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12:35 AM
Q: Short story. Humanity reaches Mars, the whole planet is honeycombed. Aliens rapidly mined everything of any value, then abandoned the planet

Judith JonesEarth is in a pretty bad way and many humans hope to move to Mars. The first team of astronauts to reach Mars are extraordinarily shocked. The planet is hollow like a honeycomb, every resource of any possible use has been mined. They believe for a while that the race that exploited Mars so thorou...

12:58 AM
Q: Trying to find an old cartoon where a boy is trying to find a monster that flew away

DanielSo from what I can remember this was a cartoon about a boy who liked monsters, and had discovered ways of looking after them, and he has a powerful winged one that lives in his room, potentially in his closet, that somehow escapes and flies away, and he spends a very long time trying to track it ...

Q: Short story. Aliens sent to prepare earth invasion. camouflage as toys maker. Mission goes wrong because female martian falls in love with tax agent

KiltiNasyonI need to remember a short story in a science fiction magazine (old publications maybe between 1937 and 1965). The story is about exterrestrials (must be martians if I remember) who were sent in advance to earth to prepare a future invasion. They infiltrated a toy maker shop and came to live ther...

Q: Book series. Humans have made contact with many, interacting alien species. Female protagonist marries junkyard owner, with dog, on space station

Judith JonesSeveral books, with same setting and characters. Read online, recently, after 2017. The junkyard is on a spacestation owned and run by an AI. More recently created AIs have robot bodies. The dog gets reincarnated. Many planets have bans on most technology. Teenagers from various species, includin...

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4:00 AM
Q: Book where people in a future society escape to an island to be free

Stephenfor the life of me I cannot remember this book. the main character lived in some sort of futuristic society where the government controls the information they know. he is approached by this secret group of people that consisted of only a handful of people. they met in what i think i remember a...

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7:48 AM
Q: Which Vault-Tec Vaults are referenced in the Fallout TV series’ season 1 finale?

galacticninjaIn the Fallout TV series (2024) Season 1 finale, Episode 8: “The Beginning," there's a scene where the top executives of Vault-Tec, RobCo Industries, Big MT, West Tek, and REPCONN Aerospace share ideas for the Vault-Tec Vault experiments.  Are these Vaults the same ...

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10:00 AM
I might not be online here as much in the near future. Nobody has upset me. In the winter I am pretty much housebound. When the weather is warmer and I can get out, meet people and enjoy the sunshine, I do so. I therefore spend less time online.
10:49 AM
Q: X-Men: Why is Remy LeBeau called Gambit?

TriceratopsWhy is Remy LeBeau called Gambit? In chess, Gambit is an opening tactic, in which the player sacrifices a pawn to get a better position. However, I am not familiar with Gambit being a good chess player (or if he plays chess at all, unlike Magneto and Charles Xavier who are known to play together)...

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12:30 PM
@JudithJones That makes complete sense. Mostly people just wander in whenever they're available/engaged and then wander out when it's time to do something else.
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3:22 PM
Q: Manga, where the mc and the fml are rivals who have reincarnated multiple times

user174400I cannot remember much about this manga asides from the basic knowledge, that they were rivals who reincarnated constantly trying to kill each other. And by the way I'm not talking about naruto.

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4:48 PM
posted on April 21, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Look it's the only test with no false negatives. Today's News:

5:15 PM
Q: Book where lone man stops at car crash and finds a fatally injured woman just about to have a baby. She looks like his dead wife

Ali ChristieMan stops to help with a car crash at night, finds a fatally injured pregnant woman who looks like his wife, but she died years ago. The woman has the ability to plant suggestions in peoples minds so they will help her. There is a secret society nearby who were waiting for her child to be born to...

5:38 PM
Q: Manga, about a group of friends who gained superpowers, and the mc who gained the power to control technology

user174400I cannot remember much about this manga, but I'm this definitely sure that it wasn't an isekai, and that the main character had the ability to modify and control technology.

6:01 PM
Q: Fantasy novel involving a magic bracelet that saves a man from a fish dinner

FuzzyBootsI had a vague set of memories pop into my head earlier today. I'm pretty sure it was a fantasy novel from a series I read in my childhood (late 1980s to early 1990s). The scene I remember, I'm pretty sure it was a side character (who presumably later interacted with the main characters). He had w...

6:46 PM
Q: I can't remember the name of a book where a set of twins (boy and girl) develop powers and learn that their dad and his twin sister also has powers

AlexI think they moved into a new house or something, and slowly realized that they had powers of light and shadow. They find out that their father and his twin sister have these abilities too. I don't remember much, but I also remember them being attacked by large flies with milky eyes, i think.

7:31 PM
Q: Short story in small anthology about a computer antagonist governing society with a name like BACKATRACK

LexibleI believe I read this English language short story around 1974 or 1975, but may have read it a few years later… pretty certain I read it in the 70s, though. It was in a small paperback a little bit larger than a chapbook, but smaller than a typical pulp paperback. I seem to recall this book being...

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9:43 PM
^_^ Started to write up a question about a ghost version of Clementine. Found it while searching for follow-up details. Figured it was too niche in the end.
Q: A old cartoon from like the 2000s or more that features a group of teens searching for a green stone that can teleport them

UkinoIt was on a now deleted channel with the number 7, I believe, in the logo and the title was something like "The Green Stone" or the "Blue stone". In any case the stone was green but I don't remember if there was a reason it was that color.

10:10 PM
Q: Looking for a young adult fantasy book about a girl who is half faerie and can use magic from all five elements?

MemsI am trying to find a book that I once read about a girl who thinks she is half-faerie(and I think also royal), where her mom was a faerie(but passed away) and her dad, who she thinks is human, who is a powerful man in the human world. She enrols to this school and befriends a group of powerful f...

10:33 PM
Q: Fantasy series from pre 2010 - Woman follows a man with magic

SheaBeen trying to remember a fantasy book I read over 15 years ago. It was the first in a series and followed (I think) a female protagonist who leaves her home (which I think belonged to some lord) and follows a man who can use magic. They travel through a forest and at the end of the book finally ...


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