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2:13 AM
Q: A collection of Russian Fairy Tales, much more than 60 years old

AlfredThis is a very, very old memory. I got it as a present when I was still in elementary school (or, maybe, it was a present of graduation, at its very end) : a beautiful illustrated hardcover book of Russian Fairy Tales, in French translation, of course. I got it in 1962 at the latest. This particu...

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4:51 AM
Q: Old Show or Movie involving a wizard school where a boy turns colored sand into a giant soccer ball

TevaronHoping for an answer but this could be a false memory. My mother had this recorded off television on VHS in the 80s,so it would have to be made then or earlier. It was live action not animated. I remember non-american accents, possibly British. A wizard or magician society. The boy goes to school...

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9:35 AM
Q: Which supervillain is associated with the "[email protected]" email address in the Kingpin's doomsday party invitation?

galacticninjaIn the 2015 Secret Wars #1 comic book, Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin, sent out email invitations to several supervillains to join him in celebrating the impending end of the world. The comic panel reveals five email addresses, and most of them are fairly straightforward to decipher (plea...

9:57 AM
Q: Fantasy manhwa with demon king army adm op white hair mc

PotatoThe mc is the strongest in the demon king army among the comanders. He is secretly a human and is sick or something and want to leave the demon army. He actually is very weak but has like a second persona that is the op one. In the start of the manhwa the hero attack the demon king castle and he ...

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2:29 PM
Q: Has anyone created an OC or Original Character based on the Nazgul

HaridasaThe Nazgul in Tolkien's literature is very mysterious, especially in the backstory. Has anyone created an OC or Original Character backstory for their own Nazgul or Nazgul-like character just for fun?

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4:36 PM
posted on May 23, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Quick thankyou to patreon subscriber/friend Dave Luebke for making this joke more legible. Today's News:

Q: A movie from the 70s, 80s, or 90s like John Carter (2012) with a guy from earth, a girl, and a caveman/tribesmen

StefanWhen I was younger I watch this sci-fi/fantasy movie on YouTube but I can't remember it's name. It have a man from earth getting transported to another world. He meets a lady who turns into his love interest and a caveman. They travel through the desert and at the end the villain send the man bac...

5:03 PM
Q: Chinese online novel

OnlineNovelReadersAfter one night stand, female lead leaves the country. She returns with her genius son. Male lead attends an auction with a female partner and bids for an item. Female lead asks her son to bid it for her and the son wins the bid. Male lead recognises his son. It’s a pretty good story. The female ...

5:49 PM
Q: Manga about a boy who got kicked out of his family for awakening a lightning blood line ability

SimonI remember reading a full color manga a few years ago maybe 10 I can't remember exactly, it was about a boy who got kicked out of his family for awakening a lightning blood line ability ( I think it was blood line ) they use a machine to awaken them it turns out lightning is the strongest blood l...

6:33 PM
Q: Science Fiction story about Earth people developing telepathy and eventually getting depopulated

BK DharA science fiction story, where some space explorers are to embark on a space journey. Just before the journey, the people of the Earth are showing unexpected signs of telepathy. The space exploration employs sub-light rockets, and thus the spaceship returns to earth after about 30-40 years. Upon ...

6:55 PM
Q: Science fiction book 80s

A.lindI remember that a group of teenagers go to a disco and then the floor gives way and hours later they wake up on another planet. To stop the earth getting aniillated one of the boys needs to win a battle for survival. I also remember an alien called the box which had sharp teeth inside it. It woul...

7:41 PM
Q: Story about a huge project in Hell?

releseabeMy guess is that this story was written before 1980 and certainly before 2000. Demons or damned souls have built like a galley with which they plan to drag Hell itself or maybe just the galley to Heaven. It will take an incredible length of time, but they sure have the time. The story has one dem...

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10:19 PM
Q: Fantasy novel by woman author, featuring a male eunuch and a runaway girl

Lee O'BrienI believe the author's name is Rachel. A young girl flees her home, is mistreated on her travels, and is rescued by a eunuch in another city. They both become important political players.

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