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2:01 AM
@GypsySpellweaver Are you in?
@HenryWHHackv2.0 so far
@GypsySpellweaver What do you like about the site?
I think one of the big things I'm seeing that I like is civility. Users who are new to SE and joining this site are not being pummeled with error messages, so to speak, but are given helpful encouragement to adapt to the SE style of Q&A.
Some sites on SE can be quite unfriendly to new SE users
@GypsySpellweaver OK
Yep (SO)
We have a SE site that covers almost anything.
And even more are coming.
It just keeps coming
Wrong message
2:18 AM
One of the coming sites I'm keeping an eye on is self-directed learning
There's a stack for that. ;)
@GypsySpellweaver Like learning without school?
If it doesn't make it, I hope that we (CSE), can absorb a lot of their users
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Yes, and no.
What do you like doing in your free time.
Self-directed can be totally outside of school, for subjects not covered in school.
It can also be just going above and beyond in classes students are in already.
Or a blend of the two.
Well ok
Next question
2:26 AM
We've had to work a bit on the civility front, though. We have had, in the past, new users who came in and got immediately jumped on by 2-3 commenters
I like the principle that we were discussing that, in general, the power user who responds first should try to be the primary helper
That way it doesn't feel like such a pile-on
Also, we have some advantages over other SEs, because we don't attract as many horrible questions. (Like the endless stream of homework-dump questions over at CS)
"no" can still be said in a civil manner, even to homework dumps.
Sure, but... the questions aren't exactly off-topic, just usually poorly constructed. And there are >10 of them per day, and the users rarely edit (or even come back to accept answers), so it tries the patience
I posted about it
Q: Impolite to new users

Ben I.I've noticed that new users, who often ask rather poor questions, are often downvoted with no guidance at all, or are given harsh criticism without being welcomed into the community. The purpose of the First Posts review queue is to allow corrective suggestions, so downvotes without guidance are...

And that's why I think having the question help room is a good idea. First regular user that spots the bad post can comment, directing them to the room. Everyone else sees that comment, and knows to hold off on comments, at least, and to go to the room to help if they're willing.
Some time after I posted that, I also started getting fed up with the people who come and ask you to do their homework for them, but don't even bother to accept an answer.
I 100% agree that we need that room. And I think we will never attract that kind of soul-crushing stream of lazy people at CSE, because our name doesn't really invite that the same way
True on the stream of lazy people, hopefully.
2:35 AM
Mostly, we'll get teachers, or people who feel like they have something to share with teachers :)
I don't mind having some students in here either. HS and/or uni. They can help keep perspective.
They'll come, too. :)
Can't hurt to have a student pipe in with, "that's not we think at all." once in a while.
About 1/3 of our more involved users appear to be students, about 1/3 are developers, and about 1/3 are teachers.
(I'm just thinking about the folks who frequent this room)
Some are wearing two hats even/
2:40 AM
I will be teaching a class next year where the kids are supposed to be teaching each other about CS
I will make points on this site (not awarded by each other) worth some form of extra credit for that class, as what we do here is at the core of that course.
Ooo. That sounds like fun
(Well, I'm contemplating it, anyway)
Except that the votes are anonymous, so you can't tell if they came from another student or not.
Honor system.
Or, if I think that way, then I would tell them to only upvote a comment by a friend if they really think the comment is actually useful, and apply the honor system that way
Perhaps that's a better way
Just found it, there is
2:44 AM
On your own profile page, votes tab will record what you voted on. No one else can see it, but you can.
You can have them open that screen for you an demand.
I've apparently only downvoted 3 times, though I've voted to close questions roughly 10 times.
Just knowing that it is recorded, and they can't remove the record, should be enough to keep them honest
I am the source of a substantial portion of the number of points awarded on this site so far :P
One point of order, however. They are all over 13, correct?
2:47 AM
If even one isn't that can mess up the whole plan.
The course is only open to sophomores and up, so 15 is the minimum age
That make the plan easier to deal with.
And the course really is about teaching each other, so it dovetails so very nicely with this site :)
Sounds like a perfect match.
2:49 AM
(I would never make this required, ofc - only extra credit for contributing to cs education more broadly)
It would be unfair to allow some to have the chance to earn points and deny it to others though. Over 15 solves that problem anyway.
