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1:33 AM
I love this most recent graphic
I gotta leave for today. Bye everyone!
Looks good for a banner, or other large-ish use, as the profile pic, not so much. As I've learned, the profile pic is often shown in the range of 64x64 size. Even cropped to near square, it dosen't look too promising.
All the pretty details are lost.
Even reduced to the 500px wide that post images have it looks nice.
The pretty details are lost, but I like that the main message of it remains intact
2:22 AM
Even though I was chastised a bit for the promoting I did, it clearly worked. We have all of these new people posting questions and answers today :)
18 new users in 24 hours, and 3 of them are posting
Sorry, 4 of them!
Either 16 or 17 of those 18 came after my promotional comments started
2 hours later…
3:55 AM
Got another invite out to a teacher I know, and she wants to forward it to some other people !! :)
4:19 AM
I just had a flashing thought. We all know how SE works, but the invitees don't. The Tour page does a decent job of introducing it, but it's way too long for a quick introduction in person or by out-of-band contact. It is not a forum, and doesn't even resemble one in practice. How, then, to introduce someone to it easily? My thought:
"It is an organic FAQ - multiple answers to users' questions with voting to help select the best one"
What do you all think?
I have returned!
@GypsySpellweaver Now that's more like it.
Where would they see it? As in, isn't it something that SE would need to funnel them into?
What I am trying to say is: I like it.
@BenI. Not something other than SE, but something we can say, in person, or in an email, when trying to describe SE to people we're trying to get involved in CSE who have no prior SE exposure.
We could make some community posts?
I mostly customize everything to the person I'm writing to
4:34 AM
How do you explain the world of SE to them?
Well, in my most recent email, part of what I wrote was:
Once you've created your account, have a look around. There are three great things to do that will help you out and help us out:
1. Ask a question (or even more than one) - this is probably what we need most right now
2. Answer a question - share your knowledge!
3. Upvote and downvote - the votes are the "currency" of the whole system, and they're what keep the whole thing going. This brings the strongest answers to the top. And, of course, everyone loves getting, erm, internet points ;-)
My wife just told me it's bed time :)
5:36 AM
I may have brought a very experienced cs educator to here. She might accept the invite. She has more than 15 years of experience in teaching, and has incredible insight when it comes to teaching programming. This could be a door to more members, because she knows many teachers.
@ItamarGreen Congrats
@ItamarGreen Great job
@ItamarGreen Are you a teacher?
6:12 AM
@GypsySpellweaver Are you in?
A cup of tea and a friendly chat?
6:14 AM
So do you like the site?
Looks promising
Hoping I can develop one or two questions for it. Not sure it will happen though
Do you think you'll be doing much asking or answering?
Can't say
Did you "commit" to the proposal?
6:24 AM
Then you're not expected to contribute seriously.
How does this look compared to IoT in the early days?
I wasn't keeping track of IOT.SE really.
Ask @Aurora0001 when he comes around.
Are you hoping to learn anything from here?
I may do something in the future.
Do you have some projects to fill you summer break with?
6:29 AM
6:53 AM
@GypsySpellweaver Ok I'm back
I edited my Ask Ubuntu account.
Oh, why?
I am promoting area1 sites
Not a spam
To see the full list of proposals.
I think I should make it smaller.
Good Idea. I've got CSE on mine too. except I used the piece that was created here rather than the "official" one.
Smaller is possible, but not needed.
@GypsySpellweaver Since it's mostly HTML and CSS really I can probably tweak the code to my liking.
Of course you can.
7:03 AM
I knew it.
Rather than controlling both width and height, just control one and let the browser handle the other automatically. Avoids typing in the wrong aspect ratio and getting a distorted image.
In this case, because of the limited space on the profile, I'd do the width under HTML control.
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Well, I done did it. Got my own question up there now. [-<
Just hope it don't get closed :{
@GypsySpellweaver Nice going using the word directory instead of folder. ;)
In web context it's a directory, even if its served by IIS
7:18 AM
Folder don't really sound computer science like
but directory does
I think directory is the proper way for saying folder in Computer Science.
I'm bilingual in that context, maybe trilingual even.
Directories have not always existed either. CP/M didn't have them. It had userspace instead.
Directories and Folders same thing story done.
[Case CLOSED: by HenryWHHackv2.0]
Interesting: in Win/DOS you get a DIR of a "folder". In *nix you get an ls of a "directory"
[Case LOCKED: by HenryWHHackv2.0]
@GypsySpellweaver I already knew that.
