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12:59 AM
Q: What (fictional) perspective is "Of the Third Age and the Rings of Power" written from?

cometaryorbitI was always under the impression that the published Silmarillion is supposed to represent Bilbo's "Translations from the Elvish" that he made while living in Rivendell, becoming attached to the Red Book of Westmarch. But "Of the Third Age and the Rings of Power" states that These stones were gi...

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2:15 AM
Q: Would Celeborn be permanently separated from Galadriel?

cometaryorbitIn the LOTR chapter "Many Partings" Celeborn says to Aragorn "May your doom be other than mine, and your treasure remain with you to the end". Given the context this seems to be talking about Aragorn's marriage to Arwen - but in that case "may your doom be other than mine" would suggest that Cele...

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6:51 AM
Q: Why did the Evil Queen in Snow White not just pay some actual old hag (or anyone) to give Snow White the poisonous apple?

S. GombashSomething which never made any sense to me is that the objectively beautiful Evil Queen would drink a frightening magical potion which turns her into an old hag, presumably temporarily (but it's barely even implied), with all the risks this entails. What if something about the magic goes wrong an...

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7:59 AM
Q: Taskmaster's fighting style

TK-421In the movie Black Widow there is an enemy fighter called Taskmaster. It is said that Taskmaster can mimic the fighting style of everyone he sees. I noticed him mimicking Captain America's shield fighting style, Winter Soldier's knife fighting abilities, and Black Widow's fighting style. Has Task...

8:31 AM
Q: What does "He" refer to when Sirius says "That was a noble thing you did back there. He doesn't deserve it."?

Ashley LongThey come out of Shrieking Shack, where they discover that the dog is actually Sirius. Then Sirius Black says to Harry Potter: Sirius Black: That was a noble thing you did back there. He doesn't deserve it. Harry Potter: I didn't think my dad would have wanted his best friends... to become kill...

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9:47 AM
Q: Why was the title of Rivers of London changed to Midnight Riot?

Rand al'ThorThe novel Rivers of London, originally published in Britain, was published in the US under the title Midnight Riot. Why was the title changed for the US audience? (Presumably it can't be because "rivers" or "London" would be considered too hard or unfamiliar for American readers.)

10:12 AM
Q: Is there a reason Agent Smith is trying to cut a deal with Neo?

ClockworkIn The Matrix (1999), when the agents get their hands on Neo for the first time, they make it look like he was arrested for committing felonies: Agent Smith: As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Anderson. It seems that you've been living two lives. In one life, you're ...

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11:20 AM
Q: Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 4-week challenge!

AncientSwordRageI recently learnt that there is a special 100-page, 80th anniversary edition of the Green Arrow comic! In celebration I'm going to put a 500 rep bounty on the highest-scoring question (to be given via an unrelated but still good answer or held until such an answer exists) and highest-scoring answ...

It's ending for real this time!
12:17 PM
Q: Old sci fi (1980s or earlier) short story about androids sold as 'the perfect son in law' or 'the perfect housewife'

Sally TPI have this memory of a short story I read as a child at school in the late 80s/early 90s. The story was written in the form of a catalogue, advertising these androids and talking about which model might fit into your life. I remember some of the names - one model was 'Sandra, the perfect housewi...

12:42 PM
Q: Do all Hogwarts students need to go to London in order to get to Hogwarts?

NzallSomeone on Reddit said something that made me curious about the answer. most analyses of Hogwarts place it somewhere deep in the mountainous areas of Scotland, based on excerpts from the books. Does that mean that a student from Leeds or even Newcastle would have to travel all the way down to Lon...

1:08 PM
Q: Looking for a short story about a 'homecoming' song

Sally TPThis is a short story dating back to the 1980s or earlier. It's about a world in which underdeveloped planets were forced to hand over children for adoption to wealthy offworlders. They are told to have a 'birthday party' for two year olds who are then taken away. Many years later, few of the ado...

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2:24 PM
Q: In Mortal Engines, why do Londoners cheer when M.E.D.U.S.A destroys the wall?

user143779In Mortal Engines, why do Londoners cheer when M.E.D.U.S.A. destroys the wall? Don't they feel the horror of killing so many people?

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3:40 PM
Q: Animated series with three girls who find magical rings

methuseusMy daughter is trying to find a series she watched on Netflix in 2017 or 2018. There are 6 main characters, three heroes and three villains, all girls. They are normal girls until they find magical rings and can transform. The characters are teenagers, and at least one of the heroes has relativel...

3:59 PM
posted on July 28, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Also I'm one millionth as good at basketball as Michael Jordan, but I've only spent one trillionth as much time practicing. Today's News:

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Q: How did Azula know to not take credit?

Ryan_LAt the end of Book 2, Azula zaps Aang with lightning, apparently killing him. We know he survived thanks to Katara's healing. Azula gives Zuko the credit for killing the Avatar, somehow aware he has survived. I get that Zuko suspected it, because he knew Katara had the water from the koi pond ...

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7:27 PM
Q: What is the range of lifespans for aliens and humans in Star Trek

sfhq_sfWhere do aliens and humans stand in relationship to each other in terms of expected lifespans?

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8:42 PM
Q: How did Cypher meet with Agent Smith?

Ryan_LInspired by this answer, how can Cypher secretly meet in the Matrix with Agent Smith? I mean, unless I'm mistaken, every other trip into the Matrix had an operator sitting back on the ship watching what was going on. We know the operators have a pretty good view, Cypher can tell red-heads, blon...

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Hi @Slate !
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Can be both :)
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10:49 PM
Q: Ben 10 comic/activity book

LookingForAnime1234I used to own a (small) Ben 10 comic/activity book, it was about 30 to 50 pages and included some simple activities (such as crosswords and word searches) some little fact boxes and several small (non-canon) comics. I remember a few of them, one 10 year old Ben is in a haunted house and turns int...

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11:55 PM
There was a One in every iteration but they weren't all named Neo. Each iteration of the Matrix contained unique humans and the specific details of their lives differed. The only thing that was consistent between them was that they all followed the same evolutionary path. A small group started off free, founded Zion, freed others and eventually the One would emerge. Once they did, the machines would lure the One to the Source to disassemble and re-insert them while they destroyed Zion. Then the whole cycle starts again. — aleppke 4 hours ago
@DavidW So, "Eno," "Eon," "Noe" and "Oen?" :D

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