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1:17 AM
@Jenayah I guess that means you don’t consider me a fictional character?
@Randal'Thor We could call her Jecatyah, but that might get confused with Catija (which I think is pronounced the same way).
2:23 AM
@Alex I always imagined that Catija was pronounced like Cotija, the cheese, but on further thought, it's probably a variant of Katija, right?
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5:37 AM
@TheLethalCarrot If you're good enough at it, you get the CMs to adjust the auto-delete regexes to match your binge flagging...
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11:08 AM
Q: Story identification - Childrens' Sci-Fi circa 1980s

jcollomosseTrying to identify a futuristic sci-fi with last remains of humanity (a boy?) lives in the wilderness hunting etc. allied with some mutant bear (maybe red?) called Baer. Some sort of control is excerted over the planet/remanents of humanity by a robotic species with 'pencil thin necks?' living i...

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1:15 PM
Q: Was Ben Solo sent away twice?

Sunsetguy6776That's what it seems. Leia remembers him as an angry teenager in The Last Jedi novel. He was around the house apparently. Kylo (same book) remembers hearing Han and Leia arguing about him, and I think this was also his adolescent self. But we also know that he was sent away when he was 11. That's...

2:05 PM
Q: Which "weasels" is Ron referring to?

Ashley LongWith his invisble cloak, Harry frighten Malfoy's gang: Ron: Those weasels! Never told me about any Marauder's Map. Hermoine: He won't keep it. He'll turn it over to Professor McGonagall. Which "weasels" is Ron referring to?

2:50 PM
posted on July 25, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: 95% of PCED calls will be eliminated as soon as we have self-driving trolleys. Today's News:

3:21 PM
Q: Is an explanation ever offered for why Nebula didn't just use her time travel watch?

Grant CurellI'm confused. In Avengers Endgame, for plot reasons at 1 second to go Nebula is stopped from hitting the time travel button to return to current time and Thanos gets to see her memories. Sure, I'll hit the "I believe" button on that healthy coincidence - build some suspense and such. I'll also hi...

3:47 PM
Q: Looking for the name of a black and white graphic novel about space colonization from the 1980s? where the STL starship exploded

Peter CooperIt was a black and white graphic novel or one-off SF comic book whose backstory involved space colonization in a star system after the slower than light starship (involving, maybe robots and artificial wombs) met with some disaster before the humans were ready to leave the ship. Colonization was ...

4:37 PM
Q: 3D animated movie about girl who travels to spirit realm

Razar MackhamIt was a Japanese or Japanese-based animated film from around 2010-ish, maybe earlier. I can't remember if there was any talking in it (might have been a silent). It follows a girl who is either living at or visiting a relative (maybe a grandma) and finds a portal to a spirit realm via a well or ...

@Alex nope, you're real
@Jenayah How nice of you.
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7:04 PM
Q: More questions from new Community VP - how'd you get started?

PhilippeLast week, I asked a couple of questions and was thrilled with the response that I got - if you haven't left an answer there yet, please feel free to go back and check them out. I'm still reading (though not responding to) the answers there. I also promised at the time that I'd be back to ask m...

@Jenayah An excuse to tell your favorite story to the entire network.
7:35 PM
Q: Book about a group of kids that were cloned from criminals

Erik RospoI remember, as a kid, reading a book about a group of kids, who were cloned from tissue samples taken from violent criminals. I am pretty sure that all of the adults are in on it, if not most. It was on an experiment to see if violence was genetic, or not. The kids were raised in a dystopian, kno...

8:00 PM
Q: Where did Hagrid and Madame Maxime find the giants?

Andrew TobilkoHagrid, together with Madame Maxime, went on a quest to find giants and win them over. "Ran inter a couple o’ mad trolls on the Polish border an’ I had a sligh’ disagreement with a vampire in a pub in Minsk, bu’ apart from tha’ couldn’t’a bin smoother." They visited Dijon in France, had some pr...

8:51 PM
Q: Novel with girl who meets blind aliens that use sonar, travels through wormhole

Drake PI read a novel about 10 years ago about a girl who somehow finds herself on the homeworld of aliens. I don't remember how or why she got there. The aliens used I think sonar since they were blind, and I kinda think they communicated with telepathy too. The girl noted about their strange architect...

9:29 PM
@Jenayah Well, at least as real as any other pachyderm-descended robot squirrel bathtub anyway, right? ;)
9:41 PM
Q: What old sci-fi film is the source of this Hotels.com ad clip?

Rand al'ThorYoutube keeps giving me ads for Hotels.com, which feature a few seconds of what looks like it must be a scene from an old sci-fi film: There's a giant seal-like monster, on top of a pile of rocks, breathing fire and roaring. It's extremely distinctive and kind of intriguing, even though it's so...

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10:57 PM
Q: Why does Harry's eye twitch? (ANSWER)

Marc Hassin(sorry, I can't find the right way to answer) Gabe Willard asked Apr 22 '12 at 20:40 : "Why does Harry's eye twitch?" Because Harry has a binocular problem called heterophoria. Heterophoria has been discovered by Dr Hermann von Helmholtz. Dyspraxia is a consequence of this symptom but not the onl...

Q: Help finding manga name

Michael GuadianaI once read a manga where the MC I think went to another world, fantasy world, and saved either a princess or noble from being attacked while she was traveling in her carriage and I think she is saved and thanks the MC and falls In love with him. Does anyone know the title or at least have simila...

11:23 PM
Q: Manga where a Kid was outcast by family and found dark book that helps him

BrandonIn the manga this kid(he was young) was like outcasted by his family and found this book where like he could make people/his own monsters (the people he made could talk and have their own specialties) and he made some teammates like that and one of them was super smart. also i think the story was...


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