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1:39 AM
Q: I'm trying to identify a book I read back in 2007. It was a collection of short stories of science fiction/ alien stories

Gabrielafrom my memory here is one story that I remember: A group of astronauts landed on a planet that seemed the same as earth. The travelers were confused thinking they somehow landed on earth again. except it was slightly different, one of the travelers grandmother was alive even though she had alrea...

2:02 AM
Q: Three teens that have to collect gemstones book series in different realms

TylerI don’t remember much about the series but I think there were 3 teens that got transported from world to world to collect a gemstone in each world to stop some evil wizard person. There may or may not have been animals involved that helped but cannot remember if it was actually a part of that ser...

2:31 AM
@Laurel There's no cat.
3:10 AM
Q: Looking for title of story of aliens that bred earthlings to be warlike

DonIm looking for the name of the story of aliens that bred earthlings to be warlike. When we mistook their requirements and made world peace instead, they decide to destroy us. Ideas?

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5:16 AM
@Spencer Cake. You mean cake. There's no cake.
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7:21 AM
Q: What is the name of the black-and-white show in “The Creator”?

galacticninjaIn "The Friend" chapter of the science fiction film The Creator (2023), a black-and-white TV show or movie is shown on a screen in Drew's office. In the scene of the show, a male character battles a female adversary in hand-to-hand combat. Later, Alphie sits glued to the same show — or perhaps ...

8:06 AM
Q: A story where characters interact both in real life and in a collective dream, not "A Maze of Death"

AlfredA few days ago I asked about a novel where characters interacted sometimes in real life and sometimes in a collective dream. In that case it was A Maze of Death, (or rather Au bout du Labyrinthe, since I read it in french translation) which was a duplicate. That reminded me of another story with ...

Q: Sci-fi short story before 1980 about a shapeshifting alien

Peter TheobaldThis was a sci-fi short story from a collection. It was before 1980, maybe a lot before that. It had a "spy" feel to it. The main character was tracking down a shape-shifting alien. It ended with the shape-shifting alien getting trapped in water and drowning. As it drowned, it shifted franticly b...

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10:00 AM
Q: Looking for a sci-fi novel where a man travels ten years ahead into the future

ChloeI'm trying to recall a book I read ages ago. It was probably a British novel, about a man who had an accident (perhaps car accident) and woke up ten year ahead in the future. In the novel, he stayed in each decade for a couple of days and travelled to the next decade without warning. The time tra...

10:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad asn for hostname in answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer, username similar to website in answer (73): Teenage girl finds clothes that make her travel back in time‭ by Amoredo‭ on scifi.SE (@AncientSwordRage)
11:31 AM
Q: A historical manwha where the female mc remembers her past

Maruplease help. I’ve been looking for this manwha I read 2 months ago. It’s relatively new with, I think, only 1 season out. I only remember some details but here’s what I remember: the mc has a white haired maid who has 2 pins in her hair and can fight. The mc helps a red haired viscount with his d...

12:16 PM
Q: Rick and Moety: how did the time loop in Dimension C137 work?

Oneechan69As shown in Solaricks, Rick created a time loop in C137 of that day is family was killed. Mr. Goldmanbachmajorian said this: I was hoping you could help me make sense of a note I found this morning? It's written by someone claiming to be me. They say my mind is 'held captive in a time loop, tr...

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2:10 PM
Q: Children's story book set in Africa about computer or factory

SimonSorry if this is the wrong group. I'm trying to remember a children's story in English from the early-mid 80's with words and large pictures set somewhere in Africa. It was mainly about a computer or something to do with a factory, I can't recall.

2:56 PM
Q: Movie with a parallel world, a jungle and strange robot , dystopian SF

wositelecA movie i watched somewhere in 2011 , a kid entered a door and he was taken to a different parallel universe where he was captured by some kids his age that lived in a jungle in a small castle thing , they later became his friends and the real enemies were the government who caught those kids and...

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4:10 PM
Q: Looking for a mystery novel in a mountain with a serial killer

PapapouikiI am trying to remember a book. The story happens in a mountain, if I remember correctly it takes place in a mountain refuge when the main character investigates about the death of other people of the refuge, and at the end he remembers he is the killer, he killed them in a psychiatric crisis. Do...