So, @HenryWHHackv2.0 what CS-type stuff are you active in?
7:25 AM
IT Security
oh that's not CS.
As what? Black hat? Pen testing? Local security?
@GypsySpellweaver Black hat illegal
@HenryWHHackv2.0 I think it's part of CS, even if the ivory tower don't want to think so.
I should become a DEV at:
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Not if the work for No Such Agency
7:28 AM
stack exchange
Are you learning the skills and tools that you'd need for that position?
Oh damit
Why didnt I think of that.
Never too late :)
To get a job at stack exchange you must learn stack exchange.
I think learning stack exchange is the last thing on the list of must haves
7:31 AM
IT and Programming
That's the first thing on my list.
IDK, but I bet they've got specialists all over the place. DBAs, coders, UI design, etc.
And even a few IT security types too.
Is it funny that the name of the company is call stack exchange.
I think the idea behind the name is exchanging stacks of information.
But not sure really.
From some of my reading in old meta posts, they used to call each site a stack not a site, so strong possibility that you are correct.
I will ask an SE employee there usally hand out in this room:

 Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-...
I know you use Ubuntu, and you look like you're comfortable in CLI. Have you tried any programming languages yet?
7:37 AM
@GypsySpellweaver Yes
Which one(s)?
I like that _old_ quote they have on there.
My God, it's full of stars!
How do you like it?
I don't understand.
Python that is.
7:39 AM
Do people star a lot in the room?
The quote is from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey
So we went from stars to hal9000
or is it
hal9000 to stars
Escaping HAL9000 he EVA'd to the obelisk. When he got close enough he saw the stars. Last transmission before he disappeared.
I think the implication they were trying to make was that the obelisk held all the worlds inside it.
7:44 AM
Do you play video games?
Don't have the time anymore. Used to do some on PS2.
Now it just gathers fur-balls
I really would like to finish FF X, but not going to happen any time soon :(
Who is the wise geek?
You know as much as I do about that one. Singapore-based, currently working for a private school, would like to be an SE worker. Was unemployed for a while.
Yes yes go on.
But who is he/she
That's what I know. Going to guess it's he but only from the manner of language used.
7:51 AM
His name
@HenryWHHackv2.0 nope...
Well his profile name.
<-- clueless
(about if I'm a teacher)
7:52 AM
SuperUser user number 10165
That's hardly a name. That's like saying you're SuperUser user number 538608.
It's a codename.
Actually, as a second clue that it's probably he is the hat the dog wears.
Yep he's a mod.
You've been around here long enough that you might know this. Does smokey monitor all sites, or only certain ones?
8:00 AM
His name is: 269cefc2ab4e7b4c2cbea9ccd0ceced6
@GypsySpellweaver All
Then, eventually, we're going to need someone in HQ as well.

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break thing...
That's what I said, yep.
What do you mean by in HQ?
I am always in HQ.
@HenryWHHackv2.0 that
8:02 AM
does that count?
I'm seldom there, and yes that does.
Not that I expect we'll have much for smokey to burn for a while.
Yep, I see you there.
The wise geek is:
Of course not.
ok one more it's really
So, why does the wise geek call himself a journeyman?
8:06 AM
Don't tell me:
it's yes yes
Oh now I remember you:
in Root Access, May 17 at 6:06, by Gypsy Spellweaver
@HenryWHHackv2.0 The future belongs to those who have dreams.
Course, I already knew that you knew that. ;P Seen you chatting with him before.
@HenryWHHackv2.0 So, what do you think that means?
I don't have time to decode it right now.
Know that feeling when you're not sure which tags fit your question?
8:09 AM
Pick the ones you like, edit it later.
ok XD.
1 hour later…
9:17 AM
@GypsySpellweaver Well too comfortable.
Why too comfortable?
in Chat of Things, Feb 27 at 19:46, by Henry WH Hack v2.0
FUN fact: You know how Linux new comers are more scared of the terminal than the GUI? (Well for me I'm more scared of the GUI than the Terminal in Linux.)
Sorry I meant
What's that word for hardly
9:19 AM
Are it's rarely
I rarely use the GUI in Linux.
I avoided using the GUI as long as I could. Eventually I found it impractical to not use the GUI for some things. Firefox looks so much nicer than lynx does.
@GypsySpellweaver yep
Most of the stuff you can do in the GUI you can do in the CLI.
Like Browsing the web in the CLI
And the graphs on gkrellm are a lot easier to interpret rapidly than scrolling or shifting output in a terminal screen
Well going to Aurora0001
Nice Guy Aurora0001
Have fun
I'm not very social-oriented. Do better with machines.
