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1:04 AM
Q: Harry Potter fanfic in which Harry disguises himself as Ron (at Ron's request) in order to get Hermione pregnant

VictorI am looking for a fanfic in which I remember that Ron asks Harry to disguise himself as Ron to have sex with Hermione and get her pregnant because he is sterile. Hermione finds out during the sex with Harry and tells him that he wouldn't be able to impregnate her disguised as Ron because while p...

1:53 AM
Q: Do Ahsoka's face markings have any meaning?

Peter MI'm assuming that her face markings are not a natural component of her physiology. So do the markings on Ahsoka's face have any special meaning? And when in her life did she receive them?

2:18 AM
Q: I'm looking for an old kids show, I can't remember the name

MirriThis is driving me crazy, I know it's an old kids show, but all I can remember about it is that one or two of the characters sang La La La La La ... la! And there was all this mail that would come through the roof and they would read letters. And it think that the characters were either people in...

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3:32 AM
Q: movie Identification flying aliens 80s movie

Michelle RiveraThe aliens were friendly and flew, in the end they were saying goodbye,like at a hospital maybe they were light creatures the graphics were bad they looked hand drawn kind of, it’s not cocoon but kinda has the same vibe. This has been stuck in my head for years and I cannot find it, help please!

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6:53 AM
Q: Why didn't treebeard attack Gimli?

user14094230When they all showed up after the two towers events, why didn't Treebeard give Gimli a swift kick when he spotted a dwarf that Ents despise so much?

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1:54 PM
Q: Isekai manhwa where the female lead is given a cooking/healing skill

katiriinI'm trying to find the title of this isekai manhwa. The female lead died in the hands of her knight which was ordered by his father and male lead came back from the war with her lover then female lead will die afterwards but she came back to the time on which the male lead is still on war. The Go...

2:43 PM
Q: What is the meaning of the ending of "No One Will Save You"?

galacticninjaThe sci-fi horror film “No One Will Save You” (2023) follows the story of Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever), a woman who tries to survive an alien invasion. (Spoilers) In the final scene: The aliens communicate with each other, apparently discussing Brynn and her past. Then, they release her and send her ba...

Q: I’m looking for a book about a girl and clones/robots I think

ChyanneIt was like there was this girl who lived with her dad and her mom worked on an island and when the girl turned a certain age, she flew to the island to visit her by with this guy that she was I think childhood friends with or something who turned out to be a pilot and they flew to the island tog...

Q: Searching for a story about aliens defeated thanks to a computer virus

BingoI recall reading this story in the late 1980s. I think it was a pulp magazine. I don't remember the cover, and there were no illustrations. The story began with unnoticed hacker disappearances around the world, but the disappearance of a well-known American hacker drew the attention of government...

3:33 PM
Q: Zombie outbreak movie with a doctor and military team

ReblaniumNot sure when this movie was made but I watched it over 5 years ago. The plot with a military like base in a zombie apocalypse, there multiple stages of infection ranging from just being sick to being a very dangerous killer zombie. They have these blood test kits where it immediately tells you i...

4:26 PM
posted on September 22, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Dave Luebke informs me that the upper bound should just be infinity. Today's News: Hot damn an embarrassingly flattering review in Science.

It's the weekend!
Q: Manhwa/novel where a sick girl runs away from home and cross dresses to become the butler/closest aide of the boy whose presence heals her

RandomgirlIt's about a girl who transmigrates into the body of a white haired noble girl who has a sickness that can only be cured be being around a specific person or she dies in some years. From what I remember is she runs away from home and cross dresses to become the butler/closest aide of the boy whos...

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5:41 PM
Q: 1980s(?) sci-fantasy kids book where a boy travels across a wasteland world in a blimp made of trash

TobyI believe the book was written in the 1980s, but I'm not sure - I read it in the 1980's, so it was available then at least. It may also be British. A young boy is transported to a strange wasteland world (possibly a world full of trash), and travels across it in a blimp to try and get back to the...

Q: Novel about a planet that relies on one soldier - the last soldier in history - to defend it

nerdfever.comTrying to find a book. One character is the last soldier in history. After a long period (thousands of years?) of peace and civilization, a planet has one guy - the last soldier - who lives alone in a scenic rural place (maybe by a lake or ocean) and is solely responsible for defense of the plane...

No love for my question here? I'm honestly puzzled by this, seems like such a glaring plot hole (or at least, needlessly complicated deception): scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/278715/…
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8:01 PM
Q: Short story about a prehistoric man discovering either salt, garlic or onions for cooking

Benny AceIt takes place in a prehistoric era. The man is sick to death of the meat he's been eating and he discovers that adding something (onions, garlic, or salt - I can't remember) makes it appetizing again. He compares the meat which "fills the stomach but not the mouth" and the additive which "fills ...

Q: What nation are the Orions part of?

Nu'DaqAre the Orion species part of the Federation, any of the empires or they an independent nation like the Ferengi?

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