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2:29 AM
Q: What was the first "life in a day" story?

miken32The most famous example of this trope (at least for me) is the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Inner Light. Picard is zapped by a mysterious probe and is seemingly transported to another world. After a few years he forgets about trying to get back to his old life, falls in love, has ch...

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5:30 AM
Q: Story ID: spaceship too cautious during landing, wants to gather information, interprets situation as asteroid collision and crashes

KoterpillarI'm searching for a short story I read in a book, during 1990s, in either Russian or English. In the story, they investigate a spaceship that just crashed on a planet while landing. During landing, the spaceship's computer reported seeing an asteroid and turned on the primary engines (nuclear IIR...

5:53 AM
Q: Is there canon indicating The Guardian of Forever is a natural feature of the Universe?

releseabeI believe it may have been conceived of as a machine in the Ellison script, perhaps implicitly created by a (very) advanced race, but as Star Trek has evolved, has the idea that such a machine might actually be something more like a star or some other natural feature of the Universe, sentient alt...

6:38 AM
Q: artificial gravitation in Star Trek

M. WindIn outer space the gravitational force on a spacecraft and its occupants is zero or very close to zero. That is why astronauts appear weightless and float around in their spacecrafts. In Star Trek this is considered a drawback. Gene Roddenberry imagined big spaceships, comparable to large seaship...

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10:45 AM
Q: Short Science Fiction Story. Human worker in peril on a planet. Surface icovered in shallow water. If he becomes exhausted and lies down, will drown

Judith JonesScience Fiction short story. I thought it might be Heinlein but I have checked many of his stories. Many humans are working on the surface of an alien planet (possibly Venus). They are dropped off individually to work. They insist on proof they will be picked up again. Staying out too long is dea...

11:08 AM
Q: Tourist on alien planet. Has human guide. Worries intelligent aliens will eat him..Shocked guide explains they would never eat a human during the day

Judith JonesI am not 100% sure it is a short story. It might be part of a novel. The man being given the tour explains to his human guide that he is worried the aliens might eat them. The guide is shocked at the idea the aliens would eat anyone during daylight. He uses a term to describe such an act as absol...

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1:45 PM
Q: Movie about an astronaut getting controlled by an alien

RobertoI remember watching a movie about an astronaut returning from space and becoming sick. Later, he dies from his sickness and his wife realizes an alien was controlling him. soon she starts to get sick and controlled by the alien. I think she gives birth to the alien, but I'm unsure.

2:08 PM
Q: The Cursed Green-hair Weapon Smith

tomfooleryFantasy manga where a young green hair weapon smith gets cursed & gets hunted by the kingdom’s army & his red-hair soldier friend Th kingdom is closed off & a bunch of zealots about the curses of evil magic users

2:53 PM
Q: Movie about a group of emotionless aliens taking over Earth

RobertoI remember watching a movie about a group of emotionless aliens turning humans into them and trying to take over the world. The protagonist was a mom trying to protect herself and her son from becoming an alien. There was this one scene that I don't remember much, but I think the mom was trying t...

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4:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (38): Resident Evil parody animation with Jill fighting Nemesis‭ by FlintLock44‭ on scifi.SE (@AncientSwordRage)
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5:07 PM
posted on March 01, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I mean it's frustrating. Why can't we just select the year that the sun swallows the Earth and work backward? Today's News:

5:58 PM
Q: The queen and the dog folklore

kavinhuhI was like 10 years back then, I heard my family were talking about some philosophy and were narrating a story ... Here's a brief overview based on the elements: Setting: The story typically takes place in a kingdom, where there is a king, queen, and minister. Plot: The queen engages in an illici...

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7:07 PM
Q: Jump past the heat death of the universe

SleepyLooking for the title and author of a short story I read a while back. It was set on a spaceship with a small crew which had gotten lost and was trying to get back home. However, a side effect of the cold sleep, "indistinguishable from death" necessary for travel was cumulative brain damage, so t...

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8:15 PM
Q: Manhwa in which a brother has to cross-dress to stand in for his famous sister at a concert

ErzaIt is about a brother and a sister. The sister is a famous singer, but when she cannot attend a concert, her brother has to cross-dress and attend instead of her. He also becomes a male artist later.

8:38 PM
Q: Looking for a choose your own adventure book in which you imagine what you read as vividly as possible

Lyman the tank engineI vaguely remember reading a (probably choose your own adventure) book where you have imagine what you read as vividly as possible. In fact there's a part where the book explains how to picture a lemon so vividly you can smell, touch and even taste it. And there's a part near the end where the b...

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10:33 PM
Q: Short story about a man from the future where they have marvelous technology he can't explain

naschThis would have been written in the 80s or earlier. A man has traveled back to the present time from fairly far in the future, and is being questioned by scientists, engineers, leaders, etc. It turns out however that he's just an average Joe and doesn't know how anything works. "Have you discov...

10:50 PM
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11:19 PM
Q: 3D-animated kids' show about a man who wants to become a knight but has a magical part of a sword

Dr giggletouchI remember when I was young, there was a 3D-animated TV show. It was around 2010-2015 I believe. In it, a man really wanted to become a knight but he never passed. I believe he lived up on a floating island in a house, but then one knight's sword broke and he used a part of that sword to do thing...

11:37 PM

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