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1:37 AM
Q: What’s name of the planet from monsters inc?

CMMars07 LOLMonster’s planet is Earth like planet from Monsters inc. their race is Mons. The monster went to Earth and scare the children. Every monster who growing, growing, and growing as well. In “History of the Monster World.”

Q: Why did the destroyers on Exegol rely on a navigational tower to know which way is up?

moonman239I may just be an Earth-bound carbon-based human, but it seems to me that "down" would be the direction gravity's pulling the ships in, while "up" would be the opposite direction. Do the features of the planet itself (the magnetic fields, etc.) just inhibit any meaningful determination of "up"?

2:02 AM
Q: How does the pig get across the road?

Wolfpup07Some pigs don't move. Have to push them to get over there. Answer to question the driveway to get to other side

Q: RIP, actor Ned Beatty

BuzzNed Beatty has died, aged 83, after a very active forty-year career in movies and television. Among his many memorable roles, he was known to superhero fans as Lex Luthor's bumbling sidekick Otis in Superman (with a smaller role in Superman II). A generation later, he provided the voice for the...

2:26 AM
Q: Looking for novel on on naval fleet in post nuclear war world

Greg PaulIt was back in the late 70s maybe more likely 80s I think I read this book. The story began in Germany as I recall on the northern coast, set in the late 1900s or early 2000s. It was after a nuclear war. The main character was a sailor on a destroyer. The boilers were fired with wood because oil ...

2:51 AM
Q: Movie identification

Trent1994I’m trying to find the title for a movie or possibly a tv show a saw as a kid. I remember it being in the mid 90s to early 2000’s. It was about a robot that had female skin and was later discovered by the boyfriend and I want to say bubble gum had some kind of effect on the robots. Sorry I don’t ...

3:16 AM
Q: Fantasy book series about a boy who is unaware of a different realm he travels to; a grand wizard there asks him to join a quest to slay a dragon

LongendorcheYou will have to bear with me, I haven't read this these books since high-school. That being said I am looking for a fantasy book series about a boy who is unaware of a different realm that he travels to then at the behest of the grand wizard there asks him to join a quest to head to a mountain a...

2 hours later…
4:49 AM
@AncientSwordRage Yes, I will definitely put my name out there. I have been traveling this week, but I see that I have 15 hours left to submit my name. I will do it first thing when I wake up.
5:14 AM
@Adamant Oof, poor timing of this election for you then :-/
Q: What happend when Horace Slughorn took Felix Felicis?

MilgoHorace Slughorn told his students that he took the potion Felix Felicis twice - being a twenty-four years old and again when he was fifty-seven. Is there any source why he took the potion or what happend on these days? It might have something to do with a woman but that is pure speculation as I d...

5:33 AM
Q: Book about a group of kids abducted from various historical disasters and then live in a time loop of 9/11 have to stop neo-nazis

SpyBoxOnlineThis was a book where several kids who died in several historical disasters were given a choice by an old man about if they wanted to die in that disaster or come with him and be sort-of "time police", the only catch is that they would be locked into that role. There was a boy who was on the Tita...

Q: Time Traveler YA Trilogy Identification

DovaIn the early 2010s, I recall reading a trilogy of novels about 2 kids who have to keep earth's timeline from changing. In order to do this, they stayed on a loop of one day in a city (I think San Fransisco?) and if their surroundings changed in any small way, they'd know something happened in the...

Which one's the best dupe-target?
@Jenayah The older one of course, who'd want confirming quotes and winning Google queries ;-)
Huh... I immediately thought of Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
6:20 AM
@Mithical agreed. No ambiguity for this one, but this other question is more uncertain:
Q: Children’s book about time travel and friends being taken from past time periods

Jenna EnglishI’m trying to remember the name of these books I read as a kid. It involved a group of friends (maybe 3 kids)? They somehow managed to travel back in time but if they changed anything or too much it could cause ripples in time. I also slightly remember something about a plane and them being take...

6:31 AM
in Charcoal HQ, 19 secs ago, by Jenayah
Reasonably sure this is spam https://scifi.stackexchange.com/a/250213/98028 but the only undisclosed affiliation I'm getting is that the blog author has the same initials as the post author. Any thoughts/further sleuthing?
Eh. Deleted it as NaA; not enough evidence to be worth nuking it as spam.
2 hours later…
8:33 AM
@Adamant makes sense!
Q: Why didn't Wanda keep a small Hex in the end?

