
@Edlothiad barely makes sense on this question
12:37 PM
@Mithrandir It makes perfect sense. It's determined very well.
It works more on 'how does this work' questions.
Not on every single question with the word 'how'.
Sure it does.
Where are these stars coming from? There's 3 of us in the room and SQB hasn't been seen in 35 days
maybe he's just watching
can you star from transcript
Yes, you can
Or my theory of mods being able to be invisible is true...
People sit in the transcripts of the trash compactor?
@Edlothiad even Pops couldn't do it
He said he wanted to, but it's impossible
12:42 PM
Think what you like, I got my tinfoil hat on and know it's true.
D'Arvit, you're worse than Foaly
^Gnommish swear word :D
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2:16 PM
Q: I'm looking for a series I read in High school in the 90's

Ryan Scott Durham In this book series each character had 1 magic ability and the world was one that had a literal translation to it. For example, A Ironwood tree was literally made of Iron. A honey bee would be the letter B made of honey etc... I do not remember the story line but know I really enjoyed what I wa...

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5:50 PM
Q: Why didn't Ego create clones of Meredith?

Discovery I returned to Earth to see her three times. And I knew if I returned a fourth I'd never leave. - Ego Meredith was a distraction to Ego, so he simply killed her. To satisfy his desires of visiting Earth to see Meredith, why didn't he simply create clones of Meredith? Additional benefits of...

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8:18 PM
Q: What was the first alien species (not Time Lords, broadcast order) on Earth in Doctor Who?

Rupert MorrishSince this question is (so I've been told in comments) not asking this question, I'll ask it. When was the first broadcast of a Doctor Who episode in which an alien species other than Time Lords visit Earth, and which alien species was it?

8:32 PM
Q: In Thor: Ragnarok , why doesn't Hela use a spaceship to get to other worlds instead of relying on the BiFrost

Michael DowneyIn Thor 3, why doesn't Hela use a spaceship to get to other worlds instead of relying on the BiFrost. To return to Asgard Thor and Friends used a spaceship. Did Asgard not have spaceships?

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10:01 PM
Q: Looking for a story about a fantasy world that ended up being just a dream of a kid on a train?

Sam WeaverI read a children's novel many years ago about a boy who lived in some sort of fantastical world. There are a few things that stick out in my memory: The major conflict lay between the "boys" and the "girls" of the world, each existing as their own faction. The only inhabitants of this fantasy ...

10:14 PM
Q: Why are the Asgardian troops so bad?

Brendan HughesSo I'm watching Thor: The Dark World again and in the opening sequence we see Asgardian troops just wiping the floor with the Dark Elves and a bit later again with the marauders on Vanaheim. Then we get into the movie after the Dark Elves have woken again and they attack Asgard itself. This time ...

Q: What order should the books in the Percy Jackson universe be read in?

Rogue JediThere are several dozen novels, short stories and other works set in the same world as Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Many of them aren't released chronologically in relation to each other. If I was a completely new reader, what would be the best order to read these in? Novels: ...

@amflare Can someone add protection to this question?
10:30 PM
Q: Where can i find the list of historical names for a group of people that signify some special property and not any ethnicity?

Abhay SainiFor example, Barbarians or Nomads signify ferocity and the ability to travel in caravans. Can anyone help in getting a source for such names for fantasy game setup?

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11:42 PM
Q: In Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy, how many years passed in the storyline between each film?

PJS1987The only info I could find was Wikipedia, which did not cite their source, but states that two years pass between the events of Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 2 (2004). No passage is stated for the time between Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007) but it feels like less time than passed ...


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