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1:16 AM
Q: Authorship of "The Dying Castles"

Clara Diaz SanchezAye, and Gomorrah, and other stories is an anthology of the majority of Samuel R. Delany's short works. According to the wikipedia article one of the few items not included is: a page-long prose poem, “The Dying Castles,” which appeared in a 1968 issue of the British SF magazine New Worlds (#200...

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5:03 AM
Q: Science of Ironman freeze beam

UuuuuuuIronman generate a beam of ultra-freon, which would immediately freeze an opposing enemy and stop them in their tracks How it work ? How realistic is it ?

5:28 AM
Q: What is the canonicity of "Arcane"?

AdamantThe new series Arcane involves a number of characters and settings from League of Legends. Online sources, including the fan wikis, variously claim that the series is: Completely compatible with the current lore, and intended to serve as an origin story for several characters (the tagline of the...

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9:35 AM
Q: Can you identify the characters of MARVEL in this picture?

calav3raI was just looking at this picture and had a hard time identifying all the characters in this MARVEL t-shirt. Maybe you can help me out, that would be great! So far i have: M=Iron Man A=Captain America R=The Hulk V=? E=Doctor Doom(??) L=Black Widow(?)

10:30 AM
Q: Manga with someone who became a reincarnated as a baron son and is sent to a military facility

chiwaDon't really remember the whole summary or genre but it's....about this guy who is in another world and is a baron's son. The baron's son wasn't the oldest son so he got sent to a military facility and someone than reincarnated into his body. And his also good at torturing people.

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3:07 PM
Q: Device used by teens to transform

B Ganesh RaoIt was around 2008 to 2010.Team of kids, they have transform device with one button,main character has brown color one,team contains more than 4 member,one character transform to hero with eyes closed and has wings, it's like when they are transforming camera tapes will come out. Series will most...

Q: The origin of superhuman speed in Cyberpunk 2077

Kinzle BWhen I play Cyberpunk 2077, I find some NPCs have superhuman speed. I know it may be related to body modification, but I don't know the whole backstory. Is there any canon info on it?

3:32 PM
Q: Short story, all characters young, apparently male. One character floats in air, another is teddy bear

Tim NallThis could be anywhere from say 1970 or so to 1983. Book, probably hardcover, collection of short stories. All characters young, apparently male. One character floats in the air, and is insufferably smug, another is a teddy bear, and the protagonist seems to have been simply a human boy, but I'm ...

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4:48 PM
Q: Movie with a scene where the person in the portrait can change facial expression

Kinzle BIt's a long shot, but anyway I'll give it a try. When I was very young, my grandma and I once lay in bed watching a SF or Fantasy movie. It's one of my earliest memories, it should have been in 1992-1995. I just remember one scene: several white people were talking in a house (or a castle). Above...

Q: Movie with vivisected horse in a lab

andrewsiThis movie was playing in the background of a bar I was in, at some point in the late 1990s. I wasn't paying enough attention to the movie to get the name of the movie at the time, but one particular scene has stuck with me, and I was wondering if someone might identify it. The scene was set in a...

5:38 PM
Q: What did Slugworth offer the other children?

BroklyniteIn the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), we meet the character Slugworth who offers Charlie a bunch of money to get him an everlasting gobstopper. This made sense in context as a bribe for Charlie and his impoverished family. However, we also see that Slugworth approaches the oth...

Q: Was there a specific inspiration for the doom ray device in "LEGO Marvel Superheroes"?

Thomas HaeyenIn LEGO marvel superheroes, doctor doom uses the material from the silver surfer's board to create a weapon, but is there a reason it looks that way? I really like the design. And im also curious about where the idea that it could mind control galactus even came from. Unless of course that last t...

6:23 PM
posted on November 27, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Bonus points if you convince them to bury it and not tell the cops. Today's News:

Q: Dandelion/Chrysanthemum alliance [spoiler]

Todd DIn Ken Liu’s “Grace of Kings,” it did not seem possible for Kuni and Mata to share power. They seemed to have no plan for power sharing and were amassing armies and allegiance in a way that made their clash inevitable. Yet the conflict that between the two faction is cast as the result of a betra...

7:19 PM
Q: What is Artificial Nipple Dilation?

Silly but TrueIn Phillip K. Dick’s Clans of an Alphane Moon, the procedure is named while introducing Mary: “Let off on the roof field Mary descended by in-ramp to floor ninety, came to the glass door, hesitated, then allowed it to open and entered the outer office in which Mr. Field’s receptionist — very pre...

8:09 PM
Q: Book series where women gain superpowers based on menopause symptoms due to Chinese medicine

FuzzyBootsTip of my tongue, but about 5-6 years ago, I read a series of books following women (I think at least three) who'd gained superpowers based on menopause symptoms after their "Alternative Medicine" doctor, an older Chinese woman, gave them herbal medicine to try. One woman was Hispanic, and woke u...

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9:25 PM
Q: Album draw meaning?

Guilherme Woolley Whats this album cover draw means?

Q: How much time passes during the time skip?

AdamantThere is a bit of a time skip between the events of Act 1 and those of Act 2, during which a number of characters grow up or change careers. In the "Council Archives" content, there is a list of records related to Vi's time as a prisoner, of which the earliest lists her as "approximately 17" and ...


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