HarryAt the end of the Show, Wanda I mean, why didn't Wanda keep a small Hex with only her husband and children living inside? They can interact with the outside through S.W.O.R.D Drones, radio, and a female pre-S.W.O.R.D leader.

3 hours later…
11:40 AM
Has the style just changed so the "modifed/answered by" tags are now next to the tags on the homepage not to the right?
@TheLethalCarrot I'm not following you, but I don't see anything different
weren't the circled sections right aligned?
12:00 PM
@TheLethalCarrot literally unplayable! lol
oh yes, I think you're right
12:19 PM
All my bounties are running out, and I don't think any of them got any extra attention
Like I said I think the Hulk one can be answered reasonably now but my attention is elsewhere at the moment
@TheLethalCarrot whatever by ? :D (I'm guessing election, unless something else is up)
Well work mainly, new stuff and the election to an extent
12:47 PM
Out of interest, for those in here that I thought might run but probably won't now or have expressed that they won't be (@DavidW @Jenayah @SQB and probably some others) would you have ran, or been more likely to have decided to run, if there were 2 slots instead of 1?
Feel free not to answer, I'm just being curious
@TheLethalCarrot still debating it, actually.
Well don't spend too long debating it, you don't want to miss out and regret it :)
1:01 PM
@TheLethalCarrot nope, as I said earlier it's mostly time and real-life fatigue concerns, so more positions would have changed nothing
1:26 PM
posted on June 14, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: So far, humans are the only civilization to somehow preserve bastardry while scaling complexity. Today's News:

@TheLethalCarrot yeah I was thinking we were going to have to have a primary!
@TheLethalCarrot Same answer as Jenayah. (If it were next year it would have been either a firm yes or possibly a firm no.)
@CerealBot oof. well at least we have our answer...
I gotcha both. Was just wondering and also hoping no one was put off because of it :)
1:53 PM
@TheLethalCarrot You don't need visibility to determine which way is "up" a gravity well. The Star Destroyers have to point their repulsorlifts "down" to avoid crashing into the planet, so the opposite direction is "up". And the Star Destroyers know which way to point their repulsorlifts because they can measure which way the ship starts to accelerate when the repulsorlifts are off (and that direction is "down"). — Null ♦ 35 mins ago
^ Worse, it's trivially easy to say "when you get the go signal, accelerate vertically upward at 10m/s^2" No ship is occupying the same space at the start, and with a simple vector normal to local gravity you're guaranteed that none will come into conflict either.
And there's no risk of overwhelming local ATC, and they get to space en mass, instead of in a potentially more vulnerable stream, while maintaining maximum dispersion (and hence cover for the ones still leaving the atmosphere)...
Maybe it's just protocol?
The "give the good guys a chance" protocol?
is it possible that they were so reliant on computers that even if they could manually figure out how to find "up" that the computers wouldn't allow the engines to fire?
@DavidW If we decide we need a second new mod, within 6 months of this election we've got the option of just making the second place nominee a new mod (I've not seen this done, but I'm well informed)
I don't know if that changes anybodies plans
They did it recently... Workplace maybe?
@DavidW The whole thing doesn't really make much sense and I feel like they knew that when creating it. Normally that sort of thing would have a lot of explanation behind it but there's little to no explanation and what there is doesn't make much sense
2:01 PM
@Skooba thus the protocol
@TheLethalCarrot they skated by on no explanation for so long they just kept doing it. they didnt read the fan base that has also grown and studied the material and want an explanation
@DavidW it means you can put a rookie in charge and not need them to know what the arrows on the screen mean
Q: Alignment issue in the "Top Questions" page

ArulkumarIn the Top Questions page, the asked/modified X mins ago text was left-aligned next to the tags. Previously the text was right-aligned. Seems some alignment issue introduced on that page recently. Screenshot for reference: Configuration Version Operating System Windows 10 Pro Mozilla F...

