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4:01 AM
Q: Best inside tip for Liechtenstein?

hippietrailBeing from a big country like Australia I'm fascinated with tiny countries. Most people wouldn't visit Liechtenstein while touring Europe since it doesn't have any of the spots Europe is most famous for, but I would specifically go there. If I only do one thing in Liechtenstein to make the most...

@hippietr - just wondering your specific reasons for posting this, given our FAQ says no requests for tips ;) Given you're a very ardent identifier of posts like this ;)
@VMAtm @Ankur would love your thoughts on this too ;)
@MartinTapankov We're in and out of the room - I for one am travelling at present, so not online all the time ;)
@Roflcoptr Loving the popularity of the vodka question on twitter ;)
3 hours later…
7:12 AM
@MarkMayo I'm loving the popularity too, but I couldn't found out who posted in on twitter
@MarkMayo For this Liechtenstein question there is an objective answer. I already know one, but I still hadn't time to post it
7:48 AM
twitter.com/#!/search/how%20to%20avoid%20drinking%20vodka will show the posts of who have tweeted it. Quite a few!
twitter.com/#!/StackTravel - there's an automated tweeter for Travel.SE now, it would appear! (or someone cherry picking them at least!)
8:03 AM
Aside: a raccoon tried to take a bite of my shoe today (foot still inside)! Sneaky critters...
8:46 AM
@MarkMayo, @VMAtm, @Ankur: would you rather i pig headedly stick to my own version of the rules or join in with the accepted rules? the accepted rules have become "specific enough advice/tip/recommendation questions are acceptable". But mainly liechtenstein being so tiny it's special in that it's not really easy to have a broad question about it. also it's a long tail question since not many travel sites have much to say about the country and most travellers haven't been there
but my reasoning was that we were brainstorming ideas for more questions and we have a liechtenstein specialist with no questions to answer and i also have an answer that i'll sit on for a while (although you can see it over to the right if you have a look), but i won't add my answer till there are some others first
omg Jeff Atwood retweeted the infamous vodka question..
how many views now?
2800 almost
oh where did you get the exact number?
just open the question page and it's on the top right
easy to miss
8:53 AM
hey did any of you see my meta.SO question? the dudes there seem to be trigger happily closing it without reading it
which one was that?
Q: There is a UI bug when trying to edit meta tag wikis

hippietrailWhen I try to edit a tag wiki on a meta site I cannot, rather I get what seems to be an error message which doesn't reflect reality: There is no tag wiki for this tag … yet! Tag wikis help introduce newcomers to the tag. They contain an overview of the topic defined by the tag, along wit...

the one where the UI tells you that you can edit meta tag wikis but is lying
seems they misunderstood what you meant
too much caffeine and speed reading
story of my life..
9:03 AM
i made more typos and thinkos in questions here the past couple of days. i blame the caffeine.... of which i need more right now
then again, the meta.SO people can be quite unforgiving sometimes in voting to close or downvoting
yep even the jeffjoel was complaining about them on the latest podcast
i guess i'm admitting i'm a geek when i say i listen to the podcast (-:
so when are you planning the safari?
what do you mean -- I listen to the podcast as well
geek! d-;
and proud of it!
9:09 AM
i seem to be the only person here who thinks nude urls are ugly...
not to mention the ones wearing nothing but a skimpy "click here"
I was hoping to do this in the spring -- the days are getting shorter and shorter, and I won't be able to do this until mid-November at the earliest
the one suggested is only one hour or so, and is not on foot, so that kind of doesn't work for me
I'd rather hike in the forest and shoot stuff for a whole day or even two
ahem, with a camera, that is
i hereby volunteer you to write the tag wiki
i also pondered adding a wildlife tag, the two wouldn't really be synonyms though
oh man.. you can bet your upside-down sneakers it will be full of puns and innuendos
yay, aussie jokes.. do you get these a lot?
i only know three good aussie jokes. all others are recycled jokes that could apply to anywhere
wow we only just got a tag after all this time!
grr how do we still get some plural tags redirecting to singular tags? it should only be the other way round
wow we got some drivebys on the vodka question even
9:25 AM
you have something like a mild OCD about naked links, huh?
but it's all good -- I get annoyed by the smallest spelling mistakes :-)
i need a t-shirt that says "naked girls good -- naked urls bad"
well we are supposed to edit to make the site look more professional and putting links behind relevant text is better for searching, benefits the site and the searchers
Or one with a picture of a dead baby seal and caption: "Every time you post a naked URL, a cute baby seal is shot."
sometimes they're ok if a company's name is actually their url or when pointing out the difference between say the us and uk site of the same company
i might post a rant about good linking
yeah, but not those monstrosities with a lot of %$#&^#, usually generated by PHP devs from the 2000's, or IIS "admins"
the urls or the girls?
hey that would actually make a good t-shirt. i should typoize it this way for best effect: "naked gurls good -- naked urls bad"
9:43 AM
Q: Tags should be plurals (with a few caveats)

hippietrailHey travellers I'd just like to revisit an old issue: Plural tags should be the lead tag in a set of tag synonyms. At least that's what we seemed to decide from the clickvoting back then. Somehow at least one reversal has slipped through the cracks: airports redirects to airport. Can a friend...