Yeah, no one would be younger than that. And they're all bright kids
(That's how they got into the school)
(It's very selective, which I have mixed feelings about)
I need to do more better Ask Ubuntu edits than the standard indent the code thing.
I made a lot of reps on AU by changing things like this:
Maybe, to help the mixed feelings, once they're solid in the"teach others" concept, they can be encouraged to share with others, as tutors, or just helping out a friend or neightbor.
Oh you guys are still chatting I will come back latter.
2:54 AM
Give them the tools and the mission.
@HenryWHHackv2.0 You don't need to worry about interrupting this conversation :)
Just filling time and space with random characters to keep the universal entropy alive.
Precisely so.
2:57 AM
I have noticed that, aside from occasional spurts of activity, this site, and chat, acts like school is still in sessionl
Thank you, nicely done.
Dead most of the day, comes to life around 2200-UTC
Heather's edit to the React.js question makes it closer to being on-topic, but is different from what OP is asking. In principle, is that the sort of edit I should approve?
@HenryWHHackv2.0 H̸̡̪̯ͨ͊̽̅̾̎Ȩ̬̩̾͛ͪ̈́̀́͘ ̶̧̨̱̹̭̯ͧ̾ͬC̷̙̲̝͖ͭ̏ͥͮ͟Oͮ͏̮̪̝͍M̲̖͊̒ͪͩͬ̚̚͜Ȇ̴̟̟͙̞ͩ͌͝S̨̥̫͎̭ͯ̿̔̀ͅ
My instinct would be to say probably not. A closed question is presumably better than a question that subverts what OP wanted
2:59 AM
I'd approve the edit, good effort should be rewarded. The question still stays closed, however.
Not sure it does subvert OP's intentions
So few clues in there, including which react he means
What if her edit made the question on-topic. So, we would approve, and presumably reopen, but then the question is (also presumably) no longer what OP really wanted to ask. Isn't that a highly undesirable outcome?
It probably is. And, based on the original question, not the title, I think .js is what OP meant.
I don't even know what React VR is.
Unless it's using React.js to create virtual reality
Maybe it's a program in react.JS that allows you to create VR applications called react.VR.
That's it for me, folks. Have a good night!
3:07 AM
3:33 AM
Good call on that one @thesecretmaster. edits so far have been helpful to same extent, adding undergrads is going to far.
@GypsySpellweaver Ok we can chat now.
As I said before
I have gotten a lot of reps on Ask Ubuntu by changing some questions from this:
I'm looking for an example.
For adding proper formatting to code ?
to this
I can't believe those things are still getting approved.
Ugh, I really don't like those kinds of posts. I can ignore lots of grammar errors and stuff. But that stuff is totally uncalled for. Even a newbie ought to know better.
I sometimes feel like someone is going to come out of my computer and slap me in the face for not doing something different.
well doing a edit different.
3:46 AM
Anyone who reads the old version will come out of the computer and shake your hand for doing that
I can see it now
The original version of posts like that are rather difficult to read, and probably don't get answers until they are fixed, by you or someone.
The wise geek coming to shake my hands.
with his paw.
Keep your camera handy :D
He'd just tell you that you're doing a dog-gone good job. :)
Here the edit messages I use:
improved formatting
fixed formatting
made image visible
fixed grammar
3:51 AM
What do you think of my answer here?
Fixing grammar while fixing code is a good idea. Better if one edit can fix all the problems in a single sweep.
@HenryWHHackv2.0 What's made image visible?
@GypsySpellweaver Example:
Ok that's what I mean by made image visible.
Ok, turn links into embedded images. Good. I don't like those either.
Oh you don't like clicking links to see images.
Because who knows what you will see after clicking an image link.
Nope, If the image is important to the post, include it in the post, if it's not, don't even link to it.
Here's an example of another on I don't like: screenshots of the console.
Well you need a certain number of reps to add an embedded image in your post.
3:57 AM
For a low rep post I'll just embed the image and move on. If they have the rep, then I don't like them doing it. I usually comment about the linked image and tell them to fix it.
Also I thought you was going to wonder what's the difference between improved formatting and fixed formatting.