Q: Man testifies before senate committee. He invented super-powerful easily-made gun which will change society. He just released plans

StanrocMan testifies before senate committee. He has invented super powerful gun that is easily made. Can vaporize tanks and planes. Makes governments obsolete. Turns out he released plans already, committee will be obsolete.

although the first major explanation they gave (midichlorians) became such a joke they may have gone back into their "no explanation" shells and not come back out yet
@TheLethalCarrot that's interesting to know
2:03 PM
I don't think the whole 12 parsecs thing in Solo was liked either.
@TheLethalCarrot aww man, too bad they didnt need a third, I think I came in third there lol
@Skooba To be fair, my suggestion relied on the repulsorlifts being able to provide vertical acceleration, since the engines wouldn't be pointed in the right direction. And I'm sure someone could find some reason in SW canon that couldn't be done. But given everything else that was pulled out of some random person's random orifice it wouldn't be a worse idea.
@AncientSwordRage Was Code Review, I got it wrong
Q: Request to add an extra moderator given the 2021 election results

Der KommissarGiven we just had the election, after seeing how close the final results were (the final elimination was a margin of 0.04%), I would like to formally request that Mast be instated as a moderator. Additionally, I want to note: there is precedent for adding more moderators than open spots, and I be...

Jun 9 at 14:03, by Rand al'Thor
(There is still the possibility to call up the runner-up, if we decide after the election's over that we want 5 mods rather than 4. That's how @Mast got modded.)
I just don't think @DavidW or @Jenayah know they'd be free in 6 months
@Skooba I don't think the explanation was original to that movie, though, just the way it was portrayed. ISTR it came out of some now-legends book I've mostly forgotten.
@TheLethalCarrot how is election decided by fewer than 1 vote?
I'm sure its how the carry over votes calculate but that is still weird lol
2:11 PM
@AncientSwordRage Exactly. If I knew I'd have the time in 6 months I'd probably throw my hat in the ring, just making the disclosure that I might be time-limited in the next few months.
@Skooba Probably to do with when your first choice is eliminated and so your next choices get your vote. I don't really know how it works though
Higher precision percentages between the two answers for anyone interested. (Steve Taylor - Tony Chan) / total_votes = (26.939782 - 26.708812) / 110 = 0.23097 / 110 = 0.21% and (Peilonrayz - Mast) / total votes = (244.321312 - 244.053816) / 767 = 0.267496 / 767 = 0.0348% — Peilonrayz Apr 28 at 11:57
something to do with it?
@Marvin Does not deserve close-votes; we've answered questions with fewer unique details.
@DavidW thats getting closed? Seems quite specific to me
It's only collected one "needs details" flag so far, but many of the people who might review that flag hang out here...
2:18 PM
> With Meek STV, the key difference is that candidates who have exceeded the winning threshold can continue to receive votes and these candidates will continue to transfer surplus votes throughout the counting. This key difference is what makes Meek STV better than other STV rules.
> Handling this continual receipt and transfer of votes sounds complicated, but there is actually a fairly easy way to do it. Each candidate in the election has a keep factor. For candidates below the winning threshold, the keep factor is 1 since they keep all of their votes. For candidates above the threshold, the keep factor is reduced to a number lower than 1. These candidates keep some fraction of their received votes and the remaining vote fractions get transferred to other candidates.
@DavidW It's got an answer and seems better than a lot we get. Don't think I'll be VTCing it... for now at least
> To reduce Alice to the winning threshold of 16 votes, we use a keep factor of 16/28 since 16/28 times 28 reduces the 28 votes to 16. In practice, we use decimals instead of fractions so we'll convert the fraction to its approximate decimal value of 0.58. To reduce Bob to the winning threshold of 16 votes, we use a keep factor of 16/26 or a decimal value of 0.62.
so thats where fractions come in ^
Jun 7 at 16:13, by Rand al'Thor
Interrupting Carrot, going for Obie's job there? :-P
@TheLethalCarrot Ah, Fuzzy's too fast. I knew I had that story somewhere, but hadn't gotten to Herbert.
2:37 PM
@Skooba basically if you need to split someone's extra votes up, it does it proportionately
@SQB You've got plenty of back-end user moderation stuff for your nomination resume, plus a personality that doesn't seem to clash with anyone. I've never seen anyone pissed off with you, although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing :-P Mods usually end up having to deal with more insults and abuse from disgruntled users. There's a joke in mod circles that you only become a real mod when someone calls you a Nazi on meta.
He's already well qualified just because:
Nov 28 '18 at 13:47, by TheLethalCarrot
Blame @SQB is always the default though right? :P
@Skooba No, that's backwards, the midichlorians are the no explanation.
Before that it was "Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."
@b_jonas some times the first trick is the best trick
once you pull back the curtain you can't close it again.
@Skooba sounds like a badly designed window
2:53 PM
I guess I should also distinguish between two versions. The film's "midichlorians in your blood" which are the interface between living organisms and Force is just no explanation; the visual encyclopedia version "thousands of 10**-7 m sized midichlorians in your red blood cells" is utter nonsense.
@b_jonas I thought what rankled people was that detecting force strength was as simple as a blood test
@AncientSwordRage or curtain. I was thinking more along Wizard of Oz.
Also election nomination will be closed in a few hours, I'll assume SQB knows that.
I think I'd have been fine if they went "Yup, the kid is force sensitive" because he has any midichlorins, but to go "That's a concentration of 5 mg/ml! That means he's <this> strength of force user" was too much precision
@SQB Still debating now?
@AncientSwordRage as long as it is over 9,000 they should be good right?
2:58 PM
@Skooba a minimum threshold would be fine
but I don't think Saiyans use the force
@AncientSwordRage Makes sense.
@AncientSwordRage be a lot cooler if they did
3:42 PM
Q: How was Poe Dameron tortured for information?

