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Q: What's Chelsea doing going into Heaven, did I miss something?

AshChelsea, Siri Keeton's ex, may not be a militant radical but she was a Realist, to the point of taking her sex in the raw, which it is suggested the Realists don't even do any more. As far as I could discern while she had given up on Siri she still had a career if she wanted one and was an indepe...

2:07 AM
Q: What does "truth" refer to?

Dexter ColeAt dining table, Lupin says to Harry Potter: Lupin: The last time Voldemort gained power...he almost destroyed everything we hold most dear. Now he's returned, and I'm afraid the minister will do almost anything...to avoid facing that terrifying truth. What does "truth" refer to?

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6:10 AM
Q: Why was there no technological progress between cutting the Ring from Sauron's hand and destroying the Ring?

John DoeIf there are more than two thousand years between Isildur cutting the ring from Sauron's hand and Frodo's mission to destroy the Ring, why was there no technological progress? E.g. Saruman had some kind of gunpowder and they could easily have made stronger weapons from it...

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7:23 AM
Q: Movie about King Tut and an archaeologist

user73910In this movie I watched, the protagonist and the antagonist were looking for some artifact, I think it was an emerald tablet with a hole in it. I think the antagonist intended to use this artifact to summon the devil. There is one scene where the antagonist has captured the protagonist and wants ...

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8:24 AM
@Marvin these do feel a lot more like basic comprehension than on-topic questions
9:00 AM
Q: War Abolished, Works of Machiavelli required

Mike StoneCan anyone recall a short story in which a new invention is developed which makes nuclear war (possibly all war) impossible? At first everyone is delighted until the central character points out(to the President?) that conflict will continue in other forms – plots and assassinations and gives hi...

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1:03 PM
Q: How did Deadpool kill the Marvel Universe?

Brad SmithI have heard of a comic where Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe. How does he accomplish such a hard feat?

@Marvin With style and panache.
@DavidW you misspelled pancakes
1:26 PM
Well, technically pancakes are for not killing the Marvel Universe though, no? :)
Q: Young-adult book: Post-apocalyptic, Teens living in Caves/Bunker, Written as Diary/Journal

HeartWareI'm searching for a post-apocalyptic young-adult book featuring two teens living in caves or a bunker. I remember reading it in late 1970s in a Danish translation. The cover for that edition has a SPACE:1999 Hawk Spaceship on it, but that's probably not the cover outside Denmark. I think the stor...

1:37 PM
@DavidW with enough pancakes you could destroy the universe, it would make a change from using paperclips
2:00 PM
@AncientSwordRage I would much rather be turned into pancakes than paperclips.
@DavidW Here, here!
2:41 PM
Dammit, now I'm hungry.
@SQB that's my secret, I'm always hungry
@AncientSwordRage @Randal'Thor alerted me to this ^
2:56 PM
@AncientSwordRage Unimaginable power! Unlimited pancakes!
@Randal'Thor absolutely
posted on September 16, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I'm amazed nobody else has come up with this way to lie to medical caregivers. Today's News:

It's not quite Death by Chocolate but it's close enough
Q: What exactly was Red Squad?

QueenSvetlanaIn DS9, we're introduced to Red Squad: An elite group of cadets at Starfleet Academy. Red Squad members received special classes and advanced field training. Are they a special black ops unit for Starfleet? My first thought was that after receiving special classes and training they would be bro...

3:10 PM
@Slate paperclips or pancakes?
Ooh. Banana chocolate chip pancakes.
If the universe needs to die, that would be an acceptable way to go.
@DavidW agreed
But not paperclip pancakes, ugh.
3:29 PM
@AncientSwordRage Paperclips. Shinier.
@Slate nice
makes sense too
3:53 PM
Q: Sun turns into red giant, Earth installs a time dilation field and heroes are stranded on Mars

ClaireI read this story in French around 1998 as a kid (I remember a big book). The sun becomes a red giant (something to do with nuclear waste/bomb I think) and no way is found to stop it from destroying the Earth. Earth finds a way to install a time dilation field that makes time go much slowly. Allo...

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5:55 PM
Q: When does the sacred timeline split in the MCU timeline?

MBEllisDuring the events of episode 6 in Loki, the sacred timeline splits. This happens at the end of time (or something like that), meaning it doesn't take place at a specific time. So in the MCU timeline, when does the timeline split? was the sacred timeline just always split, because the splitting ha...

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7:57 PM
Q: Can the Bifrost reach the TVA?

Peter NielsenIn Marvel's Loki (2021), the four-dimensional location of the Time Variance Authority is never officially established. However, the Bifrost is shown to be able to transport multiple characters across space (but not time) within the movies, even if it is summoned from somewhere outside of the nine...

Q: Where is the Time Variance Authority located across time and space, and could it be located in the Quantum Realm?

Peter NielsenIn the show Loki (2021), the Time Variance Authority (TVA) is shown to be a massive city-like structure. However, there is no view of the outside world given from inside the TVA. Where is the TVA located, in both time and space? Could the TVA be located in the Quantum Realm? We are told that "tim...

8:22 PM
Q: What if two Hobbits just steal some lava from Mount Doom and use it to destroy the Ring in Shire?

huseyin tugrul buyukisikWould it make a target obfuscation for Sauron? I mean, Sauron only watches the Ring but not lava right? If lava cools during journey, would it work if they re-melt it before using?

8:34 PM
@Marvin I don't think this is opinion-based. "What if" questions aren't all bad; some of them can be answered based on canon info.
8:48 PM
@Randal'Thor Well I'm glad I got that correct then, since I hadn't seen your comment yet.
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9:59 PM
Q: Salesman with a fatal curse at an office

JargonTFrom a collection of sci-Fi/fantasy short stories bought many years ago in a 2nd hand book shop. A friend borrowed the book, loaned it out and it has never been seen since. I’d love to know the name of the story and author if possible please. Book cover was orange. Brief description of plot. A sa...

10:24 PM
Q: Why is Merry called "Holdwine"?

Clara Diaz SanchezFollowing the destruction of the ring, when the hobbits are preparing to return home we learn that Merry is known as "Holdwine" to the Rohirrim: Éomer and Éowyn came to Merry and they said "Farewell now, Meriadoc of the Shire and Holdwine of the Mark! Ride to good fortune, and ride back soon to ...

Q: What’s the earliest work of fiction to start out of order?

Jorge CórdobaThinking about how Star Wars saga starts at Episode IV, that is a very smart way of making room for yourself to create a set of prequels if it sells well and make it look like you had it all planned beforehand. Is Star Wars the first instance of this or otherwise what’s the first instance of a fi...

10:48 PM
Q: Low budget Scifi show about people stranded on or near Mars(?) attempting to get back to Earth

Baronet_CanidI'm trying to remember the name of a live action show I saw on Canadian TV in English in probably the early 90s. It was probably a kids show. It was fairly low budget, about a group of people stranded on some kind of space station or facility built into an asteroid, on either one of the Martian...

11:13 PM
Q: Korean martial arts manhwa where the MC gains the memories of a man who jumped in front of a train

Kaid3n22At the start, the MC was asked to fix something for his classmate. It was a old recorder or something, I forgot, but on his way home, he sees some guy jump in front of a train. The MC then gained that guy's memories and found out the guy was from an old clan. The MC was then able to fix the objec...

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