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@Jenayah The larger "star in laurels" design is used as a spot illustration for this badge component on the profile page. The badge component in general will continue to have their site-specific badge shapes when this updated profile goes across the network. For example, here's how the design will look on scifi: i.stack.imgur.com/w2Zvq.pngKyle Pollard ♦ 1 hour ago
Q: Anime about a woman/alien with telepathy?

MadsSorry this is going to be super vague but I remember seeing this scene from an anime as a child, I think it might be from the 80s/90s and I don’t know how deep into the story it is or anything. There is some sort of laboratory and I think a naked woman in one of those glass liquid chambers, she t...

@Marvin reminds me of Elfin Lied, but I don't know about that enough to confirm
1:36 AM
Q: Looking for a short poem which is a parodic pastiche of Shakespeare plots (possibly published in the New Yorker)

IglooMasterA few years ago, in a poetry podcast, the guest read out a poem which was a parodic pastiche of Shakespeare plots. It wasn't based on any specific Shakespeare plot, but it was meant to seem like a Shakespearean comedy's plot. (I don't think it was trying to sound like Shakespeare's poetry; it was...

Sounds like the first sentence of a great story!
Q: Zebulon Scoville "looked up at the video monitors and saw all the ice and thruster firings." Exactly what ice did Scoville see? Why ice? Where?

uhohGizmodo's The ISS Backflipped Out of Control After Russian Module Misfired, New Details Reveal quotes Zebulon Scoville, the NASA flight director in charge at the time: “And so at first I was like, ‘Oh, is this a false indication?’” Mr. Scoville said. “And then I looked up at the video monitors a...

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3:50 AM
Q: In "Pushing Ice" we find out that humanity is extinct. How did that happen? Was it the machines from Revelation Space?

One RangerHow did Humanity go extinct in the Revelation Space Universe? Was it the Black Cube Machines?

4:15 AM
Q: Help Finding a Story about Telepathic Kids

user143929The book involves something about polluted river water that seems to actually be contributing to some people's ability to read minds. Sound familiar to anyone?

Q: Do all Pokemon come from eggs? Or are some born?

TheAshIn Pokemon FireRed, this text is found: MEW gave birth. We named the newborn MEWTWO. Another question on this site asks if this is literal. I want to know, assuming it is, are there any other instances of Pokemon giving birth instead of hatching from an egg?

5:04 AM
Q: Star Wars battlefront (2004)/ Star Wars battlefront II (2005)

SlweetchThere’s this ambient song from a level in one of these games with female vocals. It was very somber as opposed to the usual exciting and bombastic sound of other tracks. I’m trying to identify it from when I heard it as a kid, which is the last time I heard it, but have had no luck with browsing ...

5:53 AM
Q: Does it take the same amount of energy to get to Mars vs. to rendezvous with something going to Mars?

TheEnvironmentalistI think I found a mathematical error in the movie The Martian. Warning, there will be spoilers. The final plan they settle on to rescue Mark Watney is to have the Tiayang Shen rendezvous with the Hermes, which will perform a gravity assist off of Earth, sending it back to Mars, where Watney will ...

asked in Space SE
6:42 AM
Q: Space op anime featuring a group of girls debugging a combat robot in-fight?

Laurent LA RIZZAI remember watching the first episode of an anime series, around 2001. I watched it in fansubbed japanese version. It was set in space, the action took place on a spaceship that would fight alien enemy ships by releasing a huge humanoid robot outside. What was distinctive of this anime was that t...

Q: Fear Street Trilogy - Are the characters from the sequels are reincarnations/descendants?

SandunRelated to the Fear Street movies trilogy released on Netflix. Spoilers Ahead!!! The three movies in release order take place in 1994, 1978 and 1666 respectively. Also, we can see the same actor/actress playing different roles in different movies of this trilogy. For example, Simon Kalivoda in t...

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8:21 AM
Q: Why wasn't the Daily Prophet reporting the attacks?

BCLCDraco Malfoy said: You know, I'm surprised that the Daily Prophet hasn't done a report on all these attacks. I suppose Dumbledore is trying to hush it all up. Father always said Dumbledore was the worst thing that ever happened to this place. Was it true? If so, then why wasn't the Daily Prophe...

9:15 AM
Q: A science fiction movie from 2004 with a company named Arora

bbbbbbbbbI'm looking for a science fiction movie, I think from 2004. It was based on an idea similar to The Matrix, where everyone lives in some sort of virtual reality without being aware of it. The scene looks like an American town from the 1950s, and a guy who works in a company named Arora eventually ...

9:34 AM
Q: Monty Python Life of Brian - What does it mean by "Oh About 11, sir"?

SandunIn the 1979 movie Monty Python's Life of Brian, there's scene where Brian (the protagonist) is captured by the Roman soldiers and brought to Pilate. Pilate seems to have rhotacism (a speech impediment that is defined by the lack of ability, or difficulty in, pronouncing the sound R). Pilate: ...

9:55 AM
I'm in the HNQ :D
Hi @uhoh what brings you round these parts? Ice and Thrusters sounds like a TNG mocktail to me
@AncientSwordRage Oooh what with?
@Marvin I'm not sure if Life of Brian is on topic but been a while since I've watched it
@TheLethalCarrot A worldbuilding question
Q: What would cause a moon to become much brighter only a few times a year?

PureferretI initially wanted to create a culture that used tides to tell the seasons, I'm sure I still can, but a question on here (I can no longer find it) made me wonder if I could set up a world where one of the moons was much brighter on a few days of the year (once, twice, three times etc, but not 'mo...

