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1:11 AM
Rondo would win that fight.
1:27 AM
Greetings wonderful people
@DavidW Hi, I'm rather new to the chat feature here. Is the best way to contact you directly/private message to start a private room with you?
I'm excited to hear about the revamp with Tolkien-related tags! I think tags are a great gateway to finding gems that may otherwise be missed.
1:42 AM
@waxwing What about the rest of us?
2:20 AM
Welcome @waxwing
3:05 AM
Q: In the original six Dune books, when was the first mention of the Golden path, and did it mean the same thing as it did by the end?

Michael StachowskyThe question says it all. When was the first mention of the Golden path in the books and when it was mentioned did it mean what it meant at the end of the series? Note that I do not want an answer from anything other than the original 6 novels.

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4:39 AM
@waxwing Hi waxwing! Welcome to chat!
The easiest thing to do is just have a chat here unless there's a good reason not too.
Sometimes people (like me) drop in and out, so you'll get responses/answers faster in the main chat room. And probably better answers too.
And mostly people here are mostly nice; there are only a few you have to watch out for. :)
(I kid; everyone here is really friendly. If anything, I'm probably the grumpiest person regularly here. :)
Q: Name of Mecha Anime from the 70s/80s Based on One Episode

voltronforce2319I have searched over and over trying to find this, so now finally posting the question to see if anyone else has a clue about this. My details are vague, but here goes. I remember watching a cartoon in the 80s about big robots. I do not believe it was Voltron and I know it is not Transformers ...

5:13 AM
Q: Aurebesh sources

yrodroIt didn't take me long to learn aurebesh; I can read at a very slow but steady pace. But I find it surprising that there are no sources of texts written in the script! I searched extensively, but I get swamped with decoders and small samples. Best results are screenshots of the Mandalorian or ot...

5:39 AM
Q: restart manga which i read few years back

user135681The girl has a harsh life and a terrible fiancée because of this, she dies and woke up again in her younger self. Determine to avoid the inevitable future, she started to learn swordsmanship and becomes very good in it sort of like a genius. Then in order to avoid the future she has already lived...

Q: What is the significance of the Olympics in the short story Profession by Isaac Asimov?

therxvIn the short story "Profession" (1957) by Isaac Asimov, much of the story revolves around the Olympics that take place on Earth every year. As a child, the main character asks his father about the origin of the word Olympics. Once he had asked his father: “Why do they call it Olympics, Dad?” And...

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6:56 AM
Q: Mars mission with two-arm-joint Martians from dead civilization

MicahBetween 1994-1998, my library carried a sci-fi novel about Mars. I remember the cover being mostly black, somewhat larger format than a usual novel. I was under the impression it was Christian-themed, but I remember the themes as being implicit. The story follows a somewhat shy man, who initially...

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8:13 AM
Q: Flash Gordon comic where they treat Ming for common cold?

PranabI am trying to find a Flash Gordon comic in which the protagonists are forcibly brought somewhere (Mongo?) and have to treat the antagonist (possibly Emperor Ming) for a dreadful illness, which turns out to be a bad case of the cold/flu in the end. I might have read this as a print comic book in ...

9:09 AM
Q: RIP Mira Furlan

Rand al'ThorMira Furlan, Croatian-American actress and singer, has just passed away at the age of 65. Her best-known screen role was as the Minbari ambassador in Babylon 5, a role that she played both boneheadedly and hairily, but always with care and compassion, through five seasons. R.I.P.

9:56 AM
Q: What does the name "Black Widow" mean in the MCU?

MBEllisIn the MCU, we rarely see anyone call "Black Widow". There are a few cases, such as in Age of Ultron during the "lifting the hammer" scene: James Rhodes: Come on, Cap. [Steve starts pulling on the hammer and manages to budge it a little; Thor looks a little alarmed. Steve still fails to lift it;...

Q: Who was the last influential sci-fi writer to die unknown?

JonathanReezH.P. Lovecraft was never popular during his lifetime and died virtually unknown in 1937. Was he the last sci-fi writer to die unknown, only to become famous in later years? If not, who was the last one?

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11:13 AM
Q: Man (linguist/interested in languages) travels to another planet. Giant trees, and seal/otter-like creatures whose language he learns

BeginTheBeguineThis is a sci-fi novel, fairly short, and I think fairly old (50s/60s, but might be earlier). The author is well-known, but possibly for other genres as well as sci-fi, and definitely anglophone. I'm fairly sure it's the first book of a trilogy. This man travels to another planet, and things are ...

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4:38 PM
Imagine how Good Omens will look if it becomes a show with one past Doctor and one future Doctor!
posted on January 22, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: All technical quibbles may be sent to my email, where they will be figuratively burned. Today's News:

I'm all for it
Though I have to admit I still haven't seen anything beginning with Capaldi's last season
Time for a username change? ;-)
And after Staged, I've gained even more appreciation for Michael Sheen
I haven't seen that, but heard bits and pieces about it.
4:41 PM
Turns out he's more or less Aziraphale in real life as well
I heard that Georgia Tennant was criticised for not being convincing enough in her role as the wife of David Tennant.
Maybe she should've stuck to playing his daughter on-screen?
@Randal'Thor It's 6 15-minute episodes of pure delight
@Randal'Thor Haters gonna hate, I guess
@Randal'Thor I've been thinking about that
@Gallifreyan Remember when you were Tim E. Lord?
I do remember that
5:02 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
I'm kind of surprised that Smoke Detector doesn't do simple plagiarism lookups.
@CerealBot I quite like Flood II; I guess I know what I'll be listening to this afternoon...
5:15 PM
Q: Scholomance Threat Level

JontiaIn Naomi Novik's Deadly Education the Scholomance is the Boarding School from hell, where monsters fight for the privilege of being able to eat the tender morals(mortals) stuck inside. But how dangerous was the school supposed to be? The first novel makes it clear that some Mals were expected to ...