Fixed = broken, Improved = not really broken, but could be better
Well improved formatting is basically when someone just copies and paste the code or error without doing any formatting at all.
4:02 AM
Do you know how to have some control over the size of images without using <img> tags in the post?
Fixed formatting is for when the OP tries to format the code but did it wrong.
@GypsySpellweaver Will if it's hosted by imugr
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Yea, "broken" formatting.
You can add the letters s,m,l at the end of the image id.
s = small
m = medium
l = large
You can also use t = thumbnail
I need to try this on a post.
Well a test post that I will not be posting.
4:06 AM
Sometimes s will crop the sides, and I don't like that :(
Sometime thumbnail will to, if it's a banner shaped image.
medium and large are predictable, small and thumbnail I always check before committing the post/edit
Oh did I told you that I spoked to Adam Lear.
Any news about this site?
Oh well I ask him to make me a mod for one hour and he said.
Never hurts to ask. They can't say "yes" if you don't ask, and the answer is always "no" until you ask.
@GypsySpellweaver Dude who is Adam Lear to make me a mod for one hour?
4:15 AM
I'd imagine that an SE employee could do just about anything.
Robert Cartaino ♦, Palm Bay, FL
99 7
Well I think he's the one that gives the diamonds.
I first encountered RC in Area 51 when they forced a name change on the Documentation proposal
@GypsySpellweaver Of course.
Technical Communication.
Final decision was to call it Technical Communication
@GypsySpellweaver Oh ok. ;)
4:19 AM
They thought Documentation was confusing now that SO has a documentation section
I see
Jeff Atwood ♦, El Cerrito, CA
41k 42 133 145
BOOM!^ Crazy hair style guy!
Sorry Jeff Atwood
If you ever see this message please note it was joke.
This one:
1 min ago, by Henry WH Hack v2.0
BOOM!^ Crazy hair style guy!
It's a joke.
That should get my message across.
Peter Coulton, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
20.4k 9 40 64
300 visits/day now
4:28 AM
getting closer to 1K users too
1K users! :)
Also don't forget
in 20 hours. ;)
Party time :D
:) | (:
@GypsySpellweaver It's against the rules.
No one should become a moderator just because there asked for it.
Isn't that what they're going to do here anyway?
How many nominations did we have? Two, I think. So, the 3rd mod will have to be one that "asked" for it.
Ok, three nominations, but one declined.
4:44 AM
@GypsySpellweaver Well if you ask without showing you are worthy of become a mod you will not become a mod.
If I just post on the nominations post something like:
True, they'll probably dig through the site looking for qualified ones, and privately ask them first. Then announce it to all of us.
"Hey Robert I really want to become a mod can you make me one."
His answer will be
5:04 AM
Time to go now
Ok I didn't spelled anything wrong.
I had to check again.
OK I'm really going.
5:30 AM
Yay. Privilege acquired. Not that it matters much...
Are you going to become our synonymizer now?
I want to. but I don't want to start "abusing this power" from day 0.
Although, I want to synonym and .
There is no day 0 :) No year 0 either.
Hows the voting going on that?
@GypsySpellweaver I disagree
Which one? Or both?
Voting has been very light on the tag issues.
5:41 AM
No wait I think I need 5 score in a tag to do that.
Think we ought to wait for mods to be set first.
so just 1 more upvote XD
That shouldn't be too long anyway, votes keep trickling in.
Hey, Gypsy, could you give me a quick intro to Perl? What's it like? Just to get me going. Or is that a broad question? :P
@GypsySpellweaver usually, from what I've seen in other metas, mods pro tempore announcement comes about 1 month after nominations
The tags shouldn't get too far out of hand in that time.
5:44 AM
@GypsySpellweaver not on any of my coding conventions questions (almost alliterative)
@GypsySpellweaver yep.
What langs you best at now?
And a bit of python
Might as well mention Matlab though it's a merging of the previous two
Java is a child of C, correct?
I don't think so
sorry for my lagging reply, I'm trying to answer a question.
6:00 AM
Ok, I'm doing some code work myself.
Biggest differences between Perl and Java, for starters: Perl is interpreted, not compiled; Perl is so loosely typed that it has NO types; Perl is imperative, and functional, as well as being function-based and object oriented.
oh my. it's the flip side of merging python and java.