Star WarsI read the wiki and it said a droid used methods 2265, 6304, 3333, and K8-A4, but what did the droid do? In The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron is captured and tortured for information on the map to Luke Skywalker, it is said that the droid asked 813 times and when the ace spat on the thing, it procee...

Q: Can a snake feel if a Parselmouth is around?

Dheeraj KumarWhen Harry and the Durselys visited the zoo in the first book, the snake was sleeping all the time and didn't even move when the glass was knocked at. But when Harry moved closer to the cell, it opened its eyes and winked at Harry even though Harry hadn't said a word. Harry moved in front of the...

3:55 PM
Alea Iacta Est.
...something about milk?
Au lait!
@DavidW Ole!
The ring has now my hat in it.
@AncientSwordRage nope, no longer.
Nice :)
3:59 PM
Q: What was the computer system used for CGI in first Harry Potter movie?

Bartek MalyszWhat was the computer system used to created CGI in the first Harry Potter movie? How powerful this computer may have been? Since it was late 90s I don't suspect Silicon Graphics was still the thing? Although I'm purely interested in the computer system and it's performance / limitations the ques...

@SQB nice!
4:12 PM
@AncientSwordRage That was the Discworld reference, yes. :)
@DavidW it was?
4:28 PM
Your story has the ring of truth. Yes it rings true.
5:00 PM
@AncientSwordRage In which ever Discworld novel has Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax traveling (Witches Abroad?), it turns out that Nanny Ogg has a bit of a gift for tongues, and she translates foreign phrases for Granny Weatherwax. At one point she translates "Olé!" as "With milk!"
@DavidW ha
I only read those as a wee lad, so I'm not surprised I forgot
5:16 PM
@xkcd sinister
@AncientSwordRage Shurely you mean "dexter?"
@DavidW blaming righties is sinister though
I might have said "Hey, that's right!"
and don't call me shirley!
5:21 PM
Okay, Mr. Rage.
@DavidW Please, Mr. Rage was my father's name.
So... you want us to call you "Dad"?
@Mithical I'm not going to stop you
I thought it was a request for a bit less formal address; I was trying to decide between "Ani" and "A.S."
(Though "ay-yess" doesn't really roll off the tongue.)
@DavidW we'll ferret something out of him eventually
5:34 PM
What about his true name, those who only speak the old tongue still know, and may cause utter devastation if said in these newly crafted halls?
OK, I am ready.
Hi, everyone.
We now have seven moderator nominations!
and since 7 is the magically significant number we should not allow any more :-P
Well, only two hours remain for people to submit their names, so you may have your wish.
I had not realized, but we are actually going to go directly to the election phase.
5:50 PM
Hey look, two more candidates! I was wondering if we'd get more.
@Mithical ASR works for me
@Adamant unless we get 4 last minute submissions
6:33 PM
@AncientSwordRage Arithmetic Shift Right? Automated System Recovery? Application Specific Router? ***Acronym overload error.***
Does he speak in oddly soothing yet unsettling way, we could call him Autonomous Sensory [Meridian] Response.
@DavidW acronym surplus received
1 hour later…
7:47 PM
@AncientSwordRage yup, I have no idea what stuff will be like in 6 months
Heck I don't even know what stuff will be like next week
@Jenayah Well, you can probably count on the Sun rising in the morning and setting at night. :) What happens in between...
> What would have happened if we had failed? The sun would not have come up. Instead an insignificant burning ball of gas would have illuminated this world.
> A billion quadrillion tons of exploding hydrogen nuclei rose over the horizon and managed to look small, cold, and slightly damp.
8:07 PM
Hey, when did voting change to allow ranking more than 3 candidates?
That's nice.
So anyway, I voted.
And now I wonder if this mechanism could work the same for the Tweede Kamer, our House of Representatives.
Might be a bit unwieldy, with hundreds of candidates and 150 available positions.
How does it work now? Local representation or party lists?
Q: What is the superior tank between a land raider and a Leman Russ tank?

