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12:05 AM
Hi, all. I'm leaving SE. I know I have some ties to this community that I will miss, but you're always welcome to reach out via the blog or the blog's chat as a jumping point to whatever method of contact you prefer. I just wanted to say goodbye to all the regulars I've had the pleasure of chatting with over the last few years, be it here or in Mos Eisley. Thanks, and best wishes to you all! -Web Head
12:47 AM
Q: How did green arrow exist in the new universe created in Crisis?

MindfulVolumeSPOILER ALERT So in the final part of crisis on infinite earths, in the beginning of the episode, when Barry and Kara first found out that nobody remembered the multiverse when the guy asked for an autograph, he mentioned that Barry and Kara were usually accompanied by Green Arrow and a couple o...

Q: Was there ever a cartoon about Super Powered Snails?

RusshiroNo, not the CGI movie Turbo, but an early 90s cartoon similar to the Ninja Turtles; a team of humanoid snails who fought an army of evil bugs from space. They drew power from their shells, I believe, and had different colors. I know I saw this [at _least in passing] on TV as a kid growing up! D...

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2:29 AM
Q: Odd bizzare show about magic cubes?

ReggyDoes anyone remember a show from probably somewhere in 2000 to 2015? It involved magic cubes, a yellow robot sidekick, a big mexican mechanic and a girl who couldnt sing. Does anyone have any idea the name of this show?

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3:31 AM
Q: What would happen if Captain America fight hydra agents in Endgame?

Vlad WoodwellI know he simply skipped whole fighting scene by single word, "Hail Hydra". What happens if Captain America fights hydra agents like he did in Winter Soldier?

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5:20 AM
Q: Why/How is Boba Fett considered a Mandalorian?

DavidOkay, so I'm asking this purely in regards to the new Disney canon. From Episode II, we learn that Boba Fett is an unaltered clone of Jango Fett. Then, in Star Wars: The Clone Wars we see kid Boba a few times and he's hanging out with several of the more regular bounty hunter characters. It see...

5:56 AM
Q: Why was Jango Fett so comfortable with showing his face?

Baby YodaIn The Mandalorian series, we learned that And yet, I never saw Jango Fett following such rules. Other than showing his face, he even gave his DNA for creation of clone army, potentially revealing his face to trillions. Why this inconsistency in the Mandalorian rule? Is this rule/ protocol ap...

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8:39 AM
Q: I’m trying to find a harry potter fanfic with time travel

KingI can’t find this fanfic I read a couple years ago. I remember the following details: Harry goes back in time and is deaged to 10 and is the same age as James He claims he is the son of Charlus Potter’s lost sister He is adopted by the Potters Voldemort thinks harry is his grandson Thanks!

9:11 AM
@user24 Sorry to see you go but good luck in whatever you do from here on out. We didn't have many chats together but it was always a pleasure when we did
9:26 AM
@user24 I've missed your presence on SFF meta, and I'm sorry now to see you leave SE altogether. But I want to say thank you for continuing to run the SFF blog, regardless of your feelings about the site or its management or indeed the community here. The SFF.SE community owes you a great debt of thanks.
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11:10 AM
Does anyone know of a story called "Experiment 13"? I read it maybe 10ish years ago online; I might post a question with more plot details later, but a very brief summary is that Experiment 13 is a being who will literally follow the instructions of its master, and the protagonist is a girl who gets control of 13.
After minimal googling, I guess that somewhat matches
Q: Why the "beskar" is so important for Mandalorians?

GaweyIn the TV series The Mandalorian beskar is a metal for forging different things. I have a question about this "metal". Why is this metal important for the Mandalorians? Is for the origin of the metal or their properties? or is for somtheing more spiritual, like a ritual with their armors for ex...

Q: How could the humans have rejected the program if they had no choice?

Herrsocke "nearly 99.9% of all test subjects accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice" How could the humans have rejected the program if they had no choice? Isn't that a paradox? You cannot reject something if you have no choice, otherwise you would have a choice.

Q: What are some DC Comics events that has real-world parallels?

RonnetClawI was wondering if there were any real-world parallels of events that happened in the DC comics. I found a few ones that could fit: Lex Luthor, a high profile industrialist and force behind LexCorp, becoming the President of the United States could be compared to the current US President Donald...

