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12:33 AM
Q: How long have the Inhumans inhabited the moon?

Worse_UsernameLooking at http://marvel.com/universe/Attilan the Earth-616 inhumans have been inhabiting the moon for a relatively short period of time: seven thousand years ago they began to live in isolation on an island in atlantic ocean. Then in mid-20th century they moved to Himalayas. Some time after that...

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1:33 AM
Q: Why did Worf have an authorization code for the Enterprise-E?

CBredlowDuring the events of Star Trek: First Contact we see Worf, Picard, and Crusher give authorization codes for the self-destruct of the Enterprise-E. I can understand why Picard and Crusher would have them, being senior officers, but why Worf? He was stationed on DS9 and was commanding the Defiant...

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2:35 AM
Q: Searching for picture book about a tiger that can move in and out of paintings

BuzzWhen he was about five years old, my brother got a picture book about a tiger that emerges from its jungle painting to hunt. He has some adventures the returned to the art gallery where his painting was hung. At that point, he has a great deal of trouble of locating his own painting. The books...

2:50 AM
Q: Who is the single most powerful entity in Doctor Who?

TheIcePhoenixWho or what is the single most powerful person or entity in Doctor Who that is a single being/lifeform? So this would exclude any race such as the Cybermen or The Daleks and with exception to other Timelords as I am note sure that the master is really powerful as much as he/she is cunning.

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7:02 AM
Q: Scene from Rick and Morty season 3 episode 7

ThiruIn s03e08 end where all the bodies float around in space.. was that inspired from guardians of the galaxy vol2

7:45 AM
Q: What is the other "not merely vile, but horrific" tale about Tuon that Karede thinks about?

fbenceIn Wheel of Time, Knife of Dreams, Chapter 34 "A Cup of Kaf", Furky Karede thinks the following: It seemed everyone believed the filthy tale of Guards' involvement with a girl pretending to be the High Lady Tuon and extorting gold and jewels from merchants. Likely, they believed the other...

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8:45 AM
Q: How did the Upside-Down have electricity?

AdamantIn Season 2, Episode 2, Will has a vision or episode in the Upside-Down. When he enters the Upside-Down, he sees a row of eerily glowing blue streetlamps. I don’t believe these were there before, and to the best of my knowledge the Upside-Down doesn’t have a working power infrastructure. So h...

9:03 AM
Q: Do Ewoks only eat people on special occasions?

Richard CAn often glossed over point of return of the Jedi is the fact that the cute fluffy Ewoks plan to cook and eat the rebels as the main course in a “celebratory feast”. Has this aspect of Ewok culture been expanded on in any medium? Was this a one off for there “god (C3P0)” or did the Ewoks regularl...

9:14 AM
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9:36 AM
Q: Recent movie involving dimensions and time travel/displacement

nodblestdrIt's a (relatively) recent movie about a kid whose scientist father is missing or presumed dead. The kid experiences strange situations (e.g., books from a case fall off). In the end, it was the father the one that was throwing those books to draw the attention of the kid. Does anyone know the...

10:06 AM
Q: Did Captain Lorca arrange the prison transport incident in Context is for Kings?

hawkeyeIn Star Trek Discovery S1:E3 - Context is for Kings, we see a prison transport accident. Later there is a discussion between Burnham and Captain Lorca. In it Captain Lorca suggests he has read her file, and that Burnam has the kind of attributes he is looking for. It's not clear if he read th...

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11:44 AM
Q: What is the name of the Force invisible creature?

janiszIn Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter a beast is mentioned that is living on Coruscant, underground, that could be used to create a cloak of Force invisibility. What is the name of that creature? Does it appear in any other book?

12:44 PM
Q: Searching about a book where they live on pyramids in space

user2170941Basic premise is, that a lot of species live in pyramids in space that have been built by an unknown race. They travel with a rail system. The main protagonist is then "tasked" with repairing the pyramids.

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2:04 PM
Q: Where are the children in Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"? Are there?

P. VovkAll the mentions of children in PKD's "Androids" are either about someone's childhood: ...he remembered how in his childhood it had been discovered that species upon species had become extinct and how the 'papes had reported it each day... ...He loved Horace more than any cat he ever had...

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3:08 PM
Q: invisible and time travel

CulenThis one is quite limited as I have very little in the way of information. About between 77-85 I read a story that had the only scene I remember is that a man was in a jail cell and got out thru invisibility. There was a time travel element to the whole story but that is all I remember. Any ideas...

3:40 PM
Q: Weird movie with winebego-submarine thing surving a global flood

LindaJeanneI don't know why this is driving me so crazy. I only saw the ending, and the most memorable thing about it was how bad the special effects were. I think I'm wondering whether the plot makes any more sense if you watch the whole movie. Anyway, there was this military-survivalist-type guy, a woman...

4:05 PM
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4:49 PM
Q: In Harry Potter, is there a cure to werewolf bites?

TheAshIn Fantastic Beast (Textbook) we find this: The werewolf is found worldwide, though it is believed to have originated in northern Europe. Humans turn into werewolves only when bitten. There is no known cure, though recent developments in potion-making have to a great extent alleviated the wor...

5:02 PM
Q: In Harry Potter, who mints the money?

TheAshWho mints the money in Harry Potter? Is it the Ministry, Gringott's or some other entity?

5:18 PM
Q: How many spaceships with the name "wings" exist in star wars universe?

GaweyWe know about the classics X-wing, Y-wing, A-wing, B-wing... This "wings" are present in maybe all the films, but exist others like E-wing, K-wing, V-Wing, U-wing ... But what is the real number of this starships? One for every letter?

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9:31 PM
Q: Was Balerion really three thousand years old?

Jarko DubbeldamI am currently rereading ASOIAF and in the first book, I found a confusing section in Tyrion 2 about the dragon skulls in the throneroom of the Red Keep: There were nineteen skulls. The oldest was more than three thousand years old; the youngest a mere century and a half. The most recent ones...


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