Perl has some very basic rules, but will allow you to do almost anything, including shoot your own foot.
public static void main(String[] args){
    Foot leftFoot = Body.getLimbsToolkit().getLimb(Limbs.FOOT_LEFT);
    Gun g = new Gun("magnum");
sub main {
    my $args = $_[0];
    my $leftFoot = $body->getLimbsToolKit->getLimb(Limbs->{FOOT_LEFT});
    my $g = Gun->new('magnum');
    $g->shoot $left_foot;
6:20 AM
VALUE=`kdialog --inputbox "How many minutes do you want to set?" 5`;
if [[ $VALUE == "" ]]
VALUEMIN=$(echo "$VALUE*60" | bc)
        aplay $FULL_PATH_TO_AUDIO_FILE
        (kdialog --msgbox "Error: file $FULL_PATH_TO_AUDIO_FILE does not exist. Modify the source code setting a valid full path to a supported file (.wav or .au for example)" --title "Not existing file"; exit)
@ItamarGreen ^^^^
A GUI created from a Bash script, or typed in CLI if you choose. Opens a window, asking for a time. Starts a count down and plays a sound file, or pops a new window that says file not found for the sound file.
Oh. I think I got it
RE: the CLI question's answer.
My point is that there are no existing GUI tools that can outperform the terminal
6:26 AM
Nope. I hate the overhead of the GUI 90% of the time.
I'd do this chat in CLI if there was a good way to do it.
That's understandable
Oh. I got the nice answer badge. Nice
Moving a directory tree with some depth and many files will literally cause my CPU to overheat if I don't throttle it if I use dolphin, but with mv It don't even cause a spike in the CPU thermal graph
If I can ever save up the funds, I'm going to build a new box, and dump this one. :)
Good luck
6:38 AM
Got the case, HDD, PSU, and optical. On the fence about CPU choice, which drives the MOBO and RAM options.
The good part is that no matter which CPU I choose, it'll be better than what I've got now. :)
I don't do gaming at all - who has the time anyway? Primary CPU taxing will be video conversions and code compiling.
2 hours later…
9:12 AM
I still can't believe Jon skeet made his own interpreted language for printing "Hello World".
2 hours later…
10:59 AM
@ItamarGreen My answer remains the same. I guess if it's not helpful, then don't upvote it, but the underlying principles I would use to approach that question is still what I sketched out there.
(And good luck with the workshop!)
Thanks. I would be able to adapt it. Thank you for checking it out again. After rereading the answer I see that it is useful, but I'll wait to see if others have different approaches that I can merge so that I get something greater than the sum of parts.
It's so frustrating that I can't do review from mobile.
2 hours later…
12:42 PM
999 users!
So close
Oh, that's not accurate. We're actually up to 1007
(Well, userid - perhaps deleted accounts are the reason for the discrepancy?)
1:00 PM
25 more rep for me and I'm avid, hey :) Besides, hello, guys :)
Hey, Tux. Gratz!!!
Thanks :)
I also try spreading the site face-to-face to some people I know and assume they're interested in.
Excellent :)
Maybe it will even be posted on a regional CS teacher mailing list, but I don't have access to it (I do, however, know a few CS teachers)
I don't understand this answer. It might be quite good, I can't tell:
1:05 PM
I don't know PostScript, so I don't understand it as well
@thesecretmaster this question of yours has apparently garnered a CV
Q: What is a good analogy for the Object Oriented paradigm?

thesecretmasterWhat is the most effective analogy that you have used or have thought of to teach the object oriented paradigm? Hopefully the analogy can translate well to inheritance as well, and includes the concepts of instance methods, class methods and properties. Even better would be if it also includes th...

Looking at it now that the site is a little more mature, it probably should be modified to be more about teaching anyway. Thoughts?
I like the second and third sentence, because they give a clear specification of what the analogy should contain.
Judging from the comments, the title might need to be refactored to something which contains the requirements, like "What is a good analogy to teach inheritance, instance methods and class methods"
I could even imagine splitting this up in multiple, smaller parts (one for each requirement), e.g. "Analogy for instance vs. class methods", "Analogy for singletons" etc.