9:24 AM
What do you think about Aurora0001?
Very little contact in here, and never met him until CSE began. Seems competent enough to me though.
Oh I never meet him until IoT.SE began.
I always meet someone when a new SE site is out.
'tis a big world in here, never know who's around the next bend.
You will see me on the next upcoming SE site.
Mayhaps, if I'm in on it.
9:32 AM
Even if I'm not in on it I will join it.
I have something call.
Wow, 294 users now. That's not all that bad.
Randomly Interested In The Topic (RIITT)
@ItamarGreen How many with rep > 0 ?
oh. I'll check that
9:36 AM
Hate to be the burr in the saddle, but got to keep it real too.
@ItamarGreen Now for the bad news about my answer: I know nothing about C/C++/Java languages.
But the question is OOP. did I tag it java?
that's a mistake...
Nope, but the syntax does.
well the answer is generally correct. But I was hoping for something that will help the students be ok with something that at first glance looks like "defining something with that same thing"
That's why they need the static/dynamic under their belt. And the difference between a template and an object. When I create this use that.
And, yes, you did use on that. The syntax for PHP and Perl is markedly different, but the resulting concept is essentially the same.
@ItamarGreen For the animal class question, without making it an answer, I'd suggest going with vehicle class. It allows for more polymorphism, greater depth of classes, and can be used to introduce APIs. No direct access, generally, to the fuel tank to check level, or the carburetor to adjust fuel flow or mixture. Only through the getter (fuel gauge) and setter (throttle). Some cases the throttle is physical linkage, others (jets?) it's all electronic and computerized.
9:51 AM
Clever. I'll write an example for myself (not an answer, just preparing an example)
It can be a good one to guide the students through. Finding the essential characteristics of a vehicle: First thoughts often include "wheels", well how about boats and helicopters? Good practice for when it's time to learn re-factoring of code.
Hello everyone
hello master of secrets
@thesecretmaster Have you fixed your charger issue?
10:16 AM
This room has a lot of pinned messages.
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, May 23 at 17:44, by Nathan Osman
The starwall has been breached.
@GypsySpellweaver That was @HenryWHHackv2.0, I think. Mine works fine, especially considering it's IEC cable and never gets touched.
Yes that was me.
@thesecretmaster @HenryWHHackv2.0 Oops. Ok, did you get it fixed.
@GypsySpellweaver no
Ever find the specs for it?
10:23 AM
E taped?
When BenI. gets here, I'd like to make a plan to talk to Robert about the site.
@thesecretmaster The CM?
It's been mentioned that we ought to ask him to have a chat using the comments on his answer
It's interesting that we have more users than people comitted here.
Also: the academia ad has driven 2 clicks already
10:40 AM
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Does your power pack look like this where the power cord from the wall connects?
That looks gulp proprietary
Most laptops are :( Hard to build one yourself like a desktop.
I would like an open source modular laptop, but it doesn't exist :(
Well not sure what you are asking.
The cord that goes from the wall to the power pack often can be unplugged from the power pack. If yours can, does it look like that where the cord connects to the power pack.
@thesecretmaster Not modular, but FSF certified. :)
10:57 AM
Has anyone here ever used IRC chatting?
11:19 AM
Not me. Why?
I was just asking.
YESSS! I think I got the teacher I mentioned to join :P.
@ItamarGreen Which one?
11:33 AM
6 hours ago, by Itamar Green
I may have brought a very experienced cs educator to here. She might accept the invite. She has more than 15 years of experience in teaching, and has incredible insight when it comes to teaching programming. This could be a door to more members, because she knows many teachers.
3 hours later…
2:39 PM
Both ads are live. Step 2, twitter
2:51 PM
Who has control of the Twitter account?
3:18 PM
Okay, I'm caught up on the chat
(And I'm back for, like, 10 minutes)
It took me 90 minutes this morning just to catch up with direct comments/answers on my own posts and this chat - I haven't even gotten to the new questions on the site yet.
This must be a good sign
Yes...there has been a lot more activity the past two days...i was busy last night
i love logging on and seeing a lot on here
I suspect that Robert would say that it's not enough, but it's a clear improvement. And the material is really high quality
Especially given the timing
Well, there has been a marketing blitz
I basically took two full work days (my time at work is markedly less busy right now than usual) doing marketing
Reaching out to people, sending emails, posting on SO all over the place
And we're starting the Twitter (today?)