this is a little rant. i'll save the nude urls rant for later
s/noobs/new users
feel free
not enough rep yet.. somebody needs to ask another stereotypical question about Eastern Europe, and then I'd be able to do it myself
10:00 AM
you must have enough rep to suggest edits
Not on meta, it seems
but on the main site -- yes
ah of course
10:19 AM
any diamonds around to swap and ?
11:03 AM
woah bug!!!
> Creating the new tag [airport] is not allowed since the tag [airports] already exists. If you think this new tag should be allowed, raise it on meta.
i'm not changing the tags at all, just editing a typo in the question body
and should also be swapped
- is a terrible synonym for ! for instance it could cover all kinds of stuff like , , , ...
7 hours later…
5:52 PM
that's really weird
i hope tonight I have time to answer your question ;)
6:10 PM
I agree with the 'click here' being awful
and I understand why some people dislike naked URLs
but maybe it's just the geek in me, but I prefer to see the URL before I click it (yes I know I can hover and check in the status bar, but that takes precious millisecs ;))
they're ugly and hard to read and make our lovely site less google-able
maybe i was brainwashed by very occasionally visiting our sister "user experience" site though d-;
yeah I know, it's probably even in Nielsen's heuristics somewhere, and heck our lecturer beat the 'click here' out of us years ago, but it's a bad habit I also possess occasionally ;)
lucky i seem to like copyediting (-: must be from my years working in a print shop
like Martin I'm a pedant when it comes to spelling and grammar, however, so that's something ;)
i am too but i also like to break my own rules when i want to d-;
which is fine because my other hobby is being a descriptive linguist
6:19 PM
i'm the only one that prefers naked urls and naked girls
but i also want to see where a url ponts
and tinyurls are just crap
you 'prefer' naked URLS? ;)
distracted by the girls I see ;)
yeah tinyurls are annoying
tiny urls are so tiny you can't see nothin'
now which of our users is the one from liechtenstein?
vodka question is up to 3122 now
um, no idea?
I get the whole 'it's a tiny country'
6:29 PM
/me prods @Roflcoptr ... OI!
my only worry is that others may see it and think that style is ok for other countries ;)
but we can throw the 'broad' statement at them ;)
hey i'm just following the beaten track
oi, @Roflcoptr, you awake? It's not that late where you are.
maybe i didn't use enough @'s
clearly :)
6:31 PM
maybe he's out researching überspezialliechtensteindingsbums
@MartinTapankov is lurking as well
you think?
since there's a diamond around there are some tag yuckies i spotted earlier. let me find them and whinge about them to you
awesome :)
Ugh, it's 11.30am and I'm in a coffee shop, tired. Friend arrives at YVR in 3.5 hours, so aside from a walk there's not a lot of sightseeing I can shove in today
Travel.SE it is :)
plus apartment researching
why on earth does redirect to ?
6:33 PM
@MarkMayo are you back home
money is the generic, currency means cash money only right?
nope, I'm sightseeing in Vancouver
on the 10th I fly to NZ, then I'll be 'home', although I've not lived there for 4 years, so home is a relative term :)
@hippietrail gold
i'm eating ;)
and playing with my girldfriend
as soons as this is done
bearer bonds
ill answer your question
6:35 PM
in vancouver i love that huge park and i do the rounds of all the awesome bookshops and i rollerblade everywhere and if it's hot and sunny of course i spend all day at wreck beach
what goes on in roflcopter land stays in roflcopter land ;)
oh man.. I miss the sunny weather
Stanley Park - yeah done a lot of it, that's where a raccoon tried to eat my shoe yesterday!
it sounds like playing with roflcopter's girlfriend is one of the best things to do in the little principality d-;
wreck beach? lol, I'm aware of that one
@hippietrail we could turn this into a community wiki, I feel
6:36 PM
i took one of my best ever photos of a raccoon in stanley park. i did suffer for my art though no blood
they're brave little critters!
wreck beach is totally famous dude! you have to climb down like 110 stairs behind the university and there's a secret wonderland
they know the have a secret weapon when they need it... tetanus
by secret wonderland, you refer of course to naked, er, urls ;)
"where no man has ever been before"
tips is a synonym of tipping but sooner or later people will start using it for all these travel tips questions now that we kinda allow them sorta a bit
6:39 PM
yes urls running around without their um underscores or what have you but also stuff for sale including naughty stuff i don't buy but general hippiness and happiness
think nimbin plus a beach but minus feral kids
@hippietrail: I see you are short on punctuation. Here are some free commas and full stops: ,,,,...,,
Think I'll save it for when I'm here when it's warmer :) Don't want my exclamation to be a comma... ;)
!@#$%^&*()_ thanks man -=[]\{}|:;'"<>?
6:41 PM
i'm done
just have to clean up
then your question has to be answered
clean up the country? that could take all evning!