4:27 PM
Q: Isekai manga/anime with a boy attending a magic academy

StarlightArcNeed some help finding an anime/manga which i watched/read but i dont remember the name or source anymore. I will summarize the events which i remember from a certain episode. The anime was fantasy/isekai/magic. Entrance exam for a magic academy: The story begins with a young boy who takes an en...

4:50 PM
Q: What percentage of the Dune book does part one of the movie cover?

Chris KarI am aware of How much of the book does the movie Dune (2021) cover? but the answers spoils the book and it also does not give a clear answer as to what percentage of the book you would need to read to be able to watch part 1 of the movie. This is useful for a couple of reasons Page numbers are ...

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6:44 PM
Q: Execrable science fiction story where incompetent aliens repeatedly fail to attack Earth

DavidWI was talking to a co-worker about "throw at the wall" category books, and this story popped to mind but I can't place it. I'm not sure if it's a novel or a shorter work; I don't recall enough detail for a novel, but it's entirely possible I didn't finish it. I would have read this before 2005,...

Q: Why would Enterprises replicators have to recycle to produce food?

releseabeIf you want matter as raw material, would not an amazing amount of cosmic dust be encountered? Or simply directly utilize energy produced from engines?

6:57 PM
posted on December 08, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The problem is the ghost doesn't want to answer those emails either. Today's News:

Q: Different series or movie that used the spaceship from the movie "Sphere"

BarsikI am really bothered by the thought about the ship being showed once in a series, but I couldn't find the series again. I remember watching a movie or a series where the story of the crew was shown but I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe someone can help me?

7:29 PM
Q: An older short story foreshadowing the internet

JasonI am trying to track down a short story that I think was by Heinlein (?). About a boy who was the only person who could not connect to a central computer like everyone else and had to learn to read books like a barbarian. At the end the computer breaks down and he is the only person who knows how...

8:20 PM
Q: Book about Tantric Sex Written by an Australian Couple that uses the terms 'Lingam' and 'Yoni'

JohnI am searching for a book about tantric sex for couples written by an Australian couple. I read the book in northeast USA in english language around 2006. I think I bought it in a book store at the time, though it could have been new or used. But it didn't seem like a very old book. I believe...

9:00 PM
Q: Book with a guy with mismatched eyes who is sent to a boarding school for spies

chanSo basically there's this protagonist guy. He's git mismatched eyes and he was told by his mother that he got it during a surgery when he was born. So basically he thinks he about to go to a boarding school and when the driver comes to pick him up, the driver drives the taxi like super fast and t...

Q: Anime or cartoon of a magic gem or stone that grants power when placed on belt buckle

MichaelI remember the intro showing a meteor storm/shower while two friend where surveying a planet/moon and he is forced to leave his friend behind that ends up as the villain tuned into a halve man halve machine. Last thing i remember when he face the villain he gives him the stone and turn him back t...

@DavidW I started reading Sword of Ahodya while waiting at the barbershop, got halfway through page 1, threw it to the floor, and left it there for some unwitting future customer. The haircut was good, but the barber had to move to a new locationsoon afterwards.
9:32 PM
@Spencer I've never heard of it, but I'm impressed it's that bad. Sounds like you needed an exorcism.
Q: In Pursuit of the Pankera, who is J. Worthington Jones?

AndrewIn Heinlein's posthumous The Pursuit of the Pankera the main characters are reading a history of the alternate universe they are in (an alternate universe with Lensmen and Boskone) and encounter an American president with the name "J. Worthington Jones." The characters react with great surprise- ...

10:31 PM
Q: What buildings at the end of the Fallout TV series trailer don't exist in 2023?

A.SteerAt the end of the upcoming Fallout TV series first trailer at the 2:05 mark. The skyline of Los Angeles is shown during the explosion of what appear to be several nuclear bombs. If this is the start of the Nuclear War that is the precursor to the Fallout franchise, this would be Saturday, October...

11:17 PM
Q: Why doesn't the TARDIS translation circuit work on the Hath?

Rand al'ThorI just re-watched "The Doctor's Daughter" (2008) and noticed that we never understand the speech of the Hath on-screen: it's just bubbling in their little glass face jars. Martha doesn't understand them either, even when she's right next to the TARDIS with them. Usually, the TARDIS translates all...


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