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12:08 AM
Q: Young adult, scifi, romance, simulation I read in the late nineties or early 00s?

Beau BlackI can remember things only vaguely. Futuristic society where partnering and breeding were led by the govt. Love and emotion were suppressed. A group of young people begin almost ... experimenting with emotion, and find themselves in trouble. They are sent into some sort of simulation where they e...

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3:31 AM
Q: Was it really necessary for Snape to kill Dumbledore?

drEinsteinIt was said that Snape killed Dumbledore so that Voldemort would gain trust of Snape's allegiance. But, Dumbledore's army had initially no idea of Dumbledore's plans with Snape, so he was not an effective double agent.

3:56 AM
Q: Planet that has mobile intelligent plants, but only at nightime

Danny Mc GA short story from an unremembered anthology, UK read about 50 years ago. Some guy is stranded on an alien planet and meeting with other humans, a smaller group who've been stranded a while longer. They give him some kind of stew. He is horrified when they later (at night) take him up to a platea...

4:23 AM
Q: Book about teenagers who develop powers

S BaileyI’m trying to remember the name of a book a read about a decade or so ago- I think the main character was a boy who was developing some sort of superpower and might’ve been trying to hide it? I vividly remember him meeting a girl who could shapeshift and her talking about staring into the mirror ...

4:48 AM
Q: Is there a Dracula (or perhaps other vampire) where the creature redeems himself?

releseabeIs Dracula stuck, fearing punishment after he actually dies or is there a way out? I am not Catholic but would something like Purgatory be possible if even a creature like Dracula who has done so many bad things (evil beyond mere need to survive) can repent and thereby escape his existence?

5:14 AM
Q: LOOKING FOR BOOK fantasy YA or middle grade 90s-2000s

ToriiYA or middle grade Fantasy Girl is in a town or village and she thinks she doesn’t have magic. An eccentric or someone unexpected tells her she does and takes her on to teach her how to use her powers. She is some kind of special power user. Not much to go on but I will know it when I see it!!

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6:56 AM
Q: Tv Show about a town were several classic monsters live

BardoThis is gonna be quite difficult as my remembrance of the show is very very faded. It was a show about a small village where several characters related to classical horror films lived (I remember a werewolf, a vampire and a Frankenstein's monster). Despite this, the tone of the show wasn't terror...

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9:03 AM
Q: Cartoon: girl with blue skin can phase through walls

SemgTesstI have vague memories of a cartoon about space adventurers. Main characters were on a futuristic spaceship or a space station, and were wearing similar, mostly white spacesuits. I remember that one of the characters was an alien girl, who looked just like a human but with blue skin (and maybe red...

9:54 AM
Q: I can't find a children's fantasy book

The Nerd without a LifeI recall the plot contained monsters, who have certain powers. The main character has one purple eye and one blue eye which harm people and heal people respectively. They were also connected with his emotions. The main character's mother killed his father, because she was a monster killer, a diff...

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11:36 AM
Q: Did Jaghatai Khan and the other primarchs learn about the secret of Molech?

Itération 122442Warning: This question spoils the Horus Heresy, book 29, Vengeful Spirit, as well as informations about the Emperor. During the Horus Heresy, the Sons of Horus and Mortarion's legion invaded the planet named Molech. The goal of this invasion was to obtain something (not spoiling this) linked to t...

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2:44 PM
Q: Favorite Question and Answers from Third Quarter 2023

Jack B Nimble I ain't no duplicate! Please link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from July 1st 2023 through September 30th 2023. Your answers will be compiled into a blog post like previous quarterly posts. I will be using DavRob60's queries for a baseline, but I rea...

3:18 PM
posted on October 03, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I really do yay like that, though. Today's News:

sigh of all those favorite questions and answers, I only felt like engaging qith one.
3:50 PM
Q: Batman cape as a glider and a bulletproof shield

TriceratopsIn the most recent incarnation of Batman, namely in the film "The Flash" (2023) where he was portrayed by Michael Keaton, Batman has the most sophisticated and useful cape. The cape can turn into a glider, both for long flights (where he dropped himself from the Batwing and then glided to the gro...

4:16 PM
Q: Looking for a story about a princess trapped inside a gemstone

BingoI remember from my childhood the following story that my grandmother told me. It was about a young man who discovers a gemstone in a jeweller's shop or a market. I believe the gemstone, exerted a mystery attraction on him. I'm not sure why, maybe because the stone was too expensive, but he stole ...

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6:28 PM
What the hell is isekai? My subjective feeling is that isekai and manga/manwa is all that's being asked these days (then again, I'm grumpy)
Also, what's with people writing "Question about a story"? Yes, I often have questions about stories, that's what I type in google, "question about thing I don't remember" :/
6:42 PM
@AndresF. Isekai stories are ones like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court or Alice in Wonderland or even Wizard of Oz, but there's a few extra common traits when it's in anime or manga that set them apart
Often themes of reincarnation etc
7:18 PM
@AndresF. If you ignore the manga ID questions (which certainly feel repetitive even if they're all about different works), there aren't any questions really being asked about isekais.
There are some interesting isekais out there too
7:39 PM
Q: Manga about a main character who is reincarnated in ancient times and gets a system for martial arts

Parmar DivyjeetsinhThe main character is reincarnated in ancient times where no one knows martial arts or cultivation and gets a system for martial arts. He is the son of a king but doesn't know it. He fights battles in an army.

3 hours later…
10:12 PM
Q: Looking for a 70's or 80's sci fi novel

Thomas WI'm looking for a book I read as a kid where the main character was a human (who are rare out in space) and he runs afoul of a merchant on a ship or space station who is a sentient celery plant whose wife or ex-wife is a panda. So the kid ends up working for the celery and then going on some expe...


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