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1:23 AM
Q: Mass market paperback about a serial killer who communicated with protagonist online

G WarnerI perused this crime novel sometime in the late 90's, most likely 1998. It was a used paperback for sale at the local library. Likely an undocumented donation to aid library funding. I only read a dozen pages or so randomly flipping through it while I was waiting for someone. But I recall the sto...

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3:34 AM
Q: aurebesh vs aurebesh droid

jastakoWhat is the difference between the aurebesh & aurebesh droid fonts & why doesn't the droid version of the font have any way to type the special characters for 'ch'/'sh' etc; like the ligature version does? Typing 'Sh' instead of 'sh' will enter the special character instead of just 's-h' using th...

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5:15 AM
Q: Question about Atomic and nuclear cooperation with foreign countries through AUSTRALIA

user37920I bought a lot of lottery tickets from AUSTRALIA and drank one bottle of what I think is THORIUM. Is it possible to establish and maintain contacts, With california[USA],washington[USA], MUNIC[GERMANY], AND LONDON[UK] about Atomic and Nuclear energy?

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7:18 AM
Q: Why so many archer-heroes?

DragongeekIn multiple different superhero settings/universes, there is often some sort of archer-hero who, compared to the others, is basically unpowered and only has the ability of peak human fitness and borderline implausible aim with a bow and arrow or crossbow (for example Hawkeye, Green Arrow, etc). T...

7:43 AM
Q: Story about a scientist who invents truth serum

indigochildI took an undergraduate literature course around 2005. My required anthology (now lost) had a science fiction story I would love to find again. The anthology only had excerpts and a brief discussion, and I never read the full story. Unfortunately, I don't know whether this was a novel, short stor...

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8:57 AM
@Marvin Because Archery === fun?
@CerealBot Aint it always the way?
9:16 AM
@TheLethalCarrot What about Disenchanted?
Very different, I quite liked it but my wife wasn’t fussed
I’d say it’s not something all Simpsons fans would like
9:30 AM
I've been interested in it
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11:07 AM
Q: Why was this question migrated?

John RennieWhy was the question Short Story with “All Odd Numbers Are Prime” Joke migrated to Literature? The question stated it was from Analog, which is an SF magazine, and indeed it was because it's the short Epicycle by P. J. Plauger who is an SF author and whose works have been identified on the site b...

11:21 AM
We have a tag?
Q: Short sci-fi story about domed isolated city where people live in hypnosis/simulated reality

Sonny Z.I'm looking for the title/author of a short sci-fi story about a domed isolated city where people live in hypnosis, to see the city as lush, green and beautiful when in fact it's a horrible industrial inferno. The protagonist starts to see reality, thinking he's having horrible apocalyptic vision...

11:41 AM
@Randal'Thor we shouldn't have.
12:14 PM
@SQB On that, Mr B, we can at least agree.
12 questions, 10 of 'em ID. I could do two edits and a merge - or is it worth taking to meta?
Been around since 2013 apparently.
12:52 PM
@Randal'Thor any followers?
then lets do it
1:47 PM
Feb 4 '19 at 12:39, by Jenayah
@Mithrandir can probably add
2:09 PM
I had already taken down a couple.
Should we merge into ?
Greetings, Earthlings.
2:28 PM
Earthings, greetling.
@SQB they're more a subset of , than each others ...?
I didn't know we had that one.
we don't... yet
can get one edit and a merge
2:47 PM
@Mithical into what sorry?
just have to remove the Marvel question first
2:59 PM
ah ok
lovely, thanks
3:26 PM
Q: Novel about a Kazak train station manager

gris_martinI'm looking for a novel about a man working as a train station manager in Kazakhstan. The train station is in a remote location in a plains environment, and only rarely do trains pass. He works and lives there alone with his wife. The story's time setting is some time between the second world war...

3:50 PM
posted on September 21, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Maybe movies about angry men without morals just got crowded out by news opinion shows? Today's News:

4:23 PM
Q: Story about a world of magic where science has been forbidden

MickI am looking for a book that I read in the 80s where magic is used to help with tasks and science is forbidden. What I recall is that the protagonist (I think a boy) has to move a something heavy like a rock or tree stump but doesn't have magic, or it hasn't manifested yet, but he gets the idea t...

4:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in answer, username similar to website in answer (64): Aurebesh vs Aurebesh Droid fonts by AurekFonts on scifi.SE
5:35 PM
@SmokeDetector false positive?
@AncientSwordRage Registered answer as false positive.
good bot
5:51 PM
Q: Age potrayal of Han Solo

Dhanishtha GhoshSo I watched this movie Solo: A Star Wars Story couple of days back. At the ending scenes (climax) of the movie, it is shown that Qi'ra is conversing with Darth Maul. If I recall properly, Darth Maul was cast in the Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It was the time when Anakin Skywalker was a younli...

6:02 PM
Q: What is the highest altitude for riding a broomstick

user877329What is the highest altitude a witch or wizard can ride a broomstick. Do they provide some magic to protect the rider from altitude sickness? Of cause this is not a problem in England, but it could be interesting to know if you could cross the Himalayas.

6:27 PM
Q: Why didn't water of Hogwarts get poisoned by Basilisk venom?

Umbrella CorporationBasilisk used to move around Hogwarts through pipes. Why didn't it poison Hogwart's water?

@Marvin not saying that's a bad question, but I don't follow the premise
I guess basilisks drool a lot? They're like Saint Bernards?
@DavidW What do they keep around their necks though?
7:16 PM
Q: Is "Razor Crest" the name or model of the Mandalorian's ship?

Milo PIn the first episode of The Mandalorian, the Mythrol appraises the Mandalorian's ship: Mythrol: I like your ship. She's a classic. // Razor Crest, am I right? Pre-Empire? // I have a lot of credits, by the way. That's why I offered to hail a Cruiser. (transcript source) There's no indication th...

7:38 PM
I thought that was really clever.
For reference
Q: How would a metaphorical language such as in Darmok (ST:TNG S05E02) be taught?

JosephIn Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Episode 2 ("Darmok") we are introduced to an alien race called the Tamarians who communicate entirely by metaphor. The concept is that all communication is done using folk stories. Captain Picard eventually realized this and was able to communicate with...

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10:44 PM
Q: Can Sith crystals be "bled" by Jedi?

Star wars fan anonymoussince I know Jedi crystals or normal crystals in general can be "bled" by sith to turn red from the anger and hatred infused from a Sith's soul. I started Wondering can it work vice versa, so a sith crystal is "healed" to turn yellow, green, blue, purple, or the many other colors that Kyber cryst...

11:13 PM
Q: Are wizards allowed to use magic to save Muggles from a life-threatening situation?

saranya-vattiIn Order of the Phoenix, in Harry Potter's trial for Underage Sorcery, Dumbledore states "Clause seven of the Decree states that magic may be used before Muggles in exceptional circumstances, and as those exceptional circumstances include situations that threaten the life of the wizard or witch h...

11:38 PM
Q: How tall are the Seven + Reyna and Nico in Heroes of Olympus?

Popplio LoverSo, I was rereading the Heroes of Olympus series and I started wondering how tall everyone was in comparison for each other. I decided to draw a picture of the seven (plus Nico and Reyna) later on, and so I ended up needing this information. I If you can provide estimates of each character's hei...


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