Furthermore, you could add something about the target audience, but I'm not sure whether we need to use two limiting criteria at one (either splitting up in multiple questions or adding audience info).
1:20 PM
@TuringTux Are you thinking about going into education?
I'm not sure. I've given a few hours of "class" for now in front of different audiences (one today), and one problem to me seems the motivation of the students. If they are (like in the case today) forced to attend the class, I can see many of them come even though they are not slightly interested in the topic.
This is something which is (of course) okay, because no one has to be interested in the stuff I like, but if I went into education, I'd like to give courses where you're not forced to sign up for, so I know that my students are really interested in the topic.
@TuringTux I see what you mean. Student motivation is one of the central challenges of teaching. You learn over time how to motivate students (and how to know whether they are engaged at all, which is a separate question). Electives and core classes both have their place - required classes are often the ones where you can cover more important ground, because the kids would never "elect" into courses that cover certain dry (but central and vitally important) ideas.
Hello @thesecretmaster
Hi. I don't see a CV
On the oo analogy question
@BenI. I understand. Thank you for giving me some information :) Maybe I'll ask some more questions in the following time on teaching, if this is okay :)
1:32 PM
@thesecretmaster I'm not sure that you would.... ?
No, it wasn't CV'd. It was flagged as opinion based.
I'll ignore that, because that's the site that the community has been developing.
You still might want to modify the question, though.
Maybe it's just because of the "most effective analogy" formulation?
We crossed the 1000 threshold!!!
Because, of course, all those questions asking for experience are somehow opinion based but in my eyes nevertheless really important for the site.
@Ben I \o/
1:47 PM
I gotta go now
See you guys o/
2 hours later…
3:36 PM
We crossed the 1000 threshold!!!
@thesecretmaster I quoted you in my most recent answer. ;-)
Oh wise one :)
3:59 PM
Wise is quite an exaggeration :) Which answer?
A: Do your students pay attention when you speak?

Ben I.As thesecretmaster once intoned, "Just from my experience as a student, computer out == doing whatever you want." Kids won't learn from you if they won't give you their attention. And a quick glance into a restaurant, with faces aglow from phone screens, is enough to demonstrate that prioritiz...

You had just said it so well.
Seemed a shame not to quote you
4:13 PM
I sotra figured that it would be something really fundimental and deep, but that works too
4:41 PM
I just noticed that I had 5 Review tabs open, one from each activeness period (2 yesterday I think and 3 today) :P
6 hours later…
10:15 PM
@GypsySpellweaver The Public Beta Party will start in two hours.
1 hour later…
11:30 PM
I think the number of questions per day inched up - it's at 4.1, I seem to remember it being in the 3's.
11:45 PM
@Peter You came just in time. :)
I thought I set the party for around 12:00 PM but it looks like I set the time wrong.
You set it for 12:00 AM (UTC). Common mistake to think of Noon as the end of AM, not the first of PM.
Is the party in 10 minutes?
Nice :)
No drinking
No smoking
No bad words
No sexual content
No nothing
11:52 PM
I just got a drop down notification.
as did I.
You should have gotten on in the inbox about 22:00 UTC as well
@ATaco Hi! :)
I'm here for the party. 🎉
11:53 PM
How did you know?
Now I know who's bringing the foood. :)
I'm on the notifications list.
I listen to all the rooms. All of them.
which one
11:54 PM
TBH I have no idea why it pinged me.
@GypsySpellweaver hmm, I didn't receive that, just a "top new user" notification.
But I'm here anyway.
@heather You didn't get an inbox note because you didn't register for the event.
@Gypsy oh, duh, that makes sense =P
I didn't know the event existed.
Case a vote:
Leave the party open.
Recreate the party.
Close the party.
11:57 PM
It's always party time
The party is in this room, no?
::turns music on::
Starts in 1 minute
Is that Pomp and Circumstances I think I don't hear?
11:59 PM
I can't stay for long - I couldn't sleep last night, and now I can barely see straight. But since it's just one minute away, I wanna be here for some of the party!
@GypsySpellweaver That is exactly what you don't hear, yes.
I'll be conducting that on Thursday for about 5000 verses

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