Wow that plot line sounds extremely similar; I hope I didn't conflate two stories to get the plotline I'm remembering. One difference is that the protagonist in the story I remember found the chamber in which she found Thirteen accidentally while escaping from authorities
12:03 PM
Q: What is the meaning behind Rey's name?

Monika SiejkaWhat is the meaning behind Rey's name? I’ve found a lot of answers about Kylo Ren but why Rey? It means king and that’s all?

12:55 PM
Timelines are now available from the UI! :)
A: Add a link to the timeline of a post

Yaakov EllisI am happy to announce that a new and improved post timeline is now available to all users. It can be accessed by clicking the clock icon underneath the voting and favorite buttons that are located to the left of a question or answer. Clicking on the button will bring you to the timeline p...

Just saw it organically... damn finally!
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2:09 PM
Blah, does everything have to have a secret meaning? We're not talking about Joyce here; sometimes a name is just a freaking name. — DavidW 5 mins ago
I mean, even if originally it was intended to mean something, does that thing even make sense anymore after countless script revisions and 2 sequels?
TBF the name changed a couple of times throughout the process. Apparently Rey was chosen last minute so it could be because it has meaning it just because Abrams liked it better but there’s no deep meaning in the narrative because it was chosen after the script was written as far as I can tell
I'd upvote that answer if you want to get it in there before someone's pet head-canon.
Not everyone is intricately aware of the screenplay's precise production process, though.
(Not that it would mean much anyway.)
I wasn't I just spent a little while googling
Googling and seeing among the very first result that there were 3 screenplay revisions isn't going to make me throw my hands in the air and say "meh, guess nothing oughta make sense anymore".
If only Joyce was something people could connect to, this site is kinda...obsolete.
A better argument would be that Star Wars has a history of odd names that usually don't seem to come from any deep considerations other than sounding cool.
2:28 PM
@NapoleonWilson I for one would cheerfully wade through Joyce's exposition on P vs. NP! ;-)
Q: Who are these characters?

codeczarIn Crisis on Infinite Earths part 5 of Arrowverse they reboot the whole universe and a new universe is formed. It is shown that on Earth 2 there resides Stargirl and some other heroes. Who are these other heroes shown along with Stargirl?

Seriously, though I'm curious how you meant that.
2:49 PM
So after a bit more digging Rey was called Kira throughout pre-production and only became Rey when they had already started filming in Abu Dhabi
They filmed in Abu Dhabi first and only for a week and a half
JJ has been asked about the meaning and declined to comment on it (and Finn's, which was also originally John Doe then Sam) because of the no surname
If there is a meaning it isn't tied to the story/narrative because it was chosen after the script was written and JJ has yet to comment on it anyway AFAICT
Q: How could Ronan the Accuser be killed by the Power Stone if he is immortal?

Braden EllisIn Guardians of the Galaxy, you see the titular Guardians kill Ronan the Accuser on Xandar using the Power Stone. But if he's an immortal entity, shouldn't that mean it can't phase him?

@TheLethalCarrot I don't quite follow this reasoning, though. So if the name was chosen after the story is known it can't have any relation to it? Shouldn't that be even more of a reason to adapt the name to the story?
You probably meant that the story can't be based on the name.
Okay maybe I worded that poorly
Yeah I meant something more along those lines
3:07 PM
Q: Spanish-language (translated?) comic containing multiple short stories (Atlantis, time-travel, space colonisation...)

HoneyConfusionThis comic would probably be from the 70s and belonged to my father, but unfortunately got lost when moving house. It was in Spanish, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was translated from a different language -or was inspired by some other original sources. There were multiple stories. I remembe...

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4:08 PM
Q: 2012 Animax anime where a high school boys memories are erased by the government

Siddharth DoshiAnime where in the first episode a high school boy, his girlfriend and a friend are shown but after that the government comes to capture him. But he is saved by his people. Government erased memory of his whole school. Years later he is broadcast in the whole country and upon seeing him his girlf...

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6:15 PM
Q: Thriller/horror movie where the mother is behind the bathroom door but has no eyes or nose

die_toiletteThis is a thriller movie I saw ~10 years ago on TV and there was a scene where one of the characters has a nightmare of opening the bathroom door from the inside, and sees his mother behind the door, except she has no eyes and two holes instead of a nose and possibly very long fingers. Another sc...

