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1:17 AM
Q: Short story about South Africa during apartheid

LukeI believe I read this story in my AP Literature textbook but can't recall the name. Its about a young boy living in South Africa during Apartheid who is ironically killed by the fence surrounding his house that is supposed to keep out bad people. I looked up the plot on google but can't find anyt...

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2:32 AM
Q: Fred Kirberger's art for F&SF serialization of Heinlein's The Star Beast (Star Lummox)

user145651Heinlein's juvenile novel The Star Beast originally appeared in serialized form in F&SF as Star Lummox. F&SF included art by Fred Kirberger. There are a couple of strange things about the art. One is that the title ET and the Hroshii species are never shown clearly. The other is that although Mr...

2:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer, pattern-matching website in answer (111): "900 STRA" License Plate Meaning by Donald Kaser on scifi.SE
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7:07 AM
Q: Manhwa (korean) where the MC has a PC to create Dungeons and gets to choose the difficulty of the Dungeons

DesperaterequesterI remember that he first talks about his 40 yo uncle that is adventurous and used to talk with him about that stuff- later he lost touch to him but suddenly gets a package containing a Pc system to set up Dungeons ( it has a 7 Day Cooldown after each Dungeon completion) His uncle warns him that h...

7:59 AM
@Marvin @Moriarty in the future if somebody asks a story identification question and it's clearly not in scope for the site, please don't answer it
I've migrated the question to [lit.se] but you don't have an account there yet. You may want to log in there to create an account, if you would like to claim ownership of the question?
8:11 AM
Q: Short story about a young boy living in South Africa during Apartheid

LukeI believe I read this story in my AP Literature textbook, but can't recall the name. It's about a young boy living in South Africa during Apartheid who is ironically killed by the fence surrounding his house that is supposed to keep out bad people. I looked up the plot on Google, but can't find a...

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11:00 AM
oh nice, answer https://scifi.stackexchange.com/a/254133/4918 "
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Does Candace play musical instruments on days other than mom's birthday?" is updated with more examples
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1:12 PM
Q: Why did Kang choose Loki as a possible successor?

David HobsTo me, Loki seems to be the worst possible choice for the job, so why did Kang choose Loki in the finale of the show Loki to be his possible successor?

1:42 PM
Q: Story about below-average intelligence guy getting smart getting into conflict with his employer

habdlIn the story, a guy with average or below-average intelligence gets a treatment that raises his intelligence considerably. Then there was some sort of a conflict, possibly a blackmailing or trying to gain control of his employer. Maybe an accountant in a crime family, trying to become the boss? I...

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4:05 PM
Two Asimov short stories IDed in the last 24 hours, but neither is "The Last Question". Wat is the world coming to?
4:35 PM
Q: 80s US sci-fi TV show - family try to escape a fascist state after being stranded in an alternative Earth

Richard CosgroveThis TV show has been floating around in the back of my memory for years. I’m not even sure it’s real, and I just imagined it. It’s an 80s US sci-fi TV show. I think I only saw be episode on British TV. White, nuclear family - a dad, mum, 2 boys (maybe) - were on a family holiday in an RV. They v...

4:55 PM
posted on October 18, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: All you have to do to make adults cry is state a date and location where they were more than 30 years ago. Today's News:

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6:25 PM
@ClaraDiazSanchez it's also been a very long time since we had an anime-ID question where the protagonist (who had spiky hair) and his friends could summon creatures to fight.
6:39 PM
Q: Does the recognition by the Mane Six’s “Cutie Map” objectively prove the idea of equality as practiced by Starlight Shimmer in Ponyverse as being bad?

Silly but TrueThe “Cutie Map” is introduced in My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, Season 5 Episodes 1 & 2, I’m the eponymously titled 2-parter, “The Cutie Map, Pt. 1” and “”The Cutie Map, Pt. 2.” The Cutie Map is introduced as a new magic power, available to the Mane 6 charact...

7:03 PM
Q: What does the German translate to in Philip K. Dick's "A Scanner Darkly"?

Michael LaveryWhen the main character Bob Arctor starts doubting himself after he writes a bad check to a locksmith. Arctor thought that his roommate wrote the check as a scam, but Arctor realized the handrwriting was too good. What was the German language of Arctor's inner dialogue?

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8:18 PM
Q: Movie about a monster that eats people and excrete the undigested jewelries of the victims on a church altar

Yohanes CaiThis is a weird movie where they searched this empty city where the inhabitants are missing, during searching they found jewelries & metal objects on a church altar which at first they thought that it's an offering of some sort, but turns out it's just the monster pooping undigested materials.

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Q: source of quote ~"so dumb they couldn't integrate e to the x

f5r5e5d... well maybe x e to the x" I have a vague memory of a title something like: Tavern at the end of the world. Probably from 70-80's? My duckduckgo search wasn't productive.

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