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12:54 AM
Q: What's going on with the view layout?

Peter NielsenOver the last couple of days, the layout of the site has changed drastically and in small ways after that. What's happening? Was there an announcement? They are convenient changes, anyway, but was this supposed to be announced?

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2:09 AM
Q: A different ending for the movie “La Main du Diable”, or is this a different movie?

AlfredI just watched a 1943 french movie “La Main du Diable” directed by Maurice Tourneur. I think my question is on-topic because a Faustian contract with the Devil is Fantasy, even though very few actual fantastic effects appear on screen. Since the “fantasy” tag is for questions on the genre, not on...

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3:14 AM
@Slartibartfast answered, very briefly
3:28 AM
Q: Did humans and Jawas ever live together?

Bingo MehndraWhen I say live together, I am not referring to humans coexisting in the same area or much less mating with Jawas but living close together as in a family, sharing shelter, food and working together like humans and ewoks in Return of the Jedi and Boba Fett and tusken riders in The Book of Boba Fe...

4:22 AM
Q: Why does mind control change eye color?

TuorI've noticed a common trope in SciFi/Fantasy: mind control changes the subject's eye color. (The only I can think of at the moment is Avengers but there a re others) What is the original instance of this, and why is it so common?

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6:36 AM
Q: Old SF story where a human helps defend Jovians agains human invaders

M. A. GoldingThis was an old English language science fiction short story I read in an athology in a high school library sometime between 1962 and 1968. In the 1920s and 1930s astronomers discovered that the giant planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, must not have sold surfaces that someone could s...

Q: Looking for an animated featurette about Boy befriends old junky robot in Jetsons-like future setting (but not in that art style), the robot is clumsy

Ethan SamsonFirst off i don't think this was a full length movie, nor do i think it was connected to a series. I think it might have been some sort of featurette. I found this VHS in a library when I was a child and I borrowed it over and over again in the mid 90s but it might be older, first i'll list what ...

7:03 AM
Q: Old SF short story where Solarians have evolved into a separate species who eat humans

M. A. GoldingI read this short story in a science fiction anthology sometime during the 1960s or 1970s, and the story should have been somewhat older than the anthology. In this space opera story humans from Earth and the Solar System have spread out accross the galaxy and colonised many planets in many star ...

Q: Trying to find a ship from an '80s cartoon

IceQI have had this image of a ship from a cartoon stuck in my head but I can't seem to find it. I can't remember much about the ship but it had a unique gimmick. When in flight, the bow section is folded down, When it lands the bow folds up and a ramp extends and a vehicle comes out. The bow section...

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9:59 AM
Longest time between account creation and first post?
A: Spambot becomes self aware but every attempt to contact gets filtered

IceQThis sounds very similar to the story of SCP-000 Quote from SCP Fandom Trapped In the Foundation's Research Department, Technical Researcher David Rosen received multiple repair tickets from the database entry for SCP-000. Rosen eventually placed suppression on all tickets relating to SCP-000. U...

10:10 AM
Q: Super Smash Bros Settings Recommendation

AdorhinoFor Super Smash Bros enthusiasts for the Nintendo Switch, what is the best Setting Recommendation you have for Solo Play that maximizes enjoyment of playing (for a casual gamer like me)?

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11:19 AM
Q: Help identify the story - lawyer sacrifices life for his activist friend by taking his place in prison

Shashank SabniveesuI read this story a long time ago in one of our class readings. It keeps coming back to my mind but none of my Internet searches return a story except for news articles. I do not know even if this is a fiction or a true story. It goes like this: Set during some period of unrest, the readers are t...

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2:11 PM
Q: Book named "Someone"'s War, in which complex technology is outlawed with religious fervor

Brandon SchaferI've been racking my brain all week trying to remember the name of this book so I can go back and finish it. It's been almost a decade, so I may remember some of the details wrong. The setting seems to be in a future version of Earth where complex technology is outlawed with religious fervor. It ...

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6:07 PM
posted on January 28, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I am he that will have ammed! Today's News:

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7:08 PM
Q: Short story where every movement further erodes the alien's body

Peter TheobaldI remember reading a sci-fi short story where the alien being had to be careful about every movement because each movement would wear him down a little bit more. He had to decide if he would save another creature crossing a river or flood at the cost of much movement which would shorten his life....

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9:16 PM
Is it me, or is Zaphod a bit slow today?
Also, hey @Jenayah, wanna earn a bounty?
Q: What's this serialised comic strip about a girl who discovers everyone around her is a robot?

SQBAs a kid in the '80s, I found myself often in doctor's waiting rooms. I devoured most of the comic magazines there. In one of those, I read fragments of a story that I would like to find. The story was set in (then) current time. The protagonist was a teen girl, who discovered that people around ...

(I tagged Jenayah since it may be a bande dessinée, but of course everyone's free to give it a shot).
9:45 PM
I just came across this: books.google.com/books?id=T6QOAAAAQAAJ. Memoirs of the Twentieth Century, published in 1733. It's pretty tedious, but an early SF example I was unaware of.
10:19 PM
Q: What are the miners in Rura Penthe doing with the lasers?

einpoklumAt about 01h09m into Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Kirk and Mc'Coy enter a region of the Dilithium mines at Rura Penthe where people are applying some kind of lasers to rock surfaces. What are those miners supposed to be doing exactly? It doesn't look like they're cutting the rocks.


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