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6:34 PM
Hi all
@Willeke You on?
Welcome back, (at least I hope you can stay now.)
Thanks, I think I can as per:
Q: Will Stack Exchange EU terms still apply to Britain now that BREXIT has finished?

ZeraBackground Information Britain has recently finished BREXIT (after years of painstaking decision making about pretty much nothing) and I was wondering whether Stack Exchange's EU specific terms still apply to Britain. Example of EU specific terms If you are located within the European Union...

By any chance does anyone have an image of my old profile pic? The dark green one, I lost it
I do not keep pictures from the site, just my own and I use the same avatar pic on any site I post and have done so for at least 15 years.
I thought it was unlikely that someone will, I'm not really happy with my current pic
And looking back for your old profile will not help, they did strip it of everything, only the number on the posts is still there.
Do you remember how you got that earlier pic?
6:40 PM
I think i got it somewhere on google images... I remember the search term I used but I can't find it anymore
I also really want my posts reassociated, just sent my 4th email to them today
And it is too long ago for your computer to remember.
I knew it would be a pain to get my posts back
Yeah it is
Can you remind me what kind of picture you had?
Green photo, boy/young man wearing glasses, long black hair going to the right
I did remember the one you use now, which looks website generated. I do not remember the other one, not even with your description.
6:42 PM
Yeah, I created my one on an avatar website
The one I have right now
Would that website also allow you to generate one like the one you used to use? So it is your own and not a copy of someone else?
No it wouldn't
How did you make yours?
I made a website, on that I use a lot of diagrams in these colours and when I had the star knot page I decided that I was going to adjust the pic to an avatar pic.
knopen.ismijnhobby.nl.bales.id.au/tables/used_knots_table.html shows a lot of the knots (in their diagrams.)
I used a drawing program zoomed in so I worked with individual pixels, so the resulting pictures would be small enough for dial up connections. And I kept doing them that small because it worked.
Made a new pic
I will have to get used to it, but it looks good.
6:57 PM
Hopefully, I can get my posts back soon with my 4th email
Fingers crossed
Maybe you can edit my idea into your answer about the windows.
And maybe the officer can pop the door while holding it, just enough that you can talk through the crack.
Done, let me know if you want more credit
This is more than enough. Works to admit you used my start but you did your own variation. Our discussion here can stay out.
I might even delete my comments, 'no longer needed.'
1 upvote away from association bonus on all sites
For now I leave them.
I have upvoted all your content I have seen already. I do not think I noticed any not worth upvoting.
So one more answer?
7:06 PM
Oh thanks
Let me find a question
Ooh questions are worth 10 rep now
how about that scooter question? do you have friends who use them?
Indeed, changed. Did not bring me much in rep, when they changed it.
I do not ask many questions.
I have a question actually I might ask
For my grand-parents UK visa
I think I'll do an answer I need to do more research for my question
A: Visa question: How much do you earn from this job in a year?

Daniil Manokhin How much do you earn from this job in a year? As you are the General Manager this means how much you pay yourself out of the companies money each year and take as your personal income or as mentioned by Moo in the comments: What do you declare to the government as your income for your pe...

There we go
That should do it. :)
7:21 PM
Thanks, +310 immediately
Got to go, see you around.
See you
1 hour later…
8:37 PM
Welcome back @DaniilManokhin, there are plenty of bounties awaiting you ;)

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