@TheLethalCarrot There's a space ship at one point? But I think it falls into the category of thr majority of the film not on topic except the obvious Sci-fi/Fantasy parts.
Is there? I really can't remember that bit haha
Oh yeah, it's been too long
10:03 AM
@NapoleonWilson would you want the Life of Brian question?
10:16 AM
@TheLethalCarrot shame on you!
Also, isn't it speculative fiction?
I'd really like it to be on topic, so I may be a bit biased.
@AncientSwordRage just wondering if it's just me or if others think similarly. TNG mocktail sounds good as well
@SQB This is part of the problem though right? When does some silly comedy pass the line from just silliness to "alternative history"?
Q: Were there any other Resurrection Stones in Harry Potter?

SandunThe Deathly Hallows consist of 3 artifacts said to have made by Death itself: The Elder Wand, The Resurrection Stone and The Invisibility Cloak. We have already seen that The Elder Wand is, although very powerful, a wand, which is common item among wizards. The same can be said about The Invisibi...

10:42 AM
@TheLethalCarrot from what I remember, at no point do they imply that events in the OTL don't happen
Q: Is Monty Python's Flying Circus on topic?

BuzzIs the work of Monty Python, as a rule, on topic here? The world, as depicted in Monty Python's Flying Circus is different from the real world in many ways. One can suffer a dangerous fall while climbing the North Face of the Uxbridge Road. The British Dental Association is one of the world's ...

Ah there is a relevant-ish meta which would say it's off topic in general but per normal policy specific on topic elements are fine i.e. the aliens
@TheLethalCarrot I don't know where the ur-meta post is, but that's my view too
11:12 AM
Q: Seeking Title of Manga

Random Weeb 0613I am here again to ask for another title of a manga i read in the past but hasn't saved. It starts with the protagonist boarding a plane(or already in the plane) when they show that he is warned by a friend who is, as stated by him, always right because of his intuition and gave the protagonist a...

11:24 AM
@AncientSwordRage Sure.
@TheLethalCarrot In a similar vein the conclusion for Tarantino films was that weird != fantasy.
@NapoleonWilson I've sent it over to you
Q: Is Hogwarts the only magical school in the UK?

BCLCI couldn't find the answer on fandom, but this has been asked on quora and reddit. I wasn't able to find anything sourced. https://www.reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comments/4c5syq/is_hogwarts_the_only_school_in_the_uk/ https://www.quora.com/Is-Hogwarts-the-only-school-of-Witchcraft-and-Wizardry-in-Br...

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1:40 PM
Q: Multiverse vs Multi-Timeline

TheIronCheekIs there a difference between a timeline and a universe as established by the MCU? After watching the Loki series, my understanding is that a single reality/universe exists with the potential to branch at any point along its timeline. Nexus events are these branching points that the TVA dedicates...

> asked Jan 24 '12 at 19:40
answered Apr 28 '15 at 0:40
Dec 29 '18 at 6:04 comment added Mei I'm pretty sure that was it... Thanks!
Only took seven years for an accepted answer...
@Mithical just shows it's possible!
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2:48 PM
posted on August 04, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Today's News:

3:27 PM
@CerealBot I wonder if "Sudo make me a sandwich" would work?
3:42 PM
If it filled me and was delicious, I don't know why I would regret when the sandwich is gone anyway.
Sandwich tomorrow; there's always a sandwich tomorrow.
Not sure what kinds of humans this thing was programmed to.
Probably a really bad training set, the bane of machine learning and why robots oughtn't decide on serious issues.
3:56 PM
Q: Looking for a Hindi short story - where a painter makes a painting of his dying son

Mohit BhardwajI read a Hindi short stories book around at least 8-10 years ago. One of the stories I still remember (some of it), as I found it very strange/disturbing. I remember some of it, but want to read the complete story as it was written, again. The story was something like there was a famous painter i...

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5:45 PM
Q: What is Dora Milaje's actual jurisdiction?

SandunIn the 4th episode of the first season of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Dora Milaje cross paths with John Walker when they arrive to apprehend Zemo. John : The Dora Milaje don't have jurisdiction here... Ayo : The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be. ...

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8:12 PM
Q: Do the western boundaries of Rohan as given in "Unfinished Tales," Cirion and Eorl (iii), make sense?

BenIn Unfinished Tales (p. 305), it is stated that the western boundaries of Rohan extend from Isengard '...westwards and northwards along the eaves of Fangorn Forest to the river Limlight...' How can this be true, given that Fangorn is to the east of Isengard?

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Heh. Vote early! Vote often!
9:35 PM
Reviewers hate this one simple trick!
It's probably a good thing I don't know how to do that. :) Not that I would, but I might be tempted on occasion...
Q: How many people died in the mainline series of Goosebumps?

FluffyFlareonGoosebumps is known to be substantially tempered compared to other horror series and anthologies, even ones written by R.L. Stine himself. (Such as Fear Street). The gore is minimal, which is probably connected to the primary audience of the books, older children and pre-teens. But there seems to...

10:15 PM
Q: Anime where there is a war between guilds; the main character is evolving and creates a guild called Crow or Raven

MTexTo the best of my recollection the anime is situated in a modern world where the protagonist receives a power and has to join a battle between guilds where they win or lose points and their fights are timed. I remember the protagonist also creates a guild called Raven something or Crow something....

Q: Why did Starfleet abandon Turkana IV?

Nu'DaqIn the tng episode Legacy, the Federation colony on the planet Turkana IV descended into civil war and anarchy, something Starfleet and the Federation seems to just allow to happen- why didn't Starfleet try to restore order and take the colony back? Surely that seems a better alternative to just ...

10:28 PM
@DavidW I guess it’s just some weird bug where it somehow got submitted twice at the same time. I’m waiting to see if it sorts itself out overnight

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