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1:27 AM
Q: Animated kids' cartoon about a boy from Earth and a team of other aliens and beings saving space

CBAI remember it was similar to a CGI-animated movie/series, maybe a miniseries, but it involved a boy from Earth, probably a teenager, who was able to travel to space and meet up with a team of other aliens and beings. At the beginning, he was at like a playground which had a roundabout/merry-go-ar...

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5:32 AM
Q: An old romantic horror movie about a guy fell in love with a girl and later he found out she's a ghost

user171985I watched this movie when I was very young and I can't remember the name of the movie, the movie could be from the 80s or 90s, I only remember parts of the movie, I kinda remember a nerdy looking guy (possibly wearing glasses) who wasn't popular with the girls, and he finally got himself a pretty...

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9:16 AM
Q: Looking for the author and title of a story about meeting the stagers and scriptwriters of ones life

Eleni GogaI'm pretty sure it was a short story about a man deciding to take a shortcut after being stuck in traffic on a highway. By doing this he steps out of his script and meets the stage hands that build the world in the future and tear down the one in the past. There is some humour about the shortage ...

10:02 AM
Q: Looking for a manga

KitmatI'm trying to find this manga where the villainess was excuted but goes back in time but not before she bullied the ml so she apologizes to him she had blond hair I think he has black hair?

Q: Why did the Conglomerate CEOs conceal their appearance?

AdamantIn My Dad The Bounty Hunter, both the high-ranking executives of the sinister galactic Endless Horizons Conglomerate that we have seen are secretly some type of lizard alien. Notably, they are different types of lizard aliens: while Tim Fixer seemed to be a reptilian humanoid with regenerative ab...

11:01 AM
@Marvin I figured it depends on alignment. Evil nobles use the titles Baron, Count, King; Good nobles use the titles Duke, Earl, Prince; Neutral can choose either set but have to stick to it once they made the choice.
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2:30 PM
posted on February 21, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

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2:52 PM
posted on February 21, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Thanks for supporting this book -- it has succeeded all expectations. Today's News:

3:20 PM
Q: Couldn't remember the name of this manga

Pwin_meThe mc is isekaied and retuns to reality, his classmates and himself are kidnapped and forced to play a game made by wealthy people or they would blow them with a bomb like collars . The mc's friends hacked the cameras and made the game live ... The mc overturned the game by putting the collars o...

3:38 PM
3:52 PM
Q: Manga where the main character goes back in time or respawn after death

DuaneHello I've read before a manga but forgot the title. It was about a guy who is finding a way out of a dungeon and when he dies he goes back in time. And there's one chapter that he saw a girl trapped in the dungeon and committed suicide after rejecting her.

4:38 PM
Q: Time loop story involving gypsy curse

MetzBack in the 90's I read a book that either was the whole book or just a short story in it which had a guy stuck in a time loop he eventually discovers is caused by a gypsy who cursed him because his ex girlfriend kills herself. It notes that although the day is repeating weather and other natura...

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8:48 PM
Q: Book series with the first book having a very pretty mystical girl in fog

No NameI checked out a book half a year ago, and because chrome doesn't remember history past 90 days and the library has no records due to privacy concerns, I can't seem to find back that book. All I know is that: The book is a series The first book's cover has a pretty, ghostly white girl shrouded in...


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