Q: YA (pre-1990) novel: Student writes simulation in which time travel drains prehistoric natural resources, needs to stop from occurring for real

ChemomechanicsI recall a novel in the mid-80s about a (high school or collage) student assigned to write simulation code. He develops a virtual world in which the inhabitants use time travel to bring natural resources from the past to the present. However, the simulations inevitably fail because overuse of thi...

@CerealBot He's already flying anyway.
5:41 PM
posted on January 22, 2021 by dtn

Advise science fiction, where the main characters are powerful creatures (gods, titans) who create and destroy worlds. These can be romances, as well as collections of stories, etc.

1 hour later…
6:59 PM
@Marvin Not sure there's a cannonical answer for that, but it's a GREAT question.
7:13 PM
@Donald.McLean I'm not familiar with the books, but it sees to be an interesting premise
7:35 PM
@AncientSwordRage Only one book so far, but I loved it sooooo much. There was this one part that I've added to my list of "most touching pieces of writing ever" (a list with only 6 entries out of hundreds of books that I've read).
But don't let my opinion give you false hopes - there are plenty of Goodreads people who didn't find it all that special.
There are some books that are like broccoli - people mostly either like it, or hate it, and there doesn't seem to be nearly as many people in the middle.
I'll have to add it to my list
@Donald.McLean I'm in the middle.
For broccoli, that is. Haven't read Naomi Novik, although I upvoted your suggestion on meta.
8:00 PM
Her Temeraire books, being Napoleonic alternate-history fantasy, are not just more of the same thing. And I found them quite enjoyable myself. The Scholomance is modern "real world" fantasy (akin to Dresden, Peter Grant, or Harry Potter where the normal people don't or can't see the magic all around them) but unusually dark. Looking entirely at the mood and themes, it kind of reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption.
It feels good to see a question that I can actually answer, for a change.
8:15 PM
Q: movie about a very unlucky guy that discovers magic

javajavThe movie takes place in some alternate universe where "luck" is scientifically proved to exist. Furthermore, every child (I think) needs to take a test that checks their luck. The two main protagonists take the exam at the start of the movie, and it is discovered that the girl protagonist has an...

8:43 PM
@Spencer With everything it already does, I'm not surprised at all
They've got to constantly append, maintain, and look up an ever-expanding database of "unwanted" keywords, patterns, and whatnot. Adding even a simple plagiarism check to that would require a huge increase in computational power
And, of course, it would require looking up some external data. As far as I remember, right now smokey only needs its own database in order to scan and categorise a post
But I could be wrong
@Gallifreyan no that checks out
With plagiarism lookups there's also the design choice of how deep down the rabbit hole one is prepared to go: do we only look for matches here on SE? Wikipedia? If other sites, then which ones? How much of a match should trigger a warning?
I wonder if there's any sort of free public API that would do this sort of thing
9:07 PM
Q: Starfleet officer promtions (Prime universe only)

SpacePhoenixGiven that in Star Trek Discovery we don't yet know if for certain if Tilly will be the XO at the start of the next season and she (currently) holds the rank of ensign. Is there any precedence in the Prime universe only for someone being promoted by 2 or more ranks in one go (excluding cadets get...

9:32 PM
Q: How did Sorrento not know he was still logged in?

Shay BarrowsAt a key point in the story, our heroes get the drop on Nolan Sorrento because the guy keeps his password written down, therefore they are able to hack his OASIS rig. That's fine as far as it goes, but does it really make sense that he wouldn't know he was still in the OASIS?

Strange. I thought we had an obituary meta post for Max von Sydow, or if we didn't, then Movies SE had one instead. But I can't find one.
9:58 PM
Q: Is Star Wars: The High Republic character Lourna Dee a reference to novel/character Lorna Doone?

Darth LockeI have just recently finished reading the first Star Wars novel set in the new High Republic, Light of the Jedi. One of the villainous female characters is named Lourna Dee, which sounds a lot like Lorna D., something that could be close to Lorna Doone. Is the character Lourna Dee in Light of the...

Q: Looking for info on specific Nazca lines

glezI'm trying to locate better, high resolutions pictures of these Nazca lines, the name of them if any and their location. Any info would be appreciated. Nazca Line Link

Q: Name of a short story about a windstorm

Victor T WynnI am looking for the name of a short story most likely by Asimov, Bradbury, or Clarke. The plot is about a small group of explorers who have set up an outpost on a planet when they notice that the native population starts dwindling because they are migrating. Suddenly the outpost is beset by a wi...

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11:41 PM
Q: Story about night vision people living underground hunted by giant slug creatures

Darth GregPosting for a friend. The story is about a group of people who live underground and are hunted by giant slug creatures. They can see in the dark. Apparently there is a hero amongst them who once killed a slug, and is considered legendary. The truth is that he is in fact blind, and killed the slug...


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