And I know others have been bringing people in as well
We are a group of dedicated computer science teachers working to build a professional community on the Stack Exchange Network. Tweets are our own.
0 tweets, 0 followers, following 0 users
how does it look?
3:31 PM
Is the top picture usually so tall on Twitter?
That seems like a lot of real estate for a static image
Ok then, I think it looks really nice
questions per day nearly at all time low o.o
Visually and text communicate the right ideas to me
@ItamarGreen That's misleading
They're averaged over the last two weeks
3:33 PM
It's doing a long-term average, so it will keep going down
now it all makes sense.
Draft of first tweet: "Hello, world! Come join our new community of Computer Science educators! [link to A51]"
That's a fine first tweet
Followed by one that explains how to get in from that link?
just out of interest, what are the requirements for going into public beta?
It's not 100% defined - it's a choice that the overlords make by looking at the metrics
3:35 PM
I can do that. Should I say "Click "Visit!" to register"?
@BenI. I see, Thanks!
I suspect that we will have slightly easier requirements, because Robert made a point about his realization that starting an educators site in June is a tough way to start
@Peter That's way more succinct and useful than whatever was floating around in my head. So, yes, that :)
I also think we took his answer to us as a call to action...that has to speak to the quality and passion of the community
there has to be something beyond pure metrics
As long as we keep up the marketing efforts and keep getting more people in (and keep the quality of the site itself high, which will be the most important traffic driver in the long run), if I put on my fortune-telling hat, I think we'll have the following:
A week-long extension of private beta, and then public beta
We are live!
Hello, world! Come join our new community of Computer Science educators! Click "Visit!" from the link below! http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/92460/computer-science-educators
3:39 PM
Should we post links to our top three questions?
Now I'll retweet it from my accounts and start following people
Good call...although won't those links go right to a log-in screen?
Sure, but... what else is there to put up, other than our questions?
I guess that's what we have to work with
3:43 PM
You can tweet "Ever wondered if ...? We have the answer! [link]" Or something similar.
i like that
Are we just keeping it manual for now?
I think until we go to public beta, manual makes the most sense
Manual in what way?
not having automated tweets
3:49 PM
Well, the way that Literature do it isn't really that automated, more controlled from a SE chat room
Oh, ok.
But it's a bit of work to set up correctly
2 users away from 300. I can't wait.
even if 300 isn't anything special
just indicates the slow rising of the beta XD
I alternate between thinking that we're obviously gonna make it, and despairing that it's impossible.
4:01 PM
Had we folded/fought back last week, I'd feel more despair, but we took action, began promoting, and have seen things improve
We did hit a lull there
I've been on a bit of a tweet storm
I'm excited that there are questions and answers I haven't read yet
if there are twitter accounts you think i should follow or tweet at, please let me know
1 hour later…
5:19 PM
This article has spurred a lot of discussion. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/29/us/computer-science-cheating.html Join our conversation about it here: https://cseducators.stackexchange.com/questions/14/cheating-on-labs
We've crossed 300! Progress!
I really don't get questions/day though
We have 82 questions in 10 days
That's 8.2, not 5.9
82 questions / 14 days = 5.857, so that must be the figure used
Now we need are more avid users.
But where is the 14 days coming from?
5:29 PM
as well as more users.
(2 weeks)
Well yes but why 14 when we've been open for 10?
No idea. It is very strange
When you hover over, it says 5.9 questions/day on average over the last 11 days
So it seems to think we've had 65 questions
Yeah don't really understand myself.
5:45 PM
Anybody here?
I was thinking of doing a sort of "head count". See which fields of expertise have someone here that knows much about them
Good call
So, wanna go ahead?
@ItamarGreen ;P
5:51 PM
Puns are the best.
High School CS - AP CS Principles and AP CS A
Teach with Scratch, C, Python, Java, Processing
With a smattering of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL
@Peter When you "follow" an account on twitter does the follower get notified that they are being followed by the account, or just an account?
Yes, they will see who is now following them.
With the name
Hey guys :)
Then, one I find It, I'll have an account to follow. Have to chase down the trail to find his twitter name.
5:53 PM
I'm struggling with trying to compute multiplicative inverses using the extended euclidean algorithm
@dipper Never heard of that. I'll read about it...
@Peter Here he is:
@alfredtwo, New Hampshire
High school CS teacher, Education blogger, author, CS education activist, speaker, CSTA Board Member, husband & father of teachers. #MIEExpert - Tweets my own
46.6k tweets, 6.3k followers, following 2k users
have to log off for a bit...be back later
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