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Q: Show/film involving a kid waking up with electrical wall outlets in his hands

DrewI recall watching a show/film in the '90s, in the vein of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps, where this kid lives in this large white house in the country and wakes up with electrical wall outlets in his hands (some fiendish being is trying to steal his electricity or something like that...

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1:17 AM
Q: What exactly is not clear with this question?

Satellite of SinWhich Sci-Fi work first showed this Black Hole graphics for FTL travel? In this question, what exactly is not clear? There are FTL drives which use black holes, but I am looking for its subset in which a particular graphics is used. What more clarification do you need?

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3:41 AM
Q: Short Story about a teen girl that meets a mute boy with strange hands that crashes on her farm

SilaI'm looking for a short story collection that had a story about a teen girl that witnessed a craft crash on her family's farm and a strange mute boy with block hands is in it. The family takes him in and the story ends with them married and their son has his father's block hands. I read this in t...

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6:37 AM
Q: Trying to identify a book where women ruled the country

NashelleCan anyone identify this book please. In the story the women were more powerful than men and the 'queen' and her sister had red hair and lived in a castle. The sister called on the Loch Ness monster for help in a battle ( I kid you not!). Not much to go on I know :)

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Q: Help Finding Manga

WizmonI read this manga months ago. Its about a man who returns from isekai world to Earth. I recall that just before he returns ,two girls from his party confess that they had a crush on him but now that he is going ,they are going to date two other guys from the party. Mc tries to stay back after hea...

9:03 AM
Q: Searching for a book about accidentally traveling to a different dimension

HarrisonI’ve been looking for this book for sometime now. All I remember was it was about a kid in school who went on a field trip to maybe New York and accidentally fell into a different dimension. Something about seeing the McDonald’s logo green instead of yellow. And then trying to return house but it...

9:27 AM
Q: Book about five people who have magic powers, and at the start and end of each book there was a few pages of comics of stuff that happened in the book

sageThis group of five people have powers, and at the start and end of each book, there were a few pages of comics of stuff that happened in the book. I know in the first book they are at a school dance possibly and there is a monster or bad guy trying to get them? The main character has short red ha...

9:52 AM
Q: Fanfic: Picard on a mission in the Star Wars galaxy

Pastychomper thanks MonicaSome time between 1999 and 2004 I read a fan-written Star Trek - Star Wars crossover, unsurprisingly called Trek Wars, on the Web. I'm looking for a copy of it, or the author's name. Some points I remember: Q persuaded Picard to help clean up the mess left by a Q experiment Picard recruited a bo...

A: Can a planet with no atmosphere be orbited at extremely low altitudes?

James GarryIndeed it can. There are two principle problems to doing this - firstly terrain might get in the way, and secondly, the gravity field of said body may not be as uniform as one might hope. There's a Clarke short story about the first problem - and its resolution. The second problem is well-demonst...

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10:41 AM
Q: Anime about a girl who was disabled from mouth and ear and bullied by her classmate

ErenDYeagera girl who was disabled from mouth and ear and bullied by her classmate. I don't remember much but i watched this some years ago..i tried to remember name but unfortunately I couldn't... So here I'm... asking about a school girl who just transferred to new school and she bullied by her classmates...

11:05 AM
Q: In the books it is said that Urû'baen/Ilirea is placed under a slab of rock. How is it exactly placed? doubt I'm having is if Urû'baen is: A) just under a huge cantilever: B) just at the base of a huge cliff, like Minas Tirith: C) just inside a huge lightly eroded cave: D) just inside an eroded volcano caldera E) None of the previously mentioned (explain why+description+site).

11:49 AM
Q: Why are the Sith Inquisitors allowed to be Sith lords?

LWCI mean, maybe they're not called "Lords". But in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series, they walk around doing Sith/Jedi tricks in the middle of cities in plain sight while serving as commanders to Stormtroopers. Does this not completely break the Rule of Two that was established as early as the-phant...

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4:19 PM
posted on May 28, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Others of us will leave behind thousands of comics that will grow ever more offensive with the passage of time. Today's News:

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Does the fan fiction tag really require the story-identification tag, I wonder?
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Q: A short story about a telepathic monster who could not attack children who were told not to believe in it

AlfredI read this short story at least 30 years ago, maybe more. I cannot remember at all where, but probably a collection. On a planet where humans have a some settlements, there is a very dangerous monster, but there is a way to protect children from it, provided they are not too small, and they prot...

Q: I forgot the title author of a YA Fantasy novel I read in the early 90s

AaronWhat I remember is that there's a young boy (I think his name is Garm?) who can talk with his horse (and maybe other animals). He accidentally releases ultimate evil from a cave (it was sealed by magic). The boy discovers his mom (I think?) is a witch, that he can be a wizard, and he eventually d...


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