Q: RIP Christopher Tolkien

ibidChristopher Tolkien, son and literary executor of JRR Tolkien has died at the age of 95. Christopher was involved in the creation of The Lord of the Rings, notably drawing the maps in the back and also functioning as one of the first early readers through correspondence with his father while sta...

6:55 PM
Q: With the passing of Christopher Tolkien, where do the story rights fall?

DCOPTimDowdChristopher Tolkien passed away recently. From our in-memoriam meta post: When [JRR] Tolkien died, he gave Christopher complete control over his unpublished writings, to destroy or publish any of them in whole or part. Did Christopher have anything similar set up for his own death? Do we ye...

Q: Did Christopher Tolkien write any original literature himself?

Rand al'ThorChristopher Tolkien, recently deceased, is best known for his work as editor on many of his famous father's stories set in Middle-earth, most famously the Silmarillion. He also did work as a translator, and he was an Oxford professor like his father. But was he also an author in his own right? D...

8:00 PM
First time seeing a current events notice on SFF, well actually on the whole network. Didn't even know it existed, and I felt like I knew a bunch of stuff already. Thanks @Randal'Thor!
8:17 PM
Q: Manga where the hero' party is dead

Lowe GuleI have read this manga in the past. The story in first few chapters is about the adventure of the hero' party going back to the town after defeating the demon king. But it turned out that all the party members except for the mc is already dead. So, basically the mc as necromancer bring back the d...

8:30 PM
@Jenayah The only other time I remember using one was here.
Which was also notable for one of the answers it attracted. Notable enough to mention on meta:
A: Have we had ANY professionals participate in SFF?

Rand al'ThorThe following question: What's going on legally between CBS/Paramount and Axanar and how does it relate to Star Trek: Discovery (if at all)? attracted an answer from Sai, founder and former president of the Language Creation Society and the LCS's official spokesperson in the case. Not only is ...

Q: Kids/YA chapter book with invisible spaceship and force field, 1988 or earlier

KennyI read a kid's chapter book from my school library in 1988. I remember it was 1988 because that was the year George H. W. Bush was inaugurated and the whole school watched it on TV, and that's the only year I was at that school. The book was a science fiction chapter book, almost certainly paper...

8:55 PM
See, so far I've done my best to keep my view of the situation relatively silent, but now I really need to write down that some decision-makers at Stack Exchange (don't know who, don't really care) are utter jerks.
A: How long can Moderator Resignation notices be featured?

Juan MModerator resignation posts will be featured for around 24 hours moving forward. We will not remove the posts from Meta but the featured tag needs to be removed after that time.

Thanks for your reading, end of burst.
9:12 PM
Q: What is the internal order of Christopher Tolkien's last three books in the Middle-earth legendarium?

IkWeetHetOokNietChristopher John Reuel Tolkien, J. R. R. Tolkien's third son, died very recently. He is best know for editing and publishing materials he inherited from his father, including these three books: The Children of Húrin (2007), Beren and Lúthien (2017), The Fall of Gondolin (2018). According to W...

@Jenayah I'm frickin' steamed about that one
Q: Time travel "viewer" device discovers a spaceship on ancient earth

Maury MarkowitzI was looking over the Wikipedia list of time travel stories and realized one I had read in the early 1980s was not listed. It was a short novel, perhaps 100 to 150 pages in paperback. I recall it being a well-known author of the 1970s, on par with (for instance) Pohl (but not him, I checked). T...

@Mithical at first i was like why is that such a big deal, but promptly realized featured posts last much longered
1 hour later…
10:47 PM
Q: Shouldnt Bast be able to defeat Apophis from years of fighting him in Apophis prison

Khalil LigginsFrom years of fighting Apophis in his prision should Bast be able to easily defeat Apophis in the kane Chronicles

11:13 PM
Q: Story demonstrating the Hangman Paradox

Invisible TrihedronAnother lost story with a memorable fragment. A man is held captive in an authoritarian country. He was once an important man but has fallen out of favor, and he will be executed at a time of his captors' choosing. As it turns out, they give him days to think, and he has many conversations with t...

11:54 PM
Q: What are the difference between the Tolkien wiki sites?

einpoklumThere are (at least) three Wiki website dedicated to Tolkien's works: Tolkien Gateway, The J.R.R.T. Encyclopedia. The One Wiki to Rule Them All (fandom.org), The LotR Wiki The Tolkien Wiki Community I notice that the third site seems much smaller, older, and looks like it hasn't been updated ...


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