you guys are missing the all important interrobang: ‽‽‽‽‽‽
ah yes here we are. is totally broken
we have the not necessarily online redirecting to it
either we separate online and offline resources or the lead tag should be the more general one
i din't forget it it's just a pain to google for. took me long enough to find the Ɛ
do we really need to consider offline resources at all?
6:44 PM
I mean, when was the last time you looked at a printed travel guide?
good point
Lonely Planet ;)
used one for the first time in Central Asia - was very useful (and very NOT useful at times too)
maybe it would cover maps and brochurs and pamphlets and studies and i dunno
i touched one yesterday but didn't open the albania section
@VMAtm added the synonym
reminds me of one short story by Jerome K. Jerome, where he ranted about the accuracy of travel guides
6:46 PM
I guess it's because people just type 'resource' even when they mean online resource for say, wiki
i have a shelf of the things at home from the time before i was weened
although it should pop up in the suggestions
yes I always use resource because i don't know other english words :D
that's what tag excerpts are for
and no not liechtenstein. i'm not there atm. but the kitchen ;)
6:46 PM
but depending on your rep you can't type in just any old tag
but see rofl's comment there
liechtenstein is so small your kitchen is in austria??
san marino is so small their gran prix is in italy but you've taken it one further!
yes i'm living very close to the border :D
it looks like singapore airlines is still redirecting to sq
but i'm working in switzerland and officially living in liechtenstein. that's way better for the taxes
6:48 PM
i think i rollerbladed between your living room and your kitchen
killed the synonym between the resources
i live on a disused offshore oil drilling platform for tax purposes
looking at the sq one now, what's your whinge about that?
@MarkMayo: Sorry for the ignorance, but what are you referring to in the Delhi belly question?
oh no 2 letter airlines
6:50 PM
oh yeah here's a horrible one: redirecting to ?? don't make synonyms while ingesting mexican cactus extract! d-;
@Martin, in 20-50% of travellers, depending on the study and country, they end up with the runs - diarrhea if you will
ahh, indeed
iphones and gps are technology for gawzache
6:50 PM
does anybody of you guys knows german?
Ankur made that one
I know German people
ich kann ein bisschen deutsch sprechen, warum?
do you know what besteigen means in english?
pero solo un poco Espanol, 'n klein bietjie Afrikaans, and some Japanese ( can't type the characters)
i'm looking for a verb that can be used as "climbing a mountain" and as well as "making love"
6:51 PM
maybe i have it the wrong way around and doing a bit of tag mis-synonymizing gives a bit of a high so you can go out dancing d-;
in german its besteigen
possible 'to mount'
should we set the 18+ flag?
not really but i need it for my answer ;)
now i can start :D
6:52 PM
oh dear
i don't but google is positive it means "climb"
what are you besteigening? context is king
i think it would be good if one could save a draft of a response
especially if i'm typing a very long answer
it would be great to save an ansewr
we just have to careful not to say anything objectionable like "underpants"
6:53 PM
to work on it later
well you can work on it in place. answers are kinda your personal wiki
@Roflcoptr: it kind of works like that now -- if you leave the page while writing the question, when you come back, it will still be there to continue typing. But this is not an official "feature", so don't count on it
don't be embarassed by your mistakes. look at the ones we made in our tags without feeling the slightest tinge of abashment
maybe ill post a feature request on meta if there wasn0t such a question before
i should spamvertise you all with my bug request on meta.so
6:55 PM
Q: There is a UI bug when trying to edit meta tag wikis

hippietrail Possible Duplicate: Proposing tag wiki creation does not work on meta sites When I try to edit a tag wiki on a meta site I cannot, rather I get what seems to be an error message which doesn't reflect reality: There is no tag wiki for this tag … yet! Tag wikis help introduce ne...

ironic, isn't it
on the bright side i just found a bug in google chrome's url cut and paste
sigh,@hippietrail, I'm wading through all the discussion on IATA codes, what was our eventual solution? I thought we decided ua was bad? because it's back in as a synonym for united-airlines
@Jeff! @Joel! "exact duplicate" doesn't mean what you think it means d-:
airport or airline iata codes @MarkMayo ?
6:57 PM
for airlines we decided to go by full names in tags but iata codes are fine if they are mere synonyms
basically because unlike the airport tags people really don't know them even though they're in your flight number. but also because they're likely to collide with stuff like "us" maybe
@MartinTapankov: no but people often confuse them. that's why i put in tag wiki excerpts telling you exactly what they are
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