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Q: An apollo x female harry potter fan fiction

AkankshaIn this fem. Harry adopted teddy after the war and refers to him as her kid. She is summoned to the olympus council meeting to read books about her life.

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Q: Isekai where mc buys a house on a lake

AntMc buys house on a lake with his 2 wives believe mc is a swordsman or summoner/ magician

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6:57 AM
Q: Weapons carried to meet the Engineer -- why such limitations?

releseabeI think others have commented on how primitive the weapons they use are. I could also believe that someone, perhaps Shaw, way back on Earth, argued that weapons should not be carried at all and perhaps a compromise was reached although why Weyland or Vickers would abide by such an agreement is be...

7:55 AM
Should Science Fiction & Fantasy SE participate in the 1 reputation voting experiment?
What are our options? Are there any?
8:12 AM
@SQB I believe the experiment is opt-in.
8:27 AM
Q: Looking of a book of short stories I read as a kid about a starving girl and a boy who stays forever young

Stale SandwichI can remember two short stories, and while I am not entirely sure if they're from the same book, I would hugely appreciate finding either. The first story I remember reading about was about a girl and her father starving during a harsh winter. It opened with the girl pulling up a floorboard and ...

9:03 AM
Q: Alien supreme ruler of his rapid evolution planet

Danny Mc GThis was a novelette length story I read about 40 years ago in the UK, I can't think of any other stories that were in the anthology book. The supreme massive alien creature is patrolling his territory on his world, other beasties are signalling submission to him in various ways (including radio ...

Q: 70s-80s TV Show where an alien entity shaped as a small luminous pyramid gets in contact with a teenager

BardoThis was a TV Show that I've watched at early 80s in Spain, but the Show was english (I think I recall it being from BBC productions) so it could be perfectly produced on late 70s. The show depicted a strange alien entity, shaped as a luminous pyramid which contacted with different teenagers alon...

9:28 AM
@galacticninja maybe a meta post would be best.
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Q: Book based webtoon

isei92I am looking for a book or webtoon that was based on that book. I lost my webtoon account and I can't find the title. As I remember it was about a boy with superpowers (probably lightning) that was sent to army(?) school to practice. His nemesis was slick Malfoy like boy with white hair. It was a...

11:24 AM
@Babelfish ooh look, a story-id question on Lit SE with two stories in the same book, one story on-topic on Sci Fi SE and one not necesarily
12:01 PM
Sometimes, I find books on any of my wishlists that make me wonder why I put them on there. Literally why. I recall having seen it on my wishlist before, but I've totally forgotten what prompted me to put it on my list. Did I see it mentioned here somewhere? Perhaps as an answer to a story ID? Did someone mention it in chat? Did I see it recommended on Reddit?
Case in point: The Six-Gun Tarot.
12:49 PM
Q: short story about 2 cities and their architects

TonnyThis was a longish short story (or short novella) that I read in an anthology around 1990 (give or take 5 years). There is an ancient city that is old and tired. People are leaving, there is not much innovation going on anymore. It is in decline. It is managed (for lack of a better word) by the c...

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2:29 PM
Q: Alien invasion novel

Aaron AbelI read a novel as a teenager in the early 2000s about an alien invasion. What I remember is the main characters were teens, the aliens were blobs that entered peoples heads, and the teens described seeing them behind their parent's eyes. Those who were taken over didn't have emotions and would co...

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3:45 PM
Q: Fantasy Children's Story

NikI am trying to track down a book I read as a child. It was older about a young boy and girl who auditioned for a local play where they thought the lead actor was Dracula and tried to solve the mystery of whether he was or wasn't a vampire. The girl got the part because she had a better stage scre...

4:15 PM
@b_jonas The other one was a ghost story, so I guess both would've been on-topic for SFF
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5:50 PM
Q: Circa late 70s - early 80s kids (television?) movie with hacking plot

Space TuxThis memory has been bugging me since I re-watched "Explorers" (1985) a few months ago: I realized that I had transferred memories from another movie onto the characters, and now I want to try to find the other movie they came from. I can't remember anything about the title (over-written by "Expl...

6:34 PM
posted on September 26, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Did you know you can just BUY arcade tickets? Today's News:

7:20 PM
Q: Fantasy children's story where they suspect someone is a vampire

NikI'm 38 and read this probably between 1993-1997.... when I was between 8-12 years old. I don't think it was a new book at that time. I am trying to track down a book I read as a child. It was about a young boy and girl who auditioned for a local play where they thought the lead actor was Dracula ...

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[ASR here: do we have a tag for To Sleep in a Sea of Stars]
Q: Book written early 80s or before about a 2m tall student on a school spaceship

Daniel LeitlBook is about several students from different planets but all human on a school spaceship. The main character is at least 2 meters tall. This comes into the plot because when they visit earth he has to pay a penalty for his weight. Although the school says they will pay it he ends up fighting in ...

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10:21 PM
Q: Which Deadshot is more accurate?

EthanIn the Suicide Squad movie, Will Smith's portrayal of Floyd Lawton is a man with a code and principles who deep down is good and will only kill other bad people. On the other hand, Arrow's portrayal of Floyd Lawton is more of a true villain, a psychopathic killer you uses more inhumane means and ...

10:53 PM
Q: Very old telefilm about an invisible monster stalking a horror movie set

john_smithSo, this is very very old, probably from the '80s, if not before. I happened to watch it several years ago and it is extremely probable it is a telefilm, part of some sort of series. Unfortunately, only few details remain in my memory. It is a science fiction - horror setting. There is a movie cr...

11:05 PM
@ClaraDiazSanchez nice. the way the second story was described reminds me of Steven Universe, who is perpetually 6 years old, though not for the reason described in this question
11:18 PM
Q: Adventure and romance manhua with a blue-haired (tied in a ponytail) female lead and a black-haired male lead

strawberry_bear1This manhua is about a world where yin gives birth to children and yang fights to protect their families. It starts off with two yin siblings one with distinctive blue hair and the other with a bluish tint, I think. They are servants working at a household. One day, the sibling with distinctive b...

11:43 PM
Q: Looking for a collection/anthology book

alpha1178[NSFW] So it came to the back of my head of a collection of comics filled with adult themes. can't remember what year it was but I do believe it was around 2007-2012. Book had a pink background with a woman holding pistols and had a skimpy theme, a thong bottom, gold coins for pasties. I do belie...


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