BooleanLeman Rusk and land raiders are meant to be the main battle tanks of the space marines and the Imperial army, but are they really equal? Is there any proof of a land raider going against a Leman Rusk tank (or many for that matter as they often come in groups), and which vehicle normally wins the ...

@DavidW Of course hydrogen looks damp. Two-thirds of water is hydrogen!
8:21 PM
If I am elected, I promise to change my profile picture to the current Doctor.
More like 11.19%
@JackBNimble ¿¿¿¿?????
@JackBNimble How about by volume?
Hydrogen atomic weight 1.006, Oxygen 15.999 2.016 Hs / 18.015 (H20) = 0.1119 is hydrogen.
Most of that molecule is Oxygen.
@JackBNimble That seems correct. However, once we start getting into atomic weight, we have to consider heavy water.
8:25 PM
> There's that word again heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?
@JackBNimble Tritium has almost three times the mass of regular hydrogen, but triated water is equally damp!
It must be the Oxygen then.
8:40 PM
Q: Why did the Bug give Edgar a chance to surrender?

TronmanIn Men In Black, shortly after the Bug crashes, Edgar approaches him and they have a brief conversation: Bug: Place your weapon on the ground. Edgar: You can have my gun, when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.  Bug: Your proposal is acceptable. He then proceeds to consume Edgar and steal hi...

Q: A plot-hole in the movie "Chaos Walking"?

anuragIn the movie Chaos Walking, (based on the novel by same name), Any insights would be great! I haven't read the novel, but, liked the movie, save the plothole discussed above.

9:04 PM
oh hey, they changed the interface of the election
moderator election votes are castable at scifi.stackexchange.com/election
I just noticed that there is only one slot.
Didn't two moderators retire?
Yes, but the number of moderators is not a set number. The mod team felt we only needed one at this time.
@Adamant We don't know yet if we'll get one or two moderators from this yet.
9:28 PM
@DavidW party lists. The Eerste Kamer, our Senate, is sort of local representation, but indirectly.
(Aside: approximately "first chamber," "second chamber" then, I guess?)
I've always been suspicious of party lists, because they make it too easy for the party to be coopted by entrenched power structures.
I guess it depends on how the party lists are generated, but all too often they favour connections, external power structures and incumbency.
Like you're never not going to put your party leader first on the list.
10:20 PM
Q: How does the Endurance navigate to a particular system through the wormhole?

O. R. MapperIn the movie Interstellar, the protagonists' spaceship, the Endurance, travels through a wormhole. As it is explained in the movie, the wormhole allows them to travel to a couple of systems, one of which is hoped to contain a world habitable for humans. As for the wormhole itself, its entrance is...

10:45 PM
Q: Anime movie about a flooded world

Jesús Octavio Valenzuela LópezThis movie might be from the 90's, the world is flooded and there is a bad muscular guy whose boat moves using an exercise machine.


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