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5:22 AM
Q: Red Dwarf: Episode in which Holly Offers to Make a Woman?

releseabeSemi-Spoiler since I am revealing something very funny. I remember the lines sort of but can't find a clip, no idea of episode or season: The computer asks Lister something to the effect, "How would you like me to create a woman, completely indistinguishable in every respect from the real thing?"...

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10:20 AM
Q: Is the X-Men '97 opening sequence showing Gambit and Nightcrawler wielding swords and fighting enemies a reference to a pre-existing X-Men story?

galacticninjaIn the opening sequence of X-Men '97, Season 1, Episode 5, "Remember It", there's a brief clip of Gambit and Nightcrawler wielding swords and fighting helmeted, armored foes with an arena-like building in the background. This particular scene doesn’t make an appearance within the episode itself. ...

11:06 AM
Q: Were any of the aliens in Battlestar Galactica played by animals in suits?

Judith JonesRelated to my other question Were other robots in Battlestar Galactica animals in suits? which I asked after finding out that the robot Moffit the daggit was played by Evie a 3 year old chimpanzee in a suit.

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12:38 PM
Q: Boy possesed by a spirit

Luc3998 I'm looking for a manga where the main character attends a magic high school, a typical fantasy setting. However, the twist is that he is possessed by some kind of evil god/spirit/ghost. In one lesson, he needs to train his sword spirit, and that's where the evil spirit tries to take over his bod...

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2:33 PM
Q: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Elephant

JREI am trying to remember the name of a short story I read in the 1990s or earlier. The story was either in an anthology or a science fiction a magazine. The story is centered on a woman on a space ship or a space station. The woman was pregnant and going to have five children (all at once.) There...

2:56 PM
Q: Manga (probably manhwa or manhua) which mc become an elf that is a NPC city lord in the game he play

user174165First of all I believe this one is color if my memory is serve. The mc somehow (reincarnate/suck or whatever) into the game where he is a elf NPC. This NPC is a city lord and when he got into this game it is before open beta of the game he play i believe. Mc as a NPC has elves army that serve him...

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4:30 PM
Argh. Now SE has poisoned google results to the point that it's no longer possible to find not-wrong answers to simple questions.
Which is to say that SE has gone from being part of the solution to part of the problem.
4:46 PM
posted on April 12, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: This'll be even funnier once SMBC is infinite scroll. Today's News:

5:37 PM
Q: Black & White Movie that ends with zombie on floor starving

DoninhaMy husband, who is French (mentioning in case it's a European film) remembers a film that he says was a zombie movie in black and white and the ending was basically a zombie starving on the floor of a room (maybe a bedroom). I went to the Wikipedia zombie page and read the plot of every film lis...

6:23 PM
Q: Can Superman cut himself with his heat vision?

TriceratopsCan Superman cut himself with his heat vision? Cab Superman cut an alternate version of himself (e.g. clone, parallel universe) using his heat vision?

@Marvin Obvs. not because he uses his heat vision to shave and we never see him with shaving burns.
6:51 PM
Q: Need help finding a poem

spira03It was published in a quarterly poetry magazine in the mid-'90s. It was a poem about the coffee rings left behind on a table in a cafe. The coffee stains were compared to the memories of our lifetime. It may have been a hint to fading memories as the coffee stains also faded, but I can't recall f...

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9:08 PM
@DavidW case in point?
9:27 PM
Q: Was Nedry in the Dilophosaurus paddock or had they also escaped?

A.SteerIn Jurassic Park, Dennis Nedry is killed by a Dilophosaurus in his jeep at the top of a waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall is a road that goes into a tunnel with a sign for the East Dock. Is the waterfall in the Dilophosaurus paddock or have the Dilophosaurus escaped their paddock?

9:58 PM
@Jenayah I wanted to know how to configure a Spring Boot application to limit the size of JSON requests to under 100kB. (No valid message should be larger than 60kB really.) Every question that asks about it has answers that talk about restricting the size of formdata or multipart-formdata requests instead.
I finally found some non-SE answers that say, basically, Spring don't do that. (Either configure it in the underlying Tomcat/Jetty/whatever instance, or write a filter that checks the request inputstream size.) But no useful content on SE.
(Writing a filter to check the size of the inputstream is stupid, because the webserver has already accepted the entire request, which defeats the purpose.)
I wanted to do it in Spring, not in Tomcat, because the plan is to migrate to Jetty in a few months, and I'd rather not do it twice.
10:13 PM
Q: Movies name in need please

AngelI only remember a bit of the movie but it’s an about a teacher trying to find her lost daughter. The reason way she was trying to find her daughter was because her one student had a burn mark on the back of her neck. Then there is a flashback where the teacher remembers accidentally spilling hot ...

Q: Tesring a drug on animals. Two people take some. Gives intelligence,ability to morph. One becomes a cat the other and his girlfriend become pigeons

Judith JonesA company is testing a new drug on some pigs. I think the idea is that it is to be used in farming to help pigs grow fast and healthily. The young pigs they have tried giving the new drug to do indeed look very large and healthy for their age. One of the men explains that the drug isn't actually ...

10:36 PM
Q: Why did Moldaver massacre the vault residents?

AdamantMoldaver's overriding goal seems to have been to get Lucy's father to give her the code to activate her cold fusion device, and based on the last few episodes, she actually seems to run one of the least sociopathic factions on the surface: as the remnant of Shady Sands, they seem to have a fairly...

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11:45 PM
Q: Looking for the title to a book I read about a girl shapeshifting into a wyvern!

LucyI read a book probably around 10 or more years ago that I can’t remember the name of about a girl who turns into a wyvern. It’s set in modern times, I vaguely remember he sneaking out of her room to change shapeshift into a wyvern and fly? There might also have been other shapeshifters too (for s...

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